Top Ten Tuesdays asks “What’s in my beach bag?”

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday and the topic of the week – What’s in my beach bag? I need to come clean instantly with this. I can not tell a lie…. I can’t remember the last time I was at the beach. I remember it was in Florida near Key Largo though and I remember the ants that invaded our hotel room. Maybe that’s why I’m not attracted to the beach. But my bag doesn’t have to go to the beach because it has a lake to go to. Close friends of ours have a house on a lake where we spend many summer weekend days or evenings. So my beach bag now becomes my lake bag. What’s in my lake bag? That’s better.

My lovely beach bag and shawl were gifts from Aveeno which was a wonderful surprise. Now I don’t have to scrounge around before we leave for the day. We go out on the boat for late night rides and the shawl is enough to keep the bugs off my arms and take away some of the chill.

top ten beach bag


Top Ten Tuesday beach bag items

Top Ten Tuesday beach bag items

1) and 2) Sunscreen – I actually have 5 sunscreens going but these two are in my beach bag: Aveeno Protect + Hydrate is what I’ve got for my body and Algenist is for my face.

Top Ten Aveeno Protect & Hydrate and Algenist SPF 50

Top Ten Aveeno Protect & Hydrate and Algenist SPF 50

3) Vault Lip Balm – this has SPF 15 and is a fun balm to use. Mine is lightly tinted which is perfect for me since I want the protection and just a little color. The packaging is so much fun.

Vault Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15

Vault Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15

4) La Fresh – I’ve got Oil-Free Face Cleansers and Instant Body Smoothers in there now. (review upcoming)

LA FRESH single packets

LA FRESH single packets

5) Emi-Jay hair ties – I bought these on sale at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, 5 for $5. Emi and Jay are two teens who created this business and they are partners in the Step Up Women’s Network which helps girls nationwide become confident, career-ready and college bound. I love that part of it. These ties are smaller than some I’ve used and really hold my hair.

Emi-Jay hair ties

Emi-Jay hair ties

6) thirty-one Thermal Makeup Bag – I love this. Even if I forget to put it in my fridge in the morning, it still keeps makeup from melting. It’s perfect for a beach day no matter what items you want to put in it. I usually have some eyeliner, concealer, lip color.

thirty-one Thermal Zipper Pouch

thirty-one Thermal Zipper Pouch

top ten beach bag

7) Travelon Fan – yes a fan. Only I can be bothered by hot flashes even at the beach or lake. I’m a walking hot flash and this fan that I bought on Amazon is my life saver. It has three speeds and can be used in different positions.

Travelon Fan

Travelon Fan

8) Reading material – I get a lot of magazines and sitting at a table in the shade is a perfect time to read them. If I know it’s going to be super quiet out there I’ll bring a book but it’s usually magazines.

top ten beach9) and 10) My RX sunglasses which are actually a pair of glasses that I used to wear as my regular glasses and when I got a new prescription I made these into sunglasses at the same time. Klean Kanteen insulated mug – my blog partner bought one and I copied her and bought one too. I love ultra cold ice water and the ice lasts in here all day long.

Do you have any of these in your beach bag? If not which would you want to steal borrow from me?

Now onto my fellow bloggers’ posts to see what I’m missing and what they are smart enough to bring with them. Click on their icons for some great reads. — Marcia


*several items were sent for review, disclosures are in the original post


  1. I need a kleen kanteen so bad. I bring water to work with me every day and it’s all warm by lunch time. Love your LAKE list. 🙂

  2. beautyin says:

    I bought mine on Amazon and then added the coffee type top even though I don’t drink coffee. I use this all the time. I love ice cold water only.

  3. I didn’t think about face cleansers! Of course this would be an awesome way to get all the sweat and dirt off.

  4. LOVE your beach bag! I need a fan too. I used to have one on a misting bottle, but it broke after being dropped into the sand too many times.

  5. A FAN! That is a brilliant idea!!!! And I love that bag Aveeno sent!

  6. beautyin says:

    @Brooke, Aveeno’s bag is perfect. I can really load it up. My fan goes many places, enough that I’m considering a back up! Hot flashes are no fun.

  7. beautyin says:

    @Teri, I have a misting bottle one but it’s not a strong force like this fan. I also have mini fans for my purse. I carry a fan 365 days a year… hot flashes don’t care what season it is.

  8. beautyin says:

    @Melody, I like being able to refresh my face so the LA Fresh is great. Plus in case of emergency they work for kids!

  9. I love my vault lip balm. It would indeed be a good beach bag item!

  10. beautyin says:

    Hi Carleen, the Vault is great for anything outdoors!

  11. love the fan idea! brilliant! xox

  12. The LA Fresh packettes are a great idea!

  13. That makeup bag is so cute!

  14. I love la fresh! They are so useful!

  15. beautyin says:

    @Phyrra – the Thirty-One thermal bag is great. It would be perfect for Florida.

  16. beautyin says:

    @Cindy, the LA Fresh packettes are great for a beach bag and my purse.

  17. beautyin says:

    @Christina, I appreciate you finally realizing how brilliant I am…. or how many hot flashes I get!

  18. A fan! Brilliant!

  19. beautyin says:

    @jbrobeck – a fan is a necessity in my life and this is a good one. I’ve broken so many that aren’t as sturdy. Amazon sends me emails about fans since I buy so many.

  20. I have a very old Avon thermal makeup bag. When I was in Florida, it was a must!

  21. @Kimberly, I never saw a thermal bag before and it’s amazing. I’m placing a thirty-one order soon and should buy my sister one of these.