The perfect gift exchange gifts: Zoella Beauty!

Zoella bath and body

Have you tried Zoella Beauty yet? You can find it at Ulta. This is cutest, sweetest line. I just love it. Everything is wonderful…I love it for my girls, I love it for myself…I can’t seem to get enough! The packaging is simply adorable, and what’s inside is even better. Here are three things that I think you will want to see under your tree or in your stocking this holiday…and they especially make really sweet gifts for Secret Santa exchanges!

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Zoella Soak Opera

Zoella Soak Opera ($9.99) What’s not to love about this big bottle of beautifully scented bubble bath/shower gel? The packaging is adorable. The name is cuter than cute.  The fragrance is yummy – fresh and clean but slightly sweet and girly. The ingredients are terrific with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe Extracts, which means super soft and supple skin. And it’s a multi-tasker! Got time for a nice long soaky bath?  Soak Opera is THERE for you, with tons of bubbles that last and last. Only have a few minutes to get cleansed and refreshed? Again, Soak Opera is your friend, THERE for you, waiting to be poured into your sponge to make a beautiful lather to cleanse your skin to soft, satiny sheen. Pure love.

Zoella Creamly Madly Dreamy

Zoella Creamly Madly Dreamy swatch

Zoella’s Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion ($6.50) is a big, 5.4 fl. oz. tube of luscious body lotion for an incredibly low price. It smells soft and feminine, like a big old hug from your favorite girl friend, the one who never judges you and is also down for eating an entire pizza while watching old episodes of The Office. Skin adores Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion because it’s full of Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter. This is a perfect Secret Santa gift that your giftee will be thanking you for all year.

Zoella Soap Pop

Zoella Beauty Soap on a Stick ($6.50) is beyond adorable!! Of course, everything seems better on a stick. Why not soap? The packaging is beyond cute and this soap has all good stuff in it – Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Aloe. It has that same awesome fresh and girly fragrance. Plus, there’s a really cute surprise – once all the soap is gone, you’ll find one of five secret messages written by Zoe herself on the stick inside – how much fun is that??

I love the holiday season and Secret Santa exchanges are so much fun. Zoella Beauty is a terrific line to look at for adorable, wallet friendly items that your pal will absolutely adore, and they are easy to find at Ulta. Check these out as well as all the other fabulous finds from this lovely line.  – Lisa


  1. Ashley Martinez says

    These are cute! My niece would love them!



  3. Laurie Nykaza says

    I love being able to order such wonderful products to give as gifts to those i love at the holidays. These look so good love soap made with Shea Butter it keep your skin so soft.

  4. I’ve watched Zoella on YouTube, but I’ve never tried her products. Her packaging is adorable.

  5. Shilpa Shetty says

    Yes Zoella is the cutest brand,.. I have tried thier soaps and body lotions

  6. Debbie Welchert says

    What great stocking stuffers. I know my granddaughter would love this and would be so excited about having her own bath products.

  7. My cousins would love those as gifts!

  8. I haven’t seen Zoella at my Ulta, but i’ll Look for it. I love the look of the products – so sweet. And the names, like Soap Opera, are so clever!

  9. These sound so wonderful and the packaging is so cute!

  10. I love the packaging of these cuties!

  11. Their products are so cute – definitely great for gifting.

  12. OMG the soap pop is so cute! I love fun packaging like that!

  13. These are really great stocking stuffers!

  14. I think they are great for stocking stuffers. Ulta takes forever to ship, that is the only reason preventing me from ordering

  15. I love the look of these! It reminds me of something I used as a teen, but something I would also use today.

  16. These look so pretty.. Haven’t heard of this this brand, but would love to try..

  17. 25 Sweetpeas says

    I have yet to see it at my Ultas but I can’t wait! Love her style and her Youtube!

  18. The packaging of Zoella’s products is so adorable!

  19. Ehmkay nails says

    These products are adorable. Especially the soap on a stick!

  20. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    That soap pop is so cute!

  21. These are super adorable and seem perfect for a gift. This is why I would love to have a daughter! Lol. The great thing is that I have nieces that I spoil with spa goodies and, of course, I would LOVE to try these out myself!

  22. You’re right, these are solid gifts for an exchange!

  23. I will definitely have to check this brand out. I love the prices!!

  24. Fairytalesnails says

    These look like a fab stocking stuffer x


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