Get on easy street with COLOR STREET

Color Street – where have you been all my life? Why wasn’t I a fan of yours during the months that every nail salon was closed? Why am I just learning that I can #BeColorful, #Be Brilliant, and #BeColorStreet?

Color Street are unique strips for your nails. They aren’t the old ones that were a pain in the behind to apply. They instead are 100% real nail polish on easy to apply strips that apply like a dream and look even better for up to 10 days. The choices are endless too.

Color Street Nail Polish Strips in Long Time No Sea

Welcome to the future of manicures: where at-home manis are possible in just minutes, complete with nail art, glitter, ombre, or solid shades that are shiny & long-lasting! 

Color Street Nail Strips can be self-applied & removed in moments, making time-consuming and damaging treatments a ritual of the past.

Color Street Nail Strips in Blush Hour and Less Bitter More Glitter

Color Street Nail Strips were created by Fa Park in NYC when he saw a woman frantically applying nail polish in a cab. The light bulb went off and he started practicing with ways to make strips that were beautiful and easy to use for the customer. As they say “rocking a new mani is as easy as peel, press, file”.

I was sent half a dozen packages to try and was worried they’d be difficult to use. I was happily surprised when I found that they are an easy delight that look like I spent a lot of money on. Prices range from $11 to $13 and last a full 10 days on me. I was so worried that they’d peel away that very night or in the shower the next day but that was far from the truth.

Color Street directions

After 10 days on they look absolutely fabulous! I’ve worn a little bit at the tips but even my husband didn’t notice that. All he noticed is that the shine was still there and that they looked new.

Color Street Bad Chrome-ance
Color Street Bad Chrome-ance

Take your pick of solids, glitter, glitter designs, glitter dipped, french manicure, nail art designs and even pedicure styles. The only bad news is that these popular products seem to be limited edition so you want to get your hands on them ASAP once you fall in love with them.

Of all the ones I have only Less Bitter More Glitter is available on their website but there are so many to choose from. I’m saving Party Hearty for February (if I can wait that long) but I’m sure they’ll have other heart designs available by then.

Color Street Party Hearty
Color Street Less Bitter More Glitter

Here’s the easy way to do these. Do your basic manicure to file and shape your nails. Color Street makes it so easy by including a cute two sided file in the package. You want your nails perfectly dry so once ready wipe your nail with the nail prep pad that comes inside.

Now the fun but sometimes tricky part. These are tough on your nails but not tough to apply. As a matter of fact if you pull too hard then you’ll tear the strip. There are 16 strips so you have some to spare but they are sized so you still need to be careful.

Carefully lay the strip on your nail of choice and pat it down with your finger. Once in place gently use the nail file and file down over the nail edge. The excess comes off so easily that it’s hard to believe. Now with the file and an orange stick press it down and file the sides of your nail so that it fits perfectly.

Color Street Bad Chrome-ance on thumb
Color Street Bad Chrome-ance complete

Bonus: it removes with nail polish remover. That’s it, nothing special to do or buy. Because they are made from nail polish they aren’t any harder to remove. Caveat: once you take off the protective cover on the strips you want to use them since they’ll dry out otherwise.

Now I made it sound easy but that’s because it is easy. Even a left handed klutz like I am can do it on both hands. Don’t be a klutz though – get yourself some Color Street 100% Real Nail Polish Strips and make your nails become the stars they deserve to be! — Marcia

disclosure: sent for review, used with delight


  1. Barbara Montag | 28th Sep 20

    I love Color Street nail strips!
    I am starting to mix and match.

  2. Katie Yankey | 28th Sep 20

    Just a tip from a long time Color Street user. If you have leftover strips, you can reseal the package with a flatiron and they won’t dry out. I’ve used resealed strips several months later and they’re as good as new if you properly seal them. 🙂

  3. Sandy Pincombe | 28th Sep 20

    Getting ready to do a new set with an overlay this week. I love these strips! If the shades are out just keep checking back as they are usually restocked quite quickly.

  4. Lola Seicento | 29th Sep 20

    These are so cool!

  5. Kristi V BeginNails | 29th Sep 20

    Cool designs! I change my manis up too often for me to get any use out of them, but I like the fun patterns!

  6. Cindy E Ingalls | 29th Sep 20

    I’m so glad these are easy to apply. I love the glitter designs!

  7. Natoya | 29th Sep 20

    Wow these are so neat and I’m so happy they are easy to use as well, that gives me hope! I’ll have to try these

  8. Madhubani | 1st Oct 20

    These looks so cool…and fun.. new nail art whenever and wherever you want ??????

  9. Courtney | 1st Oct 20

    These look so fun!

  10. Nina Kasper | 5th Oct 20

    Wow! The end results look amazing! My mom has become a big fan of this style, getting harder for her to see so this way she can have cute nail art without the work! Love it!

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