Rain Rain Go Away blog hop giveaway – win a $25 Sephora gift card

Beauty Info Zone has decided to join The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It (hostesses) in an exciting blog hop. This time our prize is a $25 Sephora gift card or paypal if you prefer. There are about 98 of us participating so while it’s a long list the excitement of winning makes it worth it. I will be breaking down the prizes on my next Sunday Scoop article to make it easier for you.

Our giveaway is open to US and Canada for a $25 US Sephora g.c. or the equivalent in paypal. Our requirements are always the same – you must subscribe to Beauty Info Zone via email and comment. All other Rafflecopter entries are to give you an extra chance to win. Twitter can be done daily for more entries. Good luck! — Marcia and Lisa

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Stephanie | 20th Apr 18

    I would pick Paypal because I could use it towards anything!

  2. polly | 20th Apr 18

    I would chose the Sephora Gift Card because I do not use PayPal

  3. Rose Santuci-Sofranko | 20th Apr 18

    I’d pick the paypal. I don’t wear makeup, altho I know Saphora has other things too. But, with the Paypal I can use the money for whatever I need/want. Thanks and God Bless!

  4. Misty rose | 20th Apr 18

    I dont know yet it’s a hard choice!! Probably PayPal though. I like havi g the option to buy whatever I need . I love sephora though too though

  5. elizabeth miller | 21st Apr 18

    I would prefer the paypal because my 12 year old’s bIrthday is coming up and I could use it towARDS SOMETHING SHE WANTS.

  6. Michelle C | 21st Apr 18

    I would choose Paypal! I’m saving for a vacation!

  7. Ashley C | 21st Apr 18

    I would pick PayPal. We always need things for our baby!

  8. Jeanna Massman | 21st Apr 18

    I would love to win the Sephora Card for my niece. She is a big fan of Sephora make-up.

  9. Pauline Milner | 22nd Apr 18

    I would choose the Sephora gift card as I want to order their foundation trio again. It is an amazing product. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  10. Robin | 22nd Apr 18

    I would love to get Sephora GC because I’m a big fan of their make-up.

  11. pu ye | 22nd Apr 18

    I would pick Paypal because I could use it towards what I like

  12. kim brooks | 22nd Apr 18

    i would choose paypal because i am saving up to get a cubby for my daughter’s room & a new TV stand for my new room. thank you for the chance to win ! good luck to all

  13. LILLIAN BROWN | 22nd Apr 18

    I love shopping ay my local store—-the Sephora gift card

  14. Marilyn Nawara | 22nd Apr 18

    I would choose Sephora so I could buy myself something special.

  15. zoe | 22nd Apr 18

    I would choose Sephora, it’s always nice to have some extra Sephora money

  16. Michelle H. | 23rd Apr 18

    I would pick Paypal because it is more versatile. But, I love both options.

  17. Deb Pelletier | 23rd Apr 18

    I would pick the pay pal, to buy hubby some pants.

  18. Pearl Saunders | 23rd Apr 18

    I’d love to have the Sephora Gift card. I’m really getting into make up and skincare and Sephora is a great hub for all those types of products!

  19. frank | 23rd Apr 18

    Sephora please.thank you.

  20. Sara Sullivan | 23rd Apr 18

    I’d love the Sephora gift card! Sephora is my happy place!

  21. Karley Moore | 23rd Apr 18

    I would choose Sephora because I shop there often.

  22. Leela | 23rd Apr 18

    I’d love the amazon since I’m saving up for something.

  23. Jerry Marquardt | 23rd Apr 18

    I like the PayPal Gift Card the most of all the two choices. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  24. Ed | 23rd Apr 18

    Sephora would be my choice!

  25. tallcapp | 23rd Apr 18

    I want to win the Sephora card. This is my way to become a hero to my granddaughters!

  26. debbie wilson | 23rd Apr 18

    Sephora Is The Best Cosmetics Just Read The Reviews !!! Amazing !!! I Need A New Look Bored 2 death with my Cosmetics !!! TSVM 4 THIS AMAZING CHANCE 2 WIN !!!!

  27. Cheryl Repeta | 24th Apr 18

    I would pick paypal because I like to save money

  28. wen budro | 24th Apr 18

    I would choose the PayPal because I’m saving up for a plane trip.

  29. Michelle Ayers | 24th Apr 18

    I would prefer PayPal because j can use it for anything!

  30. allison | 24th Apr 18

    I love sephora! I just love how much there is to look at and choose from there. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  31. Amber Hensley | 24th Apr 18

    I would choose the paypal (even though I LOVE Sephora) because my Kiddos could really use some new summer clothes right now and they come before I do of course 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

  32. binabug | 24th Apr 18

    THIS was a fun hop and I hope you can join another one soon 🙂 ps, love the sunday scoop

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