Bouncing my way to beauty with Beauty Junkees

I’ve been a devoted bouncer ever since the first pink makeup sponge became available. At the time I was the editor of a beauty forum and we’d talk at length about this sponge and wonder who would spend $20 on a sponge. I wasn’t the first to take the plunge but I was the second and it converted me to a believer. I bounce my foundation on for a perfectly smooth and blended application.

I no longer have to spend $20 for one sponge though because Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge set was sent my way and I’m in bouncing heaven. Beauty Junkees sponge set gives me 4 uniquely shaped sponges to use for … hold onto your seat … $14.97. I was amazed by the price but what amazes me more is the quality of these sponges.

Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge Set

Beauty Junkees Pro Makeup Blending Sponge Set

There are 4 sponges so there’s even enough for the person that “borrows” your beauty items (and doesn’t return). But you might just fight for the right to use them all.

Starting with the basics, this is the best way to use these blending sponges:

  1. Get the sponge wet by holding it under water while softly squeezing the sponge so it absorbs the water. You’ll notice that it doubles in size and becomes soft.
  2. Now gently squeeze out the excess water since you don’t want this drenched. It’s recommended to dry it with a soft towel too so that the sponge feels damp.
  3. It’s application time – apply the product onto the dampened sponge and bounce, aka stipple, the product onto your skin. Do NOT rub back and forth or you take away to specialness of using the sponge.
  4. There are so many products you can use with a sponge so having a variety is an ace in the hole. Try skincare, concealers, blush, and foundation.

Let’s start with the Pink Teardrop since that’s the standard one that everyone wants. To me this is the perfect sponge. I use the bottom for foundation on my entire face. The curve allows it to blend well along my jawline while the point is great for the area around my nose and eyes.

Beauty Junkees Pink Teardrop

Beauty Junkees Pink Teardrop

The Purple Pear can be used for all of the above areas but because it has an ergonomically designed shape it helps with grip. It’s great for the wider areas of your face.

Beauty Junkees Purple Pear

Beauty Junkees Purple Pear

The Green Oval is the slimmest one and helps with more exact application. I like to blend cream blush with it since I can erase errors when I go too wide and I can blend the edges so that there’s no harsh lines.

Beauty Junkees Green Oval

Beauty Junkees Green Oval

The Blue Sculptor is the most versatile of the 4 brushes and the one I like to use dry at times. The flat bottom works well to dip into a loose transparent powder and bounce on my skin. It doesn’t pick up too much powder and once I’m done I can go over it to soften the look even more.  It’s also a great one for applying moisturizers, SPF, neck creams, and night creams.

Beauty Junkees Blue Sculptor

Beauty Junkees Blue Sculptor

When I was reading the directions I learned how to clean these the best way. I never thought to do this but it works and you can do this with brushes too. Use olive oil along with soap and water. The rationale is that oil will clean oil. The first time I did this I was amazed at how clean my sponge came out. Use warm water to moisten the sponge, use a dime size amount of olive oil along with a gentle soap. Massage the sponge under running water until there’s no makeup residue coming out. Then squeeze out the excess water and let it air dry. I love this method.

4 sponges, 4 + uses and 4 beautifully bright colors can now make up your sponge wardrobe from now on. Beauty Junkees is sold on Amazon with free shipping if you have Prime or have the minimum Amazon order to receive free shipping. At $14.97 currently it’s a total steal ($3.74 per sponge!). The quality is excellent and the uses many.

Are you a bouncer? Beauty Junkees can make you one!! — Marcia

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Makeup Wars – my repeat purchases aka the holy grail

It’s that time again. Makeup Wars!  If you haven’t been keeping up with us, Makeup Wars is a series with over a dozen amazing bloggers on a variety of topics. Today we have decided it show you the items we buy over and over. I’ve chosen to call them Holy Grails since I prefer these to similar products. These are products I consistently purchase and assume I’ll continue to do so for years to come.
So what has Marcia chosen and why?

Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover has been a constant for at least 10 years when I unwittingly ended up at an MK party. Actually I enjoyed the experience especially because I bought my first eye makeup remover there. Now I try to buy two or three at a time. The two items that I find the hardest to remove are gel eyeliner and mascara. No matter how stubborn those two are the Mary Kay works. I shake, squeeze it on my cotton square, hold it to my eye for a few seconds and wipe gently. I rarely need to add more since it’s so effective. Plus it’s not oily so if I’m redoing makeup I only have to pat on a little water and I’m set. The MK leads to the next item…makeup war repeat marykay

DHC Silky Cotton squares. I’ve used other brands of pads but this is what I stockpile. Since I hate paying shipping I always buy enough to avoid that charge and I’m set for a year. I like these because they are soft yet sturdy and they never shed fibers. I also buy Shiseido’s version because  those are super soft. But DHC stands up to eye makeup remover better. I usually only need one square for both eyes. I also use these for toner and other light liquids. These cost $5.50 for 80 pads and I now see that DermStore carries war repeat dhc

Another type of cleanser I love having on hand all the time is J.R. Watkins Hand Soap aka Natural Home Care Liquid Hand Soap. This comes in about 5 fragrances and is my favorite item to wash my hands with. I keep these in all my bathrooms. It’s  natural earth-friendly formula that is moisturizing without being sticky. It washes off cleanly without a residue. It’s only $4.99 at or Rite Aid and lasts me about 6 weeks. I buy the yummy citrus scents of lemon, orange and grapefruit.

makeup war repeat soap

YSL Touché Éclat   Another product I buy again and again. I buy this kind of concealer/highlighter from other brands all the time. I  probably have half a dozen similar products in my stash. But when it’s all said and done, this is my favorite. It’s not the best concealer but it brightens under my eyes making me feel more alive. I’ve got a few new brands of this type of concealer/highlighter I will be using to review, but they’ll always be compared to YSL war repeat ysl

Last in this list is the BeautyBlender sponge aka Beautyblender Makeup Sponge– accept no substitutes. I’ve got this type of sponge from Sonia Kashuk and MAC and they don’t compare. Other brands will tell you that they are as soft but they aren’t. I love my “Pink Egg” and have gone through quite a few. Mine almost always stains but it’s not entered in a beauty pageant – its job is to make my foundation look perfect and it succeeds. They now produce this in black and in white so if you choose those colors just make sure they are genuine. I’m a bouncer ladies but only with my war repeat sponges

Now that you’ve read my 5 choices let me know what you’ve been buying over and over again. Then when you are done do some clicking (bouncing) yourself to see what my fellow warriors have selected. — Marcia

Bouncing away with MAC Cosmetics

MAC comes out with new collections all the time but there hasn’t been much lately that’s made me want to go into the store. When I read that they were coming out with their BIG BOUNCE eyeshadows I was really excited since I love cream products. Then the reviews started coming out and they really weren’t favorable. I asked several MAC employees though and they all seemed to like them. The color that was most recommended to me was Trophy so eventually a shoppin’ I did go.

Trophy is a beautiful peach with some gold pearl to it. Big Bounce ($16.50) are in the same containers that MAC Paint Pots come in. The texture is very soft, almost like the texture of sour cream (what an image!). It’s more of a mousse texture. The most important thing to remember with Big Bounce shadows is that LESS IS MORE. If you put too much on these will crease but if you apply a light layer I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with these.

I’ve worn Trophy with and without eyeshadow primer. I prefer using it with a primer and think it lasts a lot longer that way. I’ve also worn it alone with just black eyeliner and also with eyeshadows. Powder eyeshadows blend easily over Big Bounce though I find that when I waited too long before applying eyeshadow that it was a little harder to blend them well. With testing I’ve found that the best brush to get the right amount on has been the MAC 217. Now that I have Trophy and know that it works well I’ll be checking out one of the other 15 shades. Top eye is Trophy alone, generously applied. Bottom eye is Trophy as a light base with Le Metier de Beaute‘ Rose Champagne on the lid and Le Metier de Beaute’ Corinthian in the crease. That turned out to be a stunning combination.

When I was at the MAC store I saw another product that also bounces. It’s called the PRO PERFORMANCE SPONGE and it too had to come home with me.This is MAC’s version of the “Original Beauty Blender Sponge”. It costs $18 and is available at MAC stores and online only, not counters. I’ve written before about the Beauty Blender Sponge and said many times that it’s a Holy Grail item for me. I use mine just about every day. (On the right is a new but creased BB sponge, on the left is a new MAC sponge.)

These two sponges aren’t the same. There are several differences. MAC has a very wide head with a pointy bottom to get into the crevices of your face. Beauty Blender is an egg shape and there’s not the big difference in size from top to bottom. The MAC Pro Performance Sponge is bigger and when it’s wet it doesn’t expand in the same way. Both though work well with foundation and concealer.

Beside the fact that they look different the texture of them is different. What makes me prefer the BB sponge though is the softness of it. The BB is more flexible and smoother. The texture of the MAC sponge reminds me more of the ones I bought from Sonia Kashuk at Target.

I can’t speak to the longevity of the MAC since I’ve only been using it about 2 weeks. I do know that with proper care that the Beauty Blender will last me a full year. Both of them stain for me in the same way so if you are fussy about keeping it pink then you probably should be using throwaways.

I think Bounce is a good name for these products since I bounce around in my feelings for them. Sometimes I like them a lot, sometimes I’m on the fence. I’ve got to say though that I like both of these but I’m not sure that I’ve fallen in love with either one. — Marcia

Cleansing The Body Shop way

Don’t you hate it when items you love get discontinued? I’m not talking about Limited Edition items that you know you won’t be able to get in a month (or two days in some cases). I’m talking about the tried and true that you count on being there. For me the latest is/was The Body Shop Muslin Cloths. I really like those a lot but after a while they just wear out. The color fades and to my sensitive nose they start to have an odor. So off to buy some more, except that they don’t carry them anymore. After perusing The Body Shop’s site I found that they carried something called the Luxury Flannel Facial Washcloth. Even though the price was a lot more ($6.50 for one) I figured that they might be similar so I ordered a couple along with another product called Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge ($5).

To my surprise the Flannel Facial Washcloth is anything but flannel. I opened it and found a very soft rubbery feeling cloth. After it was out of the package a while though it started to harden. Color me surprised. Turns out though that it’s made out of 100% PVA. I didn’t know what that was either so I googled it. When in the wet state it is very elastic, flexible and soft like a natural sea sponge, as it is laden with water. It qualifies as one of the finest materials for cosmetic puffs, towels, bath sponges, mops and all household-cleaning materials. I read further and found out that it’s very similar to a chamois that you’d use on your car. But of course The Body Shop version is white and super soft (while wet).

This is a great soft cloth for removing your makeup. (I always remove eye makeup separately though.) It does become lightly stained though but when I wash it in the washing machine it comes out as soft and white as ever. The fascinating part is that when it dries, it dries in whatever shape you left it in. I put it over the towel rack and the next morning it was as stiff as a board and I couldn’t move it from that shape. When I needed it that night though, I just ran it under warm water and it was back to being supple again.  Now the miracle part – after I was done washing my face it was TOTALLY DRY. I didn’t need a towel. It was just dry. I get such a kick out of using this for that reason. I feel like a little magic is occurring (I’m easy to please obviously).

While I really like the Flannel Washcloth it isn’t a good exfoliating tool. It’s only good for makeup removal but that’s where the Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge comes in. This also removes makeup well but gives you some gentle exfoliation at the same time. It’s made with cellulose which has the same luxurious feel as a natural sea sponge and the good-feel factor associated with a product that protects natural sponge stocks. The sponge dries quickly. I keep it in a drawer when not in use since I don’t want anyone to mistake it for a sponge to clean the sink. It hasn’t developed any odor since I’ve had it.

For me this combination of skincare tools is great to have. I still use my Clarisonic a few times a week but these are a nice addition rather than an “instead of”. Plus I could take these on a trip without a problem.

Even though I’m still angry with The Body Shop for their betrayal I’ll forgive them a little since I really am happy with my new finds. — Marcia