Did you miss this deal? 90% off Wrinkle Killer for BIZ readers!

We want to make sure you saw this amazing deal for BIZ readers.

Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer

Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer

If you didn’t see it in the Sunday Scoop, here is what you missed:

We have the best deal ever for you –E.V.E.R.! Lisa wrote a review to tell you all about Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer. She loved this so much that it made her Best of 2012 list with ease. Skin Chemists was so happy that they created a code for BIZ readers to get 90% off one unit of Wrinkle Killer for new customers. This is not a typo – 90% off. The code lasts from 1/20 to 1/27 and is ‘WrinkleKiller’. After one week the code will revert to 50% off for new customers, which is amazing on its own. Wrinkle Killer is expensive (over $200) but at 90% off it’s an amazing deal – only about $25!!!  Pick the Wrinkle Killer of your choice on Skin Chemists.


this will definitely kill those wrinkles – and not your pocketbook!



no snakes were harmed in the making of this serum!