Makeup Wars picks favorite eye makeup removers

Counting down just like David Letterman does to get to my all time favorite Eye Makeup Remover!
1430010167_eye-make-up-remover_product#5  RIMMEL JUST LET IT GO – I received this in an Influenster box and I have mixed feelings about it. The price is right at under $5 and it’s very gentle. It never burns my eyes. But if I wear a gel eyeliner or a heavy mascara, I have to pick a different remover since it’s just not powerful enough.
1430010090_p_makeupremovers_eye_longwearingwpliquidmakeupremover#4  ALMAY LONGWEAR & WATERPROOF GENTLE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER  – I need to have a waterproof eye makeup around for certain water resistant mascara and Almay is always consistent in this category. I’ve used Almay most of my life so I keep an eye out for sales on the brand and keep a small stash of these around. No burning, no oily feeling afterwards, and does a good job of removing mascara.1430010034_p_makeupremovers_eye_oilfreeeyemakeupremoverpads#3  ALMAY OIL FREE GENTLE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER PADS – These are staples in my life. I have used these since I started wearing eye makeup. I can’t even imagine how many jars of these I’ve gone through. They are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. They are not the least bit oily so they are perfect for touch-ups or goof-ups. I don’t necessarily use them to take off my makeup at night but this is what I travel with and I use this to clean my gel eyeliner brush. Once I started doing that I stopped ruining brushes.
1430009957_00500960_just_release_me_re_a1#2 PHILOSOPHY JUST RELEASE ME EYE MAKEUP REMOVER – I’m wondering if they are going to discontinue this since they are marked way down on the Philosopy website. I might just have to order a few. I love this product but I hate the opening. I probably spilled 1/4 of it by mistake. The top is too wide without a stopper but that’s the only negative I have about this eye makeup remover. It removes everything without a problem.
1430009842_mary-kay-oil-free-eye-makeup-remover-h#1 MARY KAY OIL FREE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER – Actually I thought about just writing about this one alone. Mary Kay has me wrapped around their little finger with this Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. It never burns, stings, or leaves an oily residue. The top has a stopper on it so I don’t spill it out as I’m putting it onto a cotton square. I love that I can use this with whatever makeup I’m wearing. It’s not specifically for waterproof but I’ve rarely had a problem removing anything with Mary Kay. Don’t ever stop making this MK, please!!!

Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover wins!!!

Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover wins!!!

Now that you’ve met the 5 eyemakeup removers of my life, what are yours? I’m sure I can find room in the bathroom cabinet for another. — Marcia

*Rimmel sent by Influenster, rest were purchases


  1. That’s too bad that Rimmel doesn’t work well for you. It’s my absolute favorite for my seriously sensitive eyes. It gets off gel liner for me, thankfully, and I don’t wear waterproof mascara. The only problem I’ve ever had with it was yesterday. I was testing out colored mascara from Jordana that I applied, then applied regular black mascara, then more colored mascara so I had about 8 layers on, and the Rimmel remover had a tougher time with it but it all came off in the end

  2. What a great list of eye makeup removers! My eyes are so sensitive that I have to be very careful about the eye makeup removers that I choose!

  3. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    I agree 100% that Mary Kay’s eye makeup remover spoiled me and is the BEST I’ve ever tried. I received a Clinique free sample size eye makeup remover a few years ago and it set my eye on fire the first time I tried it. I say my eye because I didn’t dare use it on my other eye or ever again. I’ve read good reviews on it so it’s probably just me. I bought wet n wild and it stung some, nothing like Clinique, but I am not going to use anything that hurts my eyes. Again, Mary Kay is my preferred.

  4. I LOVE the Philosophy one, if its being marked down I will definitely have to buy a few! That Mary Kay one also sounds great I will keep that in mind. Great picks!

  5. I just started using the Philosophy and I WILL CRY SO HARD if it goes!

  6. I actually use the Almay remover to spot clean my brushes sometimes. My favorite remover is Simple’s eye makeup remover pads. They never irritate my eyes.

  7. I use the CVS knockoff of Neutrogena’s two-phase eye makeup remover just to make sure that I have completely removed eye makeup after double cleansing with DHC Skincare Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Skincare Washing Powder.

  8. I think the Almay is the only one I have tried! I would be curious to try Philosophy’s – hopefully it’s not discontinued!

  9. I’m a huge fan of Milani’s makeup remover!

  10. Great choices! I need to try the Philosophy remover. I like Bifacil and the Neutrogena two-phase one for eye makeup.

  11. My favorite is Albolene cream.

  12. My skin is so sensitive – especially my eyelids that I really can’t use any traditional eye makeup remover. I used to use plain Vaseline and have since switched to organic coconut oil.

  13. I agree that the Mary Kay one is awesome. I haven’t tried the Philosophy one.

  14. I’ve tried the Rimmel one. You’re right about the good price but I’ve also found it isn’t super strong. It takes a bit to get off heavier eye makeup.

  15. I love the Lancome one, but I cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money on eye makeup remover. I’ll have to check out the MK one!

  16. I haven’t tried any of these.. In my youth, I tried those oily removers, and really, really hated them, so now it’s hard for me to try liquid removers. I did try and love the one from Napoleon Perdis, but of course it’s discontinued from Ulta, so I’ll be sad when it’s gone. I usually just use a makeup wipe to get off all my makeup.

  17. I like Mary Kay too. I’m intrigued to try Rimmel ‘tho

  18. Mary Kay is lovely- & I actually like the RImmel for when I’m doing my makeup & make a mistake!

  19. I have used the Mary Kay one for years… I like Neutrogfena as well as Lancomes.

  20. I have not tried any of those! Bioderma is my current favorite! 🙂