The French have come to the US with Vivienne Sabó cosmetics at prices we can afford

When Beauty Info Zone learned about a new line of color cosmetics that has come to the US and is priced reasonably we were more than eager to jump on board. After all how often do we find chic looking products at prices under $12? Not often enough. There are two collections that Vivienne Sabó has available and we are sharing some of the products with you today and more later.

French cosmetics are known to be the best in the world. Traditions of high quality and unique Parisian style make them the most desirable for women all over the world. I am no exception. Paris has always inspired me, fueled me with energy, put me in a creative mood. Love and romance, the celebrated French lightness of being, and a beautiful story of Parisian girl, Vivienne Sabo, deeply touched my soul and encouraged me to make her dreams come true.” – says Natalia Rakoch, brand founder.

The collections are the Cabaret with different types of mascara including colored mascara along with their eyeshadow quartets.


The second collection to know about is the Mon General with some fabulous lip products, eyeliners, and more mascara.

Mon General

We’re giving you a taste of some of the great cruelty free products from both collections. Vivienne Sabó is a star when it comes to mascara. They are one of the few companies we’ve found that has colored mascaras reasonably priced as well as a big variety of styles so you can find what you prefer. Most French mascaras you can buy in the US are department store prices so we appreciate these $12 beauties. The place to purchase these is at Harmon Drugs and many of the products are available on Amazon.

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Vivienne Sabó

Besides mascara Vivienne Sabó has eyeliners in three styles as well as several eyeshadow palettes, Quartre Nuances. Of course I’ll start with an eyeshadow palette in Chocolat. Both the name and the palette are pleasing to my senses. The 4 shades are numbered and the directions inside help to create eyes the way it’s done in France.

Vivienne Sabó Chocolat Quatro Nuances

#1 is a dark shimmery chocolate is made to emphasize your eyelids. This has such incredible pigmentation to it. There’s a light golden shimmer to it. I can’t quite get enough of this shade.

#2 is a matte taupe shade that sort of looks boring in the palette but perks up on my eyes. The packaging directions say to apply shade 2 on the outer corners of your eyes and shade it along the crease. This is the shade they recommend for under your eyes too.

#3 is a golden taupe that looks darker in the palette so when the gold first appeared it surprised and delighted me! The directions show this on the upper mobile eyelid.

#4 is a creamy neutral that ties it all in together. I use it on the brow bone and it’s also recommended for the inner corners of your eyes.

Vivienne Sabó Chocolat Quatro Nuances (liners below)

All in all these 4 shades work together beautifully to create a daytime look or their smoky gorgeous Parisian look.

There’s also eyeliner to consider since I go nowhere without my eyeliner. There are three different types: 2 liquids and a pencil.

Vivienne Sabo eyeliners

I love a liquid eyeliner so I was thrilled to find Charbon ($8.99) in the package. This cruelty free liner is easy to use making either thick or thin lines. I like a thinner line and find that I get a very crisp line that doesn’t disappear on me. It’s also available in a waterproof version which would be even longer lasting and perfect for times you might begin to cry.

Vivienne Sabó Charbon liquid eyeliner

Vivienne Sabó Charbon liquid eyeliner

Most people prefer pencil eyeliners since you can smudge them and Vivienne Sabó hasn’t forgotten that. Regard Coquet is the name of this pencil and it too is a winner. It glides on easily and I have no trouble using a brush or sponge tip to smudge it. But it doesn’t smudge without your help. It’s meant to emphasize not to raccoon-ize.

Vivienne Sabó Regard Coquet pencil eyeliner


I tried two different mascaras from the collection which was neat because I could compare them side by side. I actually really like them both, but one in particular is a clear winner for me.

The first up is CABARET PREMIÈRE mascara by Vivienne Sabó. This has the type of wand I prefer – long with an easy to use brush that isn’t too bulky. I thought for sure this would be my favorite. The formula is meant for giving lashes tons of thick, dramatic volume.  

The brush is actually plastic and it’s called a Hytrel brush that is meant to curl lashes. I still had to use an eyelash curler because my lashes have zero curl, so I can’t attest to the curling power of this mascara. I do like this mascara – it gives decent volume, and it doesn’t smudge or smear. I like a little more length but am willing to forgive that if the mascara doesn’t give me raccoon eyes.

Wearing Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere Mascara

Here are my eyes with one coat of CABARET PREMIÈRE mascara.

Next, I tried EVENTAILLISTE mascara. I did not think this would be a favorite as the curved brush is not my thing. I have large eyes and those curved mascara brushes never quite work properly. The curved brush is meant to fan out and define lashes, and the formula is both volumizing and lengthening.

Vivienne Sabo Eventialliste Triple Effect Mascara

I am happy to report that EVENTAILLISTE mascara far exceeded my expectations! Just look at how incredible my lashes look with one coat of this mascara:

Wearing Vivienne Sabo Eventialliste Triple Effect Mascara

Eventialliste Mascara is the bomb. Ok, so the wand still isn’t my favorite…the curve doesn’t quite fit my eye, but it’s a minor quibble and I easily make it work. The formula is fantastic. I get length, I get volume, and it really does ‘fan’ out my lashes beautifully. The mascara never runs, flakes, or smears, yet it washes off easily when I want it to come off.  Great stuff, especially for just $12 a tube!!

We are really enjoying our Vivienne Sabó items and we know you will too!  Head on over to Harmon Drugs or Amazon for these chic and affordable treats.


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