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Rituals Ritual of Hamman

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You can find happiness in the small moments. I think that’s why we are all beauty junkies, don’t you? We delight in the sparkle, the transformation, the first moment inhaling a beautiful scent, and the beauty that comes with allowing worry to melt away with the rituals of putting on eye makeup or taking a bath. That’s what the Rituals line is all about and their Ritual of Hamman line, available at Ulta, has some affordable and delightful products that are destined to become part of your own rituals.

Ritual of Hamman Volume and Shine Shampoo

Ritual of Hamman Volume & Shine Shampoo ($19) is one of the nicest shampoos I have ever tried. Ingredients include Argan oil and eucalyptus, and it gives hair tons of volume and lots of glossy shine. It smells beautiful – not too sharp from the eucalyptus, but still clean and just wonderful. I am totally loving it and it really is a shampoo that makes you get lost in the moment. It’s suitable for all hair types including color treated hair.

Ritual of Hamman Ultra Hydrating Black Soap

Ritual of Hamman Ultra Hydrating Black Soap

Ritual of Hamman Ultra Hydrating Black Soap

The Ritual of Hammam Black Soap ($15) is a tar-black paste that cleanses and exfoliates skin. There is something almost naughty about smearing this all over in the shower – kind of like playing in a mud puddle! It foams up and cleanses skin beautifully, leaving it incredibly soft and moist. I especially like using this at the end of a faux tan because of the exfoliating properties. Ingredients include eucalyptus and olive oil. It’s just wonderful – you’ve got to try this!!

Ritual of Hamman Warming Massage Oil

The Ritual of Hammam Massage Oil ($19) is a warming massage oil that has a yummy, nutty scent. I love it for massage and I also use it as a daily body oil. It’s not super slick, so it works for daily use just fine, and it smells soooo good I want it on all the time. I love the glass jar because it lets out a little bit of the oil at a time, unlike other massage oils where it all comes spilling out at once. This is a total winner on all counts and is a great way to take care of your skin.

Slow down and create some rituals for yourself. Use some wonderful products and savor every moment.  You are worth it!  – Lisa