Top Ten Tuesday – Cream Cosmetics

I was so excited when our Top Ten group picked Cream Products. I could probably go on and on about cream products but I decided to stick with just cream blushes since I love them. When you are older you want to soften your makeup look and that’s what I find cream blushes do for me. They may not be the longest lasting products around but the colors thrill me, the finish softens me and they are easy to apply.
The above cream blushes are the ones that I am using the most. I have a few I’d have put in but I find they are discontinued so they’ll remain a secret. — Marcia
1. Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée – this is my newest obsession. I am totally in love with this. I bought it in Poppy Paradise and want to go back and buy it in Pink Escape too. This is more of a stain than the others. It feels amazing when applied since it’s cool and slightly damp.
2. Youngblood Luminous Crème Blush  – I’ve talked about this so many times that you are all sick of hearing about it. I couldn’t leave these off though since I adore Taffeta so much I bought a back-up!
3. Le Metier Fresh Creme Tints – I’ve bought every shade they make of this. It’s hard to pick a favorite but probably Mystonique with its very cool pink tone would be the one if I was forced.
4. Rouge Bunny Rouge Cheek Wands – I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed these. I love them and now they are easily available at Beautyhabit. My favorite is Vermeer for a cool shade but I use Goya often too.
5. FACE Stockholm RIO Crème blush – If you are seeing a pattern here it’s probably a lot of pink shade blushes. I wear all shades of blush but my favorites are in the pink family. This is a hidden treasure that everyone should know about. It’s gorgeous on – that out of the cold look.
6. Ilia Multi-Stick – Ilia is a brand that no one seems to talk about. It’s a cruelty free brand with some fabulous products. I bought the Multi-Stick in Tenderly which is a very light pink. Since it’s so light I often use this before a powder blush.
7. Tarte Cream Blush – I just have 2 from tarte but I’m hoping that they’ll come out with more. I got Achiote Cream Blush in a Glossybox and I have Amused from a QVC special. Neither of those are for sale individually though but they have other shades.
8. Illamasqua Crème Blusher – Illamasqua makes the most incredibly pigmented items. The first time I used an Illamasqua blush I looked a little clownlike but I’ve learned to use a light hand and now I love my blush in Promise.
9. Linda Mason Crème Blush – It’s rare that anyone knows about Linda Mason unless they live in NYC. She’s a very famous makeup artist whose written books, has her own cosmetic line and studio. The creme blush in Gin is teeny weeny – a little square of gorgeousness. The color is similar to FACE Stockholm’s Rio but it’s a little less luminous. I adore this blush.
10. Ellis Faas Cream Blush – These are delightful yet no one ever talks about them. I have the old brush which was a little tricky but Lisa reviewed them with the newer brush and she says not to miss them. My favorites are S301 and S302 since they are the lightest.
Now that you’ve seen my list, are there any on here that you have tried and loved? Any you want to try?? I’d love to hear before you go on to my friend’s lists. – Marcia


  1. LMdB is the first creme cheek color that I loved, I’ve been an addict ever since! I’ve also been wanting to check out the Illamasqua! Great picks!

  2. I want to try the Josie Maran Coconut Gelee, that sounds divine!

  3. beautyin says:

    @Cindy – I love the Josie Maran. LOVE it. I want another for sure.

  4. beautyin says:

    Thanks @Brooke. I have all the LMdB and bought them the minute they came out – as any self-respecting cream blusher lover would do!

  5. What a great selection of blushes!!! I really do need to check out the RBR blush, but considering how little I wear cream blush I shouldn’t indulge. But that never stopped me before!

  6. Great choices. Lusting for LMDB.

  7. beautyin says:

    @Pink Sith – I love my little tubes of RBR color. I have 4 but really only wear Vermeer and sometimes Goya. They don’t last as long as some others though.

  8. beautyin says:

    Thanks @Teri, LMdB gets me all the time. I walked away from a new palette at Neiman yet I think about it all the time.

  9. Spectacular choices, Marcia! I am drooling over my keyboard!

  10. Oh, I just love Ellis Faas lipsticks, so I definitely need to try the blushes.

  11. I STILL haven’t tried Rouge Bunny Rouge – but I keep hearing great things! Mostly from YOU! 😀

  12. beautyin says:

    Jen Mathews – I can’t believe you haven’t tried RBR. I wrote a guest review for you a long time ago about the brand so you should have known then that it’s wonderful.

  13. beautyin says:

    @Retrodiva, they improved the brush on the Ellis Faas blush. I have the old style brush but I saw the new ones and they make application easier.

  14. The Rouge bunny rouge wands sound nice!

  15. OMG this list say “I need shopping therapy now ” 🙂

  16. Marcia, love your choices! I have the Josie Maran coconut stain blushes on my to try list the next time I go to Sephora. They look really unique! 🙂

  17. beautyin says:

    Thanks @Amber. I can’t stop wearing the Josie Maran. It’s beautiful on and I love applying it.

  18. beautyin says:

    @happygoluckygal – you are so sweet. I love cream blush so this was fun to do.

  19. beautyin says:

    @Phyrra – when I wrote them they said they were cruelty free.

  20. I want to try this Ilia that no on talks about because I have not heard of it before!

  21. I also love Linda Mason and Ellis Faas.

  22. beautyin says:

    @Eugenia – Ilia is a cruelty free brand with gorgeous cosmetics. I’ve got a few items from them.

  23. beautyin says:

    @Ammie, if it weren’t for you I’d never have known about Linda Mason and you know I love it.

  24. I’d love to know how these blushes look at those of us who haven’t had “perfect” complexions in our younger days. I’m really a powder blush person because I feel it doesn’t settle in the pores. Any help, anyone???

  25. beautyin says:

    Hi Margie,
    I have large pores so I look for ones that don’t settle in them. I own a lot more cream blushes that weren’t included. I don’t use a lot of blush and I use my fingers. I’m also very careful to exfoliate in the morning or evenings to be sure my pores are clean to start with. I know not everyone likes cream blush but I feel more youthful in it.


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