Manuka Secrets full line review and giveaway

Manuka Secrets products

Manuka Secrets products

MANUKA SECRETS has a secret all right and that’s the New Zealand Manuka Honey that is a product they exclusively farm themselves for their spa scented line. “For millennia honey has proven to enhance health and well-being. Manuka Lab™ is rooted on the technology and uniqueness held within New Zealand’s globally renowned Manuka/Tea tree bush and the UMF honey and oils produced from its nectar and leaves.”
Your skin will be moisturized with this powerful ingredient along with the many other ingredients that are liberally used in their lineup of 8 products. In honor of Manuka Secrets bringing their line to and Ulta stores they have sent a set for review and two sets for a giveaway. You’ll want to read about this line and what it can do for you.

Manuka Secrets Honey

Manuka Secrets Honey

Dr. Fernanda Da Silva Tatley is one of the founders and is the company’s molecular medical microbiologist. She chose Manuka Honey since it’s indigenous to New Zealand and provides an antidote for skin’s aging process and aids in moisture replenishment. The line is targets to those above 30 which means it’s great for all of us actually. UMF stands for Unique Manuka Honey Factor.  “SUSTAINABILITY: Dr. Fernanda da Silva Tatley has uniquely crafted Manuka Secrets with sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring a balance with nature and in harmony with its inhabitants. Manuka Secrets Manuka Honey is gathered from the purest most remote regions of New Zealand where this precious resource is managed and protected for future generations.”

Manuka Secrets Cleanse

Manuka Secrets Cleanse

MANUKA SECRETS CLEANSE – BALANCE & REFRESH MANUKA HONEY UMF 18+ ($19.95) is a good cleanser for makeup removal. It leaves skin feeling refreshed without any tautness. It contains wonderful ingredients like almond oil, aloe vera and cucumber assist to cleanse, refresh and soothe. Shea butter supports a deep moisturising nourishment. Frankincense, ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils finish with a silky touch and an alluring spa scent.

Manuka Secrets Exfoliant

Manuka Secrets Exfoliant

MANUKA SECRETS EXFOLIANT UMF 18+ ($24.99) contains 2 sizes of bamboo plus jojoba pearl and white clay to purify and exfoliate your skin. This exfoliant is suitable for all skin types and isn’t too harsh. To stimulate your circulation it’s recommended to use this for 2-3 minutes. Exfoliating with this helps assist with your skin regeneration. Great ingredients include Cacao, Shea butter, Flaxseed, Rice bran and coconut oils support a deep moisturising nourishment. Cucumber assists to soothe and soften.

Manuka Secrets Mask

Manuka Secrets Mask

MANUKA SECRETS MASK UMF 18+ ($24.99) is what’s considered a wet mask. This doesn’t dry down and get crunchy. It stays damp the entire time you have it on your face so it feels much more moisturizing than most masks. This contains high levels of Hyaluronic Acid which are great helpers to hydrate and soften your skin. It also contains white clay which helps lift dry flaking skin and impurities. To moisturize it uses shea butter, almond, rice brand and flaxseed oil. It’s a very comfortable mask to use. It’s recommended to use it for 10 minutes or less.

Manuka Secrets Day Creme

Manuka Secrets Day Creme

MANUKA SECRETS DAY CREAM UMF 18+ ($29.99) is a lightweight moisturizer that has no sticky feeling to it. It doesn’t have sunscreen in it though so you’d need to add that yourself. As with all of the Manuka Secrets products the ingredients are the best. Advanced CoQ10 supports skin’s natural CoQ10 regeneration. High levels of hyaluronic acid assist to hydrate and soften skin. Jojoba, Rosehip seed, almond oil and cacao and Shea butter support a deep moisturising nourishment. Advanced narcissus tazetta bulb, and liquorice assist in soothing dry-irritated skin.

Manuka Secrets Serum

Manuka Secrets Serum

MANUKA SECRETS SERUM UMF 18+ ($49.95) is their most expensive item but a little goes a long way. It’s a thin serum that’s liquidy and contains no silicone. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t interfere with foundation application. The serum is meant to brighten and even your skintone.

Manuka Secrets Night Creme

Manuka Secrets Night Creme

MANUKA SECRETS NIGHT CREAM UMF +18 ($29.99) is also a lightweight moisturizer but seems a little richer than the day creme. I apply it over the serum for that double dose of protection. The ingredients include advanced CoQ10 supporting skins natural CoQ10 regeneration. High levels of advanced narcissus tazetta bulb, algae, aloe vera, and calendula soothe and soften. Hyaluronic acid assists to hydrate and soften tired skin. Jojoba, Rosehip seed, and macadamia oil, cacao and shea butter support a deep moisturising nourishment.

Manuka Secrets Hand Creme and Lip Lustre

Manuka Secrets Hand Creme and Lip Lustre

MANUKA SECRETS HAND CREME ($14.99) contains a rich but light formula. It absorbs quickly without leaving any residue behind. You can use it and continue doing any work you were doing without fear.

MANUKA LIP LUSTRE PACIFIC PARADISE ($9.99) is something they call a Purse Pal since it’s small enough to be on the go with you. It’s a rich feeling lip balm that will moisturize your lips with ease.

all 8 Manuka Secret products

all 8 Manuka Secret products

This total group of products retail for $205 although today it’s on sale for approximately 30% off on Ulta’s website. I’m not sure how long these are on sale so it’s a great time to purchase them now. It’s also a great time to enter our giveaway. Two US readers will win the entire line of Manuka Secrets products, all 8 of these. Manuka Secrets is a spa scented line due to the use of frankincense, ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils in each of the products. I find that the fragrance lingers although it becomes less dominant during the day.

Our giveaway will be open through Thursday, 8/13/15 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If comments close early please email your comment to me at [email protected] and label it SECRETS. This is US only. Entries will be checked so please be careful with what you’ve checked in the Rafflecopter. Good luck!! — Marcia

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