Tarte is Puttin’ on the Glitz for the holidays

Tarte’s new holiday set Puttin on the Glitz is both beautiful and practical, two adjectives I aspire to be (but, unfortunately, I often fall a little short!!).  At only $48 this set is wonderfully affordable, especially considering what you get:  a gold and silver clutch, three interchangeable eyeshadow/face color palettes that snap into the clutch, a lipgloss, and an instruction card with eye looks for each palette.  If you total up all the products just in the palettes, that’s an incredible 18 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 shimmer powder, and 1 bronzer.  Unbelievable!!

Clutch from Puttin' on the Glitz

The clutch is nicely versatile since it’s silver but the chain is gold.

The clutch has four credit card slots and a removable mirror.  There is a holder for the lip gloss, and the palettes clip right into place.

Here it is with the Nine-to-Five palette popped inside.  Purple is my favorite color, so I am totally digging the interior of the clutch.

The lip gloss is a soft, pretty peachy-pink, almost a watermelon color that has a little shimmer.  The bottom twists, and the lip gloss comes out through the lip brush.

Tarte PureOptic lip gloss swatch

The lipgloss has a great feel, not the least bit sticky.  It has a slight ‘fresh’ taste to it, like spearmint.  It’s a very wearable shade that will look great on most people.  You can wear it alone or over a matte color to brighten it up.

Tarte PureOptic lip gloss applied

The three palettes each have six coordinating eyeshadows in both matte and shimmer, and then one larger powder product (blush, shimmer powder, or bronzer).

Tarte Nine-to-Five palette

Pictured above is the Nine-to-Five palette, which has neutral eyeshadows (cool and warm colors) and a soft pink blush.  The eyeshadow colors are from top to bottom:

shimmery golden brown, shimmery deep purple;

shimmery peach, shimmery pink;

matte greyish taupe, shimmery champagne (I love how mine is sideways!!  That’s a lucky sign, I need to go play the lottery…)

And here is the gorgeous Amazonian Clay blush that is also included – I love this blush, it gives the best ‘inner glow’ look.

Nine-to-Five instruction card

Here is the instruction card for the Nine-to-Five palette.  I tried out the look below:

It’s a very pretty daytime look that you can easily ramp up by deepening the colors.  This is probably my most favorite of the three palettes since I tend to be more of a ‘neutral’ gal anyway.

Tarte Girls' Night Out palette

Pictured above is the Girls’ Night Out palette.  This palette has more dramatic jewel toned colors, as well as a shimmery highlighter shade. The eyeshadow colors are from top to bottom:

dark matte green, dark matte purple (this photographed lighter than it is in person);

deep shimmery pinkish-purple-silver, medium green with multi-colored shimmer;

shimmery light brown, light pink champagne shimmer.

Above is the shimmering highlighter powder.  The highlighter is great – you can use this on your eyes, cheeks, brow bones, it’s very versatile.  In terms of use, I would say this palette gets the least amount of play from me because I don’t often do brighter, bolder colors.  However, I do think that the two eyeshadow shades in the middle are truly spectacular and original.  Be sure to click on the photo to see those babies up close.

Tarte Walk in the Park palette

Pictured above is the third palette in the set, this one called Walk in the Park.  The Walk in the Park palette is more natural, with earth-toned shades.  The much beloved Park Avenue Princess bronzer is included in addition to the six eyeshadows. The eyeshadow colors are:

shimmery forest green, matte deep brown;

medium brown with golden shimmer, matte light tan;

neutral light beige, and shimmery light gold.

And then, of course, the Park Avenue Princess bronzer.  This is a medium toned bronzer with golden shimmer.  I use this to contour, to bronze, and to blush for more natural looks.

Walk in the Park instruction card

Above is the instruction card for the Walk in the Park look, which I tried to replicate below.

Walk in the Park eye look

I find that the pigment quality of these eyeshadows is very nice.  I know some people have voiced concern that they are powdery.  Tarte eyeshadows aren’t the type you ‘swipe’ with your brush – you need to ‘pat’ the brush into the shadow to pick up pigment, then pat it onto your eye.  The pigment is terrific using that method.

I wish my pictures weren’t so dark, this is really a pretty combination.  It was very overcast that day, so there wasn’t much natural light, and our indoor lighting is just too yellow to give a true picture.  The clouds parted for just a moment and I was able to get my next picture:

FOD with the Walk in the Park palette

My face of the day using the Tarte Walk in the Park palette.  I used the Park Avenue Princess bronzer as my blush.

Do I really need to bring my eyeshadow palette with me to a party?  Probably not, although the blush/highlighter/bronzer part comes in handy.  And yet…do I ever need to bring an eyeshadow palette to work on days I have a big meeting in the evening, or I am going to go out right after work?  Yes, for sure.  And whether or not you use the clutch to carry a palette, you can still use the clutch just as a purse, and the three palettes and lip gloss are a fabulous value for the price.  This is most definitely a ‘one for you, and one for me’ gift!!  – Lisa

This gift set is available online at Tarte as well as at Sephora.


  1. Wow, is that ever a cute set!! Worth it for the bag alone. I’ve never used Tarte before but I might have to start. Your LASHES!!! They are SO LONG they stabbed me and I’m sitting here at my keyboard bleeding, but I can’t stop looking at those beautiful lashes!

  2. Polarbelle, thanks for the compliment…I should put in every post that my eyelashes are ‘courtesy of Latisse’!!!

  3. I have to ask… what mascara are you wearing in these pics? Your lashes look amazing! Long, thick and seperated! I see the dates of the comments above are from quite some time ago, but I just stumbled upon this while looking for some pics of colors of these shadows – the palettes are up for auction on ebay and I’m considering…Thanks for your help and I completely understand if you don’t know the mascara from that long ago. Take care 🙂


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