Today only!! IT Cosmetics QVC TSV – get yours while you can! #ITsAllAboutYourFavorites

One line we always stock up on at Beauty Info Zone is IT Cosmetics – the skin care and the color products are really fantastic, and QVC has some tremendous specials with their Today’s Special Values.  Guess what?  Today is one of those awesome days, so get ready to stock up!


The TSV for today, Saturday March 10th, 2018, is called the IT Cosmetics’ IT’s All About You! Customer Favorites Collection.  The emphasis is on bringing your most beautiful self forward with the look of light and color.  The TSV® starts at midnight on QVC® Saturday, March 10th, 2018 (EST) and lasts for 24 hours.

This collection has four items:  a supersized CC+ Illumination with SPF 50+, a perfectly paired Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin-Perfecting brush, the beautiful Bye Bye Pores Blush in a new Sweet Cheeks, and the beautiful Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Serum.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

CC+ Illumination CC Cream has been a favorite of mine forever.  This is an all-in-one product since it contains anti-aging serum, a moisturizing day cream, skin-perfecting primer, skin-brightening serum, color corrector, full coverage, SPF 50+ broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection – all this in a supersize 2.53 fl oz size. The normal size, 1.08 fl oz, is left behind in the dust with this supersize one.

Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin Perfecting Brush

Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin-Perfecting brush I love many things from IT Cosmetics, and there is no doubt that their brushes are always a standout.  The Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin-Perfecting Brush is a cruelty free brush with a custom cut brush head. The application of the CC+ Cream with this brush is definitely heavenly. The soft brush hugs the natural contours of your face. This brush gives me an airbrushed finish. To have this along with the IT Cosmetics Supersize CC+ Illumination Cream is perfection. You’ll use this brush over and over and over.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Blush in Sweet Cheeks

Let’s get real – large pores are no fun. I’m always looking for ways to make them disappear from my t-zone. There are lots of products that seem to be that miracle product, but ten minutes later there are those pores again, seemingly bigger than ever. IT Cosmetics is making me a very happy girl these days, however – actually a very happy girl with very smaller looking pores – thanks to Bye Bye Pores Blush. Some blushes seem to settle right into pores and make them look like huge craters – ugh, you know what I mean. This pressed powder does the opposite, leaving skin looking practically poreless thanks to Optical Blurring Technology and anti-aging silk, hydrolyzed collagen, antioxidants and peptides. Sweet Cheeks is a very pretty peachy/gold/pink that I’m not surprised has become a customer favorite.

Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Serum

Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Serum

Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Serum

Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Serum

Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Serum is new to me – I’ve used and loved many IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi lip products over the years, but this serum is the new product in the collection.  It has the same color changing quality as the other Je Ne Sais Quoi lippies, and the serum is deeply hydrating.  I love the applicator and the delivery system for the lip serum.  It’s quickly become my favorite!

The  IT Cosmetics’ IT’s All About You! Customer Favorites Collection is only sold today, so get this four-piece collection while it lasts.    Bringing your most beautiful self forward with the look of light and color with this terrific TSV®! – Lisa

Prepare to shop with some great QVC First Aid Beauty specials!

‘Tis the season for amazing specials at QVC and wow do they have some great sets at fantastic prices for First Aid Beauty right now. Two in particular are ones you might want to grab ASAP – the Set of 4 Ultra Repair Creams, which are fab last-minute teacher gifts or stocking stuffers, and the Ultra Repair 5 Piece Discovery Kit, which has all the best sellers at a kick butt price.

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First, the Set of 4 Ultra Repair Creams. These come in four festive little boxes so you don’t even have to wrap them. The four Ultra Repair Creams are in 4 oz jars and come in four scents – Original, Grapefruit, Vanilla, and Geranium. The set is selling for $29.96, and if you bought these separately you would pay $80. That is a great deal!

This lovely shea-based cream features soothing colloidal oatmeal, a wonderful skin soother. Here are the key ingredients:

  • Colloidal Oatmeal to relieve and protect skin (only FDA-approved OTC ingredient to relieve symptoms of eczema)
  • Allantoin and Eucalyptus Oil to heal/soothe skin
  • FAB Antioxidant Booster to combat free radicals
  • Ceramides and Shea Butter to moisturize and protect the skin’s barrier

It smooths on so easily and absorbs into skin in no time. It softens dry skin quickly, and is great for winter dryness and chapped skin, as well as those with eczema or sensitive skin.  

Ultra Repair Cream Benefits:

  • Provides immediate relief and visible improvement to distressed skin
  • Deeply hydrates, calms, protects and restores the skin
  • Helps relieve minor skin irritation and itching due to eczema and other skin conditions
  • Can be applied ANYWHERE on the body – elbows, feet, hands and even the face
  • Beautiful whipped formula absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave skin greasy
  • Allergy-tested; No harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances (scents derived from steamed, distilled essential oils)
  • For all skin types, even sensitive skin and skin with eczema

If you need last minute gifts, this is absolutely the answer.

Another fantastic First Aid Beauty set available on QVC right now is the Ultra Repair 5-Piece Discovery Kit. This has everything you need for beautifully hydrated skin. This kit includes the amazing Ultra Repair Cream in Original, plus Ultra Repair Cream Honeysuckle, Facial Radiance Pads, Ultra Repair Lip Therapy and Ultra Repair Honey & Oat Lip Exfoliator. It’s on sale for $32.96, and purchased separately you would pay $69.

The 28 Day Facial Radiance Pads are exfoliating treatment pads that you use right after cleansing skin. They get rid of dead skin cells, smooth skin texture, and perfectly prep skin for serums and treatments so skin gets all the benefits from the ingredients. The end result is brighter, glowing skin.

I have tubes of the Ultra Repair Cream in my desks at home and at work. I love this as hand cream because it isn’t the least bit greasy. I can slather it on then go right back to typing without getting my keyboard all nasty and slick. The Honeysuckle smells fantastic – like a warm summer’s evening.

The Ultra Repair Lip Therapy is wonderful! So soothing for dry, chapped lips…it is like a tall glass of cool water on a hot summers day. It just feels wonderful and keeps lips soft, moist, and happy.

For a really special treat, use the Ultra Repair Honey & Oat Lip Exfoliator first then follow with the Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. The Ultra Repair Honey & Oat Lip Exfoliator is a lip treatment that buffs off any dry, flaky skin while at the same time hydrating and conditioning lips. Just massage it onto dry lips, and you’ll be massaging off those dry flakes while giving lips a fabulous deep treatment. It works even better if you leave the exfoliator on your lips for about five minutes before rinsing off. Then, talk about kissable lips! They are soooo soft and kissable.  Perfect!

If you are looking for last-minute gifts, you’ve got to head over to QVC for some terrific options like the Set of 4 Ultra Repair Creams and the Ultra Repair 5-Piece Discovery Kit. Happy shopping for some really happy skin!  – Lisa

A sneak peek into IT Cosmetic’s November QVC TSV #ITSuperstars

Today is the first day of the presale for the new IT Cosmetic’s TSV, IT’s Your Top Superstars Skincare Perfecting Collection.  It’s always our favorite time around here. Sometimes the products are brand new, sometimes they are old favorites. No matter which it is they are so well priced that it’s perfect for stocking up. Let’s see what we have!

IT Cosmetics QVC TSV for November 2017

I spy #ITSuperstars:

  1. Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Lip Treatment
  2. Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil
  3. CC+ Cream with SPF50+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream
  4. Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Foundation Globe Brush (*new!!!)
  5. Bye Bye Pore Illumination Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder
  6. Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

lips / eyes x 2 / face x 2 / tools = 1 fabulous 6 piece Superstar collection

Here’s the scoop: This is available for one day only 11/11/17 but you can preorder it to make sure you don’t miss out. The TSV is $59.94 and shipping is free, that’s a great deal. The number is A299080 for preorder.

I have never regretted getting a QVC TSV with IT Cosmetics since these are staples in my life. Having a new CC+ Cream and Superhero Mascara will especially make my day and I can’t wait to try this new brush.  —  Marcia

IT Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

IT Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream swatched

IT Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

Tune in now for an IT Cosmetics TSV “30 Seconds to Flawless Skin” Collection

Right this very second – or within seconds after reading this article – you need to turn into QVC whether online or on your TV for the latest and greatest from IT Cosmetics.

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IT Cosmetics TSV for 7/28/17

Today only you can purchase the 30 Seconds to Flawless Looking Skin set for only $49.14, a value of $118 retail and $60 after this one day special is over. The QVC number is A293532 and you will be sorry if you miss out.

IT Cosmetics 30 Seconds to Flawless Looking Skin

What will you find inside? Two supersized Celebration Foundation SPF 50+ plus a Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush.

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation SPF50+ Supersize plus Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

Celebration Foundation is going to be your best friend when you are in a hurry yet want a flawless complexion. Using the wonderful IT brush you’ll look airbrushed in 30 seconds plus you’ll have the protection of the sunscreen for UVA and UVB rays with this powder foundation.

Celebration Foundation in Medium

“Formulated with peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil, and other antiaging ingredients, Celebration Foundation SPF 50+ is highly pigmented, delivering full coverage that helps blur the look of dry, fine lines, pores, and imperfections! Now with SPF 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen, you can treat and help protect your skin while airbrushing it to complexion perfection. This hydrating formula is formulated to absorb oil and shine throughout the day without settling into fine lines.”

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in Medium

This is now available in 7 shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Tan, Tan, Rich, and Deep. It covers most complexions other than the darkest ones. And remember you’ll get two.

Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

In addition you are in for a treat with the Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush. There is nothing quite like an IT brush for the face. Beauty Info Zone totally agrees that these brushes should be called Heavenly Luxe since that’s what they are. They are super plush, custom cut, and make your skin look like you’ve been airbrushed. We are totally in love with these brushes and having this in the TSV makes the bargain more so. You’d pay this much just for the brush so why not two Celebration Foundations too??

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

If you want to watch this being applied and check out the shade selections the shows are on QVC at (all times Eastern Daylight so check your time zone) Midnight, 3A.M., 9 A.M. (2 hour show), 3 P.M., 7 P.M. (2 hour show), and 11 P.M.

In addition IT Cosmetics is introducing new products like Confidence in a Cleanser Cleansing Serum with mini Miracle Water (A293790) and a new Liquid Gel Eyeliner. There’s lots to be excited about and QVC is the place on Friday July 28th only!!  —  Marcia and Lisa

The first ever IT Cosmetics Skincare TSV – New Year, New Confidence In Your Skin Collection

IT Cosmetics January TSV New Year, New Confidence In Your Skin

IT Cosmetics January TSV New Year, New Confidence In Your Skin

Saturday January 14th brings us the first IT Cosmetics Skincare Collection, New Year, New Confidence In Your Skin, and it’s wonderful. Beauty Info Zone was sent this to test and to help you learn all about it. You aren’t going to want to miss this so be sure you tune in to QVC or go on to order. A 4 piece skin care collection with two brand new products!

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

I love the name of this product. Confidence in a Cream™?  Sign me up! This is the very first time IT Cosmetics has offered Confidence in a Cream in a TSV collection. This day and night moisturizer seems to do everything. It moisturizes thirsty skin, giving it a nice glow; it tackles skin texture and leaves it feeling smooth; it evens out skin tone; it reduces the look of pores. Sounds like great skin to me.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a CreamIT Cosmetics Confidence in a CreamWhat’s inside to help create all of these skin miracles is a little something IT Cosmetics calls their Anti-Aging Armour Regenerative Concentrate.Anti-Aging Armour Regenerative Concentrate, which includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and colloidal oatmeal. I love the texture of this incredible mix of ingredients. It’s thick and fluffy and it feels decadent when applied. It does have a scent that I can’t quite put my finger on…I don’t particularly like it, but it’s light and it dissipates quickly. Does it work? You betcha. IT Cosmetics did a clinical study and check out these results:

  • 100% said skin was soft, smooth & infused with moisture*
  • 97% said skin looked and felt rejuvenated*
  • 94% said skin felt younger and healthier*
  • 81% said pores appeared minimized, and fine lines & wrinkles appeared less noticeable*

*Results observed in a consumer panel survey.

Confidence in a Cream is a terrific moisturizer with an elegant formula that your face and décolleté will love, especially if you tend towards dry skin.IMG_4332Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+

If you are a fan of Confidence in a Cream, you are really going to love the new Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+.  This is a solid serum foundation that provides all the benefits of the Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer with a full coverage foundation. Plus, it has full sun protections with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB physical sunscreen.
Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+ in Medium

Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+ in Medium

Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+ in Medium

Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+ in Medium

Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+ in Fair

Confidence in a Compact™ with SPF 50+ in Fair

This serum/foundation comes in seven different shades:
  • Fair: porcelain skin; fairest of the fair
  • Light: if you have a bit more warmth to your skin
  • Medium: light to medium skintones
  • Medium Tan: if you have a warm or golden-medium skintone
  • Tan: tan skintones
  • Rich: tan to rich skin with golden tones
  • Deep: rich to deep skin with a warmer tones

Anything that multitasks is a winner and I think a foundation that is also a skin treating serum is a genius idea. Way to go IT Cosmetics!


IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush

Now that Lisa has told you about the amazing Confidence in a Compact with SPF 50 you are going to be thrilled with the new brush that will help your skin look even more amazing. The Heavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush is a breakthrough product. If you’ve had the opportunity to use other Heavenly Skin brushes through other TSV’s you already know how soft and wonderful these brushes are. The brush is custom-cut and applies the serum foundation effortlessly. The way it’s cut helps it hug the contours of your face so that you end up looking like you’ve airbrushed your foundation. While the compact comes with a sponge, you will be in heaven using the brush. This is a new brush that you can’t buy any other way!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye eye cream

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye eye cream

Bye Bye Under Eye eye cream is so easy for me to write about because I’ve been using it for months. It’s become a staple in my life. I’m someone who uses an eye cream twice a day and love trying new ones. But I also have my favorites that stay with me even after testing is done and IT Cosmetics made the grade with Bye Bye Under Eye eye cream. It’s a very light blue unscented product. It is in a jar which many people will be negative about but not me. I use a small clean spatula to remove the cream so that I’m not interfering with the integrity of the eye cream.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye eye cream

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye eye cream

Bye Bye Under Eye eye cream is infused with caffeine, vitamin C, collagen and peptides. I couldn’t ask for more. My dark circles couldn’t ask for more nor could my fine lines. This is an eye cream that you want in your life and on your face. This jar will last you a very long time.

Now that you’ve seen this be sure to order A287731 for single delivery of these 4 magical products. It’s a $182 value that QVC will later sell $97 but now you can buy it for $79.96 and free shipping. Don’t be late to this party since it ends when January 14th ends.

*sent for review, used with excitement

IT Cosmetics newest TSV, #ITSuperstars, has begun for 11/12/16 only

IT's your top 5 superstars and more!We gave you a tease of the presale for the newest IT Cosmetic TSV over on QVC and now it’s time for the real thing. The TSV is going on right now through 11/12/16 and you don’t want to miss it. It’s the perfect time to stock up on old favorites and add some new ones to your collection. IT Cosmetic always has our favorite TSV because they are such a bargain. For just under $60 you’ll receive 6 of their most popular full size items. Where else can you get 6 winners for only $10 each?

IT's your top 5 superstars and more!IT's your top 5 superstars and more!Beauty Info Zone was sent the TSV to help show you what you’ll be receiving. Each of us will share three of the items so you can rush over to QVC and buy this in your shade.


Celebration Foundation Illumination™ in Medium

Celebration Foundation Illumination™ in Medium

This powder foundation works quickly to give your skin a flawless look. It’s infused with Illuminating Drop of Light Technology™ and anti-aging ingredients. This is a wonderful hydrating formula and with the brush included in the set will give you amazing coverage in just 30 seconds. It can be built to full coverage and it has just a touch of illumination to give your skin some brightness.


This is all you need to cover even the darkest under eye circles.

This is all you need to cover even the darkest under eye circles.

This too is available in 5 shades so once you pick your foundation shade you’ll receive the matching concealer shade. This is the original Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer that we’ve raved about endlessly on Beauty Info Zone. Bye Bye Under Eye is what started us on our love affair. You need a tiny drop of the concealer. The best recommendation we can give you is to place a drop on the back of your hand and rub it gently to warm it up. Then tap it gently under your eye or on other imperfections in your skin. Buff it in with your favorite IT brush and you’ll be set. You’re going to love the coverage.


IT Cosmetics Brow Power

IT Cosmetics Brow Power

IT Cosmetics Brow Power

This wonderful eyebrow pencil is noted because of its charitable aspect as well as its ‘your brows but better’ formula. This universal pencil adjusts to all eyebrow shades by the amount of pressure you use. You can do short feathery strokes for lighter brows or build up to the darkness you need. Brow Power contains biotin, saw palmetto and antioxidants so it’s not just a wonderful tool to use but it is good for you.


IT COSMETICS Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

IT COSMETICS Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

Superhero MascaraIT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

IT Cosmetics has always made great mascara and the Superhero Mascara saves my lashes every time. It does everything that one would expect from a mascara called ‘Superhero’:  lengthens, volumizes, and separates. The Elastic Stretch Technology wraps around each lash and only gets darker, stronger, thicker, and longer with each coat. In fact, one coat gives lashes 500% more volume! That is a definite game changer.


NEW Heavenly Skin™ Full-Coverage Foundation Brush

NEW Heavenly Skin™ Full-Coverage Foundation Brush

How gorgeous is this brush???  The Heavenly Skin Foundation Brush is the new product in this collection of superstars and it is right at home amongst the best of the best. The super cool swirly brush head has a ‘blur factor’ thanks to the Heavenly Skin brush hair, and the custom cut swirls hug facial contours. The result is an airbrush finish that looks just beautiful.

Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment

Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment

I love all the incarnations of Je Ne Sais Quoi™ lip products and this one is no exception. It’s not a lipstick, it’s a super hydrating lip balm that gives just a hint of color to lips. It feels wonderful on and gives a great slip to lips. I have pale lips to begin with so I think the Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment could have even more of a tint, but anyone with a little natural color to their lips will love it. The packaging is awesome – the cap clicks into place so there is no chance this will come apart in your purse.

Head on over to QVC for this awesome IT Cosmetic TSV.  The collection is only on sale until 11/12/16 so order yours today for the best ever price on all your superstar favorites! – Lisa and Marcia

*sent for editorial consideration

Special presale link for the upcoming QVC #ITSuperstars IT Cosmetics Today’s Special Value!

it-cosmetics-logoToday is a lucky day for sure – IT Cosmetics has a fantastic QVC TSV coming up for ONE DAY ONLY on Saturday, November 12th, and we got a hold of the link to a pre-sell on the website!!  Not only can you preview the collection before the sale, you can also purchase the#ITSuperstars TSV ahead of the official launch!!

Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment

Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment

NEW Heavenly Skin™ Full-Coverage Foundation Brush

NEW Heavenly Skin™ Full-Coverage Foundation Brush

This is exciting because I know this collection is going to sell out.  It’s an exclusive six-piece collection with the products that customers say are the most life-changing, plus it includes an incredible new brush.  The collection includes:

  • Bye Bye Under Eye™ Concealer covers everything without creasing or cracking
  • Celebration Foundation Illumination™ gives you a flawless-looking glow in just 30 seconds
  • Brow Power™ Pencil to create your most beautiful brows
  • Superhero™ Mascara to transform your lashes
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment to awaken your lips with a youthful-looking pop of color.
  • NEW Heavenly Skin™ Full-Coverage Foundation Brush does the work for you to deliver an airbrushed finish!
Celebration Foundation Illumination™

Celebration Foundation Illumination™

Stay tuned for our full review this Saturday, but in the meantime you might want to take advantage of the pre-sell to be sure you don’t miss out on this must-have collection.  Just use this link to go to the pre-sale right now!!  – Lisa