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Pinch of Colour is a beauty company whose mission is to positively impact the world through philanthropy, sustainability and community. It is unlike any other beauty line because it’s the world’s first waterless beauty brand. Why no water? To bring awareness to the growing water crises in the world with amazing products that help the planet by conserving water. Today, the BIZ checks out some of their waterless lip products – the Matte Velvet Waterless Lip Color and the Healthy Lips Waterless Lip Oil.  Do the BIZ cosmetics addicts love these waterless lippies?  Read on and find out!

Pinch of Colour Healthy Lips Waterless Lip Oil in Pink Crush and Matte Velvet Waterless Lip Colour in Aria

The Healthy Lips Waterless Lip Oil ($21) is a sheer tinted lip hydrator with a base of nourishing oils, including rosa canina, apricot and avocado oils. This waterless lip gloss is actually very hydrating and leaves lips soft and moist.

The Matte Velvet Lip Color ($24) is a highly pigmented lipstick that won’t bleed, transfer, or budge for over 8 hours.  Matte Velvet applies smoothly thanks to the ingredients, including extracts of Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Mango Seed Butter.

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I am really happy that I was able to test both the Lip Oil and the Matte Velvet.  My lips are pretty thin, so I generally don’t wear matte colors as they accentuate the thinness.  I also like some slip with my lippies, and often find mattes to be too dry.  My shade of the Matte Velvet is Aria, which is a mauve pink with nude undertones.  It really is a gorgeous shade that hits the sweet spot of not too dark and not too light.  I find that it feels smooth and comfortable on without any dryness at all…somehow that surprised me since it is a waterless lipstick.  When I think waterless, I think no hydration, but I’m happy to report that is definitely not the case!  I actually do like it by itself, but more often than not I wear it topped with the Pink Crush Lip Oil.

Now there is another name that fooled me at first.  Lip Oil sounds pretty greasy, doesn’t it?  But it sure isn’t…in fact, it has the nicest slip ever. Instead of water, the Lip Oil has lots of botanicals that lips just love because they are so nourishing, including Avocado, Apricot, and Macadamia oils. Healthy Lips gives lips shine and subtle tint.  The applicator is tremendous – it has the exact perfect amount of lip oil for lips with one swipe.  Lip Oil comes in caramel, raspberry red or guava pink shades, and I have Pink Crush, the sheer guava pink.

I use it by itself all the time for a quick, easy, comfortable look.  I also love using it as a topper on the Aria Matte Velvet.  The two shades go perfectly together, and the Lip Oil gives me a pretty, glossy shine and that lovely slip.


Pinch of Colour Matte Velvet Lip Colours in Lola and Perla

Pinch of Colour describes Perla as “A creamy peach nude that’s almost too good to be true. The warm undertones in Perla create a sexy, pouty lip look for a no-makeup makeup look that sizzles.” This beautiful shade stretches the definition of nude to me though. It’s not nude when I wear it but my lips aren’t very pigmented on their own so this shows up as a bright peach on me that’s more in the light to medium range. Of the two lipsticks I received Perla is my favorite. It’s a shade that wakens my face.

Pinch of Colour Matte Velvet Waterless Lip Color in Perla

The technology of Pinch of Colour amazes me since they are a waterless brand. The lip products go on evenly and last a good amount of time. While they are matte they don’t suck the moisture out of my lips, instead they make my lips look smooth and finished.

The main ingredients are rose hip oil, jojoba oil, and mango seed butter which help moisturize lips so even though your lip color looks matte it’s being nourished.

Pinch of Colour Matte Velvet Waterless Lip Color in Perla and Lola

Lola is described as “a pinky nude that takes neutral to a whole new level”. Yes I’d call it neutral, no I won’t call it nude. On me it’s a warm rosy shade. It’s slightly darker than I wear on a daily basis.

Pinch of Colour Matte Velvet Waterless Lip Color in Lola

I’d call these Waterless Lip Colors perfect except that they have a fragrance that I find lingers. But in the looks department I surely won’t complain.

Every single product that Pinch of Colour makes is waterless, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and never tested on animals.  You can find Pinch of Colour online at and at Anthropologie in the US.


  1. NeverSayDieBeauty | 29th Jan 20

    So so cute! And great shades. I hope they might come out with satin or cream finish for my dry lips!

  2. Dana Rodriguez | 29th Jan 20

    These are really pretty and I love their mission. I want to give them a try.

  3. Natoya | 29th Jan 20

    These are so lovely, love that every shade is Wearable. Love that they are matte and that the brand is a waterless brand

  4. Lola Seicento | 29th Jan 20

    These are very pretty, and their mission is wonderful!

  5. Cindy E Ingalls | 29th Jan 20

    The matte one looks too dry for me but I like the gloss or them both layered.

  6. Courtney Scarbin | 30th Jan 20

    I’m glad to hear they last a good amount of time! I always struggle to find color that stays and end up having to reapply over and over again.

  7. Kathryne | 30th Jan 20

    I’m always delighted to see more and more beauty brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. Way to go!

  8. Glamorable | 30th Jan 20

    Loving that Lola shade, it’s the perfect coral for my complexion!

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 30th Jan 20

    All of these look really wearable!

  10. Laura | 30th Jan 20

    These seem so nice and soft in color. I’m a fan!

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