Why I love my Color Clutch Nail Polish Case

I have had a lot of clutches in my life but none that have been as much fun as COLOR CLUTCH nail polish case. This case is organization at its best. The only problem is that I want a lot more of these to handle my stash. Let me first explain this case. It’s a box that is 11″x 9″x 1.5″ and holds 14 nail polishes. It’s great for home storage and it’s wonderful for traveling with polish.

Color Clutch

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The Color Clutch is a case that safely holds 14 polishes in a sturdy box with a foam insert to keep your polishes safe from danger. It cradles polishes like they are a baby. It holds just about any shape or size bottle too. I read that the only bottles that don’t fit are Louboutin and Smith & Cult. That leaves a world of polishes that do fit in.


Color Clutch filled

an empty Color Clutch

The way I’m currently using my Color Clutch is to fill it with some unused polishes. I’ve bought a lot lately from indie companies and I want a way to remember what I’ve used and what I haven’t used yet. By storing them in my Color Clutch I can immediately look through the see-through front to decide what color is coming to the salon with me. I fill the empty space with another unused polish so that I can go through these one at a time.

I have friends and family that winter out of state and this would be a wonderful item for them to take with. Or maybe they should invite me to visit for a while and I’ll take mine!

Color Clutch side view

For those of you who keep a manageable amount of polish the Color Clutch helps with a swatch guide on the side. You can actually swatch the polish on the label and later remove it with acetone if you switch the polish. The case has a magnetic closing and the whole unit is so sturdy. I have mine standing up on a closet shelf and it’s protected from dust that way. If it did tip everything would still be safe.

Color Clutch is available in black on Amazon, in black and white on the CC website, and they even have a special Jamberry edition in a bright magenta. I’ll be picking up at least one more but my eye is on having several. That would make organizing a dream.  —  Marcia

Photo credit to ColorClutch.com

Welcome to the jungle with Surya Brasil!

The natural and organic line Surya Brasil is a Brazilian company known for hair and body products, as well as their beautiful nail polishes. Marcia and I have been working our way through their lovely Exotic Animals Collection and I have several more for you today. I also have a few Vegan Tinted Lip Balms to recommend that will keep those dry winter lips perfectly hydrated with a lovely light tint. All of Surya Brasil’s products are reasonably priced and available on their website as well as at Whole Foods, Pharmaca and Thrive Market.


Surya Brasil Pomegranate

The Vegan Tinted Lip Balms are just $4.99 and they are really beautiful. The ingredients include Castor seed oil, Cocoa seed butter, Coconut oil, Brazil nut seed oil, Murumuru butter and Vitamin E.

Surya Brasil Vanilla Dragon Fruit Vegan Tinted Lip Balm

Surya Brasil Pomegranate Vegan Tinted Lip Balm

Surya Brasil Blood Orange Vegan Tinted Lip Balm

Surya Brasil Coconut Nectar Vegan Tinted Lip Balm

I love the unique flavors that are available – Blood Orange, Coconut Nectar, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Sugared Fig, and Vanilla Dragon Fruit. There is a Valentine’s Day special right now where you can get all six in a set for $25.

Surya Brasil Vegan Tinted Lip Balms

I love how hydrating these babies are, and I appreciate the tint because my lips have no natural color to them. They all have a slight fruity fragrance and pleasant taste that makes them favorites for me.

Surya Brasil Exotic Animal Polish collection

In addition to lovely lip balms, Surya Brasil has gorgeous nail polish. The Exotic Animals Collection is certainly a collection to go wild over.

“The Exotic Animals Nail Polish collection is inspired by nature’s wonderful colors to leave your nails beautiful and healthy. There are many vibrant and bright colors, each one dedicated to a specific exotic animal from all over the world.”

One of the thrills of the Exotic Animals Nail Polish Collection is that the 16 polishes ($12 each) are all vibrant but they cover a huge variety of shades that work for all seasons. The nail polishes are all vegan, certified 7-free, and absolutely not tested on animals – the animals are just pictured on the bottles!


  • NO Camphor
  • NO DBP
  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Toluene
  • NO ingredients of animal origin
  • NO animal testing

Right now there is a cool special going on – buy a color polish from the collection, and get a free pair of Golden Grass Earrings.  They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Surya Brasil Exotic Animals free earrings

The polishes I have for you today include Eclectus Parrot, Orangutan, Chameleon, and Wolf.

Surya Brasil Eclectus Parrot Nail Polish

Surya Brasil Eclectus Parrot Nail Polish

Eclectus Parrot is a dark red shade, a beautiful shade for Valentine’s Day. I typically stay away from orangey reds and this is more of a strawberry red. The parrot is fantastic – he’s actually native from Indonesia and unfortunately is extinct in some areas.

Surya Brasil Nail Polish in Orangutan

Surya Brasil Nail Polish in Orangutan

 Orangutans live in trees, something I did not know! The shade looks very dark in the bottle but on nails the dark brown shade turns far more red. Add a few coats for more of the dark brown to come out.

Surya Brasil Chameleon Nail Polish

Surya Brasil Chameleon Nail Polish

The Chameleon is known for being able to change its skin and this metallic green changes in the light. It’s sooo pretty – mesmerizing and a perfect shade to have on hand for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

Surya Brasil Nail Polish in Wolf

Surya Brasil Nail Polish in Wolf

The Maned Wolf is actually in danger of going extinct in Brazil, in spite of being shy and harmless. The shade is warm brown, just like the fur of wolf, although this also has tiny golden shimmers.

From left to right:  Eclectus Parrot, Orangutan, Chameleon, Wolf

Surya Brasil has a great collection of vegan, organic, and natural products that are good for the environment. Head over to their website to check out the collections as well as their mission. It’s well worth a look and be prepared to find tons of things you won’t be able to live without!  – Lisa

Surya Brasil Exotic Animals Nail Polish Collection

Improve your nail life with these beautiful CAPTION nail polishes

CAPTION polishes in Let’s Be Frank, Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy, and Way Above Average

Being introduced to CAPTION NAIL POLISH has been a highlight of late 2017 to early 2018. So far I’ve worn 3 Caption polishes and am craving more. It’s not hard to fall for a line of polish that has over 100 amazing shades and that is wearing perfectly on me. I’m staring at my nails right now as I’m at the end of 7 days of wearing ‘Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy’ and the shine and wear is absolutely perfect. 7 days of perfect wear actually on all 3 of the polishes I’ve worn.

CAPTION polishes in Let’s Be Frank, Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy, and Way Above Average

CAPTION polishes can be found in many different finishes and I was immediately attracted to a shimmery metallic, a true metallic, and a chrome. But I can just as easily find creams, crellies, and top coats that are exciting additions to my nail polish collection.

When looking at what I was sent I was mesmerized by amethyst. Totally mesmerized! So the first polish I wore is “Way Above Average” which is described as an over-achieving metallic amethyst.

Caption Way Above Average

Caption Way Above Average

This midtone purple is almost a one coater but I like two coats to even out the finish. There’s an embedded glitter in the polish that makes it shine and look way way above average.

Caption Way Above Average

CAPTION uses what they call an LacQ3 Technology to make it wear as well as a gel and helps with its mirror-like shine. The polishes dry really quickly, they say 3x faster than a regular polish. There’s no difficulty in removal since they don’t need to be soaked.

Caption Let’s Be Frank

The next polish that attracted me and rightly so is “Let’s Be Frank“. My friend Frank here is a ‘straight talking metallic garnet’. Since garnet is my birthstone I often like wearing the shade, especially in January, and this is the prettiest garnet I’ve worn.

Caption Let’s Be Frank

This has the most striking glitter yet it’s smooth as can be. It only looks shimmery but doesn’t feel shimmery. I’m not a fan of bumpy polish so this finish is awesome. The shine is totally fabulous and lasts and lasts. I never had to apply another layer of topcoat during a week’s wear because it stayed this way the entire time.

Caption Let’s Be Frank

My third choice is SELFIE FULFILLED PROPHECY, a fabulous chrome polish that is wearing so beautifully.

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy

This is the chameleon of the bunch. It looks different all the time. It’s described as a ‘fiesty fuchsia chrome’ and I see half a dozen colors depending on which light I’m in. I am looking at a light golden copper in the low light of my computer room. In the brighter lights of the nail salon I described it as a copper rose. I see a lot of rose in the polish but it’s never just one shade.

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy (in artificial light)

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy (in bright salon light)

This is truly a one coater though I am wearing two coats. My nail tech even asked me if I wanted a second coat since she too was amazed at how smoothly and fully it applied.

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy (different light)

There are over 100 polishes ($9.95) on the CAPTION website as well as dozens on Dermstore (they are $12 there though) and I can easily find half a dozen more I’m eager to wear. If you haven’t heard of CAPTION before you are missing out on some beauties. Believe it or not the company is owned by two male nail technicians who named their company Young Nails. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and sell in 40 countries worldwide. I may not have known about them before but now that I do, I won’t forget!!  —  Marcia


All Caption products are 3 free, Caption products are 100% cruelty free.

Blush Lacquers January polish Sleigh Bells – are you listening?

I have become completely enamored with nail polish this past year. When I was getting ready to move I was aghast at quite how many I had in my collection but I really went to town in 2017. I follow so many nail blogs and when I see what they are sharing I can’t resist.

BLUSH LACQUERS is a brand I kept drooling over and I finally caved and placed a big order. My experience with these polishes is delightful. The colors, the shine, the long lasting polishes make me so happy.

When I was struggling to narrow down my order one polish I couldn’t ignore is SLEIGH BELLS. The creator Victoria had a sneak preview available to purchase and I knew it had to be mine.

Blush Lacquers Sleigh Bells (credit BlushLacquers.com, psyched.manis)

This is described by Blush Lacquers as “Sleigh Bells is a periwinkle blue base holo with a pink-gold shifting shimmer and shifting purple-blue-green multichrome flakies.” The main color I see is the periwinkle blue but with all the interesting shimmer and flakies it’s not a typical periwinkle by any means.

BLUSH lacquers Sleigh Bells

My nails are looking so glamorous with this on. I’m a big fan of holographic polish and Sleigh Bells shines with that base. Then the shimmers and flakes add more and more interest.

BLUSH lacquers Sleigh Bells

BLUSH Lacquers Sleigh Bells is only available through January 31st and then it will be gone. It’s a shade I feel that can be worn year round. You really don’t want to miss out on this. Some of the others I purchased that are still available are: My Beach Umbrella – Ella Ella (being discontinued). Amethyst Amulet, and Twilight Maiden. I can’t wait to add to my BLUSH Lacquer collection.  —  Marcia

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Pantone Color of the Year for 2018 with Pixi Beauty and Caption Nail Polish Giveaway

Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year and for 2018 it’s the shade Ultra Violet. Over the next few months you’ll find dozens of variations and interpretations of Ultra Violet in beauty, fashion, and home accessories. Since I’ve started following this trend I’ve liked several but this is the first I can say I love. Purple is the color associated with regality and it’s a shade that invites invention. Some of the greats (Prince and David Bowie come to mind) are associated with the color purple and they are among the people who are artistic inventors.

Pixi Beauty and Caption Nail Polish have sent some products that are wonderful examples of the magic of violet and one Beauty Info Zone subscriber will win these.

Caption Nail Polish in Enough Already, Pixi Beauty Velvet Violet Silky Eye Pen, Pixi Beauty Amethyst Aura Mesmerizing Mineral Palette

It’s no surprise that Pixi by Petra is one of our favorite brands. Being able to buy their products at Target makes it another reason to love Target so much. If you can’t find what you are looking for at Target their website is so easy to shop on plus they have a VIP reward program to help you receive extras and discounts.

Pixi’s Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes are beautifully pigmented six shade palettes that have coordinating colors so everything you need is in the one handy palette. Most of the palettes are just $12 with Amethyst Aura on special for $6 right now. You can’t beat that.

Pixi Beauty Velvet Violet Silky Eye Pen and Amethyst Aura Mesmerizing Mineral Palette

These 6 coordinating shades are cruelty free. The shadows are either matte or satin finish.

To coordinate even further there’s Endless Silky Eye Pen in Velvet Violet. Pixi’s eyeliner pencils are the ones I recommend all the time. Not only do they have a terrific variety of shades but they glide on. I never have tugging with a Pixi pencil but the best thing is that they don’t sharpen away so that I’m left with nothing like many pencils do. Normally $12, right now Pixi has some (including Velvet Violet) on sale for $6. Time to stock up!

Pixi Beauty Velvet Violet Silky Eye Pen

Pixi Velvet Violet

I haven’t had a chance yet to share CAPTION nail polishes with you but I’m totally in love with them. There are an incredible amount of shades that I’m drooling over. I’m currently wearing one that’s a silvery lavender, Way Above Average, that is stunning. In the nail salon and out & about I’ve had so many compliments on it. I think my nail tech is going to steal it from me if I bring it back!

Caption Way Above Average

Enough Already is a perfect cream polish for Ultra Violet. While I haven’t worn it I know the quality of these polishes and how long lasting they are for me.

Caption Nail Polish, Enough Already

Caption Enough Already nail polish

I’m very impressed with Caption polishes and intend to buy several more. At $9.95 they don’t break the bank either.

Now that you see these beautiful Ultra Violet picks from two fab brands you can enter our giveaway to try to win these. You’ll receive Caption polish in Enough Already, Pixi Amethyst Aura polish and Pixi Velvet Violet Endless Silky Eye Pen. What better way to start the year than with the color of the year?  —  Marcia

The giveaway ends on 1/8/18 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US and Canada. You MUST subscribe and you must leave a comment. If you don’t you are out of luck.

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Caption polishes are also available at Dermstore


Sally Hansen glams it up with grey polish

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Greyfitti, Stilletos & Studs

I’m back with my favorite mass market brand of polish – Sally Hansen. I’m especially enamored with their Miracle Gel formula since it lasts like iron on me and you can save a step as no base coat is needed. Speaking of iron Sally Hansen has brought to market grey shades that are so in fashion these days. I love grey since it’s a neutral shade that looks good with everything I wear.

Two polishes you need to know about are Greyfitti and Stilettos & Studs

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Greyfitti

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Stilletos and Studs


GREYFITTI is a beautiful light grey shade in a cream formula. What I look for in greys (which is what I use in my house) are the ones without green or brown undertones. Greyfitti fits the bill as the undertones are neutral. There might be a touch of light blue to it. All I know is that this is the color I want on my walls soon. With the fabulous flat Sally Hansen brush this almost applies itself. No bubbles, no streaking, just beautiful nail polish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Greyfitti

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Greyfitti bottle with Stilettos & Studs

Stillettos & Studs is a wonderful metallic shade with the tiniest bit of glitter that makes it shine. This is so representative of Miracle Gel since it lasts for up to 14 days and stays shiny. I love this steel grey shade and could wear it for weeks without tiring of it.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Stilettos & Studs

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Stilettos & Studs

If you are looking to be glam in grey then head to your nearest drugstore or Ulta to see what beauties Sally Hansen has for you. —  Marcia

Get all that glitters with Sally Hansen Enchanting Gems Collection

Yes thank you, I’d love to be dripping in gems. I’ll take diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. While we’re at it throw in some pearls, lapis, and amethyst to make my life complete. If I can’t have those can I have the new Sally Hansen Color Therapy Enchanting Gems Collection instead? It’s limited edition so I need to get on it quickly.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat and Pink Sapphire polish

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing Sally Hansen Color Therapy polishes before and they are absolutely wonderful. The formula needs no base coat since it contains an argan oil enhancing complex that results in extra nourishment and instant moisture for you nails. A special Color Therapy top coat is available that also contains the argan oil formula. The top coat provides an amazingly glossy finish and longer wear. They say you should be able to wear the polishes for 10 days of fade-proof and chip-resistant wear. I typically wear my polishes for 7 days and they look good as new at my next appointment.


Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat

To my delight I have two shades of these: Pink Sapphire and Smoky Emerald. Both are fabulous colors and I want more from this collection.

Pink Sapphire is a striking pink red shade that Sally Hansen calls electric pink. The first coat did look very pink but with the second coat it filled in with more redness. The combination makes me ecstatic.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Pink Sapphire polish

Pink Sapphire has shimmer within that makes it stand out. When I was at the salon to get my nails done I was complimented on both my nails and the color by a very attractive woman. It turned out she’s one of the newscasters on my local 6 and 11 o’clock news. That compliment meant extra to me once I realized who it came from. And Sally Hansen should be happy with that compliment too!

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Pink Sapphire polish

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Pink Sapphire polish

Smoky Emerald totally surprised and delighted me. I’m not a green person but the description sounded so interesting that I was intrigued enough to want it: “Embrace evening magic with this blackened midnight teal green”.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Smoky Emerald polish

Just look at this beauty! It’s everything that was described….

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Smoky Emerald polish

and more! Not only is there depth to the shimmer but the color looks different depending on the light.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Smoky Emerald polish

In brighter light you can see the emerald and teal. In low lights it mostly looks like a blackened teal.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Smoky Emerald polish

Let’s see some of the other shades available!

Sally Hansen Opulent Pearl, Brilliant Lapis, Orchid Amethyst, Rose Diamond

Which will you choose? These are available now in drugstores worldwide but they’ll be gone way too soon.  —  Marcia