Giveaway from Shannon’s Soaps

Shannon’s Soaps has been a favorite here at the BIZ for a several years. Shannon creates wonderful soaps, lotions, scrubs…you name the body product and Shannon does it right. Everything she makes is of the highest quality, smells amazing, and works!
Shannon's Soaps Mini Bar Sampler

Shannon’s Soaps Mini Bar Sampler

Shannon is giving away a wonderful Mini Bar Sampler Pack to a lucky Beauty Info Zone reader so you can try three of her handmade soaps for yourself. This sampler includes Fate, a beautiful mysterious scent; Eucalyptus-Spearmint with Sea Clay, an invigorating minty scent infused with sea clay; and Strawberries & Champagne, exotic oils and butters mixed with an erotic, exotic scent.
super cute packaging

super cute packaging

You could be the lucky winner!

You could be the lucky winner!

These Mini Bar Sampler sets make fantastic shower gifts. Shannon does custom colors, scents, and labels. She also does quantity discounts (priced by the 3-lb loaf – so, 11 or 12 “normal-sized” bars or 30 sample-sized bars) and can cut the bars to various sizes as required.

Take a look at Shannon’s Soaps website and see what fabulous bath time treats await, and don’t forget to enter to win a Mini Bar Sampler set for yourself!  – Lisa
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*giveaway provided by Shannon’s Soaps
Fate Soap ingredients:  saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive, sunflower, castor, fragrance, iron oxide red
Eucalyptus-Spearmint with Sea Clay ingredients:  saponified oils of palm, tallow, coconut, olive; essential oils of eucalyptus, spearmint; sea clay
Strawberries & Champagne ingredients:  saponified oils of palm, coconut, sweet almond, shea butter, mango butter, argan; fragrance; iron oxide red pigment

Summer fun from Shannon’s Soaps

Summer is here.  On my beauty list for seasonal readiness:

1.  Shave legs and underarms

2.  Smell amazing

Where do I go to accomplish these tasks? Shannon’s Soaps, a fabulous etailer site with everything you need to get clean and smell good. Shannon sent the BIZ a few products to try, and here are some must-have’s for summer.

You’ve got to try the Shaving Soap (2.5 – 3.5 oz round: $4.00 each) for women, this comes in the scent Heavenly. Heavenly is a floral that definitely has rose in it. It’s a pretty but subtle scent that I really like.

Shannon's Soaps Saving Soap in Heavenly

Shannon’s Soaps Saving Soap in Heavenly

The Shaving Soap is made of saponified oils of palm, coconut, shea butter, grapeseed oil, walnut, and macadamia nut; plus of course fragrance.

soapy goodness

soapy goodness

The Shaving Soap creates a beautiful foam that is thick, but not as thick as shaving cream. That’s a good thing when shaving legs and underarms – too much foam makes for a clogged razor.

perfect for a close shave

perfect for a close shave

While you can put this in a mug and use a brush to work up the beautiful foam, I go for the no fuss direct application. I just smooth this soap over my legs and it becomes a creamy goodness that softens hair and makes for a fabulous, perfect shave. The lather rinses easily and cleanly out of your razor, making shaving much less of a chore. Believe me, your signficant other is going to try to steal this from you – so hide it well and enjoy easy shaving that results in super smooth skin.

Shannon's Soaps Sun and Sand Soap

Shannon’s Soaps Sun and Sand Soap

Next on my list for summer is to smell good. I like scents that are summer specific, and I have long been a fan of Bobbi Brown’s Beach. This fantastic cake of soap smells just like the BB fragrance – sea spray, sand, jasmine, salt, and mandarin. It instantly transports me to the beach.  

smells like summer!

smells like summer!

The Sun and Sand Soap (2.5 – 3 oz round: $3.00 each; 3.8 – 4.2 oz bars: $4.00 each) is made of saponified oils of palm coconut, olive, sunflower, castor; fragrance; ultramarine blue; and chromium oxide green. This is a hard bar that doesn’t melt away and it gives great lather with the perfect amount of scent. I think this is the ultimate summer bar of soap.

Shannon’s Soaps has all kinds of awesome products from bath salts to body lotion to body balm. Definitely check it out for all your summertime bath and body needs!  – Lisa

*pr samples

Super summer scents from Shannon’s Soaps

One of my favorite stores for handmade body products is Shannon’s Soaps.  Her products are the highest quality, they work great and they smell even better.  Here are three of my must-haves for summer.

Shannon’s Soaps Jasmine Balm

Shannon recommended the Jasmine Balm ($5.00) to me and I am so glad she did!  If you have itchy skin, dry cuticles, chapped lips…you need this, stat!

Jasmine Balm on the inside

Not only is this balm fantastic at healing your skin, it also smells flipping amazing.  I am not kidding.  It is the best jasmine scent out there.  I put this in my purse and find myself taking it out just to take a big whiff every so often.  It also works as a great hair pomade/wax, and a tiny bit smoothed over fly aways makes them disappear.

Shannon’s Soaps Salt Bar in Sex on the Beach

If you want to make sure you are beautifully exfoliated for your summer faux tan, you need Sex on the Beach ($3.00).  No, not the drink…or the act…both are great, but not for exfoliating.  Shannon’s Sex of the Beach Salt Bar is a terrific way to get exfoliated and clean at the same time.

See the super fine salt?

I think this bar looks good enough to eat.  The salt in it is just perfect, it’s actually a fine dendritic salt instead of fine sea salt.  So while you do feel the scrubbiness, it’s nowhere near being harsh on your skin.  Plus each salt bar is superfatted 20% for conditioning with 60% salt for exfoliating.

This is a just a gorgeous bar – and it smells gorgeous too!

I used to order Sex on the Beach at the bar just so I could say that to the bartender.  Now I ask my hubby if he wants to join me for some Sex on the Beach, and then I make him scrub my back with this!!

Yummy – Tropical Coconut Soap!!

And my final must-have summer item from Shannon’s Soaps is the Tropical Coconut Soap (3.8 – 4.2 oz bar is $4.00).  Her soaps are terrific – they foam up perfectly, moisturize the skin, and have just enough scent to be heavenly.  This one is a six oil soap with macadamia nut oil, palm, coconut, olive, castor, and sunflower oils.  It’s the perfect summer scent and my go-to summer soap.

If you haven’t checked out Shannon’s Soaps yet, now is a great time with all the perfect summer products!  – Lisa

*pr samples

Awesome etailer alert: Shannon’s Soaps bath and body products

Bath Fizzies

I adore bath and body products, and when I come across a new line that has really great stuff, I am just super excited to share – so if I use a million superlatives, please forgive me!!  But I am jumping up and down with happiness over Shannon’s Soaps, a truly fantastic etailer site with tons of products that belong in everyone’s washroom.

Shannon was a chemistry major in college, and after graduating she worked in a transplant immunology lab.  She went on to become a teacher, and then a stay at home mom.  Her husband had difficulties finding soaps that didn’t irritate his sensitive skin, so Shannon put her chemistry background to use and developed her own products.  Shannon says she makes  “actual soap made by traditional methods with quality ingredients. I’ve added other bath and body products, like hand-made lotions, bath salts, and bath bombs, all made with a focus on mild skin care.”  All of her products are great for any skin type, and I have to say I fell in love with everything that I tried.

I adore her super cute Bath Fizzies (small 2 – 2.5oz. — $1.75, large 4 – 4.5oz. — $3.50) that fizz like Alka Seltzer when you drop them into the bath.  Two fizzies come in a little mesh bag, and if you have problems getting your kids to take baths, this just may be your answer.

Could these be any sweeter??

Like pretty much everything she sells, Shannon makes these fresh when you order them.  You can choose from a nice selection of scents that vary from beachy scents to manly ones.  She will also make them without any dye if you’d like – the dye doesn’t change the color of your bath water, by the way.  I tried the Fruit Punch scent and it was nicely subtle, not too sweet, and the fizzies made my bath water soothing.  My skin was super soft afterward as these are made with lots of sea salt and conditioning oils like shea butter.

Bath salts

The Bath Salts (small 2.5oz. — $3, medium 5oz. — $4, large 10oz. — $7.50) are pretty terrific, too.  The scent choices are often the same between products, so you can layer scents or mix and match.  The salts Shannon uses are from the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean.  They are full of minerals that are so good for you, it’s a perfect way to relax sore muscles.

looks so refreshing!

I tried the Island Breeze scent, which is fabulously tropical and not at all overwhelming.  The bath salts leave your skin lightly scented and beautifully smooth thanks to the sweet almond/grapeseed oil.  Shannon will scent them with whatever you choose, and it’s so fun to match scents with other products likes soaps and lotions.  She will also dye them whatever color you want, or she will make them without dye if you prefer.

Salt Bar – Beach Baby

Now here is one fantastic exfoliating bar – this one is called the Beach Baby Exfoliating Salt Bar (4 – 4.5 oz bars: $4.00 each ).  This is absolute perfection for getting your skin ready to faux-tan.  This soap is made from coconut oil so it’s extremely moisturizing, it’s superfatted 10% to really condition the skin, and it has 60% coarse sea salt to exfoliate.

scrubby side

I am usually not a fan of salt scrubs, I prefer sugar scrubs because the scrubbiness (is that word??) is finer and won’t scratch the skin.  But this bar is awesome, the scrubbies work great and aren’t the least bit scratchy.

smooth side

The smooth side is just a beautiful, moisturizing soap that lathers up nicely.  I like to scrub first with the scrubbie side, then rinse, then wash with the smooth side.  It has a nice, soft beachy scent that smells wonderfully clean.  This one is a real winner.

Chocolate Marble Soap

I also tried the Chocolate Marble Soap (4 – 4.5 oz bars: $4.00 each, 2.5 – 3 oz round: $3.00 each).

looks good enough to eat

This soap is made with cocoa butter and cocoa powder.  It doesn’t have chocolate scent added, the slight chocolate is a natural scent and the coloring is from the cocoa powder.  I love this soap, it has such a beautiful, thick lather and it’s just fun to wash with it!

Tropical Coconut Body Cream

I think my favorite product of all is the Tropical Coconut Body Cream (2 oz. jar:  $4.50, 4 oz. jar:  $7.50).  I am a real lover of coconut scents, and this one did NOT disappoint.  The lotion is thick and creamy, it’s a shea butter-based lotion that also has sweet almond oil and olive oil.  And the fragrance?  Deep, rich, gorgeous coconut.  It’s so awesome I find myself standing in my bathroom with the open jar, just inhaling for a few minutes.  It is soooooo good.

luxurious...and smells amazing!!

All of Shannon’s body lotions are made from select oils, butters, and other moisturizing, good for you ingredients.  She has four pre-mixed scents (Cocoa Butter Love, Pepperminty, Autumn Sunshine, and the flipping fantastic Tropical Coconut), or you can design your own!

Truly, everything I tried was a winner.  And there are so many other items that look spectacular – like the Fancy Nut Shaving Soap, Almond Mint Soap, Cocoa Butter Love Lotion, Tropical Coconut Bath Salts that I could color purple just because that’s my favorite color…oh I could go on and on!

The best thing about Shannon’s Soaps is the customer service.  It’s totally personalized, this is company that really takes care of its customers.  I can see these items as being fabulous guest gifts for a wedding shower or a baby shower, especially since you can customize everything.  If you love bath and body items like I do, then this is definitely a site to check out ASAP.  – Lisa

 *pr samples

Bath Fizzies Ingredients:  baking soda, citric acid, medium grain sea salts, conditioning oils (almond with grapeseed oil, shea butter, or cocoa butter), fragrance or essential oils, and D&C or FD&C dyes.  Can also be made dye-free.

Bath Salts Ingredients:  various sizes of European sea salts and coarse Dead Sea salts, conditioning oils like almond, grapeseed, and/or shea butter, essential or fragrance oils, and D&C or FD&C dyes.  Can also be made dye-free.

Beach Baby Salt Bar Ingredients:  saponofied oil of coconut, coarse sea salts, fragrance oil, ultramarine blue.