Sweet! Hynt Beauty SUITE Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Sahara

I have been a big fan of Hynt Beauty for years – they were one of the first natural lines I tried and they are environmentally conscious, ethical, and dedicated to using impurity-free ingredients. One of the founders, Meryl Marshall, is a breast cancer survivor so she makes certain all of Hynt’s products are cruelty free and carcinogenic free.

“Hynt is FREE of Parabens, Nano Particles, Petrochemicals, Artificial Preservatives, Gluten, and all products are PETA-certified Vegan (except for the mascara, which is clearly identified) so there is no wondering or double checking, ever.”

I love Hynt’s lipsticks and eyeshadows and I own four of the eight singles shades they offer. The eyeshadow is also offered in other shades that come in beautiful small palettes. The one I am really loving lately is one Hynt gifted me, the SUITE Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Sahara ($44).

Instead of three shades, which is what you get in the other SUITE Eyeshadow Palettes, the Sweet Sahara palette features six shades as the eyeshadow pans are split with two coordinating colors. The eyeshadows are silky soft and nicely pigmented. They are easy to blend and long-lasting, even on my somewhat oily lids, and they have tremendous wear when paired with a primer. They also have some wonderful ingredients that are great for your skin:

  • KAOLIN : Purifies pores, vitalizes skin with essential nutrients and phytonutrients, and boosts skin’s cellular renewal and blood circulation.
  • JOJOBA OIL : smooths, moisturizes and prevents dryness at skin’s deeper layers. Breathable and non-greasy, the oil is also known to diminish excessive sebum protection. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Sweet Sahara is a beautiful warm-toned collection featuring Hynt’s silky eyeshadows that are easily layered for more intensity. The pigmentation is very nice and I never have any issues with fallout. The eyeshadows are a pleasure to blend and I love the versatility – pat on lightly for a demure look, or layer for lots of drama. The black palette case has a window so you can see what’s inside without having to pop it open (totally appreciated bonus!!) as well as a mirror and a two-sided applicator.

The six gorgeous shades were “Inspired by the warm, golden glow of the sands and kaleidoscopic sky of the Saharan dessert at sunset”. This is the little eyeshadow palette that could – it covers all bases with shades ranging from black matte to shimmery accent shades to light matte neutrals.

Hynt Beauty SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Sahara

Innocent Matte: A soft, neutralizing primer for lids
Pink Mocha Matte: A soft skin warming shade to sweep across the lid

Hynt Beauty SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Sahara

Coral Reef Shimmer: A wearable, flattering coral with a slight shimmer to brighten and accentuate the eyes
Wink Shimmer: A sophisticated take on a subtle bronze topper with greenish brown undertones to add dimension to the eyes

Hynt Beauty SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Sahara

German Chocolate Matte: A creamy rich brown to add depth to eyes
Black Out Matte: A softer black to add definition to eyes

Sometimes I sweep the light color across the lid and the brown in the crease and along the lash line and blend.

I like to use Innocent Matte as a wash with Pink Mocha Matte in the crease for a beautiful natural look. Coral Reef Shimmer and Wink Shimmer are outstanding pops of color, with just enough shimmer to really make them stand out.  German Chocolate Matte is my definition of the perfect medium brown for defining the crease and Blackout Matte is actually a soft black that is great for lining when you want to avoid harsh lines.

Like I said earlier, Hynt Beauty offers several other eyeshadow palettes in various shades and these are $39. I think Sweet Sahara is a bargain because not only are the colors gorgeous, there are also 6 of them instead of the typical 3 and for just $5 more. You can find Hynt Beauty online at hyntbeauty.com, and sometimes you can find it on Amazon although Sweet Sahara wasn’t there when I recently checked. Shipping is free at the Hynt Beauty website, and there are always coupon codes available, so get yourself a Sweet Sahara while it is available!  – Lisa


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  1. Lola Seicento | 24th Mar 20

    What a pretty palette. It’s interesting, Wink Shimmer looks quite taupe in the pan (at least on my computer), but it appears to be a very pretty golden brown in your swatch.

  2. Kathryne | 24th Mar 20

    I tried one of their eyeshadows before from a subscription box, it’s actually good

  3. Glamorable | 25th Mar 20

    What a beautiful collection! Especially that Coral Reef shimmery shade – it’s not a color I normally go for but I am oddly drawn to it.

  4. Natoya | 25th Mar 20

    Beautiful shadows, I’ve never tried anything by them but they look so pigmented. I especially love the German Chocolate Matte/ Black out

  5. Krystal E | 25th Mar 20

    I hadn’t seen this brand before! It’s great to hear that there’s no fall out. I have finally started doing my eye makeup before my foundation but before, I’ve ruined quite a face of makeup with eyeshadows that just didn’t hold. I like that these are all office appropriate too!

  6. Sandy Pincombe | 25th Mar 20

    Wow, this so pretty…as are the other ones in the collection.

  7. Cassie Tucker | 25th Mar 20

    I really like the look of this palette. You get so many shades but it’s still compact without sacrificing the size of the shadow.

  8. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 25th Mar 20

    Wink shimmer is sooo pretty. I’d love that as a highlight.

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 25th Mar 20

    I’ve not heard of this before! Neat set up!

  10. Ananka | 26th Mar 20

    Nice colours 😀

  11. Courtney | 29th Mar 20

    Thank you for the swatches!

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