Top Ten Tuesday – what’s in my shower

Top Ten Tuesday has decided to reveal what’s in our shower (or bathtub) this week. While I’m picking 10 items that are in my shower you need to know that this is at THIS moment. Shower items change all the time. The products in there actually get used up which is a rarity in my life. I’d probably have a lot more in the shower if it weren’t for my DH who hates moving things around and limits me. All of the items listed are Top 10 material.  — Marcia

Top 10 Shower

1. Brocato Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo* – a review is coming so watch for it since this is a wonderful product.

2. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo*
3. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Conditioner* – these two are new for me and I’ve just been testing them a short time but the purpose of these is to cut down the time to blow dry. What you need to know is that this works! These two products definitely cut time and leave my hair looking good. A review will follow on these too.

4. DermOrganic Intense Hair Masque* – I only have to use a mask twice a month and this one is terrific. It does a great job on moisturizing my hair.

5. Venus Divine Razor
6. Razorpouch* – I recently reviewed this handy holder. It’s great for travel and for keeping the clutter down in my shower.

7. Shave with Benefits – I’m a broken record with this product since it’s my #1 preference for shaving.

8. Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, Unscented – my ob/gyn recommended unscented Dove to me 25 years ago and I’ve used it ever since. No more gyn infections!

9. Algenist Multi-Perfecting Detoxifying Exfoliator* – that’s a mouthful but it’s worth the mouthful. This is part of Algenist’s Pore Minimizing Line and this facial exfoliator is great to help minimize pores.

10. SpaSonic* – since this is waterproof it’s a good tool to keep in the shower. It’s gentler than an ultrasonic machine which I like early in the morning. It’s good for me to get all of my Algenist Exfoliator off plus I can use it on my feet and body.

So there’s the 10. Most of these are items I love using all the time, hair products get changed more often than the rest and I’m in the market for a new shower wash so I can’t wait to read what my blogger buddies are going to teach me. Please click on these bloggers icons so you can learn what other items are loved.

*starred items are samples