$5 wonder product from Reviva Labs: Eye Makeup Remover Gel

reviva eye makeupAs I was using the REVIVA LABS Eye Makeup Remover Gel last night I was thinking about stocking up on it. I received this one when I mentioned I wanted to try it and now that I have it I want more! What I didn’t know until I started writing this review is that this is only $5. The price only enhances my feelings for how great this gem is.

Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel

Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel

What makes this eye makeup remover different is that it’s a gel. Most removers I’ve tried are either pads or duo phase liquids. I even did a Makeup Wars post on my favorite remover. Mary Kay won that and I still like it and will continue to use it. But Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel has moved up the ladder and is tied with Mary Kay.

This remover contains Cornflower Extract, Allantoin, Camomile, and Eyebright Extract and is very gentle on my eyes. This gel is moisturizing and not the least bit oily. I feel like my eyes are more conditioned after using this. There’s no residue left either.

Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel

Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel

This 2 oz plastic bottle will travel well, I’ll put it in a small ziploc bag and maybe put a piece of tape over the opening. I can carry it on or put it in my luggage knowing I’ll have a comforting gel wherever I go.

Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel

Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel

There are two things that make Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel a standout product for me. First is that it never stings and never bothers my eyes. Second is that this is the only eye makeup remover that dissolves heavy duty mascara like Maybelline Lash Sensation. I was having a heck of a time removing the Maybelline so even though I loved the look, I was reluctant to wear it too often. And then came Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel. Now it removes so easily that I can continue wearing the mascara without worrying about losing lashes.

One of the blogs I follow is written by Olivia, The Unknown Beauty Blog, and she’s got a great use for this that I never would have thought of – she uses it as a mixing medium for pigments. I think that’s why I wanted to try this so much. Definitely read her review and learn more.

Then get to Reviva Labs or one of the natural food/product stores that carries this great line and put down your $5. You won’t be sorry. — Marcia

*sent for editorial consideration but opinions are 100% mine


Makeup Wars 2013 Beauty Resolutions

Makeup Wars is back for 2013’s first edition which of course is New Year’s Resolutions. While it may sound a tiny bit trite you know darn well that this group of amazing beauty bloggers are all going to have their own spin on things.

I’ve made several resolutions that are all beauty related. I know that the diet and exercise things are beauty resolutions but have you ever compared a Weight Watchers meeting or the gym on January 4th and February 4th? It’s like you are on different planets. Instead I tried to make resolutions that I’ve got a good chance of following through on.

Resolution one is one I began as soon as I started making my list for this post – TAKE CARE OF MY LIPS. I’m terrible about remembering to use all the potions I have to keep my lips looking younger and moister. I start with good intentions but I don’t always remember. So I’ve lined up what I need in my bathrooms.

In my master bathroom I’ve been using Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore*. While I’ve only tried the Lip Restore I’m amazed by the fact that you can get 4 glosses and this for $15! Collagen Tinted Lip Restore helps to redefine the lip line and create softer, smoother younger-looking lips, with just a hint of colour and sheen. It contains Torricelumn and Collagen to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is very lightly tinted – I find it’s like a “my lips but better” flush. I apply it as soon as I start getting ready and later apply lip color. When I go into that bathroom I like to add some more if my lips are color free.

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

eliz grant lip collagen on finger

In my extra bath (where I clean up at night) I’ve been using Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub*. This is a very dry lip scrub that I like to use in the evening to exfoliate my lips. It’s a little bit sugar and a little bit salt. I rub it on with my finger, scrub around and lick it off. I try to do this before I wash up though since I end up with some of the scrub on my face. It smells just like freshly popped popcorn. I LOVE popcorn and this is a calorie free treat for me! It doesn’t scratch like some exfoliators do. Plus it’s starting to keep my lips looking better and less chapped.lush popcorn scrub

I follow up with Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick as my nighttime lip moisturizer. This inexpensive stick of delight is only $4 and can be used on eyes and lips, day or night. It even has SPF 15. The reason I chose this to use at night especially is that it’s not fragranced so it won’t keep me up sniffing. Fragrance is fine during the day but not for me at night. Plus I can rub a little on dry spots on my face if I’m tossing and turning and need something to do.

Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick

Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick

Resolution two has to do with that extra bathroom. I need to start getting ready earlier in the evening. For some reason I wait until it’s time to go to bed and then I remove my makeup and put on my skincare. I need to change that. I sometimes get too tired to actually wash even though I have awesome cleansers. Instead I’ll use facial wipes like the Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Wipes*.I then follow up with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. That’s okay once in a while but I’m doing it too often. I’ll still keep using the Kiehl’s Toner but my resolution is to start early and then go on the computer!kiehls toner

Resolution threestop plucking chin hairs!! I’m trying really really hard, honest I am. But it’s so hard to resist. I’m made one step forward though and that’s not to keep my Tweezerman tweezers (pretty as it is) on my computer desk. I’ve paid for laser hair removal and I’ve got sessions left but I can’t go until I stop plucking. This one is really going to be hard to keep.

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman


Resolution four is to stop buying the same color eyeshadows over and over and over again. I’m in a rut but I see those beautiful taupes and browns and I can’t imagine not owning them. I ended 2012 buying a few like this beautiful Edward Bess palette. That needs to be the end. So far I’ve made it a whole week into 2013 without buying any though. I have to stop thinking they’ll change my life since I know the only one who sees the difference is me.

Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss

Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss

I’ve made a little progress, especially on resolution one. Now only 75% left to work on. Are any of these resolutions of yours or even close?? — Marcia

Join my fellow Makeup Wars friends to see what they’ve decided to resolve in 2013. Click on their links to get to their sites.

*starred items are PR samples, rest are personally bought or repurchases.


Reviva Labs June Giveaway and Review: Willard Water and Collagen Fibre Eye Pads

Reviva Labs June Giveaway

I was so excited when I learned what the prizes for the June Reviva Labs giveaway were going to be but little did I know that my favorite product of the two would switch. Reviva Labs has generously agreed to send the winner of this giveaway a package of Collagen Fibre Eye Pads w/Myoxinol and also Willard Water Anti-Irritant Gel. I’m a huge fan of the Collagen Fibre Eye Pads so it thrilled me that Beauty Info Zone would get to share a package with one of our “fans”. But then I had the opportunity to not just test Willard Water but put it to use and I fell in love.

Willard Water Anti-Irritant Gelis a thick clear bubbly gel that contains Aloe Vera. It is to be used in so many ways including on scrapes, burns, sunburn, and moisturizer. Willard Water was invented by Dr. John Willard and uses a catalyst altered water that creates an anti-oxidant that soothes burns and irritations caused by rashes, shaving, the sun, etc. This catalyst altered water was combined with Aloe Vera to create this fragrance free gel.

Reviva Labs Willard Water Anti-Irritant Gel

Ingredient list

Willard Water

As readers might know, I have a little grandson. We recently bought him a blow up pool and we were so excited to play with him in it that I totally forgot to put sunscreen on myself. I bought him a shirt that protects to SPF 50, I slathered him with sunscreen, we made sure the water was a comfortable temperature and we bought some toys for him to play in the pool. But I went outside wearing a short sleeve shirt and my hair up and totally neglected my own sun care. Since I’m not an outdoor person and I have very fair skin, I burnt. Not terribly but enough to be uncomfortable. That’s when Willard Water Anti-Irritant Gel went from being a nice product that I’d used already on a cut and used several times as a light nighttime moisturizer, to being a savior. I slathered it on my face and neck where I could already feel the tightness and felt relief right away. I used it several times that night and the next day and had no tell tale redness or burns. It felt terrific – very cooling and refreshing. I’m so happy that I have this goodie for my family and myself. If I see some redness on my little guy when we come in from play I can use this on his skin safely too. It’s great for after shaving too – whether it’s under your arms or on your partner’s beard.

Reviva Labs Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads

The Collagen Fibre Eye Pads contain Myoxinol which is an extract from the Hibiscus flower. The set you’ll receive is considered the refill kit and contains 3 pair of the undereye pads. The magic factor in these pads is the Myoxinol which is a natural ingredient that behaves like Botox. What I do with this is to moisten the skin under my eyes with water and apply the dry pad. Then I take a cotton pad that’s saturated with water and pat it over the pad to make it adhere to my face. It becomes like a gel under your eyes but then starts to harden and shrink down. After about 15 -20 minutes when it’s totally dry I peel it off and apply a light layer of either eye cream or my Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Night Gel.

comes with 3 sets of eye patches

What makes these pads stand out from the rest are #1 the price (this kit sells for $21) and #2 you can use it before going out for a special occasion. You don’t have to wait to look refreshed. It instantly rejuvenates you making your lines diminished. It’s also recommended for dark circles but I think the effect is better for removing puffiness and lines.

An after look without concealer or foundation, lines are relaxed

(Not in this giveaway but really wonderful is the original kit that contains 4 of the eye pads along with Skin Energizing Gel ($38). The Energizing Gel replaces the water and adds in the benefit of Hawaiian seaweed extract. The gel will last longer than the kit so you’ll be able to use it with future refills.)

Can you see why I’m so excited about this giveaway? Two amazing products that I love and that one of you in the US will be able to try out yourself. This giveaway is open until July 7th at 11:59 p.m. EST. You need to use the Rafflecopter to enter. There are two mandatory ways to enter and then some optional ones that you can do over and over. The prizes will be sent directly by Reviva Labs so this is only open to US subscribers.  — Marcia

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Reviva Labs April giveaway

Reviva Labs has joined with Beauty Info Zone for 6 months of giveaways. The first one, for April, contains two products – Ultra C Cream and Vitamin E Oil Stick.

While we haven’t reviewed these, we’ve experienced the wonders of Reviva Labs so we have confidence that these two products will delight the winner.

Here’s what Reviva Labs has to say about the Ultra C Cream: REMARKABLE new defense against free-radical damage as it helps smooth & firm skin. Contains unique “ascorbigen” from cabbage for special vitamin C action. Use under makeup or alone & under sunscreen for a new level of protection against aging, EVEN SKIN CANCER.

For a first hand experience with it though please read Moxie Review’s wonderful article and interview to see how great this really is.

The second prize in this giveaway is their Vitamin E Oil Stick. This is a great lipstick size tube that’s perfect for moisturizing your lips and under your eyes. Reviva Labs says: Lip and under eye protection was never this convenient and effective! Reviva’s Vitamin E Stick–in its handy lipstick type tube–moisturizes, soothes and protects against dryness and sun or wind damage. Features SPF15 sun protection with vitamin E, allantoin.

Please wait for the Rafflecopter to load up to enter. Reviva Labs giveaways are for US only. Giveaway ends on May 3rd at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Prizes provided by Reviva Labs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Side by Side – Reviva Labs moisturizers plus a giveaway

One of the many reasons Beauty Info Zone loves Reviva Labs products is that we can recommend items to you that are department store quality but at drugstore prices. Everything we’ve tried from Reviva Labs has been wonderful and most important trustworthy. They’ve been around for 38 years using natural ingredients to create the purest products.

Reviva Labs makes a variety of moisturizers for day and night. Lisa and Marcia have two of these to share with you today. Start making a list since you are going to want them once we’re done!!!

Marcia’s side:

image from RevivaLabs.com

Let me start with my love for Hyaluronic Acid. I’ve looked for this ingredient in facial products for years and finally found my way back to Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum. In addition to this serum I’ve been using InterCell Night Gel with Hyaluronic Acid ($14) at night. This is the most fun product. Fun?? How can a skin care item be fun?

inside Reviva Intercell

a little finger work

It’s the texture of this gel that makes it fun. It truly is a gel, it’s like sticking your hand in non-sticky clear jelly. It applies with a touch of coolness that makes it so refreshing. Reviva Labs tells us that they are helping skin gain moisture at the intercellular level. The goal is more youthful skin. My goal with this gel is to use a simple product with just 7 ingredients (purified water, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid, carbomer 940, glycogen, potassium sorbate, citric acid) to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. Directions say to follow this with a night moisturizer but I often don’t do that. With just the combo of these two products from Reviva Labs my skin has been plenty moisturized and ready to go.

Ingredient list

In the summer this is going to be the perfect item to put on before bed to cool down from the heat. For $14 you can’t miss with InterCell Night Gel with Hyaluronic Acid. Be sure you follow Reviva Labs on Facebook or Twitter. I do and found out about a Twitter party, when I participated I won this and another moisturizer. Love that!

Lisa’s side:

Reviva Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester, & DMAE Cream

The moisturizer I’m sharing with you today sounds like the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink of moisturizers:  Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester, & DMAE Cream ($23).  This is a beautiful moisturizer that really delivers.

Love the springy purple flowers on the jar!

The moisturizer is a white, thick gel, and I use this at night.  It feels cool and thick going on, but it soaks in very quickly and leaves a soft finish that isn’t sticky at all.

Inside the jar…

I really, really like this moisturizer.  There are lots of wonderful ingredients in this powerhouse.  Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C are antioxidants that fight those pesky free radicals.  The DMAE is what reduces inflammation and makes your skin appear younger and tighter.  And all three are paired with a soy liposome (this binds the ingredients together) so the good stuff works all night long.  Other ingredients include Allantoin and Aloe Vera, which are also great inflammation fighters that make your skin happy and smooth.  Be sure to use this on your neck, too – after one week you will not believe how soft your skin has become!  I find it’s great around the time I usually have problems with breaking out, it keeps my skin clear and glowy.  Here’s how much I love this – I used the entire jar.  That’s saying something for a total product junkie like me!!


We have a Reviva Intercell Hyaluronic Acid Day Cream for one of our subscribers. Here’s what Reviva has to say about this moisturizer: “Designed to protect skin’s intercellular substance- where wrinkles and aging begins. Also fights free radicals and binds moisture. Features hyaluronic acid to boost skin moisture in any climate.”

Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Day Cream prize

Here’s how to enter:

Requirement: You must be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber and receive our blog in your email. By request of Reviva Labs this is a US only giveaway, sorry.

1. Mandatory to enter: Comment on this post telling us which Reviva product from their website sounds like it would be best for your skin. Then EMAIL us at [email protected] to identify your comment (label email Reviva).

2. Additional optional entries:

A) Follow (like) Beauty Info Zone on FB

B) Follow Beauty Info Zone on Twitter

C) Post on your own Facebook or Twitter page about the giveaway with a link to this post

Let us know in your email what your optional entries are.

This giveaway is open until Saturday, April 7th and is open internationally. You must be at least 18 years old to enter our giveaways.

*prize was won in a Twitter contest. DMAE moisturizer is a pr sample sent for review consideration.

Reviva Labs Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant review, good enough to eat?

The day after I first used Reviva Labs Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant I looked in the mirror and wondered why my skin looked so clear and bright. Soon my memory kicked in (duh!) and I remembered I had used this exfoliant for the very first time. I get so busy at night when I’m deciding what skincare to use that I don’t always keep track. I’m grateful that my memory came back so that I’d continue using this gentle exfoliator. My skin is loving how soothing yet effective this is.

Reviva Labs Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant

This is an all natural product. It contains Lactic Acid plus plant and herbal extracts to help remove dead skin. The pomegranate in it is a great antioxidant which helps fight future skin damage. It also contains peptides, allantoin and soy to treat your past skin damage. When you open it up you see little flecks in it that look like they could be abrasive but you soon realize that these are herbs like thyme and oregano.

Reviva Labs Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant


the specks are herbs

Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant is recommended for use three to four times a week. I try to use it two times a week but I honestly forget often. It doesn’t interfere with any other skincare I’m using since it’s so mild but works in combination with the  skincare to brighten and refresh. It only takes a few minutes to use it. I apply it on my freshly washed skin, then let it sit for just 4 minutes. It hardens and you can see the herbs on your face (which was a little strange the first time). In those few minutes it never gets to the point of cracking off your face so you can still talk, walk or do the dishes if that’s what you feel like. To remove you can rub it off. Unlike some other masks you can rub off, this one doesn’t make a big mess. I rub it gently off and then use a damp washcloth to make sure it’s all been removed. At that point I finish with the rest of my nightly care routine. My skin feels especially soft after I use this. I see the effect for several days.

click to enlarge

I’ve yet to use a Reviva Labs product that I haven’t been very impressed with. This is currently on sale for only $19 on Reviva’s website. Reviva is doing something right. Their products are sold on their website, Ulta and also in health food stores since 1973 (the year I was born!!!  Ok, maybe not!). You’ll learn more about Reviva Labs on Beauty Info Zone but in the meantime, start checking out their wonderful products like this Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant and the Hyaluronic Acid Serum I’ve reviewed. You’ll be as sold on them as I am. — Marcia

Disclosure: I won this in a Twitter contest! I love giveaways!!

Why you need Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum for your skin

How often do you go into a room, stand there and try to remember what the heck you came in for? It happens to me all the time. I get this mini moments of forgetfulness often yet I distinctly remember about 8 years ago learning about Hyaluronic Acid. It became THE buzzword for all cosmetics. All of a sudden everyone wanted to claim that they used this ingredient. At the time I decided to go to the source of ingredient and ended up buying Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serumfrom my favorite health food store. There was a woman that worked there that always gave me good advice and she let me to the Reviva Labs line for Hyaluronic Acid and also DMAE which was also one of the buzzwords.

Image from revivalabs.com

Over the years I’ve used Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum on and off but the last few years I’ve had so many other products to try out that I forgot about this. Once I had it again in my hot little hands I remembered why I liked it so much. The purpose of Hyaluronic Acid is to hold moisture in your skin. Using this Serum is a wonderful addition to my skincare since it keeps my skin so much more hydrated and it also helps plump fine lines. It’s rare that I like to be reminded of “plumping” but in this case I’ll take it. In my research about hyaluronic acid I learned that it helps retain the skin’s natural moisture balance and that when used in skincare it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Reviva Labs doesn’t make this claim, that’s just research.

Here’s what Reviva does have to say:

Our highest-potency daily moisture booster! Reviva Labs has now compounded a higher level of premium Hyaluronic Acid into a precious fluid that can help raise skin’s moisture level to fill-in furrows, plump up tissues and tone-down lines. Apply under creams in the evening or alone to hydrate skin. If also seeking firmness, alternate with our DMAE Firming Fluid. Benefits: Unlike products that depend on moisture in the air, HA can help hydrate skin even in dry climates or heated rooms that rob skin of moisture.

Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Directions for Hyaluronic Acid Serum

My experience is that my skin isn’t showing any dry spots at all. Not a single one. We haven’t had real winter yet but we’ve had enough cold and high winds that my skin should be reacting to it. I have two areas in particular that get dry patches and they are as smooth as can be. The main difference I’m sure is the fact that I added the Hyaluronic Acid Serum to my routine. It’s not greasy, it sinks in within a minute. There’s absolutely no fragrance to it either.

ingredients in Hyaluronic Acid Serum

When I first used Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum my skin was much oilier yet it was as great for me then as it is for me now with drier skin. Reviva Labs is known for their wonderful products at reasonable prices and this is a prime example of their philosophy. This is only $22 which, for the amount of time you’ll use it and the quality within, is a true bargain. I always want this in my repertoire. — Marcia

Reviva Labs is available from their website or in many health food stores nationally.