Lust and glitter with Sleek MakeUP palettes

Sleek MakeUPIf you haven’t tried the fabulously affordable UK line Sleek MakeUP yet, this is a great time to do so! They are having a sale on a pretty cool collection called the 24K GOLD GIFT SET (LIMITED EDITION). It normally sells for $41.49 and right now it’s on sale for $30.00.  The collection includes:

  • i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette in The Gold Standard
  • Glitter Me Lip Gloss in Private Jet
  • Midas Touch Highlighting Palette
  • Makeup Bag

Sleek MakeUP recently sent us some products to test and while I haven’t tried everything in the 24K Gold Gift Set I have tried most of it.

THE GOLD STANDARD I-LUST EYESHADOW PALETTE (LIMITED EDITION) sells for $11.49 and includes four shimmer powder eyeshadows and two cream eyeshadows in golden shades. The six shades are housed in a chic palette with a mirror and a dual ended brush, with one side a standard eyshadow brush and other side is a sponge tip. The palette is sturdy and actually closes so well it’s tough to open, especially if you have long nails. The brush is just so-so…you will want to use your own brushes.

Sleek The Gold Standard I-Lust Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek The Gold Standard I-Lust Eyeshadow Palette Laurent and Coco

Laurent is a shimmery plummy brown that is INCREDIBLY pigmented.  I put this on and was like WHOA!  Use a little and build your way up. Coco is a coppery gold with shimmer that is very pretty as a lid shade.

Sleek The Gold Standard I-Lust Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek The Gold Standard I-Lust Eyeshadow Palette Margiela and Vera

Margiela is one of the two cream eyeshadows, a taupe with golden shimmer.  I don’t do well with cream eyeshadow since I have oily lids, but this one has good pigmentation and wears better than most cream eyeshadows do for me. Vera is a light shimmery gold that is a few shades lighter than Coco with more of a yellow tone.

Sleek The Gold Standard I-Lust Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek The Gold Standard I-Lust Eyeshadow Palette in Vivienne and Louis

I’m sorry, somehow I swatched these two in opposite order – in the palette it goes Louis then Vivienne, but in my swatch picture Vivienne is on the left and Louis is on the right. Vivienne is a pretty shimmery champagne that is great as a wash, or for the lid or brow. Louis is the second cream eyeshadow, and it looks like a shimmery gold in the pan but goes on rather sheer with sparkles. I am not a fan of this one. There is no real color and the sparkles tend to migrate.

Five out of the six eyeshadows are winners for me, so I do recommend this palette, especially for the price. Most of the shades are highly pigmented and I love the color combination.

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

The 24K Gold Gift Set features the Midas Highlighting Palette, which I haven’t tried. However, I have tested the SOLSTICE HIGHLIGHTING PALETTE ($14.99) which is similar, just different shades. This highlighting palette features two baked powders, one cream highlighter, and one shimmer powder. The finishes are all metallic and meant to give skin a sheen.

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette Ecliptic, Subsolar, Hemisphere, Equinox

I feel like the Solstice Highlighting Palette is a bit ‘young’ for me. At my age, too much sheen or shimmer isn’t flattering. That said, those of you in your 20’s and 30’s will enjoy this palette. The powders are all highly pigmented and are in flattering shades. They can all be used as highlighters as well as eyeshadows, not to mention for some shimmer on arms and décolletage. I really like the one cream highlighter, Subsolar. It sheers out beautifully and is a great highlighter, especially high on the cheekbone.

Sleek Glitter Me Gloss in Uptown Girl

Sleek Glitter Me Gloss in Uptown Girl

Sleek Glitter Me Gloss in Uptown Girl

Sleek Glitter Me Gloss in Uptown Girl

The 24K Gold Gift Set includes a Glitter Me Lip Gloss ($7.49) in Private Jet – I haven’t tried that shade, but I have tried the GLITTER ME LIP GLOSS IN UPTOWN GIRL (LIMITED EDITION).

 This is a sheer lip gloss with a raspberry tint and lots of shimmer. I like it – the shimmer isn’t grainy and the gloss has a nice slip. I tend to wear this over lipstick since it doesn’t provide much color on its own, but it definitely makes a party out of a subdued or matte lipstick.

I think the quality of Sleek MakeUP is terrific for the price point. Check it out and take a look at the 24K Gold Gift Set while it’s still available.  – Lisa

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Sleek 24K Gold Gift Set

Sleek 24K Gold Gift Set

Eddie Funkhouser Bedroom Eyes Hyperreal Eye Color Palette review and swatches

Last week I reviewed (and gushed over) the Eddie Funkhouser line.  I loved the lipstick, lip gloss, blush, and eyeshadow so much I decided to try to steal Marcia’s online boyfriend from her.  Today, I am reviewing the HYPERREAL EYE COLOR PALETTE in Bedroom Eyes ($14.99) that Eddie sent.  This buttery smooth eyeshadow palette takes eyes from coy to sassy to demure…and then right to risque.  It’s a perfect addition to my homewrecking ways.

Eddie Funkhouser Bedroom Eyes

Eddie Funkhouser Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom Eyes Palette

Bedroom Eyes Palette, top row:  Sassy, Risque  Bottom row:  Coy, Demure

The Bedroom Eyes Palette is a collection of four cool-toned eyeshadows featuring pink and purple toned shadows.  Formulas go from frost to matte, so there is something for every mood.  The pigmentation is wonderfully intense and all four shadows blend beautifully.

Bedroom Eyes left to right:    Coy, Sassy, Demure, Risque

Bedroom Eyes left to right: Coy, Sassy, Demure, Risque

Bedroom Eyes swatches left to right:  Coy, Sassy, Demure, Risque

Bedroom Eyes swatches indirect lighting left to right: Coy, Sassy, Demure, Risque

Bedroom Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Coy, Sassy, Demure, Risque

Bedroom Eyes Palette direct lighting swatches, left to right: Coy, Sassy, Demure, Risque

Coy is a shimmering frost white.  Yes, this is a frost, but it isn’t frosty on.  It’s not too bright to work as a brow shade, and it looks awesome as a lid shade.  It also really opens the eyes when used in the inside right corner.  Next is Sassy, a shimmering lavender rose.  This gorgeous neutral is actually more pearlescent than shimmery, and it will take you anywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom.  Demure is a pearlescent smoky grape, and holy smokes it is stunning.  What a versatile shade…I think this is my favorite of them all. Risque is a matte smoky taupe that has a silky texture.  I love this in the crease over top of Demure.

After 15 hours of wear, the colors still look vibrant with no creasing at all.  Astounding.

Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Eye Color Palette in Bedroom Eyes is a flipping fantastic eyeshadow palette.  Every day I am more impressed with the texture and wear of the eyeshadows, the versatility of the shades, and the affordability – four full size eyeshadows for about $15?  It would be sheer insanity to not add this to your collection.  You can find Eddie at his online store, Rite Aid, Urban Outfitters, and Dermstore.  And don’t forget, you have a direct line to communicating with Eddie at #ASKEDDIE.  – Lisa

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Bedroom Eyes will get you anything you want!

Bedroom Eyes will get you anything you want!

Tarte Rainforest After Dark review and swatches

Tarte Cosmetics has an exciting new, limited edition palette out called the Rainforest After Dark Eye and Cheek Palette ($38).  This is a wonderful palette with a beautiful range of shades inspired by dusk in the rainforest.  I had high expectations when Tarte sent this to us, and I was not disappointed!

tarte rainforest after dark...the box is even textured like snake skin

tarte rainforest after dark…the box is even textured like snake-skin

tarte rainforest after dark

tarte rainforest after dark

The packaging is gorgeous, with a golden snake design and a purple snake-skin textured box.  Inside, the palette is a round, CD size palette emblazoned with the snake and a purple jeweled eye.  It has a large round mirror that is big enough to reflect your entire face.  Nice!

one blush, one bronzer, one highlighter, and six eyeshadows

one blush, one bronzer, one highlighter, and six eyeshadows

tarte rainforest 5tarte rainforest 3

The products inside include one blush, one highlighter, one bronzer, and six eyeshadows.  The unique thing about Tarte powder products is color-correcting colored clay.  The rose clay helps to soothe skin, vanilla clay controls oil, and gold clay moisturizes.

unleashed blush

unleashed blush

champagne highlighter

champagne highlighter

park ave princess bronzer

park ave princess bronzer

left to right:  champagne, unleased, park ave princess

left to right: champagne, unleased, park ave princess

The Unleashed blush is a pretty plum matte pink.  It has terrific staying power and is such a flattering shade.  Champagne is a gorgeous highlighter, just be sure to buff it well – that’s what turns it into a flattering glow.  I actually use this on my eyes as a brow shade, too.  And Park Avenue Princess is a perfect bronzer, a buttery satin warm gold brown that looks terrific on almost everyone.

The eyeshadows are just to die for.  The texture is buttery soft, the pigmentation is wonderful, and the shades are beautiful. Three are golden browns, and three are pinky purples.

left to right:  don't turn a-brown, tan-gled up in you, up to no gold

left to right: don’t turn a-brown, tan-gled up in you, up to no gold

left to right:  up to no gold, tan-gled up in you, don't turn a-brown

left to right: up to no gold, tan-gled up in you, don’t turn a-brown

First up, the golden brown shades.  up to no gold is a shimmery gold with a velvet texture.  I think this is my favorite of them all, it really makes my brown eyes POP. tan-gled up in you is a matte tan that goes on so smooth, I almost can’t believe it’s a matte eyeshadow.  don’t turn a-brown is a dark brown with tiny golden shimmer.

left to right:  bare to explore, make a mauve, plum away with me

left to right: bare to explore, make a mauve, plum away with me

left to right:  bare to explore, make a mauve, plum away with me

left to right: bare to explore, make a mauve, plum away with me

Next, the pinky purples.  bare to explore is a matte pink beige that has a silky texture and is a great base shade.  On busy mornings, I throw this on as a wash with some black eyeliner and I am good to go.  make a mauve is a satin plum mauve that is even prettier in person.  plum away with me  is a shimmery dark plum with silver sparkle.  Gorgeous.

Included with the palette is a card with instructions for two different eye looks, the Afterhours Adventure, ‘inspired by the deep orchid hues of dusk, this spellbinding evening look will unleash your inner bombshell as you flawlessly take on the night‘; and Seductive Sunrise, ‘ignite your wild side anytime with this sultry, yet subtle everyday look.

Rainforest After Dark definitely give you everything you need for day or night, subtle or sultry.  Pick it up before it’s sold out!  – Lisa

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Side by Side part one: Beauty Addicts Solution Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Express

When Beauty Addicts sent the BIZ two eyeshadow palettes to test, Marcia and I were stumped. We  literally sat with both palettes open in front of us, just staring at them. We had no idea how to decide who would get which one because they were both STUNNING. We finally did eeny-meeny-miny-mo, and that is how I became the proud owner of the Solution Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Express ($35).

Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts Solution Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts Solution Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Express

Normally, we do our Side by Side reviews together – but these lovely eyeshadow palettes resulted in so many awesome pictures we decided to separate our reviews.  Stay tuned for Marcia’s future post on the Motivate palette!

All of the colors from Beauty Addicts are divided into five different color families:

Glow:  youthful, flirtatious, shimmery

Express:  casual, elegant, earth tones

Motivate:  classic, edgy, evening shades

Seduce:  sexy, sultry, smoky

Play:  creative, liberated, colorful

My eyeshadow palette is Express, with beautiful warm neutral shades that can be intensified for a more dramatic look. The texture of these eyeshadows is terrific, buttery smooth and creamy. I find them to have great pigment and lasting power.

Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts Express Palette – indirect outdoor lighting

Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts Express Palette – direct oudoor lighting

The top row has a matte creamy off-white shade and shimmery light peach shade. The bottom row has a shimmery medium copper shade and a dark warm brown shade with tiny golden shimmer.

Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts Express eyeshadows swatched

I used the technique that the amazing Olivia from The Unknown Beauty Blog and Into the Palette featured for deep-set, hooded eyes.  You can see her excellent tutorial right HERE.

Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts Express eyes

Beauty Addicts

another view

Beauty Addicts

Express Eyes closed

Beauty Addicts

and closed again!

I used the peachy shade for the mobile lid. The copper shade is my crease shade, with the deep brown shade also in the crease and brought down onto the lid. I used the creamy white shade on the brow, then lightly lined with a brown eye pencil on the upper lid and waterline.

Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts  Express eye

Beauty Addicts

My Beauty Addicts FOD

I am very impressed with the Solution Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Express. The colors are gorgeous, and the texture and wear of the eyeshadow is superb. While I am very happy I got Express, I can’t wait to find out how Marcia feels about her palette in the classic but edgy Motivate shades!  (Also, check out my previous review of Beauty Addicts GLIMMERsheers and Marcia’s review of Beauty Addicts Foundation.)  – Lisa

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Make Up For Ever Spring 2013 Technicolor review and swatches




It sounds like a massively pigmented color-saturated eyeshadow parade, especially from Dany Sanz, one of the best color experts in the industry. There are some good things about this new Make Up For Ever eyeshadow palette, but it was a challenge for me as I’m not quite as young and daring as I used to be.

Is it as good as it looks?

Is it as good as it looks?

The Technicolor palette is mostly matte eyeshadows with one shimmer eyeshadow, plus some mini brushes.



The brushes are typical mini-brushes. While the bristles are soft, they aren’t densely packed, so they are good for travel but probably not what you would choose for everyday application.

first four

Left to right:  Black (04), Yellow (Juane), Apple Green (91), Turquoise (72)


Black (04), Yellow (Juane), Apple Green (91) and Turquoise (72) swatched

Black (04) – I like this shade because it can be used as a liner, or sheered out into a grayish black that isn’t too intense. This is great over the Chocolate Brown shade to define the crease, which is how I often find myself using it.

Yellow (Juane) – why is this the only shade with a real name?? Ok, name confusion aside, I was excited for this color. Yellow shades brighten up deep-set eyes, so I was geeked to try this. The texture is somewhat powdery, and on me it wore off unevenly. I wanted to love this but it just didn’t work for me, I think it’s just too warm of a yellow to go with my skin tone.  So bummed! I will keep trying, there’s got to be a way to make this work for me.

Apple Green (91) – This is a very bright apple green.  Because I am a big chicken, I use it sparingly, and I find it looks great along the lash line with a black liner over it.

Turquoise (72) – This is a very pretty but somewhat powdery bright blue.  If you like to experiment with bright colors, this one will make you happy – it’s definitely technicolor!  I have seen some amazing pictures of people who use this as their main shade in eye looks, but that’s not something I could ever get away with.  I have learned that at my age, the brighter colors are best used sparingly.  Doing so is flattering and will really update your look without making you look like you are trying WAY too hard.

next four

Left to right:  Lilac (116), White (00), Chocolate Brown (17), Beige Shimmer (126)


Lilac (116), White (00), Chocolate Brown (17), Beige Shimmer (126) swatched

Technicolor is an interesting palette in that all shades are matte except for one.  Beige Shimmer seems a little lonesome in the sea of matte eyeshadows. That said, the Beige Shimmer has my favorite texture of all of them!

Lilac (116) – I love purple eyeshadows, and I was surprised at how sheer this one is.  Even those of you who are afraid of color will like this, it’s actually quite subtle.  My swatch is super dark to show the color, but to get that much on your eyelid you would really have to pack it on.

White (00) – I love this, it’s a real winner. This is a sheer white with a creamy texture, it blends beautifully.

Chocolate Brown (17) – another winner for me.  I love brown shades, and this is a fabulous medium brown that is one of those staple shades everyone needs. The texture is beautifully smooth and it plays well with all sorts of other colors.  I am super happy to have this color and have such plans for it!

Beige Shimmer (126) – this is my favorite shade of them all.  Beige Shimmer has a slightly peachy cast to it, and it’s beautiful on, it really brightens up the eye.

Black, Chocolate Brown, Beige Shimmer, White

Black, Chocolate Brown, Beige Shimmer, White

For the eye look below, I used the shades swatched above.   I used Beige Shimmer on the mobile lid. I put Chocolate Brown in the crease, then followed with a thin line of Black in the crease and down the outer edge of the mobile lid. I used White on my brow and the inner corners. I need to give a quick shout-out to my fabulous friend Olivia (gorgeous inside and out!), her amazing tutorials are the best – look HERE.  I also used Make Up For Ever Kohl Liner in Black on my waterline and looking back I wish I had lined my upper lid.

there are bright spots to this palette...they just aren't the bright colors!

My Technicolor eyes using the softer shades

All the colors except for the yellow shade are in the permanent collection, although buying them individually is more expensive ($20 per shade versus $45 for the palette).   I like that this palette has encouraged me to be more daring. I tend to play it safe with neutral colors so it’s nice to have some brighter colors challenging me to grow a bit.  How about you, are you up for trying some bright shades for spring?  – Lisa

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Tarte wants you to Treat Yourself to Gorgeous – QVC special

Treat Yourself to Gorgeous from tarte cosmetics

When Tarte Cosmetics chose the name “Treat Yourself to Gorgeous” for their newest QVC special kit they knew what they were doing. You’ll be amazed by this set and feel like you’ve indulged in something very expensive. The surprise is that Tarte did it again – they are bringing you a kit that contains 20 gorgeous eyeshadows, 4 amazing eyeliners plus 4 luscious lipglosses – for only $49.98. While this kit is just one low price, it has 3 separate boxes so if you wanted you could gift one or two of the boxes and keep part for yourself. (You know the philosophy “one for you and one (or two) for me” is always fun when gift giving!) Each box is in shiny paper making it look like a gift. This year’s winter theme for Tarte has been Baby It’s Bold Outside and you’ll find bold and beautiful items in each of the boxes.

image from

Box one contains 4 full size cashmere waterproof gliding liners. The 4 eyeliners are great everyday basics but with pizzazz. The shades aren’t labeled but they are all you need: Black Orchid, Bronze, Black Brown, and Black Magic. Both Bronze and Black Orchid have the prettiest touch of shimmer while the other two are matte. The texture is what sells these. They are labeled ‘cashmere’ and that’s how soft they feel while gliding on. The colors are intense and don’t take more than one line; you can easily smudge them when you first apply them and then they are set! They last throughout the day. There’s also a full size mirror in the liner box.

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeliner box

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeliners

from top – Black Orchid, Bronze, Black-Brown, Black Magic

Box two contains the 4 Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses. These 4 glosses are perfect shades for this set that will give you a variety of looks. Tarte lipglosses come in a wand that clicks up and comes out through the brush. They start off a little sticky but that changes as they meld with your lips. There’s a delicious peppermint scent with these that I personally love. It’s the same scent as in their LipSurgence lip crayons that are my favorite lip product. The fragrance fades quickly but it’s refreshing while it lasts. These have a small plumping action that comes naturally from the maracuja. The color range is wonderful since you can change your look entirely by whichever lipgloss you choose.

Tarte Brazen lipgloss

Darling is a soft pink with subtle gold shimmer


Genuine is a sheer, creamy pink that has a pinky-nude tone


Giddy is a beautiful soft coral pink


Brazen is a sheer bright rose


Brazen sheer and more full coverage

Now to the eyeshadows, Amazonian clay infused silky-smooth eyeshadows – sigh – 20 elegant eyeshadows  that are mostly new for Tarte.

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeshadow box

The names are fabulous and make you realize that there are 20 ways to treat yourself: Bubble Bath, Gossip, Ice Wine, Velvet, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Stiletto just to name a few. These shadow shades span seasons too. You might prefer the light shades like Privacy Please, Macaroon, or Skinny Dip in the summer; Safari, Bellini, Cabana in the fall; and Tiramisu, Tahitian Pearl and 24 Carats in the winter. Or you may just prefer to use them all any time of day or night, any season! There’s so much to choose from that each day you’ll feel like you are Treating Yourself.

Upper left: Macaroon, Privacy Please, Bellini, 24 Carats

Macaroon, Privacy Please, Bellini, 24 Carats

Lower left: Bubble Bath, Ice Wine, Gossip, Skinny Dip

top:Bubble Bath, Ice Wine, bottom: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Skinny Dip

top right: Canary Diamond, Truffle, Tiramisu; underneath: Safari, Cabana, Locket

Bottom right: top: Sailboat, Match Point, Stilleto; underneath: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Velvet, Tahitian Pearl

top: Sailboat, Match Point, Stilleto; underneath: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Velvet, Tahitian Pearl

Whether you ask for this as a gift, buy it for yourself, or choose it for your makeup loving crew you won’t be sorry. This is a one day special on QVC that will be presented on 11/28/2012. The number to order on that day is A226316. Or you can do yourself a favor and go directly to QVC now and use the pre-order number, A230738, and order a set (or more) to be sure they aren’t sold out. (Plus it’s on easy pay!!) Gorgeous is gorgeous and when it’s at a special QVC price like this it makes it that much more appealing. Treat Yourself to Gorgeous – a perfect name! — Marcia

Lots of thrills in Tarte’s The Big Thrill Collection Holiday 2012

If you have limited space and want a kit that has a wide variety of options for your eyes, cheeks, and lips, then Tarte’s The Big Thrill Collection ($48 – all of the products separately are worth an unbelievable $430!!) is perfect for you.  This is available exclusively at Ulta.

The Big Thrill lives up to it’s name!

Inside you will find 16 full size eyeshadows, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, 2 blushes, and 3 full size lip glosses.

three levels of awesomeness

Above the eyeshadows is a nice mirror, so the only other thing you need besides this kit are your brushes.  Like all of Tarte’s collections, this is a limited edition collection that is a great gift idea for the holiday season.

beautiful shades

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and have a great array of shades from very light to deeply dark.

another view…cosmetics porn!

The blushes are wonderful, I adore Tarte blush because it actually lasts all day without fading or disappearing.  And the lip glosses are beautiful shades that really complement the other colors in the kit.

Here are some close ups of the eyeshadows.  Click on the photos for an even closer look.

The Big Thrill eyeshadows

Top row:  Shooting Star (shimmery champagne), Giant Peach (light peach with  microglitter)

Bottom row:  Cloud 9 (soft matte beige), Pop of Pink (pink shimmer)

The Big Thrill eyeshadows

Top row: Totally Taupe (pinky-taupe with microglitter), Brilliant Bronze (shimmery bronze)

Bottom row:  Amazed by Amethyst (shimmery purple), Pumped About Purple (deep blue-toned purple)

The Big Thrill eyeshadows

Top row:  Silver Burst (shimmery silver), Next Level Lilac (grey lilac)

Bottom Row:  Clay Crush (matte grey/beige), Rush of Gold (gold with microglitter)

The Big Thril eyeshadows

Top Row:  Intergallactic Metallic (shimmery blue/grey), Jump for Juniper (matte teal)

Bottom Row:  Go for the Green (shimmery yellow green), Exquisite Emerald (shimmery green/brown)

Shooting Star, Giant Peach, Totally Taupe, Brilliant Bronze

Swatched above are Shooting Star, Giant Peach, Totally Taupe, and Brilliant Bronze.  I would have been happy with just these four shades.  These are gorgeous, highly pigmented neutrals that my green/brown eyes just love.

Cloud Nine, Pop of Pink, Amazed by Amethyst, Pop of Purple

Swatched above are Cloud Nine, Pop of Pink, Amazed by Amethyst, and Pop of Purple.  I like them all, although the Pop of Purple goes on as a dark brown on me.

Silver Burst, Next Level Lilac, Intergallactic Metallic, Jump for Juniper

Swatched above are Silver Burst, Next Level Lilac, Intergallactic Metallic, and Jump for JuniperNext Level Lilac is really a fabulous neutral that I use as as all-over wash on lazy days.

Clay Crush, Rush of Gold, Go for the Green, Exquisite Emerald

Swatched above are Clay Crush, Rush of Gold, Go for the Green, and Exquisite Emerald Rush of Gold is totally gorgeous, and Go for the Green is a lovely, unusual color that I was happy to get as I have nothing else like it.


Park Avenue Princess has been around for a while, but the other three shades are all brand new.


Park Avenue Princess (shimmery bronzer), Angelic (light pink highlighter)


Thrilled (bright shimmery pink), Curious (peachy-pink)

Park Avenue Princess, Angelic, Thrilled, Curious

Park Avenue Princess is a great bronzer that pairs really well with the highlighter Angelic.  I absolutely love the other two shades – Thrilled is a perfect raspberry shade, and Curious is a wonderful pinky/peach.

High Performance Naturals Lip Glosses

The three full sized lip glosses are so pretty, there is something for everyone.  They are also full of ingredients that are great for your lips.  Tarte says, “Vitamins A & E are natural antioxidants that help remove free radicals, promote collagen production and retain moisture, which plump fine lines and wrinkles to give the appearance of younger, fuller lips.”

Strawberry Sensation

Strawberry Sensation is a shimmery strawberry pink.

Strawberry Sensation brush

I prefer a does foot applicator, but these brushes are good, they aren’t prone to splaying.


Apple-A-Day is a glittery deep pink.

Apple-A-Day brush

I love this shade, it gives my lips just the right amount of color and the glitter isn’t too much for daytime.


Abri-Cad-Apricot is the only matte lip gloss, it’s a matte brownish peach.

Abri-Cad-Apricot brush

While this has brown tones in it, I find it’s not overly warm on.  It has a ton of shine and just a hint of apricot color.

Strawberry Sensation, Apple-A-Day, Abri-Cad-Apricot

All together, this is a beautiful collection of shades.  It’s such a great value, this is a kit you don’t want to miss out on.  Just like the name says, it’s full of big thrills, you will want to put this on your wish list.  – Lisa

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