Sally Hansen glams it up with grey polish

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Greyfitti, Stilletos & Studs

I’m back with my favorite mass market brand of polish – Sally Hansen. I’m especially enamored with their Miracle Gel formula since it lasts like iron on me and you can save a step as no base coat is needed. Speaking of iron Sally Hansen has brought to market grey shades that are so in fashion these days. I love grey since it’s a neutral shade that looks good with everything I wear.

Two polishes you need to know about are Greyfitti and Stilettos & Studs

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Greyfitti

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Stilletos and Studs


GREYFITTI is a beautiful light grey shade in a cream formula. What I look for in greys (which is what I use in my house) are the ones without green or brown undertones. Greyfitti fits the bill as the undertones are neutral. There might be a touch of light blue to it. All I know is that this is the color I want on my walls soon. With the fabulous flat Sally Hansen brush this almost applies itself. No bubbles, no streaking, just beautiful nail polish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Greyfitti

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Greyfitti bottle with Stilettos & Studs

Stillettos & Studs is a wonderful metallic shade with the tiniest bit of glitter that makes it shine. This is so representative of Miracle Gel since it lasts for up to 14 days and stays shiny. I love this steel grey shade and could wear it for weeks without tiring of it.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Stilettos & Studs

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Stilettos & Studs

If you are looking to be glam in grey then head to your nearest drugstore or Ulta to see what beauties Sally Hansen has for you. —  Marcia

Sally Hansen has you set for September and beyond with Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Adventure Land Collection, Miracle Gel

September is here and that means we are starting to feel fall is just around the corner. Today we’re at the corner of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Adventure Land where 7 new treasures await us to make fall a prettier place to hang out.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel was the first polish that combined the wonderful aspects of gel nail polish with a top coat that doesn’t need a light curing session. Because of that the polishes can be removed with regular polish remover. No soaking, no foil wrapped around our tips sinking the remover into our skin. Just remove as usual.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

I have two of the Adventure Land polishes to share with you today. In total there are seven shown in my collage from left to right: Swim Upstream, Beet, Red-y Set Run, Leaf Me Be, Sheer Happiness, Wild About Violet, and Adrenaline Crush (large one).

I am so impressed with Adrenaline Run and Red-y Set Run that I can’t believe it. I wear a polish for at least 7 days but with Adrenaline Crush I wore it for 14 days yet you’d never had known it from the wear. Other than growth and the tips of my nails wearing away they looked perfect.

Sally Hansen Adrenaline Crush with Miracle Gel 2x Volume top coat

Adrenaline Crush is one of those polishes that is hard to describe. Every light brings out a new aspect of it. Some lights make it look very golden, some make it look bronzish, you can see a purple undertone in it some of the time. It’s a veritable adventure all by itself.

Sally Hansen Adrenaline Crush

Sally Hansen Adrenaline Crush

Sally Hansen Adrenaline Crush


Sally Hansen Adrenaline Crush

There’s a metallic finish to it that makes it more enticing. With Sally Hansen Miracle Gel you don’t apply a base coat so that saves time. Just use the Miracle Gel Top Coat. It dries a little quicker that way but the two I used weren’t thin polishes so they didn’t dry instantly.

Sally Hansen Red-y, Set, Run

I got my nails done after just one week of wearing Red-y, Set, Run but I could have lasted another week without a problem. It looked as shiny as could be and the color was true throughout the entire time.

Sally Hansen Red-y, Set, Run

Sally Hansen Red-y, Set, Run (day one)

Sally Hansen Red-y, Set, Run after 7 days

This is a shade of red I never get tired of. It’s a true red with hidden shimmer that makes it glisten and glow. It’s ready for an adventure or for sitting around a bonfire.

I’m in the process of deciding what polish to wear on a 3 week trip and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is leading the race. If it can last 2 weeks as perfectly as it did with Adrenaline Crush then I think it can make it the almost 4 weeks between manicures. What do you think? Would you be able to wear one of these for that long?  —  Marcia