Anniversary Giveaway from Good Earth Beauty and Lee-Lai

logo-good-earth-beautyI knew that the title would get you right away. Who doesn’t love to win something? When Good Earth Beauty learned it was our anniversary they kindly sent over some deluxe samples of their products for us to use in a giveaway. There will be three US/Canada winners so read on to learn about Good Earth Beauty and Lee-Lai and what you can win.good earth beauty giveaway

Good Earth Beauty Shower Whips deluxe sample size

Good Earth Beauty Shower Whips deluxe sample size

Good Earth Beauty Shower Whip is one delightful product. It’s currently available in 5 fragrances and more may be on the way. This is one of Good Earth Beauty’s most popular products. good earth beauty shower whips

Shower Whips are exfoliating shower soaps. No need for any other cleansers since these do double duty. You can use these on your face and body! I have two of these in the giveaway – the amazing Chocolate Amour and and the incredible Pink Lemonade.

Chocolate Amour Scent Description –  A seductive and lingering chocolate fragrance – the unsweetened chocolate acts as an aphrodisiac with notes of vanilla and bitter orange. An ideal fragrance to offer for your chocoholics.

Good Earth Beauty Chocolate Amour Shower Whip

Good Earth Beauty Chocolate Amour Shower Whip

Pink Lemonade Scent Description – Recapture your youth with this memory provoking fragrance. Includes top notes of lemon, orange and pineapple. Sweet strawberry and lime at the heart. Concludes with a creamy vanilla base.

Good Earth Beauty Pink Lemonade Shower Whip

Good Earth Beauty Pink Lemonade Shower Whip

Good Earth Beauty Shower Whip open

Good Earth Beauty Shower Whip open

Which one would win your heart? Hard to choose with these descriptions. And the creaminess is intoxicating.
Good Earth Beauty carries a huge variety of natural and organic products (only cruelty free ones) so it should be a go-to site for all your Earth Day needs. One of their many brands is Lee-Lai Natural Skincare.lee lai

I was sent two of their bath & body deluxe samples for this giveaway. The first is Lee-Lai Camelia & Coconut All Over Body Oil. If you haven’t joined the body oil club then you don’t know what you are missing. These oils aren’t oily, they are meant to exfoliate, smooth & renew your skin. You’ll love the feel of your body with an oil on.

Lei-Lai All Over Oil

Lei-Lai All Over Oil

Lee-Lai Rose Hip + Shea Body Cream with Lavender & Jasper is a matching body cream meant to repair, hydrate, and protect. Together these make a mighty duo.  —  Marcia

Good Earth Beauty has free shipping on their products and I have a 10% off code to use on their amazing site: BEAUTY10.  Just add that at checkout and you’ll get an extra 10% off!

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: Today’s anniversary giveaway will have 3 winners – 1 winner for GEB Chocolate Amour Shower Whip, 1 winner for GEB Pink Lemonade Shower Whip, and 1 winner for both Lee-Lei products. But the giveaway doesn’t stop there. If you are one of the three winners you’ll receive a package of goodies that includes eye colors, lip colors, skincare samples, haircare samples. As many as I can fit in the package will be yours.

By now you should know the routine: You MUST be an email subscriber of Beauty Info Zone and you MUST comment. Without those two you are o.u.t. The 3 winners can be from the US or Canada. This giveaway ends on 5/2/17 at 11:59 pm EST. If comments close please email me at and label it Good Earth Beauty.

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*items received to facilitate giveaway

Make your shower Be Delectable with these luscious items

beDelectable Lemon & Cream Shower delights

be Delectable Lemon & Cream Shower delights

Whatever you do, don’t take a shower for granted. I know I never will again. When I was away from home recovering from my accident and then learning to walk without pain, I dreamt about taking a hot shower and in my dreams were these three products from be Delectable. They were sent for review before I fell and I put them aside to photograph before moving them into my shower.  I was miserable when I was in rehabilitation and one of the reasons was not being able to easily take a shower. I’d lay in my hospital bed dreaming of the unbelievable aroma of Lemon & Cream items from be Delectable. Even worse once I got home I couldn’t get upstairs for over a month to jump into my shower with be Delectable.

Now the situation has changed and I live for my daily showers. I sit there with my Lemon & Cream Supremely Rich Body Wash ($10) and the Lemon & Cream Super Smoothing Body Polish ($14) by my side. It’s wonderful!

be Delectable Supremely Rich Body Wash

be Delectable Supremely Rich Body Wash

be Delectable Body  Wash

be Delectable Body

I soap up with the rich and bubbly Body Wash and get myself clean. The scent is divine, it’s a little bit lemon and a little bit sweet cream. It’s not the least bit overpowering. My skin feels extremely refreshed and yet still moisturized with this body wash. It’s not drying like some products in this category can be. It’s enriched with both aloe vera and coconut oil to hydrate your body.

be Delectable Super Smoothing Body Polish

be Delectable Super Smoothing Body Polish

I’ve become devoted to exfoliation after my ordeal. I couldn’t believe how dry my skin became from all I had gone through. My skin was flaking to the extreme. I’d wake up in the morning and see another set of skin on my sheets. I’m not going without exfoliation these days and the Body Polish is perfect for daily use. It’s gentle yet effective. It contains very finely ground apricot shells to do the exfoliation. Since that’s a product of nature, you aren’t jamming up the waterways with microbeads. I use a washcloth after to make sure that I’ve gotten it all off and usually follow up with the Body Wash.

be Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion

be Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion

be Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion

be Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion

Once out of the shower I add to this with the Triple Moisture Body Lotion. My trifecta! This lotion is perfect for me since it’s rich but not sticky. I can put on a pair of slacks quickly without feeling I’m mucking up the inside. The lotion is moisturizing and keeping that extra skin from flaking all over. It contains aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter to keep your skin soft. Plus the fragrance is perfect with the Body Wash and Body Polish. I love it when I catch a soft whiff of lemon during the day.

Be Delectable is a division of Cake Beauty so you know just from the names of these two companies that you are in for something to delight your senses. Their products come in 4 different scents: Strawberry & Cream, Vanilla & Cream, Coconut & Cream, and my wonderful choice of Lemon & Cream. (Lisa has reviewed some other products and scents that you can read with this link.)

Look at this cute trio! It would not only make a great gift but it’s a perfect way to try out the products and see what scent you like. ($14)

be Delectable trio

be Delectable trio

  • Be Delectable Lemon & Cream Body Wash (60 mL)
  • Be Delectable Lemon & Cream Hair & Body Wash (60 mL)
  • Be Delectable Lemon & Cream Body Lotion (60 mL)

What’s wonderful about be Delectable products is that they are sold at Kohl’s (as well as online). If you are a Kohl’s shopper then you know about their coupons and rewards which are wonderful. You can indulge in some wonderful products for yourself and use your rewards for gifts (or vice versa). No guilt involved with these three delicious items or the be Delectable line.

Which of the available scents would be your favorite? You know I’m all about this lemon! — Marcia

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Top Ten Tuesday – what’s in my shower

Top Ten Tuesday has decided to reveal what’s in our shower (or bathtub) this week. While I’m picking 10 items that are in my shower you need to know that this is at THIS moment. Shower items change all the time. The products in there actually get used up which is a rarity in my life. I’d probably have a lot more in the shower if it weren’t for my DH who hates moving things around and limits me. All of the items listed are Top 10 material.  — Marcia

Top 10 Shower

1. Brocato Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo* – a review is coming so watch for it since this is a wonderful product.

2. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo*
3. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Conditioner* – these two are new for me and I’ve just been testing them a short time but the purpose of these is to cut down the time to blow dry. What you need to know is that this works! These two products definitely cut time and leave my hair looking good. A review will follow on these too.

4. DermOrganic Intense Hair Masque* – I only have to use a mask twice a month and this one is terrific. It does a great job on moisturizing my hair.

5. Venus Divine Razor
6. Razorpouch* – I recently reviewed this handy holder. It’s great for travel and for keeping the clutter down in my shower.

7. Shave with Benefits – I’m a broken record with this product since it’s my #1 preference for shaving.

8. Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, Unscented – my ob/gyn recommended unscented Dove to me 25 years ago and I’ve used it ever since. No more gyn infections!

9. Algenist Multi-Perfecting Detoxifying Exfoliator* – that’s a mouthful but it’s worth the mouthful. This is part of Algenist’s Pore Minimizing Line and this facial exfoliator is great to help minimize pores.

10. SpaSonic* – since this is waterproof it’s a good tool to keep in the shower. It’s gentler than an ultrasonic machine which I like early in the morning. It’s good for me to get all of my Algenist Exfoliator off plus I can use it on my feet and body.

So there’s the 10. Most of these are items I love using all the time, hair products get changed more often than the rest and I’m in the market for a new shower wash so I can’t wait to read what my blogger buddies are going to teach me. Please click on these bloggers icons so you can learn what other items are loved.

*starred items are samples

Introducing Make Me Smooth

I want to introduce you to what I consider the best bath and body care products around. The line is called Make Me Smooth and it’s the creation of a wonderful woman named Nancy. I’m a little prejudiced about Nancy and Make Me Smooth which I’ll admit right off the bat. Nancy is most likely the reason I’ve got a blog even though she wouldn’t think so. In 1998 Nancy owned a new website called Emakemeup. It was a beauty forum which also had a review board attached. I started reading the reviews and slowly but surely became a part of Emakemeup. I applied to be a reviewer and happily remember the day I was accepted. My first review was for products from Calvin Klein. Looking back I realize my attempt was a little crude but it was my start and I’ll never forget that. When I met Lisa I invited her to join us and she became part of the history too.

Nancy had a fledgling line back then which was called Make Me Up. She sold cosmetics at first and then created her own line of bath and body products. Not being a fan of fragranced items due to migraines, it took me a while before I heeded the raves of others at Emakemeup and started adding a few products onto my orders. As cosmetics were phased out, the site was renamed Make Me Smooth. Soon it was all I ordered.

Here’s why I love the products
1. Every item is made by scratch just for you. Nothing is pre-made.
2. Make Me Smooth is made with the finest ingredients
3. It’s a labor of love for Nancy and her family
4. Everything Make Me Smooth sells has been created by Nancy, they are products she’s designed and cooked up through her own experimentation.
5. Her scent library is phenomenal. She has over 320 scents that you can choose from and she is always creating new ones.
6.  You are the boss. When you order from Make Me Smooth you pick the product, the fragrance and the intensity of the fragrance. For someone like me who is gun-shy about how items smell I can order my items to be made in Light yet my best friend (who I met thru Emakemeup) orders everything in heavy. We are equally thrilled because we’ve got exactly what we want.
7. The products that Make Me Smooth carries are varied; you can buy hand washes, body creams, shower gels, fragrances and so much more. And like I said, you’re the boss. You pick the exact scent and strength that you desire.


What do I get out of writing this article? Absolutely nothing but the pleasure of sharing this brand with you. If there’s a discount or a special, it’s the same for everyone. We all get the same individualized service and freshly created products. Orders are made in the order received so no one gets preferential treatment. Being a small company you will have to wait for your order and the wait can be excruciating because once you make up your mind you’ll be dying to get that package in the mail. Once it comes you’ll realize why it was worth any wait. Nancy keeps people infomed through Facebook and on a sidebar on the site on the timing of products as well as announcing her special sales. All Make Me Smooth products are Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Artificial Colour-Free, Not Tested On Animals, Vegan-Friendly!

Here’s a little about my favorite items but this is a drop in the bucket compared to how many items they create –

1)      Handy Wash: Personally I’m addicted to Handy Wash. It’s a creamy handwash that keeps my hands well moisturized.  I was without this product for a long time and I see a difference when I don’t use it.  Here’s the description: “Gentle, sls-free cleansers lather up all creamy-good to get the nitty gritty cleansing job done, while skin loving Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerine, and Avocado Oil delete stripping, attract moisture and refresh the hands.” $12.95 8 oz

Handy Wash

2)      Foaming Shower Meringue: This makes taking a shower fun! It’s so creamy and gentle on my skin. You put on this lovely cream and it foams up making shower time fun! “Cleansing Skins Lavishly, Everywhere! Give your body beautiful a fabulous treat every time you shower! Rich, creamy lather completely cleanses skin without strip, while skin-soothing Babassu Butter, and emollient Cherry Kernel and Sunflower oils lightly moisturize and protect the skin.” This is available in 4 sizes from $3.50 to $14.95.

Foaming Shower Meringue

3)      Babe Cakes: A super rich body cream. If you have dry arms and legs you need this. It goes on so smoothly and after a few minutes sinks in to moisturize you all day long. “Body Butter. Indulging Skins, Everywhere! Sinfully rich, this super-smoother brings skin back to its ultimate place of comfort. At your skin’s service to soothe and protect. Indulge with Babe Cakes Body Butter, often! Key Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Shea Butter.”  This is also available in 4 sizes from $3.50 to $18.95

Make Me Smooth Bake Cakes

As much as I like and respect the owner of Make Me Smooth, I wouldn’t be buying if I didn’t love the products. Like my mom always used to say to me, the world’s pickiest eater, “try it Marcia, you might like it”. Well I tried it and I not only like it, I love it! I’m sure you will too. — Marcia

Here’s another wonderful update! A coupon code of “beautyiz15” is being set up for readers of this blog for 15% off your order. This will be available through the end of March. Thanks so much to Make Me Smooth for offering that to us all.

More information that I forgot

1) The information about the intensity of scents is at checkout. You can order it in UNSCENTED as well as light, medium, heavy.

2) If you have special requests, like totally vegan friendly, you can email Nancy through Make Me Smooth to ask if products can be made that way.

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