Vitabrid C12 Dual Mask: Age-Defying & Firming


Dual Mask: Age-Defying & Firming

I had taken a break from sheet masks for a while but last month I realized I was missing them. The first one I decided to use is the Vitabrid C¹²® Dual Mask and I’m so glad I did. Even though there was a Canyon Ranch Spa on the cruise ship that I was recently on, I decided to make my own spa time and Vitabrid C¹²® Dual Mask was happy to come along in my vanity case.

One of the great things about a sheet mask is that they can go with you anywhere. They take up a minimal amount of room and when you are done that’s one less item to shlep back home.

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I’m so glad that I brought this mask since the climate changes that I was involved in took a little havoc on my skin. I started in wintery Michigan, flew to Rio where the climate was hot and steamy, ended up in Spain where the weather was almost fall like. My skin welcomed the pampering I received when using Vitabrid C¹²® Dual Mask.

Vitabrid C12 Dual Mask

You all know what a sheet mask looks like and how to use it and this one is no different. But what makes the Vitabrid C¹²® mask unique is the special proprietary complex of Vitabrid CG, a way to encapsulate and stabilize Vitamin C in its active form. Since Vitamin C is an instable substance it breaks down and loses potency when exposed to air, water, and changes in temperature. Being confined to a mask and using it just one time makes the ingredients more potent.

I’m already a huge fan of Vitabrid C¹²® loving their FACE Brightening Powder (my hero product of 2017) so having the opportunity to try this mask was exciting for me. Vitabrid C¹²® is K-beauty at its finest. The mask is loaded with the serum, I mean loaded. It’s so juicy yet it doesn’t slide off my face.

Vitabrid C12 Mask

The Vitabrid C¹²® Dual Mask purports to firm and age-defy. As someone who’s noticed skin sagging as I’ve aged it was indeed promising to me. It contains Vitabrid® and Peptibrid™ to deliver active vitamin C and peptides for softer, smoother skin. So how did it work?

Ingredient list of Vitabrid C12 Dual Mask

Pretty great as a matter of fact. Not only did I take one on my trip but I had one more at home and used it upon my return so that I could get some of its brightening and antioxidant effects back that the airplane sucked out of my face. After removing the mask from the packaging and smoothing it out on your face, give yourself 10 to 20 minutes to enjoy it. You can lay down or move around, it doesn’t slide off my face at all.

a scary picture with the Dual Mask

When you are finished just remove the mask and massage the serum onto your face with your fingertips. Don’t wash it off. You want the terrific serum to continue adding the feel of collagen, vitamin C, and moisture to your complexion. Products apply easily over it and your face will feel softer for days.

Vitabrid C¹² harnesses the power of vitamin C in its collection of beauty treatments. Through proprietary biotechnology, vitamin C is mixed with stabilizing zinc, a combination designed to capture the nutrient’s potency and allow it to penetrate the skin and scalp over the course of 12 hours.

The Vitabrid C¹² Dual Mask is a Barney’s exclusive. One mask is $8 or take advantage of the set of 5 for $35 (free shipping). This is a mask that you’ll want to use often.  I’m certainly ready for more Vitabrid goodness–  Marcia



Got spots? Check out Vitabrid C12 Spot Powder and Spot Essence!

Spots. Zits. Blemishes. Acne. Whatever you call them, they aren’t pleasant. What if I told you that you can have completely clear skin in two weeks? It’s true…and I tested this on my very hormonal teenager. The Vitabrid C12 SPOT Powder mixed with the SPOT Essence is a major knock out punch to any spots you aren’t happy to have on your skin.
 Vitabrid C¹² SPOT Powder ($25) is an acne treatment powder sold only at Barney’s. Vitamin C is an incredible ingredient, but it is notoriously difficult because it’s tough to keep stable. By putting it in a powder form, Vitabrid came up with a genius way of stabilizing the Vitamin C, keeping the efficacy intact. The Vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant and an antibacterial, getting rid of acne quickly and reducing red areas.  So it not only helps decongest pores, it also helps skin recover and assists pigmentation so the area returns to normal.
 The powder needs to be mixed with a liquid for application and the perfect vehicle is the Spot Essence ($32). This is a light fluid that helps control oil production and mixed with the Spot Powder it becomes an amazing acne treatment.
  • The amount of essence used depends on the size of the area and of course the amount of powder depends on this as well.
  • For an idea, a dime sized amount of the SPOT powder should be used if you need to treat the entire face when mixed with enough of the Essence.
  • For a true spot treatment, shake a few times into the Essence, mix and dab it on the troubled area. You do not need to rub it in too much.
 The mixture of Spot Powder and Spot Essence works on the skin for 12 straight hours, specifically breaking down keratin plugs (that hardened sebum that clogs pores) and doing the job of antibiotics without the side effects. This dramatically reduces the possibility of scarring from acne. I have a teenager and she loves this stuff – it’s saved her skin which was becoming a disaster, especially around her hair-line.
  • Safely solves acne problems with no side effects
  • Stabilized active Vitamin C powder delivered deep into the skin for 12 continuous hours
  • Eliminates acne bacteria and inflammation
  • Cleanses keratin plugs
  • Aids in pigmentation and damaged skin recovery

I am really impressed with this acne spot treatment – the The Vitabrid C12 SPOT Powder mixed with the SPOT Essence is most definitely the one-two punch you need to knock any spot off your skin! – Lisa


Learn what Vitabrid C¹² can do for your hair

I don’t know about you but the expression “having a bad hair day” is all too real and too scary for me. I’m one of those people who really care about how my hair looks and feels. I’m not saying I go around with perfect hair since that’s not possible but I am saying that taking good care of my hair is essential to my mood. I hope I’m not too shallow saying that!

Vitabrid C12 Hair Tonic and Scalp Shampoo

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When Vitabrid came into my life I assumed it was like the other haircare products that I’ve used but it’s different in a wonderful way. Vitabrid C¹² Hair Tonic Set is what I wish had been in my life when I was going through two different illnesses that caused massive hair loss for me. Now though I know it will be available to me if something strikes again.

Vitabrid C¹² Hair Tonic Set

Vitabrid C¹² Hair Tonic Set is a professional product now available at Barney’s that you can easily do yourself. Its goal is to promote a healthy scalp and healthy hair. The box contains a 3.7 fl oz bottle of Scalp Relief Tonic, a 0.03 oz vial of Scalp Relief Powder, and spray nozzles. To begin pour the entire contents of the Scalp Relief Powder into the Scalp Relief Tonic bottle. Install the spray nozzle, shut tightly and shake to mix the products well. Spray it onto your scalp and massage it in. You’ll love the luxury of massaging your scalp. If you have a hair tool that is gentle you can use that for the massage. Then just comb or brush through your hair.

Vitabrid C¹² Hair Tonic Set

Why use this Hair Tonic Set? Well it helps to prevent further hair loss and promotes thicker hair. It suppresses aging of the scalp. Just think of your grandparents and what their scalp looked like. The products supply both moisture and nutrients to your hair while making your scalp feel clean and healthy. The Hair Tonic is a leave-in product. You don’t use it in the shower, you use it on dry hair and don’t wash it out. My method was to apply it in the early evening and let it work its magic and then in the morning wash my hair as usual. It doesn’t make hair feel greasy or weighed down.

Vitabrid C¹² Hair Tonic Vitamin powder

The POWDER ingredients are zinc oxide, ascorbic acid, glyceryl monostearate and the TONIC ingredients are dexpanthenol, L-menthol, salicylic acid, biotin.

Vitabrid C¹² Hair Tonic


Vitabrid C¹² was created by chemistry professor Jin Ho Choi in South Korea. Vitabrid C¹² harnesses the power of vitamin C in its collection of beauty treatments. Through Choi’s proprietary biotechnology, vitamin C is mixed with stabilizing zinc, a combination designed to capture the nutrient’s potency and allow it to penetrate the skin and hair over the course of 12 hours. The groundbreaking compound can be found in the line’s shampoo, skin brightener, acne fighter, and more.

Vitabrid C¹² Hair Tonic Set

Your hair isn’t going to grow overnight, it goes through a cycle just like your eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails so it takes time to see a difference. When I started using an eyelash growth product and an eyebrow growth one I didn’t see a difference for 6 weeks but once it started I was glad I stuck with it. I feel the same about Vitabrid C¹², time is its friend and my hair’s friend. I now need to convince my husband that this is a product for him since he’s always complaining about his male pattern baldness and its progression.

Vitabrid Vitamin C¹² Scalp Shampoo

Vitabrid Vitamin C¹² Scalp Shampoo is another product that needs to grace your Shower. Vitabrid C¹²’s shampoo is packed with safe and effective ingredients to improve scalp and hair health. The formula effectively strengthens hair while hydrating and soothing the scalp.

The Vitabrid Vitamin C¹² Scalp Shampoo gives my hair more volume. It isn’t fragrance free but there’s almost no fragrance to it. It just leaves my hair smelling fresh. It’s unlike other shampoos because of the Vitamin C in it. It doesn’t just remove the sebum and dirt, instead it fully cleanses the hair while promoting scalp nutrition moisture balance at the same time. Vitamin C helps with blood flow in their formula.

Vitabrid Vitamin C¹² Scalp Shampoo

Another thing to take note of is that this contains zinc oxide so it’s UV protection for hair too. It’s protecting your scalp and for those of us who color treat our hair it helps keep the sun from fading it. These 7 natural ingredients are in their formula and supply moisture, calms scalp, increases hair luster, forms protective scalp barrier
Panax Ginseng Root Extract Increases skin’s energy and immunity
Morus Alba Bark Extract Prevents oxidative skin damage, mitigating sensitive skin
Algae Extract Maintains moisture and elasticity of the skin leaving skin soft & flexible
Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract Blocks harmful substances that cause itchiness soothing the skin
Iris Extract Scalp dandruff & itchiness control along with strengthened hair with luster
Cnidium Officinale Root Extract Restores & improves scalp condition
Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract Removes skin wastes & exfoliants, decreasing pore size and supplying nutrition
While Vitabrid Vitamin C¹² Scalp Shampoo can be used by anyone it’s especially effective for people with hair loss problems.
With these products your hair can look good while your scalp is at work activating hair follicle stem cells. While you may not need the Hair Tonic Set in your life right now I bet you know someone who could benefit greatly from this. You’d be doing yourself a favor too to add the Scalp Shampoo into your haircare regimen now that you know the benefits. There are a lot of Vitabrid C12 products that all sound as wonderful as this that I hope to try too.  Good scalp health to you readers. —  Marcia