Running late? You can still get great hair with ColorProof!

This morning I woke up late. I don’t mean 10 minutes late. I don’t mean one too many taps on the snooze button late. I mean an entire 45 minutes LATE. You know how it goes – getting sleepy kids up and ready, then stepping in who knows what…something that one of the pets threw up (you hope it’s vomit because any alternative you can conjure up is waaay worse), forgetting your phone and having to run back inside, all while knowing there is a meeting starting without you and YOUR BOSS IS THERE WONDERING WHERE YOU ARE. I am almost breaking into a rash just thinking about it.                                                                                                                            samples

ColorProof DrySpell and PowderFix So unfortunately, since my alarm clock is about 20 years old, this hectic morning thing happens more often than I want to admit. I have actually developed a routine for this just in case. I have an ’emergency’ outfit in the event I have no time to root around in my closet. I have a makeup bag filled with what I need to either A) apply a reasonable look in about three minutes and/or B) take it to work so I can put my makeup on there. I always have a supply of awesome body wipes in case there is truly no time to shower, and I am never, ever, ever without dry shampoo.
ColorProof Epic Hold HairsprayA line that never lets me down is ColorProof.  They carry my most favorite hairspray of all time, the HardCore Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray (I buy them five cans at a time from Amazon).  Two other products that I always have on hand, especially for those ‘running so late I’m out of breath’ days, are The ColorProof DrySpell Color Protect Dry Shampoo and PowderFix Texturing Powder.
ColorProof DrySpellI try to get four days out of a good shampoo.  However, because I am also committed to breaking a sweat every day (hopefully from working out and not from running late), I need a dry shampoo and I need a styling product that puts some texture and volume back into my hair.
ColorProof DrySpellColorProof DrySpell Color Protect Dry Shampoo is a godsend. The superfine powder shampoo is a mixture of cornstarch, rice and clay that absorbs oil and gives hair a light clean scent. The mist is so fine it doesn’t ever build up and look chalky or flaky. An added bonus: it provides color and heat protection. Here’s how I use it: I quickly section my hair into about six sections, then spray the dry shampoo a good 5 inches away from my scalp. Any closer doesn’t give me as great of a result. After spraying, I put all my hair up in a big clip and run around doing whatever else needs to be done. Finally, I unclip my now completely dry hair and quickly run my fingers through, fluffing it up and fully distributing the dry shampoo.
ColorProof PowderFixColorProof PowderFixAfter that, I will add in some of the PowderFix Texturing Powder on my crown, part and bangs. This extremely fine and wonderfully silky powder gives my hair tremendous lift, volume, and texture. It feels almost wet in my hands. I just pour a bit into my palm, rub it together, then flip my hair over and apply along my part and crown. I like this method better than sprinkling it on, although you may prefer that application technique. The powder goes matte and sinks right in, giving my hair the most wonderful boost of body and texture. It’s fantastic.
I usually get my ColorProof products from Amazon, but you can find this extraordinary line at many salons throughout the country. When you put together your emergency beauty kit, be sure to include these items for an awesome hair day no matter how stressful it started that morning.  – Lisa
*sent for editorial consideration then purchased and repurchased time and time again by me…because that’s how often I am running late.

Lush-ious Hair: Blousey, Big Solid, and Shine So Bright

Lush gets a lot of love from the BIZ and for good reason. Lush has consistently excellent products that are unique and familiar all at the same time. While I always turn to Lush for body products I never really think of them for hair care. Now I am ticked I waited so long.



I have gone totally BANANAS for Blousey Shampoo ($25.95 for 8.4 oz). This looks like mashed up bananas, as it should since it has tons of fresh bananas in it.

A big jar of Blousey

A big jar of Blousey

Looks just like smashed bananas!

Looks just like smashed bananas!

It also has cocoa and cupuacu butters and the combination leaves even the most dried out, over-processed hair feeling silky soft. It cleans my hair while still moisturizing it. Using this shampoo gives me soft, bouncy, beautiful hair that keeps looking good for three days. I love this!

The Big Solid

The Big Solid

I had a lot of trepidation before trying The Big Solid Conditioner ($9.95 for a 3.5 oz. bar). Somehow ‘hair conditioner’ and ‘solid’ didn’t go together for me. But once I opened the packaged and smelled the gorgeous vanilla and jasmine scent, I almost didn’t even care if it worked. I just wanted my hair to smell like this!
another view

another view

There are some great benefits to a solid conditioner, it’s especially handy for travel. And I was pleased to find it really worked great. My hair is long, so it was a little awkward figuring out how to best use the bar, but the results were wonderful. I finally figured out that if I got the bar wet, then smoothed it straight down my wet hair from crown to ends, it conditioned my hair without getting tangled up in it. Just be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse after, and then rinse one more time to get the best results.

and one more just because it looks awesome

and one more just because it looks awesome

It has sea salt to help build body, extra virgin coconut oil and toothed wracked seaweed infusion to make hair super soft, and some citrus for added shine. It leaves my hair full of body with fantastic softness. This is a real winner.

Shine So Bright

Shine So Bright

For a perfect finishing touch I use the Shine So Bright Balm ($9.95 for 0.4 oz). This is a small tin of hair balm, a little goes a long way. I smooth some balm on my palms and then run my hands through my hair and it  makes it extremely shiny and smooth. No more split ends or flyaway hair!
inside Shine So Bright

inside Shine So Bright

This small tin is chock full of extra virgin coconut and olive oils, shea butter, and even free range eggs! It has a fresh, citrusy scent that is very refreshing and pleasant. The tin makes it easy to take with to freshen up any time of the day.

When you want some new hair products, Lush may not be the first line you think to try. But they have some truly excellent hair products that are definitely worth a look!  – Lisa

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Get dreamy beach hair with Marc Anthony Dream Waves

As I get older I find it more and more difficult to get good volume in my hair that stays all day.  And some days in the summer I can’t stand the thought of a blow dryer, but I still want great hair like you can get at the beach.  You know how awesome your hair looks when you get it wet at the ocean and then it dries in the summer breeze?  Hair becomes super full, kind of piecey, with a texture that is totally unique.   Marc Anthony created a collection that gives you either one – great body and volume, or that beachy, tousled look – both without a lot of work.  Even better, the product sizes are huge, and it’s easy to find this line at Ulta, Rite Aid, and CVS.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Collection

First up in this collection is the Dream Waves Amplifying Shampoo (250 mL / 8.4 fl.oz., $7.99).  It’s sulfate free which is great for color-treated hair.  It’s formulated to give hair more volume and lift.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Amplifying Shampoo

Like all the products in this line, it has a coconut scent that I personally like – but if you are a fragrance-phobe you may not.  I did not find that the scent lingered once my hair dried.  The formula has ‘Conditioning Polymers’ to make look more full, plus Hydrolyzed Silk and Provitamin B5 for extra shine.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Amplifying Conditioner

Next is the Dream Waves Amplifying Conditioner (250 mL / 8.4 fl.oz., $7.99).  This is a very nice, lightweight conditioner that doesn’t weigh my super fine hair down.  Like the shampoo, it’s sulfate free, and also has Conditioning Polymers, Hydrolyzed Silk, and Provitamin B5 so the two products work great together.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Amplifying Lotion

When your hair is clean, conditioned, and wet, it’s time for the Dream Waves Amplifying Lotion ($7.99).  This is also sulfate free, and it’s a wonderful light styling lotion.  I find it makes my hair extremely soft and full.  This is a real winner.  It works great when blow drying – here’s my hair after all three products. I blew it dry with a large round brush, and that’s it – no other styling or smoothing products.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves hair – shampoo, conditioner, styling cream – blown dry

If I am feeling lazy and don’t want to bother blow drying my hair, I go for the beachy hair look.  After applying the Amplifying Cream to my damp hair, I spray a conservative amount of Dream Waves Beach Spray ($8.99) on and let it air dry.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

I really like this, I think it’s better than Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  I found that when applied to damp clean hair that I let air dry, I get far more wave in my hair that is pretty frizz-free.  The texture is just like I get after swimming in the ocean.  I don’t like it as much on second day dry hair, it is just too much product for my fine strands.  One more tip – don’t put too much on.  Too much product will make your hair feel dirty, especially fine hair.  Just a few sprays gives truly terrific results.

All in all this is a really great collection.  The size of the products is huge, the quality is terrific, and the price is right.  I like having the choice of full, smooth, volumized hair or beachy waves.  Be sure to check this out the next time you are at the drug store.  – Lisa

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Kinky, Curly, or Straight – Kinky-Curly Hair Care

My hair isn’t exactly kinky…or curly.  So I approached the Kinky-Curly hair care line with some trepidation.  If I let my hair dry naturally, it’s just sort of wavy.  Not wavy enough to be stylish – just enough to not be straight, thus making it rather annoying.  I have tried these products with and without styling – blow drying and then flat ironing – and I have to say they are AWESOME.

Kinky-Curly is an organic hair care line geared toward having hair you don’t need to style – it makes your hair super soft with enough definition to be able to go without a blow dryer.  I found that the products work fabulous with or without styling.  Every single one I tried was a total winner for me.

I love the shampoo called Come Clean ($12).  It has a super cleansing formula that gets rid of product build up – but it doesn’t leave your hair stripped of moisture, which many clarifying shampoos can do.

I follow it with Knot Today ($12), a glorious conditioner that feels amazing, and makes your hair feel even more amazing once you wash it out.  Hair is sooo soft, and it dries super quick. Rinse out the conditioner if you plan to blow dry, or leave it in if you have lots of curls.  When I don’t have time to blow dry, I still rinse this out, as my hair is fine – but I have lots of it – and as I said, it’s sort of wavy.  This conditioner makes my waves soft and solid – they don’t hang in separate pieces like they do with other hair products.

The Curling Custard ($29.99) is truly lovely.  It gets rid of frizz, makes your hair super shiny, and really holds curl.  You only need a tiny bit because it’s so concentrated, so the jar will last a very long time.  Again, great for both air-dried and blow dried hair.

The Spiral Spritz ($12) is awesome for wavy looks.  Love it on my second day hair – it works great with dry hair, and it completely eliminates frizz for me.

My husband, who has super thick curly hair, grabbed the Gloss Pomade ($10) and refuses to give it back.  He loves that it gives his curls shine and separation, but doesn’t make them gummy or crunchy.

I think this is a really terrific, affordable line – and it’s easy to find, too.  You can order online, or you can find it in most Whole Foods stores, as well as Target stores.  Go to their website for a full list of stores in your state.  Try it out – you will not be disappointed, whether you like your hair kinky, curly, or straight.  – Lisa

Disclosure:  Items reviewed were PR samples.