Get a glow! Vita Liberata review and giveaway

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Moisturizer Mask
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Moisturizer Mask

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Last weekend I posted about my slight (well, ok, maybe a little more than slight) obsession with self tanners. I mentioned Vita Liberata but didn’t go into much detail because I wanted to do a full review of my latest love from them – the Self Tanning Night  Moisture Mask ($45). Plus, one lucky reader is going to win my other favorite from Vita Liberata – the Trystal Minerals!

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals

First, though, let me tell about the Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask I was sent to test. I have just about every sort of self tanner under the faux-sun, but a self tanning night mask was a new one to me. The thought of an intense night treatment that led to beautifully tanned and glowy skin got me all giddy…and I wasn’t disappointed.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask

This is a light moisture mask that you apply to cleansed skin at night before bed. It sinks in so it’s not like you have to worry about getting the mask all over your pillow and sheets. The ingredients include something called HyH2O™ technology, which is what gives the tan, plus organic sunflower seed which soothes the skin with vitamins A, C, and D, as well as tocopherol and apple to fight free radicals and diminish fine lines.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask

The morning after I used this for the first time I woke up not feeling great…I hadn’t slept well and had a cold, so I was expecting to see dark circles and sallow, scary skin when I looked in the mirror. I got a big shock but it wasn’t because I looked so bad…it was because I looked so good!! This mask treats and pampers skin and gives the BEST glowy tan ever. I use it for two nights then take a night off, then two nights, and so on for absolutely perfect results that are beyond impressive. I love this so much I am terrified of running out! Right now there is a great special running, buy the face mask and get a Beauty Blender for free.

I tried the Trystal Minerals a few months ago, another unique product – the world’s first self tanning bronzing mineral powder. I love this and am really thrilled to be able to give one away to a BIZ reader.

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals and brush

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals swatched

Trystal Minerals is a bronzing mineral powder that interacts with moisturizer or liquid foundation, turning into a faux tan. How does it do it? With  crystal technology – this makes it so the DHA in the dry crystals activates when it comes into contact with skin. The crystals also reflect light, so skin looks smooth and glowy.  You can read my full review HERE.

I love this product. It is super easy to apply and gives great results. I recently traveled by plane and liquids were such a hassle, so I totally appreciate the powder format. Plus, powder really doesn’t go bad and Trystal Minerals comes in a large enough jar to last for at least a year.

Vita Liberata can be found online and in the US at Sephora stores. They have wonderfully innovative products that are absolutely worth a look.

Giveaway information:  1 winner, US only. The giveaway ends January 18th at 11:59 p.m. EST. As always, entries have two requirements – be a subscriber and leave a comment. Good luck and get glowing!  – Lisa

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  1. Christine Wagner | 6th Jan 16

    Gradual build lotions

  2. Cynthia G | 6th Jan 16

    I use powders

  3. Nornee | 6th Jan 16

    I also like the gradual tanning lotions!

  4. Lisa | 6th Jan 16

    I like bronzer and lotions.

  5. Jennifer Rote | 6th Jan 16

    I like to use a moisturizer with bronzer added.

  6. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 6th Jan 16

    I usually prefer instant tanners & cream/powder bronzer for the face.

  7. Caitlyn S. | 6th Jan 16

    I don’t really have a ‘favorite’ way of self tanning yet…. besides just adding a little bit of bronzer. I am so fair that any type of self tanner looks weird or streaky. the only one that doesn’t make me look weird is the jergens natural glow gradual moisturizer. and even that gets stuck in my knees or elbows lol. I love the Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta peel pads that I bought that have a gradual tanner in them. those are amazing. I only need like one every few weeks in the winter and one a week or every few days in the summer. SO I guess that one is my fave so far.

  8. Colleen Boudreau | 6th Jan 16

    I like lotions.

  9. Kim Pincombe Cole | 6th Jan 16

    I have a few different kinds of lotions & mousse- I’ve never heard of powders! Very intrigued!!

  10. Meghan Malicoat | 6th Jan 16

    I really don’t self tan. I’m to afraid.

  11. Christy Peeples DuBois | 6th Jan 16

    The ones I have used, even though they do not smell when I initially apply them, it’s just a matter of an hour or so and I can smell it and can NOT stand the smell. Therefore, I think my favorite way would be to use the in shower type but I haven’t tried it yet. This powder sounds interesting. I will read your full review on it but I think I will like it.

  12. Ashley Bree Perez | 6th Jan 16

    I tan real easy from being outside(:

  13. Adrian R | 6th Jan 16

    I use bronzers and DR Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads.

  14. Dawn Monroe | 6th Jan 16

    I use the tinted lotions.

  15. Laurie Nykaza | 6th Jan 16

    I have not tried anything but would love too.

  16. Joanne Mick | 6th Jan 16

    I want to try the Trystal Minerals powder, it looks awesome!

  17. Edye | 6th Jan 16

    I honestly don’t self tan. I put on sunscreen and go tan outside on a nice sunny day 🙂

  18. Margaret | 7th Jan 16

    the sun

  19. Cheryl | 7th Jan 16

    My favorite way to self tan is sprays.

  20. ken ohl | 7th Jan 16

    I must say I use the sun

  21. patricia caradonna | 7th Jan 16

    I self-tan by exercising outside slowly and gradually.

  22. melissa miller | 7th Jan 16

    I use bronzers

  23. Laura Royal | 7th Jan 16

    I love wipes b/c it’s not messy.

  24. Trinh Q. | 7th Jan 16

    I like to use tanning oil.

  25. Cynthia R | 7th Jan 16

    My favorite way to self tan is to wear a bronzer.

  26. courtney b | 7th Jan 16

    I like to self tan with lotion self tanners- I don’t have a favorite one currently

  27. Jen L | 7th Jan 16

    I have never used self-tanner because they often smell like coconut, which I hate. I just need someone to tell me which one is good – soon, because I am almost see-through!

  28. Raine | 7th Jan 16

    I like the Tarte towels and lotion. It’s the only one so far that didn’t give me an orange hue. I don’t self tan much because I’m very fair skinned and the tanners are to dramatic because I don’t have control over the levels.

  29. Anita Duvall | 8th Jan 16

    I love self-tanning spray that has a wide coverage with a quick drying time.

  30. aaron reck | 8th Jan 16

    Great for bronzing my skin. I love it.

  31. Shayna | 8th Jan 16


  32. Dana Rodriguez | 8th Jan 16

    I use moisturizers with bronzer.

  33. Lucy Nguyen | 9th Jan 16

    I wear bronzer and spray

  34. Birdiebee | 9th Jan 16

    I have self-tanned one time with a tinted lotion.

  35. Åse | 9th Jan 16

    I tan different ways, I suppose all of the above? But mostly I stay pale and in the summer I normally combine the sun, very sparingly, with bronzer powders and spray tanners on the legs

  36. Michelle Castagne | 9th Jan 16

    I use a bronzer to get the tan look.

  37. Vera K | 9th Jan 16

    I just use a little bronzer.

  38. sarah s | 11th Jan 16

    I don’t have that much experience with self tanners this looks like a really nice one.

  39. Paol Trenny | 11th Jan 16

    I like the spray tan services at the salon but if I had to do myself, it is usually a self tanning lotion.

  40. Andrea Darst | 12th Jan 16

    I really like Lancome’s leg tanning gel!

  41. Corina King | 12th Jan 16

    I always used liquid I need to try powder! this one looks so pretty

  42. Ashley M | 13th Jan 16


  43. Kathy Davis | 13th Jan 16

    I don’t have a favorite. I keep trying new products, and I’m not satisfied.

  44. Alona Y | 14th Jan 16

    I haven’t found a favorite yet, would love to try this out!

  45. zhe | 15th Jan 16

    I like moisturizer plus the bronzer.

  46. Rachel Beltz | 16th Jan 16

    I’ve never tried self tanning! SO this would be new for me!

  47. amy pugmire | 17th Jan 16

    i use a lotion type of self tanner. So I can mix and rub it in really well.

  48. Giveaways + luck = The Sunday Scoop on 1/17/16 | 17th Jan 16


  49. Cynthia Richardson | 17th Jan 16

    I usually use a bronzer rather than a self tanner.

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