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MyChelle Sun Protection

MyChelle Dermaceuticals needs to be on your sun protection radar. They’ve created three new products that cover all the occasions you’ll need sun protection and they’ve done it so that the products are not only safe for you but also reef safe. If you’ve been following the news lately you know that the coral reefs are dying and that they need to be protected. We can do our part in many ways but one in particular is using sun protection that is Reef Safe. As a cruelty-free company this goal is important to MyChelle.

MyChelle has always been concerned with protecting us from the evils of the sun and with their three newest products they’ve extended their current line to include formulas that combine anti-aging benefits with UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum protection. I’m in and so will you be once you learn about them.

MyChelle Sun Shield Stick, Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion, Sun Shield Liquid

All of their newest products contain SPF50 Broad Spectrum protection and ingredients that are excellent for your skin. Not only do we want to protect from the sun’s rays but we also want to keep our skin in as good shape as possible.

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Let me start with MyChelle Sun Shield Tinted Stick SPF50 since I’m loving this! When I see that something is tinted I figure that it’s not going to be good for my fair skin but oh how wrong that statement is with the Sun Shield Tinted Stick. It has just a touch of tint that adds a little bit of color to your natural skin tone. While it’s light enough to blend in well for me, it’s going to also blend in well for other skintones without leaving behind an ashy look.

MyChelle Sun Shield Tinted Stick SPF50

Look at the key ingredients to see why I highly recommend this $12 SPF.

Key Ingredients:

  • Zinc Oxide: provides a safe alternative to harsh chemical sunscreens
  • Avocado, Jojoba and Vitamin E Oils: help moisturize and protect
  • Cocoa Seed Butter: soothes skin and supports elasticity
  • MyChelle Sun Shield Tinted Stick SPF50

    MyChelle Sun Shield Tinted Stick SPF50 blended on my hand

    Vegetarian; reef safe; biodegradable; made without GMO, gluten, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, urea’s, artificial fragrances and artificial colors

MyChelle Sun Shield Tinted Stick SPF50 looks completely natural on me and I don’t find I need a separate moisturizer on the days I use this. The small size makes it easy to keep with for touch-ups.

Sun Shield Non-Tinted Liquid SPF50 is a gem that I’m so happy to have found. It has a very silky formula and acts as a moisturizer for me. While MyChelle also sells this in Nude and Tan it’s the Non-Tinted that’s new and perfect for all of us. It has a matte finish and is easy to use as a primer.

MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid Non-Tinted SPF 50

Sun Shield Liquid Non-Tinted SPF 50 ($22.50) contains bentonite clay making this a 100% mineral sunscreen. The sunscreen helps absorb excess oil and impurities from pores. The great thing is that not only is it lightweight but it wears well under foundation so there’s no excuse for not having SPF50 on your face at all times.

Sun Shield Liquid Non-Tinted SPF 50

MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion SPF 50 brings me tears – of joy actually. But I hadn’t received this before my cruise and the body sunscreen that we brought with us on the trip totally let us down. Both my husband and I would have been so much happier with this one from MyChelle. It’s thick at first but it spreads so easily that it’s wonderful.

MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion SPF 50

While I use sunscreen daily my body isn’t exposed much so it’s mostly my neck, shoulders, hands, and arms that need protection. The Solar Defense Body Lotion is just that, a lotion. It makes me feel like I’m not only keeping away the sun’s harsh rays but moisturizing at the same time.

MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion SPF 50

MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion SPF 50

MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion SPF 50 ($29.50) is a mineral based sun protector containing 100% Zinc Oxide. There’s no white cast left behind when I massage it onto my skin. It’s going to be my choice for my cottage bag this summer and I’ll even share with my husband (especially for that bald spot on the top of his head – don’t tell anyone I said that). It can also be used on your face so it’s a great all around product.

There are better and safer ways to get a tan than the sun and in my opinion you should be protecting your skin against the sun. Why not choose products that are also good for the environment at the same time? That’s where MyChelle Dermaceuticals comes in especially with their three newest reef safe products. Feel good about your skin year round with MyChelle.  —  Marcia

MyChelle products are sold at Dermstore where they currently have a gwp of MyChelle Dermaceuticals Remarkable Retinal Serum ($25 Value) with any $50 MyChelle Dermaceuticals purchase. They are also available at MyChelle’s website and other fine retailers.

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Emme Diane Tinted Mineral Sunscreen for great SPF protection

As you are reading this I’m on a journey that will take me outdoors a lot more than my regular life. I’ve got one full size product packed, the rest are travel sized (other than a few makeup items not made smaller). That item is the Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen with SPF40.

As you can see by the little Emme Diane skin tip picture I know that I need sunscreen all the time.

We associate UV light and radiation with the sun and outdoor light.  It’s why we use sunscreen and SPF when we are in direct sunlight – to protect our skin from those pesky UV light rays.

But did you know that UV light is actually found indoors also?

Fluorescent and halogen bulbs emit low levels of ultraviolet UVA light (the rays that damage and age skin).  Although they are not as strong as the sun, the daily cumulative exposure adds up.

Our tip: Protect yourself daily, whether inside or outside.

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40


Emme Diane L.E., is a licensed esthetician on a mission to solve the seemingly un-solvable skin issues, from acne to aging and everything in between. Her line is cruelty-free and a favorite among customers with problem skin. She has pictures showing before and after on her website that will convince you that you need her products.

When I first started using Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen with SPF40 I had some hesitations but the more I’ve been wearing it the more I like it. My hesitation was not because of the product, it was from the tint of the sunscreen. It’s much darker than my skintone so I was sure that I’d look odd.

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40

The truth of the matter though is that the sheer tint of this blends well with my skin giving me a natural look and just enough color that I don’t look ghostly. It gives me a healthy look while at the same time protecting me with physical sunscreen (Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide) and Broad Spectrum SPF 40. Considering that I’ll be on walking tours I’m very glad that this is water and sweat resistant up to 80 minutes.

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40

The finish is matte yet it’s silky. I apply it with my fingers all over my face and go about my business for the day. When I was recovering from a recent illness and had no desire to put on any cosmetics at all I still used this Emme Diane Tinted Sunscreen so I wouldn’t scare anyone away.

Emme Diane has two other sunscreens to consider as well. Illuminating Tinted Sunscreen with SPF58 and NonTinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 are other choices to consider. Emme Diane is known for being a receptive skincare company that’s willing to consult with you. There’s no guessing games since you can get personal recommendations from them. I had sent them pictures of my skin for a skincare item that I’ll be sharing with you later. This consultation is for every customer, not just a beauty blogger, so take advantage of it and find out the recommendations for your skin type and concerns too.  —  Marcia


Wear your SPF no matter what! 

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Sunday brings us summer helpers from AllGlamR, Cargo and Avon


This week’s Side by Side review is a little different from other weeks. We have 3 brands that we are using this summer and want you to know about. AllGlamR is the one we have in common and then both of us go off on different tangents to share something we’re eager to let you know about. So off to the triple roller coaster ride of Side by Side.

AllGlamR Tinted Sunscreen

AllGlamR Tinted Sunscreen

AllGlamR was created by  skin care pro Gina Caruso who has headed aesthetics in top medical practices, created a skin care division for a hair industry icon (Maurice Tidy) and has owned her own med/day spas. Well now she’s created her own line and just in time for summer you can purchased her tinted moisturizer. We received the two shades that it’s available in – Light and Medium.

Marcia uses Light which is recommended for light to medium tones and Lisa uses Medium, recommended for medium to dark tones.

Things we really appreciate about AllGlamR:  The tinted moisturizer is Paraben-free and cruelty free. AllGlamR does not test on animals. In addition it’s a product made in the USA. It contains SPF 30 that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

AllGlamR Tinted Sunscreen in Light

AllGlamR Tinted Sunscreen in Light

Marcia’s experience: While I appreciate all the good things about AllGlamR including the fact that this has a radiant glow that’s just right for summer, I can’t seem to get past the fragrance of it. It takes about 30 minutes for it to dissipate enough for me to go on with my day. It’s not a bad fragrance, it’s a nice floral, but I’m not a fragrance kind of person.

Light is very light, I use two layers of this to achieve any color at all. The first layer gives me coverage while the second gives me enough of a tint to camouflage some of my darker spots. If fragrance is a non-issue for you then I’d recommend AllGlamR for some great sunscreen coverage.

AllGlamR Tinted Sunscreen in Medium

AllGlamR Tinted Sunscreen in Medium

AllGlamR Tinted Sunscreen in Medium

Lisa’s experience:  Luckily, I am not as sensitive to fragrance as Marcia is, so the scent doesn’t bother my nose at all. I hardly notice even notice it. I use Medium, which evens out my skin tone and gives me a very nice radiant glow. It doesn’t quite cover dark areas, but it does blend everything together, making this a terrific option for sunscreen on days I don’t want to go with foundation. I am a big fan and find myself reaching for this quite often this summer.

Marcia is loving CARGO SWIMMABLES

Cargo Cosmetics has come out with a summer line that you’ll want to use all year long. The name Swimmables tells it all. These are long-lasting cosmetics that are water-resistant and will help beautify you throughout the hot and muggy days ahead. You know they last through September so you’ve got plenty of time to get your use out of these. Try their bronzer, blush, eyeliners, eyeshadow crayons or follow my lead and try Cargo Swimmables Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick.

I’ve got two of the six available shades and these are stunners. Ulta only carries them online which is too bad since I’d love to be able to see all of the shades.

Cargo Swimmables Cape Town

Cape Town is my obvious favorite. It’s described as a dusty pink matte. I find that there’s a touch of lavender in it. It’s not pink pink and it’s not a nude. Instead it’s an amalgamation of my favorite shades. It’s darker than I normally wear but it’s not too dark for me to be uncomfortable. While I normally don’t wear matte lipsticks this is surprisingly comfortable. Cape Town may be in South Africa I don’t feel like my lips are in the Sahara. Exfoliate well before using. I like to wipe off excess from the tip and carefully line with the wand, then lightly fill in my lips.

Cargo Swimmables Sorrento

Cargo Swimmables swatches:  Sorrento and Cape Town

Sorrento is named for the Italian seaside city and is described as a fuchsia matte. There’s a lot of red goodness to this beauty. It’s a shade you can picture Sophia Loren wearing with pride. Well you can too if you love these darker stunners. Swimmables Longwear Matte Liquid Lipsticks have a suede finish. They last well on me as long as I don’t eat something oily but I’ve yet to have a lipstick last through that.

Definitely add Cargo Swimmables to your list to make summer and fall a happier experience.


I wrote about these products a month or so ago and they have been saving my family all summer long. It’s no wonder that with 30 SPF, plus protection from mosquitoes and ticks (we are having a crazy huge tick problem around here this summer), protection from the Zika virus and all other sorts of bugs, no one walks out the door without slathering this on.

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus SPF 30 in Gentle Breeze and Disappearing Color

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus SPF 30 in Gentle Breeze and Disappearing Color

The SKIN SO SOFT BUG GUARD PLUS IR3535® Gentle Breeze SPF 30 Lotion ($14) is the white one, and it has a light floral fragrance. The kids go bananas for the SKIN SO SOFT BUG GUARD PLUS IR3535® SPF 30 Cool ‘n Fabulous Disappearing Color Lotion ($14), which is blue – how fun is that?? – so you can see where it’s been applied. It dries clear and disappears into skin, but it’s a real kick while it’s still blue.

Our side by side rollercoaster trio of products keeps our faces protected while giving them radiance, makes our lips bright and beautiful, and keeps our bodies safe from UVA/UVB rays and all kinds of bugs.  We say thanks to AllGlamR, Cargo, and Avon every day for these terrific summer helpers!

Osmotics: When SPF met skincare

Osmotics Age Prevention

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Osmotics Cosmeceuticals is a brand you’ve likely heard about since it’s sold in prestigious departments stores and has many products that are on the lips of people looking for results and not hype. Two of their products that are absolutely perfect for summer are their Age Prevention SPF products. With two products that make up their sun protection line they’ve cut to the chase, only creating what they consider to be the best of the best.

Osmotics Age Prevention: Protection Extreme SPF 45 and Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45

Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 45 ($45) is the daily sun protection that you need. Not only does it have Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB but it’s a sheer formula that is oil-free. It’s lightweight yet I know that it’s protecting me from the damages of the sun. I highly advocate wearing sunscreen 365 days a year since it’s essential to prevent premature aging and help against skin damage from the sun.

Osmotics Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 45

If you follow Beauty Info Zone then you know my feelings about fragranced products so you know I’m thrilled that Osmotics Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 45 is fragrance free. It leaves my skin feeling silky and wears wonderfully under makeup. This convenient tube is one I can carry with me if I want.

Osmotics Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 45

While I feel it’s great for my more mature skin because of the powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage, I also can recommend it for those of you starting on a good skincare journey.

Osmotics Age Prevention: Protection Extreme SPF 45 and Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45

The second product is Age Prevention Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45 ($39)  which uses the same sunscreen ingredients and gives you the same protection yet it contains a light tint so that you get double duty with this: get the fabulous full spectrum protection while blurring imperfections to enhance your natural skin tone.

Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer Tint SPF 45

The Sheer Tint is available in 3 shades (Light, Medium, Dark). I was sent Light which didn’t look that light when I first applied it to my hand for a swatch but once blended onto my face, it was a great shade for me. I can use this with or without a foundation.

Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer Tint SPF 45 in Light

Osmotics Age Prevention Sheer Tint SPF 45, Light blended

Sheer Tint contains antioxidant vitamins and Sodium Hyaluronate for softer, smoother, healthier skin. This is so gentle on skin that it can be used after skincare procedures like peels and microdermabrasion.

Both of these Osmotics Age Prevention sunscreens have the same Active Ingredients so you aren’t trading protection for beauty.

Osmotics Age Prevention Active Ingredients

 With Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Age Prevention line you’ve got a marriage made in heaven: sun protection and high-end skincare! Whichever you choose to make your skin better, you can’t go wrong.  —  Marcia