Ultimate organization with the Pen Cushion!

I’m still working from home, and have finally settled into it. I like being able to throw in a load of laundry in between meetings and take a walk in my yard with my puppy. What is still challenging, however, is organizing my home office. I struggle with it every day. However, one item that has been a tremendous help is The Pen Cushion® ($29.99). This ingenious invention can be used in so many ways that it’s mind boggling.

The Pen Cushion

The Pen Cushion® is a fabulous pen holder that keeps pens separate and easy to grab. Plus, you know how gross typical pen holders get, with tons of dust and dirt at the bottom? That doesn’t happen with the Pen Cushion, because the top cover is removable so the bottom holder is easy to clean. You can also spray the top and your pens with sanitizer to keep everything germ-free. I am amazed at the amount of items – and the variety of shapes and sizes of items – that fit into this organizer.

The Pen Cushion® comes in two colors, blue and pink. It comes with 2-sided tape so if you’d like, you can give it a stable home on your desk. It even works if you want to hang it upside down, since the cover grips the objects well enough to keep them in place, yet has enough give so removal is easy. However, you can easily move it if you want, and the low-tack adhesive pads don’t leave a sticky mess behind.

So what can you put in your Pen Cushion? Oh so many things! Mine is typically filled with pens, highlighters, cute clips for papers, my laser toy for my cats, a lip gloss or two, a few lip liners, a makeup brush so I can fix my eyeshadow, and a lipstick. But there are so many other uses! Here’s a video with the Top Ten Uses of the Pen Cushion.

You can find this wonderful organizing tool online at Amazon and at Modern World Artworks. The Pen Cushion is a fabulous tool for working at home, your makeup vanity, plus it is a fantastic gift that everyone will love! – Lisa


  1. Allison | 25th Sep 20

    Cool idea! That’ll make a good stocking stuffer

  2. Lola Seicento | 25th Sep 20

    That’s a clever way to declutter and organize a workspace!

  3. Polished Hippy | 25th Sep 20

    What a cool idea!

  4. Kristi V BeginNails | 25th Sep 20

    I need this for my work desk at work too! I have pens everywhere and chapstick – I wonder if chapstick fits in it? 🙂

  5. Glamorable | 26th Sep 20

    That’s so convenient! I bet it can work for small makeup brushes too.

  6. Natalie | 26th Sep 20

    I love that! I need that for my desk.

  7. Natalie | 26th Sep 20

    I love that! I need that for my desk at home and work.

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