Say YES to hair removal on the go with the no!no! MICRO Emergency Kit


I never thought a day would come when the smell of burning hair made me happy. But it is here, thanks to the no!no! MICRO Professional Hair Remover Emergency Kit ($225). If this look familiar, that is because Marcia reviewed the no!no! Pro3 a while back…be sure to read her excellent review HERE. Marcia did an awesome job of explaining the science behind the Thermicon technology that crystallizes and removes hair, so read her review for the nitty-gritty details…today I am talking about the smaller MICRO version that no!no! sent to test. The MICRO is all about hair removal on the go.

no!no! Hair Micro Set

The MICRO has the same technology as the larger version, just in a more compact and portable size. It works on facial hair, neck hair, legs, bikini line…every place that the Classic no!no! works. An advantage to the no!no! hair removal devices in general is that they use heat, not light, to remove hair, so that means it is safe for people with all hair colors and skin types.

The no!no! hair removal devices don’t pull hair out or cut the skin…in fact, I find this system to be pretty painless, although there is the smell of burning hair. However, that smell is GOOD…that means it’s working!!

The MICRO has no cords – it is rechargeable. It comes in a cute travel case, along with two tips – one narrow and one wide – so you can remove hair from large surfaces like legs as well as from small, curved areas like the upper lip. Sorry guys…this device is designed for women!

So why am I loving the portable size of the MICRO?  It is great for travel, and I can even keep it in my desk at the office for those times I look in the mirror and go OOPS…I didn’t realize that was showing! I whip out my MICRO and take care of those pesky ‘unibrow’ hairs or that upper lip area. Seriously, it just takes seconds and the hair is gone.

no!no! Hair Micro Set

no!no! Hair Micro Set

everything inside the no!no! Hair Micro travel set

everything inside the no!no! Hair Micro travel set

What I truly appreciate is that the MICRO is effective as a full treatment device as well as an emergency ‘triage’ safety tool. I haven’t tried the full size version, but the MICRO works so well the only reason I’d want the other is so I could keep my MICRO in my work desk full-time.

The MICRO Emergency Kit contains:

  • no!no! MICRO device
  • One narrow Thermicon Tip
  • One wide Thermicon Tip
  • Large buffer
  • Compact Case
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Quick guide

It comes in three colors:  black, red, or white. I am not sure if the color of the zippered travel case differs, but the one I got with the red MICRO is a pretty bronze-gold. All of the accessories are available for repurchase if you ever need them.

Hair removal is a not-so-fun part of any beauty routine, but the no!no! MICRO makes it quick, easy, and painless. If you are looking for a portable solution, I definitely recommend this. You can find no!no! for sale online at, on Twitter @NoNoByRadiancy, and on Facebook at  – Lisa

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Beginning with the no!no! CLASSIC hair removal system, using revolutionary Thermicon™ technology, no!no! delivers professional, pain-free hair removal that’s safe for all skin types and hair colors.  The no!no! brand has grown to include seven more hair removal products, including no!no! LITE, no!no! PLUS, no!no! MICRO, no!no! Hair, no!no! Hair for MEN, no!no! PRO3 and no!no! PRO5, all with different features and technologies. In addition to the hair removal line, no!no! expanded to include no!no! Skin for pimple treatments, no!no! Glow, the LHE beauty tool, and no!no! Smooth, a full skincare line formulated with hair growth inhibitors.

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