Makeup Wars goes traveling

A year ago the Makeup Wars bloggers took on Travel and we decided to do it again this year. Knowing what to pack and how much to pack is something that always drives us crazy. The men in our lives mostly throw a few things in a Dopp kit and don’t think twice. But women worry and fret over what we can or can not live without for however many days we are gone.

My needs haven’t changed much in the last year but there are a few things that I talked about back then that I’m totally grateful to have for travel and a few that I’ve added. Places like are wonderful to find travel size items and even Sephora has value sets and some travel size products. I love using my Sephora points for deluxe samples that I’ve wanted to try or love enough to take traveling.

My favorite makeup bag is the one I have from Hold Me. I don’t use it on an everyday basis because I’m the type that “saves” things. Instead this is going on a trip with me. They now make it in 3 sizes instead of just the ‘baby’ and full size. They added in Mama Bear too. These are sturdy, elegant, and hold an amazing amount of products and brushes. All my makeup is stored in my Hold Me bag now when I travel.

Hold Me bag brush section

Hold Me bag brush section

Hold Me center barely filled yet holding 6 palettes

Hold Me center barely filled yet holding 6 palettes

I collect skincare in travel sizes, most of which I’ve gotten through subscriptions like Glossybox and IPSY. I don’t always love the samples in these but I’m a subscription box junkie and I always find something I love in each box.

Balance Me Body Wash

Balance Me Body Wash

I also have bought a lot from Algenist during their site’s sales. If you subscribe to their website you’ll get offers from them for special sets or discounts. My best buy was when they had 40% off and free shipping. That’s when I really shopped and bought cleanser, mini eye creams, and moisturizers. I know that Algenist agrees with my skin so it’s a great travel choice.

Algenist SPF, cleanser, moisturizers and DHC soap

Algenist SPF, cleanser, moisturizers and DHC soap

I like to take some wipes with me and the Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Wipes are small and perfect for a short trip.

Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Vitamin C Wipes

Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Vitamin C Wipes

The hardest thing to pack is for my hair. What if it frizzes? What if it falls totally flat? What if a million things that can go wrong. I’m counting on two things seen in my collage – an Aquis hair towel, GoToob containers and John Frieda’s Hot Air brush.

I like to bring the shampoo and conditioner that I’m using at the time of my trip so containers like these cute GoToob’s are excellent. I fill them with whatever I’m using, use them on the trip and then finish up what’s left when I get home. Then they are ready for to be refilled. These happen to be very sturdy and so far I haven’t had spillage like I’ve had with less expensive plastic containers. These have a large opening so it’s easy for me to pour in my product.

Go Toob 3 oz

Go Toob 3 oz

My hair dries super slow. It retains water therefore a normal towel does nothing. I know not to rub my hair so I like to make a turban out of my Aquis hair towel and give it some drying time. There are other brands of this kind of towel but I’ve had mine for a dozen years and I take it on every trip and use it whenever I wash my hair.

Last on this long list is my John Frieda Hot Air Brush. I never used to be able to travel without a big heavy duty hair dryer, several brushes and my flat iron. The hotel dryers didn’t work on my hair. Now though I can travel with just the Aquis towel, a comb and this Hot Air Brush. The wimpy hotel dryers are enough to get the moisture out and I can finish with John Frieda. This has been one of my best buys.

If I wrote about what makeup I take we’d be here forever. But maybe I’ve given you some ideas on how to travel a little more lightly so you have room in your suitcase for all the things you want to buy! Bon Voyage.  — Marcia

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  1. I didn’t even mention my skincare stuff! AHHH! I totally would have had to make three graphics: makeup, skincare, and hair!

  2. Thats a good idea to bring the travel sized samples from those boxes!

  3. I need to get those towels!!

  4. I think I need a hot air brush!

  5. Hair towels are such a great idea. Never would have thought of that!

  6. @Brooke/Blushing Noir… I can’t be without my Aquis towel. It’s so stained but I don’t care. It goes traveling with me anyway.

  7. @Phyrra, I really think the John Frieda Hot Air Brush was one of my best buys. Both Prime Beauty and Blushing Noir reviewed it so I bought it and love it. I bought my sister one and she loves it as much as I do.

  8. @Kelly, I like the ones that don’t have the Waffle Weave the best. Those are on Amazon. But the waffle weave isn’t bad, I just prefer the flatter material.

  9. @Eugenia, I have so many travel size samples that it’s unreal. But I can toss them when I’m done!!

  10. @Laura, I didn’t mention makeup because it would have been the longest post in the world.

  11. Ah-ha! Another Hold Me bag. I featured one as well. I adore those bags! 🙂

  12. Hi Pammy, you and I have very similar taste. I love my Hold Me bag so much!

  13. Those Hold Me bags seem popular. They sure do look nice.

  14. I love my Aquis towel, it’s so old and stained I need a new one. Love the look of GoToob.