Top Ten Tuesday – favorite eyeliners

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday and this week’s choice of Eyeliners. I am addicted to eyeliners. I don’t consider my makeup done unless it includes eyeliner so this is one of my favorite weeks.

1. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes* – these are heaven sent in the summer especially since they last and last. Think of a color and Make Up For Ever has beat you to it with 27 shades.

2. Painted Earth Gel Eyeliner pencils* – I fell for these hard! I first had Noir and never wanted to stop using it but then Baroque came into my life and made me fall in love. These are a cross between an eyeliner and a gel liner so they glide on and last.

3. Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner* – these are new to me and make me smile. 13 shades of waterproof eyeliner with lovely glistening shimmer. These are vibrant, they don’t crack and they give me a subtle spark.

4. Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens – I bought my first Pixi Silky Eye Pen in Cafe Gold after one of our Makeup Wars posts about favorite golds. Well that let me to buy this kit of 5 Mini-sized Endless Silky Eye Pens in BlackNoir, DeepPlum, BlackCocoa, SageGold, OysterGlow + sharpener. And that will lead me to buy ….

5. Paula Dorf Transformer – I go way back with Paula Dorf. I remember being introduced to this trick product of hers that made powder eyeshadows last and last. No one ever talks about Paula Dorf anymore but they should. She has some winners that no one has beat, Transformer was the first and remains a favorite.

6. Physician’s Formula Gel Eyeliners – sadly I think this is no more. I wish I’d known so I could have stocked up. These are probably my favorite of all gel eyeliners and the price was so right. I still have most of the colors but my brown ones are gone.

7. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner – this could just as easily be MAC Fluidline since I think they are very close to each other. I have gone through a LOT of these two brands since they always have great colors and last well on me.

8. Cailyn Line Fix Gel Eyeliner – I discovered this when I was at the IMATS show in January and I feel sort of like Columbus. Since my first buy I’ve “bought” several more through some of my subscription boxes. Every time I open a box like Wantable and see Cailyn in my package I’m thrilled. Great colors though they do have to be reapplied late in the day.

9. Eddie Funkhouse Liquid Eyeliner* – I hate this and I love this. I honestly can’t get enough of this black liquid eyeliner. I pull it out constantly. So why do I hate it? I was sent it for review months ago and it’s still not available to purchase. It is driving me crazy. I’m done with my Eddie Funkhouser mascara that I am enamored with and I’m petrified I’m going to be done with this Liquid Eyeliner before it’s available. When it is available it will be at Rite Aid, most likely online first. It’s the best. Now where is it??

10. Tarte Inner Rim Brightener – technically it’s not an eyeliner but it goes on my waterline so it’s in place of a dark color therefore I had to include it. It’s the skinniest pencil and I’m always forgetting it or misplacing it, which is why I bought a second.

I think I’ve covered the gamut with liquid, pencil, gel pencil, gel and even a way to make powder into long lasting liner. I do love my liners!! Read all the other Top 10 Tuesdays lists to see if you spot a favorite or need to shop for a new favorite. I always end up making a list! — Marcia

*some items sent for review


  1. I didn’t know those Physician’s Formula gel liners were discontinued! I will have to keep an eye out and buy ANY I find!

  2. I am such a fan of using eyeshadow as a liner, especially along my lower lash line. I was trying to think of the MAC product that turns shadow into liner last night (the things we think of trying to go to sleep!), but now I want to try Transformer. Where can you buy Paula Dorf nowadays? I need it!

  3. I need to try the Painted Earth Gel eyeliner pencils! I LOVE the Tarina Tarantino pencils 🙂

  4. @Phyrra, Painted Earth is a cruelty free company so it’s right up your alley. The Tarina Tarantino add a touch of fun.

  5. Hi Teri, I know that still carries Paula Dorf and dermstore might carry it too. Trish McEvoy makes Finish Line which is good too. I don’t like the indie companies as much.

  6. I love the Physicians Formula gels – I just love that whole line, I swear. But I had no idea that they were discontinued! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. @Retrodiva, first I couldn’t find the PF in the drugstore but I thought it was just CVS. Then I couldn’t find it online. This is not fun. If I can find the gels I’m buying them all.

  8. Oooh I want to try the Tarina T liners. And just to torture you, Pixi has a new shade of their Endless Silky pen–EMERALD–I must have it!!!

  9. Oh Cindy, you did torture me!! I will find it somehow. I’m green obsessed.

  10. Awesome picks, Marcia! I definitely want to try the Painted Earth Gel Eyeliner in Black– I only have Baroque (which I LOVE). What a great post! <3

  11. Great post! I love all of your picks and want them all too!

  12. Thank you for your kind words Carol.

  13. I agree…Paula Dorf should be talked about more! Great products from that line! Love the Pixi Endless Silky, too!

  14. Hi Pammy, I think your blog was one of the first I learned about the Pixi pencils from. They are great.

  15. Thanks Lola. You’d love the Black Gel liner from Painted Earth. I thought of other liners I’d have put on if I did it again but Painted Earth would stay!

  16. This is an excellent list!! I need to get my hands on some Tarina Tarantino products!

  17. Hi Brooke, I think we have very similar taste!

  18. Cindy (myfuel) says:

    No Urban Decay? Lol!! After all, they have such a reputation for their infamous eyeliners. But they’re not the best I must admit. I will have to give MUFE another try, I don’t remember liking their e/l much, but it’s been years. I have super oily eyelids, so nothing really works great for me. So far my favorite is Kat Von D’s Autograph Pencils, and a new surprising discovery is Cover Girl’s Liquiline Blast eyeliner.


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