Getting the hair we want with Keune and you get a giveaway!

Straight hair?  Curly?  Fine? Thinning? Color treated? Damaged?  Doesn’t matter what your hair care woes may be, or hey – maybe you are one of the abnormal one with normal hair! Regardless, Keune Hair Care has the products that your hair needs.  Lisa and Marcia have lots in common, but their hair is very different. Today, they are reviewing different products from this line and Keune is offering a giveaway for each of their favorite items!

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Lisa loves the Absolute Volume line:

Keune says, the Absolute Volume line has wheat proteins and liquid keratin to increase the diameter of each strand, creating volume and incredible shine. I say, woohoo! Awesome hair care for people like me who have fine hair – we want volume, we want shine, and we don’t want products that weigh our hair down!!

The Absolute Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are a fabulous duo for big, beautiful hair. I have fine hair, so I always want more body and volume. The shampoo and conditioner have Provitamin B5, which gives hair lots of volume without weighing it down.

The Absolute Volume Thermal Protector Spray is exactly what you need if you use heat styling tools to get lots of volume into your hair. It protects your hair from heat damage, whether it’s from your blow dryer, hot curlers, curling iron, or flat iron. Just spray it on to protect hair from splitting and protect color from fading, as well as lending a helping hand in terms of holding power for those curls – or not – depending on your preference!

For tons of volume, the Volume Mousse ($26) is where it’s at. This is some fantastic styling mousse. It goes right into the hair shaft to strengthen and work from the inside out. This mousse leaves my hair super full, shiny, and soft. Love it! It also protects hair from heat, so feel free to go crazy with that curling iron.

My one choice that actually isn’t in the Volumizing line is the Satin Oil Milk ($30 but on sale right now). Wow, I love this stuff!  It’s amazing for fine hair because it doesn’t weigh it down. Smooth some on and it absorbs right into hair, making is unbelievably shiny and soft. It is downright amazing, so amazing that it’s my choice of product for today’s giveaway!

My Keune hair – lots of volume and shine, not weighed down at all!!

Marcia loves the CARE line from KEUNE

Keune Care Vital Satin Oil, Oil Milk and Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream

I actually have been using 3 items from the CARE line but I left one at my beauty salon when I got my hair color treated the last time. It’s waiting for me there though for my third treatment. That product is the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray ($31) which is used for dry, damaged hair. It’s applied on the scalp before during and after coloring or texturizing treatments. Since I color every 3 – 4 weeks I’ve been adding it either at home or bringing it to the salon for application prior to my color treatment. What I like about it is that it protects hair from environmental damage and UV rays. The longer my color stays vibrant, the happier I am. When I use this Protein Spray my color is looking good from start to finish, if only it didn’t gray in so gray!

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray

There are two products that I’ve been using every time I wash my hair. Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream ($30) and Satin Oil, Oil Milk ($30). I had chosen the Thermal Cream as my product for the giveaway so I’m thrilled that Lisa chose the Oil Milk since that combination is perfect for me.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream

Keune Nutrition Thermal Cream is what I use out of the shower to wet brush through my hair. Thermal Cream is a lightweight cream on the verge of being liquidy. It’s not thick so it spreads through my hair evenly. There is a light fragrance to it that doesn’t linger too long when I use this on its own. The thermal cream is great for hair that is brittle and damaged from heat styling. Since I have to blow my hair dry I’m guilty of needing this protective shield. It helps to restore and revitalize hair as well as protect it from dehydation. “This is a revitalizing cream that protects brittle, damaged hair against heat tools. Use it before thermal styling with flatirons, curling irons, and hairdryers.”

Keune Care Satin Oil, Oil Milk

Keune Care Satin Oil is an oil milk so it doesn’t have the same feel as an oil. It’s a spray on with a light formula that absorbs into my hair instantly. There are 3 different oils used to create this wonderful product and none of them create grease or weight. I’ve used this Satin Oil with the Thermal Cream and also on its own on second day hair. I find that spraying some on my hands and applying it to my hair before I style dry hair is great because it doesn’t add any greasy feeling. It dries quickly so that I can use my hot brush to revive my hair. This has more of a fragrance than the Thermal Cream and it does last longer but usually by the time I’m ready to leave home it’s not noticeable. The fragrance of these is pleasant, probably more like a floral perfume than anything else.

KEUNE is a salon line. We were very happy to see it’s carried at the JC Penney salons but if you want to meet the line in person visit their website to see where you can find a salon near you. We found over a dozen very close to our homes.


Two winners, US only. Winners will each received Keune Care Satin Oil and Keune Care Nutrition Thermal Cream for a fantastic hair combination. This is open through 1/22/18 at 11:59 pm EST. You must be an email subscriber and comment, all other entries are optional to gain you better chances to win. Good luck!

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Pack those bags with our MFT ICE Max Eye Gel Giveaway!

We know that with the holiday season we often find ourselves packing our bags…so we thought we would give you the opportunity to pack those bags under your eyes, too! In this crazy week of holiday giveaways, here is yet another fab giveaway, this time for an MFT ICE Max Eye Gel worth $160. This is a very impressive eye gel that we have been testing for about a month and half now and we can’t wait to tell you all about our experience with it. Two of our faithful readers will be big winners too and will be packing her undereye bags after the holidays just like we did!

ICE Skin Care is all about quality and integrity in skin care. Their products are based on sound science and their mission is to empower women through effective, quality products.

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Lisa’s experience:

This is a lovely eye gel that really works. It comes in an airless pump container that keeps the efficacy of the ingredients, which, by the way, are fantastic. The ingredients contain 15% total of four cosmetic peptides (Eyeliss, Haloxyl, Regu-Age & Tetrapeptide-21), plus a host of botanicals and vitamins. Sure, it helps ‘unpack’ those bags under your eyes, but it also does so much more!

  • Lightweight & paraben-free. Product reduces the appearance of dark circles, under-eye puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Helps reinforce firmness & tone of the eye area. Improves skin texture. Restores skin elasticity around the eye contour.
  • Reduces the appearance of discoloration & dark circles under the eyes. Visibly soothes & reduces under-eye puffiness.
  • Minimizes & fades the appearance of wrinkles fine lines, crow’s feet. Lift look & energizes skin for youthful appearance.

The eye gel has a cool feel to it which I think helps shrink those bags under my eyes immediately, giving me some immediate gratification.  Over the past 6 weeks I have definitely seen a reduction in puffiness, better skin texture, less fine lines, and an overall more youthful appearance. I will say that the product comes out pretty quickly – so I use just one pump and I pump it into my palm, otherwise it comes out so strongly it has a tendency to squirt all over. It might just be my particular pump, I don’t know, but it’s a very minor complaint. I’m loving this eye gel and I think you will too!

Marcia’s experience:

MFT ICE 4P Max Eye Gel

As someone who lives for eye creams, eye balms, and eye gels this is right up my alley. I’ve experimented with this in a variety of ways since I’ve been using it for so long. At first I used it every single night. Then I switched and used it every other night with an eye cream on the opposite night to give myself more moisturizing. Lately I’m using it every morning and using an eye balm in the evening. Whichever way I’ve chosen to use it has been great for me.

MFT ICE 4P Max Eye Gel

4P Max Eye Gel is made in the USA. It is a potent blend of 4 peptide actives (Eyeliss, Haloxyl, Regu-Age & Tetrapeptide-21) (15% total), botanicals and vitamins. It is lightweight and paraben-free. Having these powerful peptides is giving my eyes what it needs to keep them brighter and less puffy. I have fatty pockets under my eyes so I need a gel just like MFT ICE to improve the look of my under eye puffiness. Even though I have oodles of concealer, I prefer not to use them. I don’t need more layers and a chance of crepey lines under my eyes.

MFT Ice is helping in many other ways as well. It helps fade dark circles while energizing the look of your under eye area. The gels helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and minimizes crows feet. It gives a more youthful appearance and goodness knows I need that with another birthday coming next month!

MST ICE 4P Max Eye Gel, more than enough for both eyes

Like Lisa I do have to be careful that I don’t get too much of the product out of the air tight container. I hold it close to my fingertip to sort of hold it back. I don’t want to waste this precious gel. This is sold through Ice Skin Care on Amazon.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  We will have 2 winners from the US or Canada who are Beauty Info Zone subscribers. Make sure that the email you are using on your entry form is one you read often since we’ve had winners lose out by not finding the winning email we send. Two musts for BIZ giveaways are being a subscriber and leaving the comment. All others are extras and help your chances. Tweeting daily really ups your opportunity too. The giveaway is over on New Year’s Eve, 12/31/17 and winners chosen on 1/2/18.

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The French have come to the US with Vivienne Sabó cosmetics at prices we can afford

When Beauty Info Zone learned about a new line of color cosmetics that has come to the US and is priced reasonably we were more than eager to jump on board. After all how often do we find chic looking products at prices under $12? Not often enough. There are two collections that Vivienne Sabó has available and we are sharing some of the products with you today and more later.

French cosmetics are known to be the best in the world. Traditions of high quality and unique Parisian style make them the most desirable for women all over the world. I am no exception. Paris has always inspired me, fueled me with energy, put me in a creative mood. Love and romance, the celebrated French lightness of being, and a beautiful story of Parisian girl, Vivienne Sabo, deeply touched my soul and encouraged me to make her dreams come true.” – says Natalia Rakoch, brand founder.

The collections are the Cabaret with different types of mascara including colored mascara along with their eyeshadow quartets.


The second collection to know about is the Mon General with some fabulous lip products, eyeliners, and more mascara.

Mon General

We’re giving you a taste of some of the great cruelty free products from both collections. Vivienne Sabó is a star when it comes to mascara. They are one of the few companies we’ve found that has colored mascaras reasonably priced as well as a big variety of styles so you can find what you prefer. Most French mascaras you can buy in the US are department store prices so we appreciate these $12 beauties. The place to purchase these is at Harmon Drugs and many of the products are available on Amazon.

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Vivienne Sabó

Besides mascara Vivienne Sabó has eyeliners in three styles as well as several eyeshadow palettes, Quartre Nuances. Of course I’ll start with an eyeshadow palette in Chocolat. Both the name and the palette are pleasing to my senses. The 4 shades are numbered and the directions inside help to create eyes the way it’s done in France.

Vivienne Sabó Chocolat Quatro Nuances

#1 is a dark shimmery chocolate is made to emphasize your eyelids. This has such incredible pigmentation to it. There’s a light golden shimmer to it. I can’t quite get enough of this shade.

#2 is a matte taupe shade that sort of looks boring in the palette but perks up on my eyes. The packaging directions say to apply shade 2 on the outer corners of your eyes and shade it along the crease. This is the shade they recommend for under your eyes too.

#3 is a golden taupe that looks darker in the palette so when the gold first appeared it surprised and delighted me! The directions show this on the upper mobile eyelid.

#4 is a creamy neutral that ties it all in together. I use it on the brow bone and it’s also recommended for the inner corners of your eyes.

Vivienne Sabó Chocolat Quatro Nuances (liners below)

All in all these 4 shades work together beautifully to create a daytime look or their smoky gorgeous Parisian look.

There’s also eyeliner to consider since I go nowhere without my eyeliner. There are three different types: 2 liquids and a pencil.

Vivienne Sabo eyeliners

I love a liquid eyeliner so I was thrilled to find Charbon ($8.99) in the package. This cruelty free liner is easy to use making either thick or thin lines. I like a thinner line and find that I get a very crisp line that doesn’t disappear on me. It’s also available in a waterproof version which would be even longer lasting and perfect for times you might begin to cry.

Vivienne Sabó Charbon liquid eyeliner

Vivienne Sabó Charbon liquid eyeliner

Most people prefer pencil eyeliners since you can smudge them and Vivienne Sabó hasn’t forgotten that. Regard Coquet is the name of this pencil and it too is a winner. It glides on easily and I have no trouble using a brush or sponge tip to smudge it. But it doesn’t smudge without your help. It’s meant to emphasize not to raccoon-ize.

Vivienne Sabó Regard Coquet pencil eyeliner


I tried two different mascaras from the collection which was neat because I could compare them side by side. I actually really like them both, but one in particular is a clear winner for me.

The first up is CABARET PREMIÈRE mascara by Vivienne Sabó. This has the type of wand I prefer – long with an easy to use brush that isn’t too bulky. I thought for sure this would be my favorite. The formula is meant for giving lashes tons of thick, dramatic volume.  

The brush is actually plastic and it’s called a Hytrel brush that is meant to curl lashes. I still had to use an eyelash curler because my lashes have zero curl, so I can’t attest to the curling power of this mascara. I do like this mascara – it gives decent volume, and it doesn’t smudge or smear. I like a little more length but am willing to forgive that if the mascara doesn’t give me raccoon eyes.

Wearing Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere Mascara

Here are my eyes with one coat of CABARET PREMIÈRE mascara.

Next, I tried EVENTAILLISTE mascara. I did not think this would be a favorite as the curved brush is not my thing. I have large eyes and those curved mascara brushes never quite work properly. The curved brush is meant to fan out and define lashes, and the formula is both volumizing and lengthening.

Vivienne Sabo Eventialliste Triple Effect Mascara

I am happy to report that EVENTAILLISTE mascara far exceeded my expectations! Just look at how incredible my lashes look with one coat of this mascara:

Wearing Vivienne Sabo Eventialliste Triple Effect Mascara

Eventialliste Mascara is the bomb. Ok, so the wand still isn’t my favorite…the curve doesn’t quite fit my eye, but it’s a minor quibble and I easily make it work. The formula is fantastic. I get length, I get volume, and it really does ‘fan’ out my lashes beautifully. The mascara never runs, flakes, or smears, yet it washes off easily when I want it to come off.  Great stuff, especially for just $12 a tube!!

We are really enjoying our Vivienne Sabó items and we know you will too!  Head on over to Harmon Drugs or Amazon for these chic and affordable treats.

FACE atelier Ultra Skin, a foundation for those who want it light and lovely

We have been fans of FACE atelier for years and years but they sort of fell off our radar for a while. Thank goodness for the internet because we are now able to get brands easily that we have had trouble with in the past. If you don’t know much about the brand we have done some reviews in the past (concealer, lip glaze) and now we’re excited about sharing Ultra Skin Foundation.


FACE atelier Ultra Skin

Here’s more to know about FACE atelier and how the Ultra Foundations got their beginning:

FACE atelier is an innovator within the beauty industry, offering a collection of sophisticated, versatile makeup that simply works and works simply. It’s a unique age and race neutral brand that was designed to be the first consumer brand that was truly good enough for professional makeup artists.

Founder Debbie Bondar created FACE atelier in part because she couldn’t find a foundation that matched her skin tone and was overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. She decided to develop an edited line of sophisticated, versatile, age and race neutral makeup that simply works, and works simply.  FACE atelier emphasizes innovation over imitation, offering easy-to-use products driven by quality, performance and originality.  The star of the line – Ultra Foundation – has its own cult following that includes Billy B, one of the most sought after A-list makeup artists in the world.

There are 11 shades in this very inclusive line so that everyone from the very fair to women of color should be able to find a shade that matches them. You can even buy samples on their website for $1 if you aren’t sure.

Now let’s learn if their claims pan out for the BIZ ladies.


I’m so happy that FACE atelier remembered us very pale tone ladies with 0.5. The shade is recommended for “neutral, very light complexion, blush undertone” which describes me to a T. I bought Ultra Foundation previously in #1 (cool, light complexion, yellow undertone) and in zero minus (white adjuster) to create a shade as light as 0.5 in Ultra Skin Foundation. Now I have just one product to use each day.

Wonderfully this is a fragrance free product that is vegan and oil-free.

FACE atelier Ultra Skin Foundation in 0.5

My blog partner Lisa loves primer but I’m the person who owns it and forgets to use it. I remember to use a serum every day but forget about the primer. So knowing that this foundation doesn’t need a primer or even a setting powder elevates it in my mind (and on my face).

It’s very lightweight and at first I even wonder if I have any coverage. Once its blended though I can see how perfectly it covers my redness and pores. If I feel the need to build it up I can do so easily just where I need it – I don’t have to build up all over, just spot build.

FACE atelier Ultra Skin

As I’ve gotten older (and older and older) I realize that the heavy coverage I used to think looked so good no longer does. It ages me so sticking with a lightweight coverage that really does cover is the answer to my skin’s wishes. FACE atelier, in its wonderful travel ready packaging, is absolute perfection.


FACE atelier Ultra Skin

So, as a primer junkie, and as someone who prefers full coverage, this didn’t sound like a Lisa foundation at all. However there’s lots to love about FACE atelier Ultra Skin and this has quickly become a favorite for me.

First, I love my primers because they help my foundation stay in place and keep it from sinking into my pores. Ultra Skin has a built in primer so I can skip that step and I still get the effect of a primer, so I’m sold in this area. Second, I need coverage for hyper-pigmentation and red areas, so I go for full coverage foundation. This foundation has a lighter coverage, but it is truly buildable, and I just blend in a little more over areas that need it. The end result is a lovely satin finish that looks beautiful.  I really like the silicone-based formula; my skin has always taken well to them, although I know some people aren’t fond of them. The silicones blur fine lines and wrinkles, and goodness knows I take every little bit of help I can get in that area!

FACE atelier Ultra Skin in 3 swatch

FACE atelier Ultra Skin in 3 swatch

My shade, 3, is described as cool, light complexion, yellow undertones. It’s almost a perfect match for my skin. I’m also very impressed with my total lack of need for powder – no oily, shiny nose with Ultra Skin Foundation, not even by the end of the day. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Overall, this is a very easy to use foundation in a terrific array of shades. We have nothing but raves for FACE atelier Ultra Skin – this is one to check out for sure!  FACE atelier is sold at Camera Ready Cosmetics and FACE atelier’s website.

Bring out your beauty by hiding it with Express Color

Yes the title is an oxymoron but so is Express Color. This is a double duty product made to camouflage both your grey hair and to emphasize your eyebrows. Here’s the basics of Express Color: “The Express Color Kit provides a fast, easy-to-use solution to covering new growth at the roots between permanent hair color applications.
It only takes a few minutes to brush or rub this semi-solid formula on your hair or scalp for an instant fix. It’s like make-up for your hair!” It’s also recommended for eyebrows. Express Color is a water-resistant hair cosmetic that washes out when you want it to wash out – not before then.


The kits contain The Express Color Compact that holds the color pan, an eyebrow brush and a hair applicator brush. It’s available in five shades so that everyone can find what they are looking for. ($29.95)

Marcia wears Drk Brn (aka Dark Brown)

I’ll admit that I didn’t read the instructions the first time I used Express Color. I knew it would help with my regrowth and that it was also for my brows but I didn’t realize it wasn’t a powder. It seemed difficult to pick up the color on the brush at first until I realized that this isn’t a powder. Instead it’s much better since it’s wax based which makes it longer wearing that isn’t going anywhere until I want to remove it.

Express Color

At first I used it just on my eyebrows since at that time my roots weren’t threatening to show the true me. I found it was a little harder to apply since I expected it to be a powder but once I got the hang of it I began using it daily. What I love about eyebrow use is that it lasts all day long. Absolutely no fading away or rubbing away. It’s smooth and makes no mess at all.

Express Color in Drk Brn

Once I get to the 3 week mark after having my hair tinted I have a few too many roots showing. And to no one’s surprise they don’t go away. I don’t like going to the salon too often so stretching it out with Express Color is the way to go. I’ve been using the larger brush that came with the kit to make the gray disappear. I start with my part and then brush more of the color around the part and through the top of my hair lightly. That makes it all blend in. Since it doesn’t come off at night I have clean pillowcases and no gray showing in the morning. I’ve also used it along my temples and the color doesn’t come off on my glass stems.

Express Color Drk Brn (after two uses)

In 2018 I’ll be on a 3 week trip and Express Color will be coming abroad with me. It won’t break or spill. It does double duty. It’s lightweight. And it wants to stay with me!

Lisa wears Med Brn (Medium Brown):

Express Color Medium Brown

Like Marcia, I was very surprised that the Express Color was a wax. It looks like a powder, so I couldn’t figure out why it was difficult to get pigment on the brushes…then it occurred to me it would be a great idea to read directions! I do prefer wax for eyebrows, actually, for two reasons. One, wax keeps my eyebrows in place.  Two, wax gives a bit of texture and doesn’t smear. So the wax was a happy discovery.

Express Color Medium Brown

Express Color Medium Brown

The Medium Brown is a perfect color for my medium brown hair. It’s just a shade or two lighter, which is what you want your eyebrows to be – slightly lighter than your hair color. It’s not so light that it doesn’t also work on my grey roots, thankfully. My gray roots happen to be WHITE, so it doesn’t really work on my part – I need heavy-duty help for that area. However, it does work wonders on those areas around my ears that I can’t easily get with root spray.

I definitely like the two brushes that are included in this set.

The larger brush is great for covering up gray areas, and the smaller one is the classic shape and size for eyebrows. These brushes are excellent quality and well worth the price point.

Overall, this is a terrific little set for bringing out your beauty by hiding what you just don’t want people to see!  You can find Express Color online at  Take a look to find your perfect color.

Ready for something new? Try Voula, the Serum Foundation

About this time of year we are usually thinking about how we can make our visages more lovely. With so many celebrations coming up looking our best is a priority. With the new VOULA Beauty Serum Foundation ($50) we’ve found a friend that is providing us with skin that looks better each day and will help us through the holidays and more.

Voula, Founder & Owner of Voula Beauty

Created by Stavroula Fotiou who was inspired by Greek beauty she decided to create her own collection. Armed with a passion for bio-active botanical ingredients, high-performance formulations, and the belief that luxury cosmetics should blend perfect pigments, incredible finishes, and extraordinary ingredients, she created the brand she had always dreamed of.  This foundation comes in 8 shades:

01 – Very fair with neutral undertones; for very fair skin

02 – Fair with light yellow undertones; for fair skin

03 – Light with neutral undertones; for light skin

04 – Light-Medium with neutral undertones; for light to medium skin

05 – Tan with neutral undertones; for medium skin

06 – Warm honey tan with yellow undertones; for medium skin

07 – Caramel tan with peachy yellow undertones; for medium to dark skin

08 – Golden dark tan with peachy yellow undertones; for medium to dark

In addition to the shade selection, the formula is serum based with an ingredient called SEPILIFT DPHP, which hydrates, firms, and fights wrinkles, making it a terrific multi-tasker. It also has mastic, ‘an aromatic resin from the bark of a tree that grows on the Greek island of Chios and has been used for health and beauty since the time of the ancient Greeks.’ Mastic tighten pores and reduces shine, another reason to give this foundation a try!


Marcia wears both Shade 01 and Shade 02

With 8 shades to choose from and a terrific comparison chart I was able to find two shades that match me well. Both Shades 1 and 2 work well for me with 01 being the best match. VOULA compares 01 to MAC NW15 and Bobbi Brown Porcelain which are the exact shades I wear in those two brands. But I find that 02 (MAC NC20 and BB Ivory) also works well for me and I’m the only one who can notice a difference.

Voula Serum Foundation

Let me tell you why I like this Serum Foundation so much…

First it’s fragrance free which is a priority for me.

Second it blends so easily no matter what tool I use. I’ve used my fingers, my IT Cosmetics Heavenly Lush brush, my Artis brush, and a cosmetic beauty blender sponge (or two) and each one gives me what I want – coverage that’s light to medium weight that makes me feel wonderful.

Voula Shade 01 and 02

This is a water based serum foundation that doesn’t mask your face. My “freckles” show through but not my unevenness. It can be layered but I’ve never found the need to do so. I’ve been alternating between the 2 shades and different tools and find that I’m always happy with the finish. I don’t need to powder everywhere to set it either which is what I prefer. Shade 01 has a lighter, cooler undertone with a hint of peach while Shade 02 is a warmer more beige tone.

Voula Shade 01 and 02

This is a very happy find and one that I’ll be using for months to come.

Lisa wears both Shade 03 and Shade 04

I am totally bowled over by this foundation. It’s fantastic.

Voula The Serum Foundation in Shades 03 and 04

The shades I have are very forgiving. I can use either the 03 or the 04 shade. The 03 is lighter and slightly cooler in tone, so while it will be a perfect match for me mid-December, right now I use it with a bit of 04 mixed in, or I use the 04 all by itself.

Voula The Serum Foundation Shades 03 and 04

Voula The Serum Foundation Shades 03 and 04

I love the texture of this creamy liquid. It looks so natural on – Voula The Serum Foundation is a foundation that really melds with skin and becomes one with it; it doesn’t just sit on top of the skin. I also love the coverage. It covers everything that needs to be covered – my hyperpigmentation, my blue areas like that pesky vein, any blemishes that popped up just to annoy me. In fact, I don’t need to worry about much concealer, just a little under my eyes.

I love that I hardly need to powder my nose during the day. This foundation has amazing lasting power, and it really does make my pores seem tiny and practically eliminates my shiny nose syndrome, but it doesn’t make my skin look dry and flat like matte or powder foundations can.

I don’t use much, just a small squirt on my steel palette, then I use my IT Cosmetics foundation brush to buff it in – it takes about two minutes for perfect coverage that looks fantastic all day long. I am super impressed.

Wearing Voula The Serum Foundation Shades 03 and 04

You can find Voula The Serum Foundation online at – we hope you check out this beautiful foundation, we know you will be happy you did!

Want to look younger? Us too! Heliocare Dietary Supplements

Heliocare Supplements

Dietary supplements aren’t something the BIZ writes about often – they have to be mighty special to inspire one of us to tackle a rather personal subject. Heliocare is so special we BOTH decided to write about it for a side by side post!

One reason the BIZ likes this supplement so much is that the company is local for us – it’s located in Ferndale, Michigan, which is practically in our backyards. But besides that, Lisa and Marcia had such great experiences with the Heliocare supplement they decided it was well worth both weighing in on the topic.


Heliocare Supplements

Heliocare Supplements

LISA SAYS:  When I think of what I NEED in my diet, my mind typically goes right to ‘CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!” Not the healthiest choice, but hey….they have milk in them, right? Eggs? Sounds like breakfast to me!

What I am trying to say is that I am very lazy when it comes to diet and my health. I go for easy. Same goes for supplements. If it isn’t easy, I’m not going to do it. Thankfully, Heliocare is as easy as chocolate chip cookies for breakfast…only much better for you.  The dosage is just 1 capsule in the morning. That’s it. Not even two a day!

This is one too many!!

I can do one a day. And what does one of these babies a day do for me? It gives me younger looking skin thanks to the Fernblock PLE Technology, which is an antioxidant formula.  I can do that too – why not fight those free radicals on the inside with my supplement as well as on the outside with my skin care?

Heliocare has studied this formula and the effects with dermatologists for over 25 years. The science is there – and it works. This is a supplement to add to your regimen, whether you are careful and organized or a bit of a mess like me!


Heliocare Dietary Supplement

I had a great experience when taking Heliocare supplements which is why they are wonderful for me to continue with. The main result I had with these is that they made my hair grow in fuller and stronger. About halfway through my 60 day supply of these vegetarian capsules I started noticing the difference in my hair. I thought it was from the biotin pills I take but realized that it was more than the biotin doing something for me.

When I read about these dietary supplements it mostly talked about using them for fitness so it’s a double bonus for me that it helps my hair and skin too.

Heliocare Dietary Supplement

Heliocare is all about protecting us from free radicals. I see that term all the time but now I truly understand it thanks to Heliocare.

So, what are free radicals?

“Let’s get technical – a free radical is a molecule that’s missing at least one electron, causing it to be negatively charged. In an effort to remain neutral, free radicals seek electrons from healthy cells. This process leaves healthy cells damaged, and sets off a chain reaction. Unfortunately, free radicals are a part of our everyday life. They can be generated by the environment, sun exposure, certain foods, excessive alcohol and yes, even exercise.  High levels of free radicals in the body have been linked to a number of medical conditions and premature aging.”


Powerful, unique, and clinically proven antioxidant properties — all in a single capsule. With some supplements you can feel them as you swallow but that’s not the case with these. They go down smoothly, have no aftertaste, don’t come back at me, and are working to help my skin and hair remain more resilient. I may not be a doctor but I know what works for me personally and these certainly do.

You can find Heliocare at Walgreens and Walmart locations nationwide; and (sign up to get a $3 coupon) or $30 for 60 capsules, $15 for 30 capsules.