RubisTweezers from Switzerland helps us take on the world

Rubis TweezersThe Olympics is almost here and everyone is chasing those medals – bronze, silver, or gold, they all mean excellence. Rubis Switzerland ( sent the BIZ two pair of high quality cosmetics tweezers made of surgical steel, and how could we resist, especially after we saw our names engraved on them?

The right tweezers make life so much easier, so Lisa and Marcia went for the silver and the gold.

Rubis Tweezers

Rubis Tweezers

Lisa goes for the silver tweezers:

Rubis silver tweezers

Tweezers can be hard to come by in my house…they constantly go missing, which drives me crazy. With my new stainless steel Rubis Tweezers I can at least claim them as mine, especially since they have my name on them!

Rubis Tweezers

Rubis Tweezers

I prefer tweezers with a classic slanted tip because they do such great precision tweezing. Rubis Classic Steel Tweezers give me the precision I want for eyebrows, and they are particularly awesome for removing ingrown hairs. These tweezers have this amazing ability to not only grab very short, small hairs, they won’t let go. They really make eyebrow maintenance so easy.

Rubis is famous for tweezers that last and last. These won’t lose their grip and they won’t lose their tension – in fact, Rubis has been honored internationally with many awards for their outstanding design.  There are all kinds of different designs available, from Pink Cross to Swarovski, and I love how you can search based on the use, characteristics, material…so many options! Be sure to check out the website and I know you will find the tweezers of your dreams.

Marcia goes for gold tweezers:

Rubis gold tweezers

To say I was thrilled when Rubis sent this tweezers is an understatement. The one tool that I absolutely need in my life is a precision tweezer like my Rubis Slanted Tweezers. These are worth more than their weight in gold.

Rubis slant tip tweezers
Rubis slant tip tweezers

Years ago I wrote a post about what I’d take on a desert island. My number one item was a tweezers and all these years later it’s still my number one item. I can not be without one. A Rubis Tweezer is more expensive than other brands. That’s because of the history of the brands (over 60 years old, made in Switzerland) and the mechanics of the tweezers. These are not only made by hand, involving a 45 step process, they are tested individually under a magnifying glass in order to gain the seal of quality: “Rubis. Made in Switzerland.”


Considering how many tweezer brands I’ve bought over the years, I consider myself pretty well versed in this tool. What I find with Rubis is that they have perfect balance. It picks up the tiniest hairs even the ones I can feel but not see. I’m a fanatic when it comes to facial hair and if I feel a hair on my chinny chin chin I must remove it. This Rubis tweezer has a sharp and tight closure so it can pick up every hair put to the test. Be sure you tweeze in the direction that the hair grows so that you don’t open an oil gland.

Beauty tools I need in my life
Beauty tools I need in my life

When you are looking for the top of the line beauty tools look to Rubis. With their tweezers you’ll get top-quality stainless steel, precision, quality, and balance. The tension of the “arms” gives these outstanding functionality. I’m all set for my desert island once I grab a lot of sunscreen.

*sent for editorial consideration, used and reviewed with admiration



  1. Kiss & Make-up | 19th Jun 16

    Most tweezers are too thin/pointy for me, but this one looks like it has a nice wide-enough angle, yay.

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 20th Jun 16

    Swiss tools are incredible so I’m not surprised that these are so terrific. Like the personalization too!

  3. Lola Seicento | 20th Jun 16

    These look like really great quality tweezers! I love that they are personalized!

  4. The Beauty of Life | 20th Jun 16

    These sound amazing!

  5. Julie | 20th Jun 16

    There is nothing better than a great pair of super sharp tweezers!

  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 20th Jun 16

    I rely on you Marcia, for my recommendations on tweezers so I think I need these!

  7. Phyrra | 20th Jun 16

    I need a sharp pair of tweezers!

  8. Tiki | 20th Jun 16

    I seriously need a good pair of tweezers. I love how theirs is personalized.

  9. Stacie | 20th Jun 16

    LOL! My tweezers always go missing too. This would be the perfect solution.

  10. Bailey | 21st Jun 16

    Ooh, they’re personalized! These do sound like great tweezers.

  11. Nidia - Lit From Within | 21st Jun 16

    I thought all tweezers were the same until I got a great pair of tweezers. Now, I compare everything to them! Sounds like these would give them a run for their money – I, too, need to get rid of those chinny-chin-chin hairs that I can feel, even if I can’t see them!

  12. Kath Thefabzilla | 21st Jun 16

    I need good quality tweezers like these

  13. Polarbelle | 21st Jun 16

    I love a good slant tweezer. These look pretty, with the brushed finishes.

  14. Justina | 21st Jun 16

    These are beautiful tweezers. I’ve never heard of the brand but I trust a tweezer aficianado that they’re the best!

  15. Anastasia | 21st Jun 16

    How cute! Love the idea of engraving them with your names 🙂

  16. Honeygirlk | 21st Jun 16

    I love the engraving and personalization. Those would make a great gift and I need a great pair of tweezers so I know I”d like these.

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