Top Ten Tuesday – it’s Radiant Orchid time

Top Ten Tuesday is back and this time we’ll be all over the world of color since we’ve picked our favorite Radiant Orchid products. As you know by now, Sephora and Pantone announce a color of the year and for 2014 they’ve chosen Radiant Orchid. Bloggers have been going bananas with choices and it’s all over the place. You’ll find interpretations of this color from light to dark. The good thing though is that we can pick and choose. My Daily Look Beauty Set above shows 4 products that I love and own. I bought them all because they called my name as “orchid” shades I’d wear.
1. I LOVE NAIL POLISH IN MOLLY – ILNP doesn’t call this a Radiant Orchid but as I stared at it for 7 days, drooling over the gorgeousness of the shade, I felt it rang in on the edge of the orchid craze even though it’s darker. So we’ll call Molly my Winter Radiant Orchid.
2. MAYBELLINE MASTER GLAZE IN PETAL PINK – Shh, I know it’s called Petal Pink but this is orchid on my skin. It’s my $4 Radiant Orchid cream blush and I love it.
3. BUTTER LONDON NAIL LACQUER IN MOLLY CODDLED – This is probably the closest I’ll get to Radiant Orchid. butter LONDON calls this their take on the Sephora color of the year. I call it fabulous personally.
4. PAINTED EARTH LUXURY LIPSTICK IN ORCHID – This isn’t a typical Marcia color but it’s really pretty when I blot it down. I’m shocked that I’m comfortable in a darker shade like this. I think this is a versatile shade since you can wear it as a true orchid or you can tone it down and make it radiant.
The following 8 items are ones I admire a lot. They attracted me when I saw them on websites and some are even considerations for my personal collection.
1. Sephora’s Formula X Liquid Crystal polish in Wavelength– the picture in the collage shows Equinox which is gorgeous but for radiant Orchid it’s Wavelength all the way.

Formula X Wavelength

Formula X Wavelength

2. OCC Nail Lacquer in Electric Sheep – again, the picture above is Vapid but it’s really Electric Sheep that I think would be a great radiant orchid shade

OCC Electric Sheep

OCC Electric Sheep

3. Marc Jacobs Beauty Matte Lip Gel in Gossip – I’d never have the nerve to wear this hot fuschia but I sure can admire it.

4. Nars Never Say Never Lip Velvet Matte Lip Crayon – I love lip crayons and this lilac rose looks enticing.

5. Eddie Funkhouser Chromographic Lip Color in Modern Marvel – Eddie Funkhouser loves extreme looks and even though I don’t have the guts, I think this Metallic Grape Shade could be magnificient.

6. Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D2 – if you love a glittery lip then this is going to be the color that is going to make your season. D2 is a Shimmering Amethyst.

7. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Violet Addict – these gorgeous lips belong to Miranda of Slashed Beauty. When I saw her review I instantly emailed and begged her to let me use her picture. The color is a great example of radiant orchid and her lips are fabulous wearing this color (and any actually). Please visit her blog to see the product.

8. Dose of Color in Attitude – Phyrra and Makeup Geek have turned me on to the bright shades of Dose of Color. This brand is selling like hot cakes and Attitude is a perfect example of the reason why. Love Potion lipstick is another great radiant orchid example.

Well as you know I can’t count since my top 10 has 12 items. Which of these are products you’d love to own? Which Radiant Orchid items do you recommend to me?

Thanks for reading, now on to my fellow Top 10 Tuesday bloggers to see what we’ll be buying. — Marcia


  1. I love your list(s) I really need to check out this Dose of Color brand. I have been hearing a lot about it. I would recommend Illamasqua Nail Polish in Jo’’s a fun radiant orchid shade to tips or toes!

  2. Such beautiful shades… Sephora X has remained untried by me for far too long!

  3. I love love love Violet Addict!

  4. How have I not seen that NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil shade yet? That’s why doing these roundups are a good idea, lol!

  5. Great picks – loving that NARS Lip Crayon.

  6. Loving all the lip colors. I need to try Dose of Color.

  7. Cindy (Prime Beauty) I don’t wear bright lip colors but Dose of Color lips are so stunning that I want to try them too.

    Teri and Nancy – I’ve got to try that particular Nars crayon. Nars was the one that introduced me to lip crayons and I’ve loved them since.

  8. Phyrra, I’m totally not surprised that you like the brightest shade of all my picks.
    Brooke – the FormulaX are spotty. Some wear beautifully but not all. I’m wearing one now that’s still gorgeous after 5 days though.

  9. Pink Sith – you’d rock Dose of Color since you do bold better than I do. I think it’s time for me to cave to Jo’Mina. I’ve thought about it a lot.

  10. Great picks! I super love this kind of color and I have several products in this color. Among the products that you have shown here, I super love the painted earth lippie.

  11. Great choices; the Painted Earth lipstick is super-pretty.

  12. The Marc Jacobs Gossip lip gel is on my “to buy” list. 🙂

  13. I knew Molly Coddled would be on your list!

  14. beautyin says:

    jbrobeck – I love Butter London Molly Coddled. I”m so glad I bought it.