6 beauty essentials for a summer getaway!

6 Beauty Essentials for a Summer Getaway!In my book summer isn’t over until after Labor Day Weekend, so there is still plenty of time to go on summer weekend getaway! Whether it’s to the city, a cabin, or the beach, there are six beauty products that I always have in my bag.

Red Oxx Gator Carry On BagSpeaking of bags, I truly believe I have found the perfect one:  the Red Oxx Gator Carry On Bag ($125). I bought this in red for a recent trip to Spain and it was PERFECT. I could not believe how many things I could stuff into this rugged little baby and still have room. It’s exactly what you need for a weekend getaway – room for all your clothes and your products, and it is the size of a large purse.

Six summer getaway beauty essentialsAlong with the perfect bag, here are six products I was sent to test that you will want to always have packed so you can just grab and go on any last-minute adventure:Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Cloud Mist

  1.  Design.Me Puff.Me ($20): This is a tiny but mighty bottle of hair rescue. The spray powder not only soaks up oil and dirt, it also volumizes and gives hair wonderful texture. Bring this instead of bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Puff.Me is available in Cosmoprof stores nationally. I hear that Design.Me is launching other new professional products soon and I can’t wait.Me Clear Spot Treatment DeviceMe Clear Spot Treatment DeviceMe Clear Spot Treatment Device
  2. Me Clear Spot Treatment Device ($60):  An absolute must for any trip! This small device is exactly what you need when you get that one big zit brewing under your skin. You know how that goes…everything is great until you feel a little pressure, a little soreness, and you realize there is a mega-blemish brewing that is going to totally ruin your weekend. The Me Clear Spot Treatment Device is your savior.  Me Clear Spot Treatment DeviceJust press it against the area and the blue light goes to work, painlessly and quickly – the blue LED light makes eruptions vanish overnight through a combination of blue light, sonic vibration, and gentle warming. Standing there for the full two minutes can seem a little tedious, but I am astounded by the results and will never be without this gem.Saje Pocket PharmacySaje Pocket Pharmacy
  3. Saje Pocket Pharmacy ($59.95):  Despite every effort, getting sick on a vacation happens. This awesome little pharmacy has therapeutic remedy roll-ons:
    Peppermint Halo – headache relief
    Stress Release – promotes relaxation 
    Pain Release – reduce inflammation and muscle pain 
    Immune – helps alleviate cold symptoms 
    Eater’s Digest – helps soothe upset stomachs 

    So go ahead and eat too much, drink too much, stay up too long…there’s a remedy for every symptom of partying too much and having more fun that a person probably should.Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Perfume Oil

  4. Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Perfume Oil ($16):  It is impossible to describe how amazing this jasmine scent is. It really is a little bottle of summer and tucks so nicely away in a bag or pocket. One discreet roll onto wrists and behind the ears is all you need to smell beyond amazing.Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit in Coral GlowRimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit
  5. Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit in Coral Glow ($7):  This beautiful Kate Moss palette has three shades for highlighting, contouring, and defining cheeks. You won’t need a separate eyeshadow palette – just use your fingers and pat onto eyelids for a beautiful glowy look.Rimmel Super Curler Mascara
  6. Rimmel Super Curler Mascara ($6): Even on the most low maintenance vacations I always make sure to put on some mascara. This mascara lifts so I don’t even bring an eyelash curler, and it really lasts in the heat.

Now keep that bag packed with these essentials and you’ll just need to throw in some shorts, a bathing suit, and a cover up (my picks below!!) for an awesome summer getaway.  – Lisa

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True Religion Joey ShortsMisa Dali Cover Up DressStella McCartney Wrap Swimsuit

Mission Grove by Soap & Paper Factory will delight your senses

Cardamom and CoffeeAnything sold at Anthropologie is always on Beauty Info Zone’s radar because they do such a wonderful job of curating. They sell interesting, hip products that are wonderful treats for yourself or fabulous gifts. Their latest find is Mission Grove, a bath and body collection from one of our perennial favorites, the Soap & Paper Factory. This line is made in the US in small batches, and ingredients are top of the line oils and extracts including meadowfoam, borage seed, and jojoba and aromatherapy oils. Everything from Mission Grove has no sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, or phthalates. And of course, it wouldn’t be sold at Anthropologie unless the packaging had a cool, retro feel.

The new Mission Grove Collection comes in four fragrances:

Sakura: This relaxing and restorative fragrance balances apple and citrus with sweet heliotrope for a perfectly calming combination.

Madagascar Vanilla: Deep, sultry notes of bourbon add an intoxicating richness to this soothing vanilla scent.

Fig & Honey: Refresh the body and clear the mind with this heady fragrance that combines earthy figs with sweet honey.

Cardamom & Coffee: Spicy and stimulating, this complex fragrance combines cardamom and coffee with geranium and sandalwood to detoxify the spirit.

The products include Shea Butter Bar Soap ($8), Sea Salt Body Scrub ($12), Travel Sized Body Lotion ($12), Travel Sized Body Wash ($12), Treatment Facial Mask ($16), Scented Drawer Liner Papers ($18), and a Big Rollerball Botanical Oil ($24).

Marcia and Lisa tried several of the products in two different scents, Sakura and Madagascar Vanilla. Is Mission Grove worthy of a permanent place in their boudoirs?  Read on and find out!

madagascar Vanilla

Lisa’s Side:  Madagascar Vanilla  Ok, to be honest they had me at ‘Vanilla’. I love love love vanilla scents, so I was super excited to try these beautifully packaged goodies. The vanilla scent is deep and rich, a little boozy thanks to the bourbon fragrance. It’s a beautiful sniff and just look at how lovely the packaging is:

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla Seasalt Scrub

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla Sea Salt Scrub

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla wax seal on paper and bar soap

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla wax seal on paper and bar soap

Every product comes in this delightful and thoughtful packaging. I adore the wax stamps on the bar soap and the scented paper, it really brings home the care and quality of the products.  Marcia is going to tell you more about the Sea Salt Scrub and the Scented Paper, and I have the 411 on the soaps and lotion.

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla

I almost couldn’t bear to open the bar of soap!  Look that packaging….wow. This is a great gift because it’s just gorgeous. Luckily, the soap is wonderful too, with a thick full lather that doesn’t dry out hands. It’s a great bar for sinks and for tubs.

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla Body Lotion and Body Wash

Mission Grove Madagascar Vanilla Body Lotion and Body Wash

The travel sized Body Wash and Body Lotion are TSA friendly and perfect for travel bags. The wash gives a creamy foam and the fragrance really sticks around, especially if you layer the Body Lotion over top. They both leave skin smooth, silky, and sweet smelling. I really enjoy this set and am interested in how Marcia likes the Sakura scent. The Fig and Honey scent sounds delicious too…I think I am going to plan a trip to Anthropologie soon to take a sniff!


Marcia’s Side:  Sakura

Like Lisa I quickly knew which scent was perfect for me. As the picky one on BIZ I gravitate to fruity scents that aren’t overwhelming. Sakura Blossom is perfect for that. With a mixture of apple and citrus I was thrilled to try this. To be honest I don’t know what heliotrope smells like, all I know is that its flowers are in a variety of violet shades. That doesn’t matter since this combination is refreshing and not overwhelming at all.

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Salt Scrub

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Salt Scrub

The packaging of these Mission Grove products is enough to get me to buy them. A collection of these beautifully packaged goods would make an awesome housewarming or hostess gift. Even better is what’s inside since the fragrance isn’t artificial and the products are excellent.

The Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Salt Scrub surprised me since I normally choose a sugar scrub, but this wasn’t harsh at all and left my skin feeling exfoliated and lightly scented. I was surprised at the touch of oil that’s in it to protect my skin. I never have the flakies on the the days I’m able to shower with this Salt Scrub.

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Salt Scrub

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Salt Scrub

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Salt Scrub

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Salt Scrub

This contains sea salt, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E which all combine for a hydrating scrub.

Mission Grove Scented Papers

Mission Grove Scented Papers

The Mission Grove Scented Papers in Sakura Blossom totally blew me away. My first reaction to was honestly “why would I use scented papers??”. That was then, this is now: “Wow I love all the things I can do with these scented papers from Mission Grove.”

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Scented Papers

Mission Grove Sakura Blossom Scented Papers

My husband likes to go to Las Vegas. While he doesn’t smoke everything is covered in smoke in Vegas. You come home from there and (for non-smokers) you want to undress in the garage and get your clothes into the wash instantly. Now I can tuck one of the half sheets into the mesh section of the suitcase. It helps so much to keep items, the ones that can’t be washed, refreshed. Other uses are to put these in a drawer, your car, boots when you are storing them, and your gym bag. I have one in my laundry room and it’s so amazing to walk in there now – even for someone that isn’t a fragrance person.

Mission Grove Drawer Papers

Mission Grove Drawer Papers

These are beautiful and sturdy. There are 6 sheets that are perforated in the middle so you can break them apart to have 12 sheets. They are made out of a thin cardboard so there’s nothing flimsy about them. They are unlike any drawer papers I’ve ever seen.

Mission Grove Restorative Botanical Perfume Oil (Sakura Blossom)

Mission Grove Restorative Botanical Perfume Oil (Sakura Blossom)

One last product to mention is the Mission Grove Restorative Botanical Perfume Oil. This is available in all 4 of the fragrances and sounds terrific. Here’s what Mission Grove has to say: “Crafted in small batches, Mission Grove Rollerball Perfume Oils stimulate your mind, body and spirit. Great for personal fragrance, and for maximum benefits, use the rollerbals on temples and pressure points such as your crown chakra, bottoms of your feet and solar plexus. Perfect for On-the-go!”

While these are available at Anthropologie, only the soaps are carried online. That means a trip is due to an Anthropologie store so you can see the line in person and do a little indulging for yourself and someone you want to impress.

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5 favorite summer fragrances – a Makeup Wars post

Another Makeup Wars, another way to entice you into spending money. This time we’re tempting your senses with a variety of fragrance that are loved by the bloggers involved. Normally Marcia writes the Makeup Wars post but for this she’s turned to her blog partner Lisa for advice. Lisa has a love of fragrance so she’s sharing 5 of the scents she’s tried this year that’s she’s crazy about. On the original list Lisa sent me she included ones from last year like Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig, Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder, and LaVanila Vanilla Coconut BUT being the stern taskmaster that I am, I made her chose 5 different ones and promised that I’d show you her choices from last year’s Makeup Wars. Now unto her 2015 Summer Favorites in no particular order.
Clean Summer Sun

Clean Summer Sun

1. CLEAN SUMMER SUN ($59*) is her most expensive choice but one she is loving this summer. “Clean Summer Sun is a fruity, woody scent in truly beautiful packaging. The bottle itself looks like a summer sunset. At First I was thinking that with the somewhat tropical appearance perhaps this was a beachy scent, but it isn’t. It’s more of an outdoorsy fresh-cut lawns, lush green woods, watching the fireflies come out kind of scent.”soap and paper2.  SOAP & PAPER FACTORY SOLID PERFUME IN ORANGE BLOSSOM ($18*) is a great choice if you are traveling or like to take a scent with you. “The Orange Blossom scent is beyond gorgeous. This smells just like orange blossom with a woodsy note once it dries down. If you love orange blossoms, this is for you. And solid perfumes are perfect for summer.”1437349850_island_coconut_065eaff8-aae1-46f2-808f-9b373fa67460_large.jpg_v_1430874783

3. SunyIsland Blu ISLAND COCONUT ($12) “Sometimes it’s just too darn hot to wear perfume so instead I go for fragranced body sprays. My favorite Etsy Shop (also website) for summer sprays is SunyIslandBlu. This summer I am constantly reaching for two body sprays in particular – Island Coconut which is a mix of tropical coconut and sweet vanilla and Summer Crush which is a light creamy coconut.”  Note from Marcia: Lisa is a coconut fiend. I couldn’t find Summer Crush on Etsy or their website which is going to make Lisa sad. I hope she stocked up.1437349774_Skeem-Sweet-Pea-and-Vanilla-next-to-packaging-172x3004. SKEEM PURE PERFUME IN SWEET PEA AND VANILLA ($15*) Lisa has always loved Skeem and seems to have a stash of their beautiful candles at her home. Now she’s learned about their Pure Perfume and she’s enchanted. “These perfumes have only 3 natural ingredients: denatured alcohol, filtered water and Skeem’s exclusive fragrances. The took the scents from their Pur Piller Candle Collection and made them into cute roller balls. Just like with their candles, the packaging for each scent is a work of art itself. Check out the beautiful butterflies that adorn the Sweet Pea and Vanilla scent. This scent is a great combination of deep, rich vanilla and the beautiful floral of Sweet Pea. The scent on these is strong at first but then it dries down to a gorgeous subtleness that lasts throughout the entire day.”lush vanillary5.  LUSH VANILLARY PERFUME ($15.95) Actually Lisa had two Lush fragrances but only this one is on their website but if you go to a Lush store see if they have the Gorilla scents and look for Furze, a cookies and coconut scent. “The Lush Vanillary scent is a fantastic option for vanilla lovers. It combines deep vanilla with soft caramel notes, a pairing that adds up to a wonderfully rich scent that isn’t too sweet or too foody.”

Thanks for reading our combination post. Lisa is making Marcia think twice about her fragrance phobia. Did she do that to you too?

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Soap and Paper Neroli Hand Cream and Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30

NeroliIt’s a little late for celebrating National Orange Blossom Day (June 27th), but I’m known for my penchant for being a little late to almost every party. It doesn’t even matter if the official day is over, I think every day is a good day to celebrate the soft honey sweetness that is neroli, also known as orange blossom. The perfect product for doing so?  Soap & Paper Factory Shea Butter Hand Cream in Neroli ($18).

Soap and Paper Neroli Hand Cream

Soap and Paper Neroli Hand Cream

Soap and Paper Neroli Hand Cream

I am a big fan of the Soap and Paper Factory (soapandpaperfactory.com) and absolutely love their Neroli Hand Cream. The gorgeous, artistic packaging is fabulous and the cool retro squeeze tube is a work of art.

The hand cream itself is thick and rich, with an elegant shea-based formula that totally soothes dry skin. The neroli scent is amazing – sweet and slightly green. It smells clean and pure, and is just perfect for this velvety hand cream.

Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30

Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30

A wonderful partner for the Neroli Hand Cream is the Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30 (1.7 oz $220). This is an expensive fragrance, but oh so worth it. It is a heavenly combination of jasmine and orange blossom and is the quintessential scent partner for my beloved Soap & Paper Factory Shea Butter Hand Cream in Neroli.

Orange blossom lovers have some truly great options with Soap and Paper Factory Neroli Hand Cream and Krigler Juicy Jasmine 30. They make a perfect pair!  – Lisa

*Soap & Paper Neroli Hand Cream received for editorial consideration

5 Limited Edition holiday gifts to put on your list!

Limited Edition Holiday Gifts

Yes, I know.  The holidays are about giving.  But let’s be honest…receiving is pretty nice, too!  This is the time to take full  advantage of the wonderful deals and special sets that are only available for the holiday season.  Here are five limited edition gifts sent to the BIZ that are worthy of your personal holiday wish list.

1.  Pur Minerals 3-pc. Let It Glow Bronzer, Blush, and Brighten Cheek Trio ($24)  Already on my wish list, I was sooo happy when Pur Minerals sent us this set!  It has three mini twist-up makeup sticks: a bronzer in Naughty & Nice, a blush in Sugar & Spice and a highlighter in Glisten & Glow. Together, these three give you everything you need to contour and create a rosy glow.

Pur Minerals Let It Glow Set up close

2.  Meijer Bath Collection Gift Sets #MeijerBeauty:  these super cute sets are fantastic gifts for Secret Santa exchanges or for last minute presents – pick some up to have on hand, and get a few for yourself.  The Winter White Vanilla scent is especially yummy.

Meijer holiday sets

3.  BECCA Holiday Collection One Perfecting Brush in Limited Edition Gold ($49 at Sephora and Ulta)  I have been jonesing for this multi-purpose brush ever since Marcia did her fabulous review of it last year (read it HERE).  Why not get the limited edition gold version?  This beautiful brush works for liquids, creams, powders…whatever you want to throw at it.  Gotta love the fashion/function combo.

Becca Holiday Collection LE One Perfection Brush in Gold

4.  Whish Body Vanilla Spice, Sugar Plum and Vanilla Mint Holiday Sets ($24 at Nordstrom.com)  I have loved the fabulously retro Whish for years, and this holiday set is just too good to pass up.  The three scent choices (Vanilla Spice, Sugar Plum, and Vanilla Mint) are seasonal limited edition, so ask for each set to stock up for the winter months!  Each set has a 3 oz Body Wash, Body Butter and Body Scrub – travel friendly and TSA approved sizes.

Whish Sugar Plum Holiday Set

5.  Soap & Paper Factory Roland Pine Soy Candle & Soap Set ($36)  The fragrance of this full-size pure soy candle and bar of shea butter soap is pure holiday.  The mix of Siberian Fir, pine, and Cedar wood is truly transporting.  It makes a great gift, but believe me you will want this set for yourself.

The Soap and Paper Factory Roland Pine Set

Put these limited edition items on your own Christmas wish list, or do a ‘one for you, one for me’.  You’ve been a good girl all year and now it’s time for some rewards!  – Lisa

*items reviewed sent for editiorial consideration, opinions all mine