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Beauty Info Zone was sent 4 products from MIND NATURALS and we decided to split them up so that our readers have plenty of time to learn about these treasures. This week and next you’ll see what these affordable products are all about and why we like them.

MIND NATURALS tells us: “We believe that producing high quality CBD oil should not have to come with an environmental compromise. Our organic CBD is sourced from our 247 acre farm in the mountainous region in northwest Colombia. Fed by 6 natural water springs on site and powered by 13 hours of natural light and 100% wind energy, our organic plants require far less water and power to grow. We are committed to work sustainably with Mother Earth, not against her. We are also passionate about supporting our global community by empowering our local supply chains and growers.”

As you see we are using a brand with CBD Oil as an important ingredient. They want to prioritize well-being which is an effect of CBD Oil. No ingestion involved, just a high quality ingredient to make their products special and unique.


Unwind Moisturizer by Mind Naturals has secret ingredients. The first is a dash of premium CBD Oil sourced from Columbia. Then they add in hyaluronic acid and cacay oil to nourish and replenish your skin. Their goal is soft, hydrated skin and they hit the mark on that.

MIND Naturals Unwind Moisturizer

This is a thick rich moisturizer that feeds skin with its antioxidant properties. They call it “Super Power Think Vitamin Water” on their site. What makes one moisturizer different from another is ingredients like these secret ones so let’s see what they do.

Unwind Moisturizer

CBD: Mostly known for its soothing properties and substantial skin-calming effects, our naturally clean CBD is sourced from Colombia and fueled by antioxidant properties.

Hyaluronic Acid: Diminishes fine lines while plumping the skin and rebuilding moisture levels.

Luvitol: Ideal for that smooth, velvety feel. (This why they call it Unwind.)

Cacay Oil: Known as one of the Amazon’s best kept secrets, this rich antioxidant is filled with vitamin E and helps to firm the skin. Say goodbye to the appearance of wrinkles!

There is a slight floral fragrance to Unwind that I notice for a short time but by the time I’m finished with my routine it’s gone. To get the best effect from Unwind it’s beneficial to take the amount you want (I need about a nickel’s worth), warm it a bit, and tap it onto my skin. That’s my finishing touch other than my eye cream. It’s a great way to help me unwind at night but this can be used day and night. The price is unbelievable and will make you unwind since it’s only $22 for this 1.7 fl oz jar. Nothing tense about that!

MIND NATURALS Relax Hydrating Mask

As a dedicated mask user their Hydrating Mask RELAX is another pleasure from Mind Naturals. The ingredients give it a super power.

Just like the moisturizer this contains the same CBD. In addition there’s Sacha Inchi Oil: Omega Rich antioxidant that helps moisturize and boost skin elasticity. Hydrolyzed Collagen: Peptides that promote softness and smoothness. Vitamin E: Works as a barrier to protect your skin from radicals with anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe and moisturize your skin. And last, Hydrolyzed Elastin: This natural protein works wonders to replenish your skin’s moisture barrier to leave it refreshed.

MIND NATURALS Relax Hydrating Mask

It’s magic for pores. Apply it with your fingers or a brush evenly across your face and let it dry down for 10-15 minutes. It too has a slight fragrance that is a pleasant floral one. It takes a full 10 minutes on me to dry down and then I leave it for another 5. It never pulls or gets tight. It’s just comfortable.

MIND NATURALS Relax Hydrating Mask

Relax Mask can be what you use on your spa day or use it prior to going out when you want your skin looking even smoother and more hydrated. You can relax with this price since $16 for a 2 fl oz tube is going to last for a long, long time.

Next Wednesday Lisa will be showing you how much she’s enjoying the cleanser and eye cream. Once you’ve seen their 4 products be sure you take advantage of their 10% off code to add them to your life.



  1. Lola Seicenot | 21st Oct 20

    I am currently testing their products, and I really like them so far!

  2. Polished Hippy | 21st Oct 20

    The cream definitely looks super-rich!

  3. Laura | 21st Oct 20

    That moisturizer seems perfect as we head into the winter months!

  4. Never Say Die Beauty | 21st Oct 20

    I’ve been using skincare with CBD from another brand, and I just love the products. I am definitely open to trying more products, so I will keep this brand in mind.

  5. Sylwia | 22nd Oct 20

    My skin has been so dry lately cause of lack of sleep… That hydrating masks sounds like something I need!

  6. Giovanna | 22nd Oct 20

    I have been using all 4 products for 3 weeks and my skin looks fabulous

  7. Jen Sky Walker | 22nd Oct 20

    My skin has gotten weird after being sick, so I’m looking for a new moisturizer. I need to try this one as I think it may work well for me.

  8. Krystal | 25th Oct 20

    I’d like to try out that mask. I had some cheap masks here that ended up breaking out my face so now I really need to revive my skin.

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