Hold Me! Could it be the perfect makeup bag?? Side by Side

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If you are anything like us at the BIZ, you probably have about 10 different makeup bags. They all have good points and bad points, but none of them is ‘perfect’. We all fantasize about the perfect makeup bag, the one you can have packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, the one you can store in a bathroom drawer easily, the one that looks classy and always fits exactly what you need. And how about one constructed from fabric that is easily cleaned and is crush-proof? Read on, friends, because Hold Me sent the BIZ two sizes of their makeup bags to be put to the test – are they, in fact, the PERFECT makeup bag??  Let’s see what Lisa and Marcia think.

Lisa’s Side: 


I tested the Hold Me Baby Bag ($55). No, it’s not a bag for babies – but it’s much smaller than the version Marcia has to tell you about.

Hold Me Baby Bag
Hold Me Baby Bag

This is a perfect bag for weekend travel or for those of you who don’t have an entire room dedicated to cosmetics (not mentioning any names….Marcia….ahem!).  I was amazed at how much I could fit into this baby…I packed makeup for a five-day trip and had room  left over.  The Baby Bag measures 7″H x 5″W x 2″D closed; and it extends to 16.5″ fully opened.

Hold Me Baby Bag open

The material is Knew Suede, which is easy to clean and crush-proof. All the Hold Me bags have the black exterior with contrasting stitching, but there are 12 different design options for the inside of the bag. Our bags have the Little DeDe pattern, Endochine kitten dolls on a  Tiffany blue background.  

the washable flap covers the brush storage area

The covered brush area has six different sleeves, and I could fit several brushes in one sleeve. The largest size brush it holds is 6″.  The cover keeps your brushes safe and in perfect shape.   

close up of the brush storage area

I really appreciate that the center compartment is zippered, plus it comes with a separate liner that you can take out to lay your cosmetics on while using them.

zippered side
the zippered compartment side
Isn’t the liner just too cute??

The colorful liners are made from laminated cotton print and they wipe down perfectly.

zippered open
zippered compartment open, the extra liner is on the bottom

The center section expands and holds quite a bit. When I went on my trip, I had two foundations, one concealer, a loose powder, two cream blushes, two powder blushes, three eyeliners, brow powder, and my small Z Palette.

love the pockets
love the pockets

The Baby Bag is perfect for so many things – you can fill it with your essentials and keep it in your vanity or bathroom drawer. It’s a perfect size for keeping at your desk at work for daytime touch-ups. It’s even small enough to fit into a medium size purse. And of course it’s fantastic for travel.  Do you need this bag?  YES.

Marcia’s Side:


Once upon a time there was a Makeup Wars about traveling. In that Makeup Wars Pammy Blogs Beauty showed us what she had to hold her cosmetics and personal items when she traveled. The swoons started and all the Makeup Warrior Women were entranced. Imagine my surprise when Hold Me offered to send these bags to Beauty Info Zone. While I like my Clinique PWP bag since it holds a lot, it isn’t something to be proud of plus I had to supplement it with lots of other items. Well, Hold Me has come to the rescue with the Original ($85) size of their bag.

Hold Me bag center
Hold Me bag center
Hold Me bag brush section
Hold Me bag brush section


The Hold Me Bags come in 2 sizes (original and baby) and lots of great patterns inside. It brings a smile just to open this bag. This particular size measures 10″H x 7″W x 2″D closed and extends to 22″ fully opened. It has room for 15 brushes (though you can get even more in if you have some super skinny ones). The big pocket area holds an amazing amount of cosmetics. My picture shows just a fraction of what I could take.

Hold Me center barely filled yet holding 6 palettes
Hold Me center barely filled yet holding 6 palettes
Hold Me bag brush section
Hold Me bag brush section

What makes this so versatile is that the bag is closed with a wrap around self tie which Hold Me patterned after a vintage schoolgirl’s book-bag. The center section (aka the heart of the bag) can be filled as much as you want. You tie it afterwards so you are in charge of the depth. There’s even a removable liner that you can use to separate items or to take out to lay products on when you reach your destination.

Hold Me bag tie
Hold Me bag tie

If we haven’t convinced you by now that these are the perfect makeup bags then let me add that the fabric “Knew Suede” is vegan, is easy to clean, holds its shape no matter how much you cram in there plus you can pick from those all of those great wipe-clean laminated cotton print interiors. These are bags that are going to last and last. Now do you see why we were drooling during Makeup Wars? And we didn’t even ruin Pammy’s bag with the drool!

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  1. Aubrey Bell | 13th May 13

    O. M. G! I NEED one of those bags! Too bad I can’t spend that kind of money on one. One day, maybe. 🙂

  2. Pam B. | 13th May 13

    I would love to have one of these bags! It would come in so handy for me to put my cosmetics and maybe even my Glucose kit so I don’t have to fight the black hole of the bottom of my purse! Great review!

  3. Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist | 13th May 13

    What a great find. I currently use a random collection of free-with-makeup-purchase bags from department store and there is no rhyme or reason. It may be time to upgrade to something like this.

  4. beautyin | 13th May 13

    Hi Elizabeth – Hold Me bags are such amazing quality. I’d love to have the smaller one too and probably will buy it before my next trip.

  5. beautyin | 13th May 13

    Thanks Pam B. It really is a great bag and a Glucose kit would fit in it well.

  6. beautyin | 13th May 13

    Hi Aubrey, I drooled over it when I saw it on another blog. The different patterns that they sell are so cute too.

  7. Kayla M | 15th May 13

    I think I might have to get myself one of these someday!

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