Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder

Even as I sit here writing this review, my Make Up for Ever HD Pressed Powder ($36) (along with my Make Up For Ever Kabuki Brush reviewed HERE) is within arm’s reach. I am always wary of a shiny nose and this pressed powder keeps my fears at bay!

Legions of makeup artists are ardent fans of the Make Up For Ever HD Loose Powder, and the HD Pressed Powder version that Make Up For Ever sent is definitely more travel-friendly. The HD Pressed Powder is a finishing powder with a fabulous texture that mattifies and blurs fine lines and pores. It has a truly unique texture with a slightly looser feel to it than traditional pressed powders, and a silkiness unlike any other pressed powder I have tried.

Make Up For Ever High Definition Pressed Powder

Make Up For Ever High Definition Pressed Powder

The powder is talc-free, containing silica,vinyl crosspolymer and micro spherical powders, as well as hyaluronic acid to prevent the skin from getting dehydrated. It definitely provides that ‘soft focus’ finish that HD is known for, just don’t go crazy and put on a ton of it – the universal translucent shade will leave you with a bit of a white cast.While it blurs imperfections it isn’t a noticeable powder on the skin when used correctly.

Make Up For Ever HD Powder

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder

Make Up For Ever HD Powder

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder

The HD Pressed Powder feels extremely light and silky on my skin. Every couple of hours I need more around my nose area, and I put some under my eyes to brighten that area a bit. I love how it creates that matte look without flatness…skin looks brighter and refreshed but not shimmery.

I love my Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder and have it with me at all times. Check it out and see if your skin loves it as much as mine does!  – Lisa

Ingredients:  Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica, Dimethicone, Zinc Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Isoceteth-10, Caprylyl Glycol, Nylon-12, Aqua (Water), Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate.

*pr sample

Lisa from Beauty Info Zone visits her fantasy Desert Island

My fellow Beauty Spotlight bloggers have banished me to a desert island, and I can only bring 12 products (with sunscreen and lip balm already generously provided).  Ok, it’s my fantasy so I am going to let you know up front I am NOT going alone. Nope, on my trip to a deserted island I am accompanied by JOE.

One sniff of Lavanila Vanilla Coconut and I am here.  With Joe.

Here’s my deserted island. And here is Joe.

Joe and I are going to be spending a LOT of time together so I kept that in mind when selecting my twelve items.  Here’s what I am packing for my romantic retreat… I mean desert island experience.

1. Beautisol Dark Self Tanner ($39):  I’m not going to tan in the sun, but a tan makes you look thinner, healthier, and it covers so many flaws!!  Before hanging out with Joe, I am first going to slather myself from head to toe with self tanner. Beautisol Dark Self Tanner is my go-to for a full body tan.

Beautisol Summer Glow Dark Tan

2. MAC Blot Powder ($24):  I live in fear of walking around with a shiny nose so I always have this with me.  It’s the perfect pressed powder.

MAC Blot Powder

MAC Blot Powder

3. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer  ($24):  It’s full coverage, it’s waterproof, and it covers my dark undereye circles beautifully.  Joe and I may be staying up REALLY late at night, but it won’t show under my eyes!

Bye Bye Under Eye

Bye Bye Under Eye

4. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly ($18.50):  I am quite sure I’m not going to be doing full eye makeup on a desert island, but MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly is my go-to for a clean, finished eye look in seconds.  This creamy eyeshadow dries down quickly and stays all day, and it never creases or cakes on me.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

5. Paula’s Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover ($12.95):  I need a cleanser, cause there is no way I am going to get stuck with a blemish on this trip! This is the very best makeup remover I have ever found. It’s super gentle so it doesn’t irritate the eyes, but at the same time it removes even the most stubborn makeup. Another plus – it has anti-irritants that help reduce puffiness.

Paula's Choice Gentle Makeup Remover

Paula’s Choice Gentle Makeup Remover

6. VENNeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment ($85):  I have issues with hereditary vertical wrinkle lines around my lips – and this stuff truly reduces their appearance. I’m not going anywhere without it.

VENNeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

VENNeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

7. Besame Sweetheart Balm in Cherry ($18):  I can’t believe I am picking a lip gloss that’s in a pot – sticking sandy fingers into lip gloss doesn’t sound good at all. But I just adore the unbelievable slip and texture of this gloss and the color is simply perfect with tanned skin.

Besame Sweetheart Balm

Besame Sweetheart Balm – Cherry is second from the left

8. Sugar Works Body Gloss in Tybee Island Beach Cottage ($12.95):  I love their body oil, it leaves skin super moist but not wet, and the scent really becomes one with your body so it seems like you just naturally smell that way. This scent is described as “Sun, the ocean, warm sand, beach grass, wild beach flowers, a touch of suntan oil.” For sure Joe won’t be able to keep his hands off me.

Sugar Works Body Gloss

Sugar Works Body Gloss

9. Beach Day Spray by Unite ($29.95):  This is the best spray for that wavy, beachy look because it smells amazing and doesn’t leave your air-dried hair crunchy.

Life's a Beach Day

Life’s a Beach Day

10. Whatever Lola Wants from the Lippmann Collection ($17):  This is my most favorite summer nail color of all time. It’s a beautiful shimmery lilac/lavender/pink and it looks especially amazing in the sun. This color makes me feel cute and sexy all at the same time.

Whatever Lola Wants

Whatever Lola Wants

11.  Body Glide from Athleta ($8):  This is a terrific way to prevent blisters on your feet and chafing around sports bras, plus it does extra duty moisturizing dry, cracked skin. You can insert your own joke about how with Body Glide I won’t have to worry about chafed thighs.

Body Glide

Body Glide

12.  My Poipu hat from Athleta:  I LOVE this sun hat. It has a nice foldable brim that is perfect for shading your eyes, but isn’t so big you bump into things as you walk. Squish it into your beach bag, and it pops right back into shape when you put it on.  It’s on sale now too for only $29.99 – sheesh, I paid $54 for mine!! You can find the hat HERE.

Poipu Hat

Poipu Hat

There’s my list! I’d invite you along, but Joe and I are in some serious need of ‘alone time’.  Aloha!  – Lisa

What do you say, Joe...are you ready to go to that deserted island with me??

What do you say, Joe…are you ready to go to that deserted island with me?

*several items were PR samples, others were personally purchased

Powdering our noses the Painted Earth way

Painted Earth calls themselves Cosmetics from Nature for a good reason – all products are organic, non-toxic and natural. They don’t want us to trade our health for our beauty. They are especially known for their skincare but we’ve found that their cosmetics are pretty terrific and we want to share two of them with you today. You’ve hopefully already read about the Hint of Mint Lip Glosses that have Marcia smiling. Well we have more smiles for you with Magic Powder (it’s compelling just for the name!!) and a beautiful Silk Radiance Mineral High Lite Powder.


Mineral Silk Radiance Powder compact

Mineral Silk Radiance Powder compact

Mineral Silk Radiance Powder in Seychelles

Mineral Silk Radiance Powder in Seychelles

I’ve been lucky enough to use Painted Earth’s Mineral Silk Radiance Powder in the shade Seychelles ($34). Now some people like bronzer but I prefer a soft powder like this instead to give my face a healthy glow. I’m as pale as can be and in general I embrace my paleness but in the dead of winter especially there are days that I look like the dead of winter! This Mineral Silk Radiance Powder is made up of powders in shades of peach, cream, pink and a rosy lavender. These are soft shades that combine to give a beautiful soft glow on my face.

Mineral Silk Radiance Powder in Seychelles

Mineral Silk Radiance Powder in Seychelles

The powder contains great ingredients: Argan Oil to hydrate skin, Rice Silk to absorb excess shine, Multi-Mineral Complex from Painted Earth along with Vitamins A, C and E to help product skin from the environment. There is no talc in this powder and it’s mineral oil free.

After I’ve got my “face on” I love to take a big fluffy powder brush, sweep it over the powder and finish with it to set my makeup. It’s just enough to make me look alive while imparting a brightened look without ever looking powdery. This is just one of the many Painted Earth products that I’m thrilled to have.


This is one of the weirdest products I have ever tried. And I mean that in a good way!! Magic Powder ($39.95) is the strangest, neatest finishing powders ever.  It really is magical!

Magic Powder

Magic Powder

Painted Earth says, “it’s a powder that magically turns into moisture when it is applied to your face. A difference you can see and feel. The Mineral Difference drawn from natures wonders, formulated into an unparalleled line of mineral cosmetics resulting in a more natural, beautiful YOU!”

check out the magic inside

check out the magic inside

This loose powder – and it does look exactly like a loose powder – somehow turns into a cool sort of liquid when it hits your face. The powder is still there, it still absorbs oil and finishes your makeup – but it also hydrates and gives skin a pretty, youthful glow.

close up

looks like powder, feels like water!

I use this on my face and neck using a big powder fluff brush.  It’s perfect for days when I feel super dry thanks to indoor heating. I can’t wait for this summer because I know I am going to love that cool, moist feeling when it’s really hot out.

what's inside that makes it magic?

what’s inside that makes it magic?

I can’t figure out how they did it, but it really works. Magic Powder starts as a loose powder, then becomes cool hydration for your skin, then works as a finishing powder to complete your look. I keep expecting David Copperfield to pop up next to my vanity…

My Magic Powder FOD

My Magic Powder FOD – David Blaine loves this look!

Painted Earth’s products were created to give you a healthy, youthful glow, and their powders live up to our expectations.  Check out this great line for unique, interesting products that really work!

*pr samples

MAC, Archie, Betty and Veronica – what a heartful team

Each year as Valentines day approaches the urge to buy something with hearts on it becomes stronger and stronger. I’ve got a beautiful collection of crystal hearts and don’t have room for more. So I turned to cosmetics, what a shock!  The last two years Stila had some beautiful blush palettes and this year MAC surprisingly came through. Their new Archie collection is loaded with hearts attracting me until I could take it no longer and I ordered MAC’s Archie Girls Flatter Me and Veronica’s Blush plus a mirror.

Flatter Me and Veronica's Blush

Flatter Me and Veronica’s Blush

I grew up with Betty and Veronica. My sister and I always loved the dark sultry looks of Veronica since we are brunettes. Neither of us fell for Archie though. Having these three items is like reliving my youth (and a good excuse to buy).

MAC Veronica's Blush

MAC Veronica’s Blush

The Pearlmatte Face Powder designed for Veronica is called Veronica’s Blush and the colors are a soft peach with coral hearts. Betty’s powder is Flatter Me and the colors are a very soft pink with scarlet hearts. The two beauty powders are beautiful and silky soft. The colored hearts are too tiny to be used as blush but they give you an option when using the compacts. You can use just the base shade for a very soft glow or you can sweep a brush over all of the colors and add more color to your face.

MAC Flatter Me

MAC Flatter Me

My big disappointment though is that I wasn’t aware that I actually had the beauty powders from before. If I’d known that I probably would have passed them up in spite of those little hearts. Veronica’s Blush is actually Play it Proper Beauty Powder with Frankly Scarlet blush while Flatter Me is Shell Pearl Beauty Powder with Foolish Me blush in the hearts. But when you run your blush or powder blush over the entire compact you’ll find that you get more color than the original Beauty Powder’s did. There’s a subtle sheen to these powders. If you notice they are called Pearlmatte, not Pearlmate, so even though they are similar to the original they aren’t exactly the same.

MAC Archie's Girls mirror

MAC Archie’s Girls mirror

The mirror is a good purse size and comes with a slightly larger pouch to carry it safely in. Of course I didn’t need it but it just was too cute to pass up. The mirror is about 3″ x 3″ and the adorable vinyl case it comes in is about 4 ½” x 4 ½”. I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it’s red with white hearts. For someone as addicted to hearts as I am, this is just the most fun to own and pull out. So far I’ve only had a few strange looks!! Now my big question is where is Reggie?  Maybe he and Jughead need to ask MAC to feature them next.archie mirrors

No surprise that this is a limited edition collection with some things selling out instantly. You can often find the products online at Nordstrom or in the stores. Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Did you get lured into Archie’s Girls? — Marcia

Check out Blushing Noir’s blog for some beautiful photos of these beauty powders.

It Cosmetics Hello Light Radiance Powder – side by side review and giveaway

It is no secret – Beauty Info Zone LOVES It Cosmetics. It Cosmetics is the brainchild of creator Jamie Kern and a fan favorite on QVC. There’s a reason this line has a huge fan base – it is really terrific. They have amazing products, and our review today happens to be a personal favorite for both Lisa and Marcia. Want to look younger? Get moisturized? Banish oily skin? Check out this BIZ treasure, Hello Light Radiance Powder ($24), and then enter to win one for yourself!

Hello Light

Hello Light Radiance Powder and brush

It Cosmetics Hello Light Radiance Powder back of box

It Cosmetics has come up with a highlighter that not only provides a youthful glow, it also treats the skin with wonderful anti-aging ingredients.  It Cosmetics tell us that it has “micronized pigments of light, plus skin-loving ingredients including peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, silk and Vitamins A, C, & E and is free of all of the ingredients that make skin appear older like talc. Anti-oxidants hydrate, condition, and nourish your skin while warding off free-radicals all day long!” Younger looking skin plus nourishment at the same time?  Beauty Info Zone says ‘sign us up’!

Lisa’s Side:

WOW.  That one word pretty much sums it all up for me.


Hello Light Radiance Powder

This is a really gorgeous highlighter that has a beautiful soft, silky texture. It’s hard to overdo application of this heavenly highlighter – while you can use it on your cheeks, forehead, and under your eyes I am pretty indiscriminate about my application. I slap it on all over and just love it. The powder gets rid of my shiny spots and absorbs oil and makes my skin look perfect. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines and it doesn’t make me look powdery or dry.


Hello gorgeous!!

This is a golden, shimmery highlighter that I think would work for most skin shades.


soft buttery goodness

I can’t get over the texture of it. It’s a powder but it’s so moisturizing it feels almost buttery on. Beautiful! It Cosmetics, you have done it again.

Marcia’s Side:

Do you believe in magic? I’m not sure I did before but with Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Illuminating Powder I do now. This is like magic on my skin. I’ve always been fascinated by highlighters and have a small collection of them but I’ve never found one prior to this that I could say I L.O.V.E. This is absolutely amazing on my skin.

Unlike Lisa I’m very discriminate about where I place this. I pretty much follow the illustration back of the box. I especially use this around my eyes and on my cheek bones. I love it as a highlighting color on my brow bone. I love it on my cheek bones. Where don’t I love it?

There’s no glitter! There’s no sparkle! Yet it magically brings light to places I want light. The powder itself is very light with a golden tone to it. My skintone is extremely fair and it works perfectly for me. Lisa’s is more of a medium tone and it works perfectly for her. You aren’t going to look at either of us and ask “what’s that powder on your face?” You’ll just notice a youthful glow.

Now let’s talk about the brush you see in that picture on the top, the Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Brush ($48). It is only amazing. Like all It Cosmetic’s brushes it’s cruelty-free, soft as all get out, yet does the job. Read this information from It Cosmetics and tell me you aren’t melting!! “This ultra-luxe plush specialty brush is designed for perfect application, and an esthetically pleasing experience. Its unique wand ball brush head is uniquely crafted, and starts its life by going through a tedious process where each hair is sculpted and trimmed, forming a perfect round ball shape. This creates a unique pick-up and distribution process of powder, for an invisible airbrush finish. Perfect for anyone who wants luxurious application of both pressed and loose powder products, including setting powders, illuminators, bronzers, or blushes.” it heavenly light brushWe have really good news for one US subscriber. One person is going to win both of these. Someone will be able to experience the luxurious brush and the perfect illuminating powder thanks to the generosity of It Cosmetics who not only sent both of us these to review but an extra for one of you. Allow the Rafflecopter to load in order to enter. US only, open through 1/23/13 at 11:59 p.m.

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The new Ellis Faas Case and Compact Powder review

Image from

When it comes to unique cosmetics, no one comes close to Ellis Faas.  I think of her line as one with a learning curve – you don’t necessarily get it the first or second time, but once you learn how to really play with her items, it’s nothing but pure love.

I am a big fan of her ‘out of the box’ packaging, and it’s no surprise that she can make a simple pressed powder into something gorgeously streamlined, classic, and functional.

Ellis Case

The Ellis Case ($12.50) is the portable version of the Ellis Holder ($35) for your pressed powder.  As often as I pull out my compact to powder my nose, I want something that looks great and is easy to use.  The new Ellis Case fits the bill with its beautiful, slick silver color and screw-on top.  It has enough heft to feel substantial, but isn’t so heavy it’s annoying (like the Rock & Republic packaging).

love the mirror!

The mirror on the top of the case is fabulous, and you always need a good mirror for applying your pressed powder.

The powder godet goes right into the case, and is held steady with a light magnet.  It’s easy to pull out the pan when it’s time to replace your powder with a new one.  It also comes with a sponge applicator that fits perfectly on top of the pressed powder.

The pressed powder comes with an applicator – yes, it’s ‘sponge worthy’!

Unlike the eyeshadows, the pressed powder is one of  the Ellis Faas items that doesn’t have a learning curve.  We all know how to use pressed powder – the sponge applicator can be used to press on the powder to set your makeup or chase away the oilies, or else you can use a big fluffy brush for lighter touch.

Compact Powder in S401

The shade S401 applies translucent, so unless you have dark skin this will work for you.  It also comes in two other shades, a medium shade S402 and a darker shade S403.

Total class, and it works too!

I find this pressed powder to be super smooth and creamy.  It doesn’t create an overly matte or powdery look, and it still keeps my t-zone from looking like a BP oil spill.  The cool ingredient in this powder is the seaweed extract, which keeps your skin looking and feeling soft.

Ellis Faas is a cosmetics line with a conscience.  Not only did they refuse to test on animals way before there was widespread awareness about it, but they are also seriously committed to making the world a better place.  One way they do so is with their playfully unique recycling program. I have reprinted the information from the website below, and I am so impressed with the War Child Organization.

Ellis Faas is a superb line that is both fun and functional, and I am totally digging the new Ellis Case and the Compact Powder.  – Lisa

*pr samples

From the Ellis Faas website:

Ever since the first ELLIS FAAS products were released, people have been telling us ‘It is such a shame to throw away your beautiful pens once they’re empty.’ Therefore, we have come up with a programme ‘Make Up Not War’ that gives a second life to our pens, unburdens the environment, and last but certainly not least, because it gives us a chance to raise money for a terribly good cause: War Child –

We have set up a system to get back as many used pens as possible. Visual artists (locally and internationally well-known sculptors, fashion designers, photographers, industrial designers…) will then be asked to create a unique work of art using the pens. These works will be exhibited and then auctioned off. The proceeds will go directly to War Child. So please help us to help War Child, by returning your used pens.

In the vision of War Child sound psychosocial conditions for children and youth are prerequisite to being able to create a peaceful society. When children grow up in a safe, stable environment where their rights are not violated, the chances are that they will grow into well-balanced grown-ups. As such they will be able to avoid or resolve conflict situations in the future. Therefore the aid of War Child is aimed at improving the psychosocial wellbeing of children, to bring together groups of children separated by war and to draw attention to problems, needs and rights of children in war-affected areas.

War Child’s goal is the empowerment of children in and from war-affected areas, by means of: • Psychosocial programmes using creative arts and sports to strengthen the psychological and social development and wellbeing of children; • Creative arts and sports programmes aimed at uniting children driven apart by war, in order to contribute to a peaceful society; • Creating public awareness of and generating support for the plight of children in war zones.

Side by Side: Poise Int’l Makeup and a giveaway

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to a spa in Beverly Hills and be treated like royalty? While Beauty Info Zone can’t take you there (nor can we afford to go there) we can bring a little of it to you with Poise Int’l Beverly Hills. This is a company that’s been in the beauty business for many years and has been trusted by celebrities to give them services and products they can rely on. Not only does Poise Int’l have a full line of spa products but they also have state of the art make up. Today for Side by Side we’re going to introduce you to their pressed mineral powder and HD cream foundation. Later we’ll be sharing with you other products that from them. In addition we have a giveaway for you. Let’s get to the reviews first….

Marcia’s side:

I’m reviewing Poise International’s Cinema Touch HD Cream Base palette. Lisa and I are showing you professional palettes so you’ll have an idea of the wide range of shades in Poise Makeup’s line.  You don’t need to be a makeup artist though to buy Poise Makeup since they sell all products individually. While this entire palette with 15 shades would cost $213.75, an individual Creme Foundation is just $19 for .11 oz or $34 for .5 oz . In total there are 21 shades of the Creme Base available.

Poise Foundation palette

Swatches taken with flash

swatched without flash (click to enlarge)

What makes this Cinema Touch HD Creme Base so good is that it can be used as concealer as well as foundation.  This is a high pigment foundation that contains a balance of minerals, botanicals, peptides and vitamins. It’s recommended for all skin types. It’s recommended for covering tattoos in one pass. What I’ve found is that the foundation goes on so effortlessly. You can use just about any tool you like from your fingers to a dampened sponge to a brush. All give a striking finish. If you want your skin looking more airbrushed then using a dual fiber brush that is lightly dampened and then buffed into your skin works beautifully. For my fair, cool toned skin I’ve found three shades that work well for me as concealer and foundation: Neutral Beige 0, Neutral Beige 1, and Olive Neutral 0.

Individual packaging for Poise Makeup

Individual packaging for Cinema Touch Base

The intense pigment makes this a great choice for photography as well as everyday use. Of course Poise Int’l believes you should follow with their Pressed Powder which Lisa will now tell you about.

Lisa’s Side:

The Mineral Pressed Powder Palette (palette $120 retail, pressed powder $29) is a great choice for several reasons:  1. it gives you six options for powders, so you can use them for contouring or have choices for changing skin color due to faux tanning; 2. it’s fabulous for makeup artists; 3.  the colors pop out so you can refill them and/or replace with other colors.  Here’s what you get:

Poise Mineral Pressed Powder palette

close up of powders

Six huge pans, with colors ranging from Translucent to Deep Tan.  The powder is finely milled and leaves a nice finish that isn’t powdery.  It does a nice job of keeping the oilies at bay.


Pictured above are swatches of each color.  Translucent is pretty invisible and would work for all but very dark skin.  Fair is perfect for lighter skin tones, and Soft Beige, Deep Beige, and Bronze are all great for medium skin tones.  Deep Tan is for darker skin tones, and can also be used as a bronzer and for contouring.  These are beautiful pressed powders that have no fragrance, and the amount of product you get is terrific.


Even though we have two more reviews upcoming on this great brand, we are beginning a giveaway for you today. Come back on Tuesday, April 17th to learn about more of the items when Lisa reviews all the cream products from Poise and then again Friday, April 20th to learn about the cream blushes from Marcia. Rest assured, you’ll like these items. Products were sent by Poise and will be mailed by Beauty Info Zone. This giveaway ends on Saturday, April 21st at 11:59 p.m. EST and is open to subscribers in the US and Canada. Wait for the Rafflecopter to load. We have two mandatory requirements (subscribe and comment) and several optional ones that can be done daily. Good luck!!


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