Eat it, drink it…wear it? Serendipitous Eau de Parfum

Serendipitous Eau de Parfum Spray

As we head into cooler months, I am putting away my beachy scents and transitioning into my warmer fragrances. One that has really caught my attention comes from the most unlikely source – a restaurant. I do believe that Serendipity 3 is the only restaurant to have its own signature perfume, Serendipitous ($45).

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Serendipity 3 Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Serendipity 3 is probably most well-known for its fabulous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (well, that and the Golden Opulance Sundae that costs $1,000.00, but that’s for another post all together!!). The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is so delicious and smells so amazing that about ten years ago Serendipity 3 decided to create a fragrance that smelled just like the yummy drink…and a signature scent was born.

Serendipitous is a comforting scent featuring notes of cocoa, Tahitian vanilla, and blood orange. I know this fragrance has been available for over ten years but I just recently found out about it and it is going to be my go-to perfume this fall and winter. My oh my this smells FANTASTIC.

Serendipitous Eau de Parfum Spray

In a nutshell – or perhaps I should say, in a great big cup of hot chocolate – Serendipitous is a chocolate scent that is rich, warm, comforting, yet still somehow light. I’m not sure how this was accomplished because it seems like an impossible feat. My mom and my daughters tried it with the same results – it smells incredibly lovely on everyone. The dry down is marvelous; a dusting of deep, sophisticated cocoa with a whisper of smoky vanilla and blood orange and the tiniest bit of marshmallow. It’s not too foody – you don’t smell like a bakery, and it’s not sugary sweet so you don’t smell like a kid either.

If you are lucky enough to visit a Serendipity 3 restaurant, you can eat and drink the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate – and buy Serendipitous right there.  If not, Amazon sells it online, and it’s also available at boutiques and at and  Eat it, drink it, wear it!  – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 14th Sep 17

    I have this too, and I think that it smells absolutely delicious!

  2. gloria patterson | 14th Sep 17

    But the big question is doe it make me people think and want chocolate when they smell them??

  3. Stacie Hamilton | 14th Sep 17

    I would LOVE this fragrance! I’m all about the foodie type scents rather than florals and such. Sign me up for this one for sure!

  4. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 15th Sep 17

    This sounds like a great scent for fall and winter. I like that it isn’t too foody.

  5. Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries | 15th Sep 17

    What??? They have a fragrance?!?! Awesome!

  6. Erika | 15th Sep 17

    I love gourmand scents and I think that this one would make me very happy. I should probably grab a bottle.

  7. Leelo | 15th Sep 17

    This sounds delicious. I think it’s perfect fragrance for winter!

  8. Julie | 15th Sep 17

    I can’t believe I grew up 45 min outside of NYC, traveled to the city countless times, and I’ve never visited this restaurant! I love the movie that features this place though, and this scent sounds yummy 🙂

  9. Bailey | 15th Sep 17

    I didn’t know this scent existed either, but I so need to sample it! I love a gourmand and this sounds all kinds of fabulous.

  10. Gabrielle | 15th Sep 17

    Okay, this sounds absolutely deliriously whimsical and fabulous! I have to smell this!

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  12. Lisa Heath | 17th Sep 17

    Ohh I wanna sniff this! It sounds incredible

  13. Polarbelle | 18th Sep 17

    oh man, I’d love to try that….or just smell it even once. I love the notes it has…they’re in my five fave scents

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  15. Honeygirlk | 18th Sep 17

    I wouldn’t mind trying this one. I love sugary scents so I think layering with some of my fave sugar fragrances would be so nice.

  16. Marina S | 19th Sep 17

    So it smells like the dessert? Aren’t you hungry for the whole day?

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