Getting warm and cozy with Hyleys Tea

Hyleys Tea

I am sitting here with a screaming sore throat and a horrible cold. Even though I feel so awful, I am also feeling totally comforted as I sip some delicious Hyleys Tea. I love my coffee, but tea makes me feel pampered. Hyleys Slim Teas and Sleep Teas  $5.99 for 1-pack of 25 foil envelope tea bags) don’t just soothe my poor throat and make me feel special…they also make me happy because I know they are good for me!

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Hyleys Tea and a beautiful tea set

Hyleys Tea and a beautiful tea set

Before I tell you more about these delicious teas that help keep you skinny, isn’t this tea set stunning??  It was a gift from friends of mine from China. They brought it to me from their home town of Qingdao. I don’t know what the writing says, but I’d love it if one of our Chinese speaking readers posted the translation for us! Marcia and I often meet at our favorite Chinese restaurant for dim sum (Shangri-La in West Bloomfield) and we talk makeup, eat yummy dumplings, and drink tea. Tea is special – it really brings people together.

Hyleys Tea

Hyleys Slim Tea and Sleep Tea

Drinking tea (particularly from my gorgeous tea set) is great year round, but it feels especially right at holiday time. I always have a pot of tea while I’m decorating my Christmas tree, and it’s my first thought when I wake up with a winter flu bug. If you are also watching your weight or have a big New Year’s resolution approaching, you will want to stock up on Hyleys Slim Teas.

Hyleys Tea is perfect for the holidays...and for New Year's resolutions!

Hyleys Tea is perfect for the holidays…and for New Year’s resolutions!

Hyleys Tea

Hyleys Slim Teas are 100% natural green teas made with Senna leaves and fruit flavorings that promote body cleansing, detoxification, and a healthy digestive system. These teas are very pleasant and mild, and are an excellent compliment to your healthy lifestyle. There are five different flavors available:  Acai Berry, Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate, and Raspberry. I am a big fan of the Five-Flavor Assortment which suits every mood.

At night, I just love the Mint or Chamomile Sleep Tea. They are simply perfect for relaxing while reading a book or magazine before bed.  Hyleys Teas are just what you want to have on hand when company comes to visit, and a box is always a welcome gift.

See for their entire collection of 100% herb- and fruit-infused wellness teas, along with Wooden Gift Boxes and Gift Tins perfect for holiday gifting.  – Lisa

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  1. brenda disimone says

    I went to the site, they have great packaging prices and i love their tea !

  2. That is a beautiful tea set! I’ll have to try their products sometime