Vitamin Sea for your Soul: the Beachly Box

I know, I know. Fall is in the air and I should embrace the gorgeous colors in the trees, the refreshing bite in the air, the chance to wear big thick clothes that hide everything. I love all those things about fall…but I still long for the beach! I am just a summer girl at heart, and I’m always asking myself why someone like me lives in Michigan. Crazy. So I am extremely excited that a subscription box exists that seems like it was made just for me and my #beacheveryday attitude – it’s called Beachly.

The Beachly Box

Like other subscription boxes, a year’s subscription means four boxes a year. Each box has 6 to 8 beachy apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products and the contents are worth at least $250. The box is available for either men or women, and the proceeds from every box help fund beach clean ups by Heal The Bay.

Everything in a Beachly Box brings the beach life alive, regardless of the season. You can expect items like apparel, accessories, jewelry, home decor, skin and hair products, healthy living items, and most definitely a big helping of good vibes.

There are two options for subscribing. You can pay quarterly, which is $99 plus shipping per box, or you can pay for a full year up front and then it’s just $85 plus shipping per box, so you save $56.

First look inside The Beachly Box
The Beachly Box

One of the beauties of subscription boxes is that if you don’t like any of the items, you can use it as a gift for someone else. However, I think I am going to have a problem with the Beachly Box. The Fall Box is full of goodies, and I have to say that I love every single one of them – not a bad pick in the bunch. The Fall Beachly Box has items worth over $270, and they are all awesome.

Let’s start with the little things. There are four super cute ISLAND PARADISE POSTCARDS ($15 Retail Value) that came at just the right time for me, since my daughter is going to camp for several weeks while her school is online and she plans to send me postcards. The postcards are gorgeous, and the artist based the designs on vintage Hawaiian quilts. They are so pretty that I think I am going to get some 4×6 frames and make a collage after my daughter sends them to me from camp.

The Beachly Box Take Me To Paradise Luggage Tag
The Beachly Box Take Me To Paradise Luggage Tag

Continuing the ‘let’s take a trip’ vibe, I am loving the adorable TAKE ME TO PARADISE LUGGAGE TAG ($12 Retail Value). The blue and white pattern makes it easy to pick out your bag even if it’s in a sea of lookalikes, and the message inside is just perfect.

I’m not going anywhere without my coffee, and the TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TUMBLER ($18 Retail Value) is just a delight. Of course it’s a good day when I am either dreaming about or traveling to the beach! This tumbler is made of bamboo, not plastic, and it has a silicone sleeve protector and matching silicone lid. It comes from The Sunrise Shack, a famous healthy restaurant in Hawaii that a group of surfers created. So I have my postcards, my luggage tag, and my coffee…what should I wear?

The Beachly Box

The SHADY LADY PACKABLE HAT ($38 Retail Value) is an absolute revelation. When I first opened my Beachly Box, I saw this hat all squished on top of the other items. I thought, oh no…it’s ruined! I was completely wrong, because this beauty doesn’t know how to be anything but perfect, even if it’s been all crunched up in the bottom of a bag for days. Not only is it collapsable, it’s also adjustable thanks to the drawstring inside. And check out those super cute tassels!

The Beachly Box Tropical Vibes Sweater
The Beachly Box Tropical Vibes Sweater

The Shady Lady Packable Hat looks great on everyone, and it is particularly fetching when paired with the TROPICAL VIBES SWEATER ($69 Retail Value). This is an uber comfy oversize sweater in a light peach shade that is exactly what I want as the balmy breezes of summer start to have that fall chill.

The final item in the box is my most favorite of all – THE GOLD COAST WEEKENDER ($120 Retail Value). This is another Beachly exclusive, and it is one terrific bag. It’s not only great for the beach, but also for the gym, or the weekend, or as a shopping bag. I can’t believe how roomy this bag is, especially since it isn’t awkward or unwieldy to carry. The canvas denim is as soft yet durable as your favorite pair of jeans, and the buttery vegan leather straps and sturdy metal details are fantastic. The Gold Coast Weekender Bag alone is worth more than the cost of the box.

There are a limited number of Fall Beachly Boxes available, so you will want to order yours now! And be sure to use the code BEACH30 to save $30 off your first box, or use the coupon code BONUSBOX to get a free bonus box with your Fall Box! – Lisa

Nitty gritty info: $99 every three months or $85 every three months with an annual subscription. Shipping is $4.95, and Beachly ships to US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Your first order will ship within one week, and thereafter at the beginning of each quarter.

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  1. Allison | 23rd Sep 20

    What a cute idea especially since the beach is a state of mind as well as a place. It’s going to be 75 this afternoon so I am going to the beach!

  2. Lola Seicento | 23rd Sep 20

    What a great beachy box theme! That makes me want to go to the beach today, but I have no work all day instead!

  3. Kim Henrichs | 23rd Sep 20

    I love this subscription! Had to take a break over COVID but this one is super cute I love the sweater.

  4. Kristi V BeginNails | 23rd Sep 20

    Such a cute box! Love it! It’s hot as heck here still in Arizona, as we are expected to have another few weeks of upper 90’s-100s. Fun fun!

  5. Kristina | 23rd Sep 20

    What a fantastic idea for a subscription box! I absolutely love the hat and tote.

  6. Cindy E Ingalls | 23rd Sep 20

    This is a fabulous box! I love the hat and the sweater!

  7. Glamorable | 26th Sep 20

    What a lovely beach-themed box! I really like the hat and the light sweater!

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