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It doesn’t matter where you are going, you are going to want some SAVVY TRAVELERS with you. It can be as simple as going on a hike, to yoga or the gym, or as complicated as going on an overseas journey. Savvy Travelers is going to make your life a whole lot easier and your travels much more convenient.

Savvy Travelers

I don’t even know where to begin with the great selection of products they have. So far I’ve used these when I moved since I knew it was going to take me forever to unpack and organize my life. (I’m still not unpacked or organized but I’m closer!) I packed a small duffle with what I needed for two days as far as clothing, medication, and life necessities. Savvy Traveler was in that duffle and helped me get over the bump. Next it’s going on a true vacation that we are in the midst of planning.

Most important, what is Savvy Traveler? It’s a company that produces individually wrapped products for your life. Whether it’s deodorant, skincare, feminine hygiene, or camera/phone cleansing you’ll find it at Savvy Traveler. The packets are thin and small enough to drop into your jeans pocket, your handbag, or any place you can tuck things in. They are perfect for airplane travel since they aren’t liquids and you can easily take them with you plus they are biodegradable.

Savvy Travelers Getaway Kit

The Getaway Kit is a wonderful way to start and what I’d have packed except that I’m giving two kits away! This contains 12 packets in a great reusable plastic bag: 2 each of Klean Upz, Lift Offz, Take Offz, Speak Eazy, No Sweat, and Bottomz Up.

Savvy Travelers Getaway Kit

In other words:

Klean Upz is an antibacterial hand & body wipe. These are great for every sticky situation especially.

Lift Offz for nail polish removal. This has enough remover to do your entire manicure with just one wipe.

Speak Eazy: a tooth, lip, & mouth cleansing wipe. How great to have after you wake up on a plane and have that awful taste in your mouth and worry about your breath!

Take Offz is an all in one facial wipe that not only removes your makeup but is great for oil and dirt. Stick one in your pocket when you are out walking!

No Sweat is a terrific antiperspirant & deodorant wipe. These have an invisible formula and help freshen you easily. Believe me, these work!

Bottomz Up is a “booty bidet wipe”. This cleanses and refreshes. I’m sure many single ladies will appreciate these as well as the rest of us.

Savvy Travelers Getaway Kit

Another kit to consider is the Jet Set Kit which contains 4 of each No Sweat, In The Klear (lens, camera and screen wipes), Take Offz, and Speak Eazy.

Savvy Travelers Jet Set Kit

Savvy Travelers Wipez Wallet

I love the Red Carpet Ready Kit. It’s a refillable wallet (Wipez Wallet Organizer) that contains 2 each of

  • Speak Eazy mouth cleansing and breath freshening wipes
  • Take Offz facial cleansing, moisturizing and makeup removing wipes
  • No Sweat antiperspirant and deodorant wipes
  • Klean Upz antibacterial hand and body wipes
  • In The Klear lens, screen and camera cleaning wipes
  • Bottomz Up booty bidet cleansing and moisturizing wipes

    Savvy Travelers Wipez Wallet with packets

You can even buy the wallet separately and fill it as you wish considering that Savvy Travelers sells a variety of 10 packs

Savvy Travelers even has a Wipeaholics monthly subscription that is customizable with 40 wipes each month for $20 a month. I’m planning on doing this for a few months in preparation for my 3 week winter trip. I want to be prepared. You can stop it when you want but the good part besides the great price is that I can pick what I want each time. I know I’m going with No Sweat, Kleen Upz, Speak Eazy, and Take Offz. Use and toss is the way for me to pack light and have room for my shopping habits!

Savvy Travelers Liquid Courage kit

Savvy Travelers has many other reasons to like them. You don’t need water with these since they don’t need to be washed off. It’s made in California using clean, renewable solar energy. They are cruelty free, FSC / Rainforest Alliance certified, EPA Green Power Partner approved, paraben free, and carry-on friendly & TSA compliant. — Marcia

Now for a giveaway! Savvy Travelers was nice enough to send three kits for Beauty Info Zone subscribers. I have 2 of the Getaway Kits and 1 Liquid Courage Kit (contains 2 each of Klean Upz, Bottoms Up, Klean Offz, and Lift Offz plus I’ll add 4 extras). This is open for US only and you must subscribe by email. If I can’t find your sub then bye bye Felicia!! The giveaway is open through 8/23/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

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You can also find assorted Savvy Travelers at Getaway Kit, No Sweat, Jet Set Kit and more.


  1. Nora Grahe | 14th Aug 17

    These are great and much needed! I would LOVE to Win the Take Offz! Thank YOU for the chance!

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  4. Lisa | 14th Aug 17

    The Take Offz and No Sweat would be beneficial for me.

  5. Tabitha | 14th Aug 17

    Take Offz facial cleansing, moisturizing and makeup removing wipes

  6. Paol Trenny | 14th Aug 17

    The “No Sweat” and the “Speak Eazy” are most useful for me.

  7. Bailey | 14th Aug 17

    These are such an ingenious creation, I love the little holder they have for them.

  8. Christy Peeples DuBois | 15th Aug 17

    I know I would use the Soeak Eazy and Klean Upz and would love having a few in hand at all times. I would use the others as well. I am so glad to learn about these.

  9. Christy Peeples DuBois | 15th Aug 17

    I commented on the following non giveaway post.

  10. Gia Welch | 15th Aug 17

    The speak easy definitely! So often I forget a toothbrush or it just isn’t handy.

  11. Deb E | 15th Aug 17

    I commented on Limited Edition Artis brush sets on HSN that you don’t want to miss.

  12. Jamie Williams | 15th Aug 17

    I’d love to win the Klean Offs

  13. amybelle2001 | 15th Aug 17

    I’d like the Klean Upz. Thanks!

  14. Polarbelle | 16th Aug 17

    I really think these are a brilliant idea. I think I’d like the tooth one the best

  15. Amber Hites | 16th Aug 17

    During the summer definitely the Klean Upz. Thanks for having this giveaway!!

  16. Shannon | 16th Aug 17

    The hand wipes would be helpful for me. I work with kids all day so I sanitize a lot.

  17. esther | 17th Aug 17

    the antibacterial wipes would be wonderful when i travel on a plane.

  18. Abigail | 17th Aug 17

    You can never have too many disinfectant wipes when you travel!

  19. PromiseeDayy | 17th Aug 17

    These are pretty neat! I would love to split these with my best friend if I won them ??

  20. jennifer bowen | 17th Aug 17

    well I say both or any one of them would be good for me I love trying new things

  21. Edye | 17th Aug 17

    I’ like Klean Offs!

  22. Katie Bellamy | 18th Aug 17

    The Klean Upz would come in handy for me!

  23. Nicole Andrea | 19th Aug 17

    I think the “Speak Easy” would be so nice because I fall asleep everywhere haha! And liquid lipstick is not easy to remove. Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. Teresa A Thompson | 20th Aug 17

    Klean upz would be my pick.

  25. Azeem | 21st Aug 17

    My wife like the The “No Sweat” ones

  26. Breanna Pollard | 21st Aug 17


  27. Lesley F | 21st Aug 17

    I could really use the Klean Upz

  28. Erika C. | 22nd Aug 17

    Most beneficial would be the Speak Eazy and the Take Offz wipes.

  29. Julie | 22nd Aug 17

    Jet Set!

  30. Kristen Joiner | 22nd Aug 17

    Honestly the nail polish remover wipe will be the best for me. I’m frequently in situations where I need to take my nail polish off to look professional.

  31. Iliana R | 23rd Aug 17

    I would love to try Take Offz the most!

  32. .Christine L | 23rd Aug 17

    Both Take Offz & No Sweat would be great. I would have to really try the others to decide how much I liked them.

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