Have fine hair and want volume? Voloom Very Airy Styling Products promise results

Those of us with fine hair don’t particularly think it’s so fine. Fine typically means flat, lifeless hair that most products won’t even help because they just weigh those fine strands down and compound the problem. Sigh. What fine hair needs are great volumizing styling products with low residue, which won’t weigh down our delicate hair strands.  Voloom has some terrific options that really work in their VERY AIRY product range.

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The VOLOOM VERY AIRY SOFT STYLING MOUSSE ($23.95) is a lovely styling mousse with Moroccan Argan Oil that gives my hair lots of bounce and softness. It has low residue so it is perfect for my fine hair. The secret to this mousse is you have to hold the can upside down when dispensing – if you hold it sideways it doesn’t dispense properly.  Upside down it’s perfect – then work the mousse from roots to ends for total volume.  It’s terrific!

• Great for all hair types.
• Low Residue means it gives your style a boost without weighing it down!
• With Moroccan Argan Oil, Green Tea Extract & Vitamin E.
• No Alcohol, Gluten, Parabens or Sodium Chloride.
• Cruelty Free


• Argania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) Oil – Deep penetrating oil that instantly absorbs into hair producing incredible shine, helps control frizz, softens and aids in curl definition, and conditions hair
• Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride – Natural guar gum derivative that adds volume, conditions hair without build-up, smoothes and de-frizzes hair
• Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – Saturated with essential vitamins and minerals that help heal scalp, add sheen, luster and shine while fighting frizz and restoring hair back to proper health
• Hydrolyzed Silk Protein – Silk protein that helps bind moisture to hair, repair and strengthen while providing a protective barrier. Adds luster, body and shine
• Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate – Antioxidant that conditions hair and protects against damage • Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract – Powerful antioxidant that helps condition scalp and hair.
• Trimethylsiloxyamodimethicone – Silicone derivative for shine and conditioning. Protects hair color from fading and heat.


How can you even resist a product called VOLOOM VERY AIRY FAIRY DUST ($19.95)? The Fairy Dust is similar to other dusting dry shampoos but still a little different. It’s a hybrid – part dry shampoo, part fairy-light pouffing powder. So while it absorbs dust and oil like a dry shampoo, it also adds volume and texture and ‘poufs’ hair, giving it volume and lift.  It doesn’t feel sticky or gummy. You just tap the powder along your roots then use your fingers to move it around a bit. You don’t need much, and the results are awesome.


• Great for all hair types.
• Low Residue means it gives your style a boost without weighing it down!
• A little Fairy Dust goes a long way! • Fairy-light Volume Refreshing Pouffe Powder with Kaolin Clay & Aloe.
• No Alcohol, Gluten, Parabens or Sodium Chloride.
• Cruelty Free

• Kaolin Clay – Natural clay that adds volume and protection
• Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – Saturated with essential vitamins and minerals that help heal scalp, add sheen


The VOLOOM VERY AIRY DRY SHAMPOO ($23.95) just might be my favorite dry shampoo ever. Marcia teases me that I am the dry shampoo queen…some mornings I am 20% coffee and 80% dry shampoo. The Very Airy Dry Shampoo is truly excellent because it doesn’t have any white cast whatsoever. It blends right into your natural hair color. It doesn’t weigh my fine hair down and it freshens and cleans my hair instantly.

• Great for all hair types.
• Low Residue.
• Gives your style a boost without weighing hair down.
• Natural Clay Adds Volume & Refreshes.
• Thermal protectant.
• No Parabens, Sulfates or Sodium Chloride.
• Cruelty Free.

• Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate – Starch-derived ingredient to help absorb excess oil
• Stearalkonium Hectorite – Natural clay used to help absorb excess oil
• Cyclopentasiloxane – Silicone that adds shine without weight, helps control frizz and provides hair with heat protection

If you are a fine haired gal, or really for any hair type, I highly recommend the Voloom hair styling products. I am completely impressed and they definitely make my fine hair look oh so fine!  Voloom is available online at Amazon and at getvoloom.com.  – Lisa


  1. Love your review and recommendation of these products! I’ve never heard of them and it’s so hard to find volumizing products for fine hair that don’t cause other issues of weighing it down. Excited to try these!

  2. Teresa Koedyker says

    Can’t wait to try this product!! Sounds like it would be perfect for my hair!!!

  3. Sharon Rooney says

    I need this product! It would be perfect for my hair.

  4. Diane M Gooding says

    I’m going to have to look into these products. My hair is so fine and flat

  5. I have never heard of this brand, but it sounds effective.

  6. I’ve heard of Voloom, and I love this packaging – so cute! I have thick coarse hair and don’t need this, but I’ll remember it to recommend to others

  7. Good to hear such a great review for that dry shampoo!

  8. Ehmkay Nails says

    All these products interest me. Definitely going to keep them in my mind for the future.

  9. I definitely need to check out this brand! I have fine hair, and I find a lot of products weigh my hair down too much. I live for dry shampoo and want to try that in particular!

  10. 25 Sweetpeas says

    I’ve not heard of this but it sounds nice!

  11. I haven’t tried this brand yet, but that fairy powder stuff is really neat! I’ve tried Unite’s version of that years ago and it’s great for roots or for short hair.

  12. The voloom voluminizing iron is the only thing that has ever worked to give my fine hair volume. I would love to try these products!

  13. LittleNuclearReactor says

    Never heard of this brand before, but I’m pretty interested in that fairy dust dry shampoo!

  14. I really want to try that fairy dust 😀

  15. Good to know that it it blends with natural hair color! That’s my issue with some dry shampoo

  16. This sounds amazing! I have super flat thin long hair that has zero life! I will have to give this stuff a try!

  17. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    I do have fine hair with no volume. But right now I have even more hair bc it’s growing like crazy while I’m pregnant. I’ll definitely remember this product for when my hair starts thinning out again after the baby!

  18. The fairy dust sounds really intriguing! I have zero volume at the roots and it sounds like something I should try. I think their packaging is cute too!

  19. I wonder if this would work on thick hair? Mine is so long and heavy that it lays flat against my head