Putting it all together – my skincare regimen

It has to be confusing to read blogs and see the variety of products that a blogger uses and reviews. I know I’ve asked myself “well what does she really use”. This is a summary of the skincare I’ve been using for at least the last several months. I’ve tested a few things too but this review shows what I’ve gone back to. At the moment I’m very happy with the way my skin is looking. I’m not having the dehydration and dryness that I experienced last winter and I know that’s the result of these products. I’m about to test out a new line of products that I’m excited about and can only hope that they will help me continue with a better complexion. In the meantime here’s what has been making me happy.


I wash with ENZOSKIN Rinse Off Cleansing Cream.

Next I tone with ENZOSKIN Rose Silk Facial Toner.

For serum I’ve been using Marie Louise Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC.

The sunscreen I’m using is by Rodan & Fields.

My daytime eye cream is Senna Lift and Lighten Eye Cream which I sometimes mix with concealer.

My moisturizer is also from Marie Louise,  Crème a-VC. Unfortunately, as you can see by my photo, I’ve finished up this moisturizer but I’ll be purchasing it in the future since I love what it’s done for me.

All of these products (except the sunscreen) have been reviewed and you can click on the links to see the reviews rather than my repeating what I love about these. I’m 100% sold on every one of them and not only recommend them to you but my plans are to buy them when I run out.


I’m mostly using Marie Louise Cleansing Clear Gel for cleansing  and Marie Louise Restoration Clear Gel for exfoliation. I have used others when I’m in the mood to use my Clarisonic  but I especially love Cleansing Clear Gel if I have foundation on since it really gets my skin clean.

Toner again is ENZOSKIN Rose Silk Toner plus about twice a week I use one from Rodan & Fields for skin lightening.

Now for the products I haven’t mentioned before: BEAUTISOL 99% Pure Peptide Rescue, Eye Want and Eye Bright. Lisa reviewed these products and it created a want in my life so I purchased them in December and have been using them since. Directions for the 99% Pure Peptide Rescue suggest using it twice a day but I’m so happy with my morning routine that I just use this at night. They also suggest using Eye Bright twice a day but I’m just using it at night. With 99% Pure Peptide Rescue I’ve noticed a much clearer skintone. The unevenness that plagues me is reduced though not gone. My skin is more radiant with this. I use one small pump for my entire face and neck. There’s a fragrance with it that’s a little medicinal but once my moisturizer is on I don’t notice it.  I joined Club Sol and chose a 90 day autosend with it. This gave me a better price ($105 instead of $120) and entitles me to take advantage of any specials they have.

I’m not on the club with the two eye products since that was one of their specials and I was excited to take advantage of it on the half price offer they had shortly after I joined Club Sol. Eye Want retails for $55 and Eye Bright for $45. Eye Want is a serum to be used only at night. It’s very lightweight and a little goes a long way. It helps with firming skin and softening lines, it’s been great for my crow’s feet. It’s a little sticky after putting it on so I need to wait about 2 minutes prior to using anything else. Eye Bright is a lightweight that can be used twice a day and helps with moisturization and brightening. These two are loaded with wonderful ingredients (see Lisa’s review for those) and after 2 full months of use I’m seeing the benefits promised. I love the packaging of Beautisol because I feel it’s so hygenic.

My favorite product comes last, ENZOSKIN Pure E Moisturizer. I raved (and raved) about it here so you can see all the reasons I love it. I can only use this at night because it’s too slick for me to wear under makeup and I do use it every single night.


I don’t want to forget about a few other things I’m using. First is also by ENZOSKIN and it’s the Rejuvenating Facial Oil. I have a lot of Rodan & Fields items since I sold it for a while and I really do like the line even though I’ve chosen not to continue being a representative. I like their Night Recovery Cream and I like it even better with the ENZOSKIN Rejuvenating Facial Oil under it.

In the last few weeks I’ve added a wonderful new eye cream into the mix and switch it off with Beautisol Eye Bright. The new eye cream, which will get a full review, is Exuviance Age Reverse. This adds in another level of hydration to my undereyes.

So there you have it. What I’m using and loving. Between Marie Louise, Senna, Beautisol and Enzoskin I’m happy to have found a regimen that works so well for me and products that I can recommend with a clear conscience! — Marcia

Disclosure: some items were sent for PR consideration while others were purchased by the reviewer. The original reviews of PR items have the disclosure if necessary.

Marie Louise Cleansing Clear Gel review and giveaway!

Marie Louise’s Cleansing Clear Gel is my latest skincare obsession. This is unlike any product I’ve tried and I’m really enjoying the way it cleans my face. What makes this different is that it’s a true makeup remover. So many cleansing products just cleanse your skin but don’t necessarily remove your makeup properly. The Cleansing Clear Gel though is made specifically for the job of removing your foundation, powder, blush and all the other products you’ve loaded on your face. It gently removes my makeup while cleansing and hydrating my skin at the same time.

The process of using this is different, at least for me. Directions say to start with a totally dry face and totally dry hands. Even though it can be used morning and evening I’m saving this for evening since I prefer this soft gel’s ability to eliminate the oils I’ve built up during the day as well as my makeup. I don’t need much of the gel to do the job. The directions recommend using a quarter size amount but I don’t find I need that much.

Here are my steps. I first remove my eye makeup with a specific eye makeup remover.

  1. Start with a dry face.
  2. Squeeze out the preferred amount onto my dry hand.
  3. Rub my hands together to emulsify and warm up the gel.
  4. Smooth over my entire face using a circular motion; the warmth of my hands helps the gel soften for a deeper cleansing.
  5. I add water after the gel liquefies (though you don’t actually have to) to get more emulsification from the cleanser.
  6. Finally I rinse with lukewarm water and a muslin cloth but you can also just wipe it off with a sponge or cotton pad.
  7. Sometimes I’ll follow with a toner, sometimes I’ll go right for my moisturizer like Marie Louise Crème a-VC Facial Moisturizer .
  8. Once or twice a week I use Marie Louise Restoration Clear Gel (Exfoliating Gel) after I’ve used the Cleansing Clear Gel.

This is the third product I’ve added to my skincare regimen from Marie Louise. All three are ones I can highly recommend. Marie Louise uses something called Deep Sea Concentrate to help make their products more effective. This adds in minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium. They also use Vitamins A, C and E as well as algae extracts, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed yeast and ceramides. Now I’m not a scientist but I know that their pure ingredients are helping to make my skin look more youthful, more hydrated and fresher feeling. I’m fighting age daily and Marie Louise Cosmetics is helping me to do that.

Now that you’ve learned all about Marie Louise and this great cleanser, here’s a chance for you to win one for yourself. Marie Louise has again generously provided one of their products to readers of Beauty Info Zone. You have two opportunities to enter this contest. Please read and follow the rules or your entry may be eliminated. You must be a subscriber to Beauty Info Zone to enter.

  1. Comment on this post about why you think Cleansing Clear Gel would be a good product for your skin.
  2. Email us at [email protected] and tell us the name you used to make your comment.
  3. For a second entry go to Marie Louise’s Facebook page (link) and like (follow) them.Marie Louise always has contests on their Facebook link so it’s very beneficial to you to follow them.
  4. Email us AGAIN at [email protected] and tell us what your Facebook name is.
  5. The contest is open to US and Canadian residents only. Ending date is Sunday Feb. 13th at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Marie Louise always has specials on their website and often has contests on Facebook. That’s how I first learned about the line, I won a contest! Discover this line yourself and maybe you too can be a facial winner. — Marcia

Disclosure: products have been sent by the company for review and contest purposes.

Marcia’s 2010 Best of List

Lisa’s favorites of 2010 made me stop and realize I should be reporting on this too.  So here I am with some of my new favorites for 2010. All of these are items I’ve reviewed and continue using now. I’m not including items I used prior to 2010, just the new and wonderful discoveries. (I have lots of reviews half written for items that I’m sure will be favorites of 2011 but I’ll keep those secret for now.)


IT Cosmetics: everything about this brand is wonderful. I haven’t found a product that isn’t a rave for me. My new favorites that I discovered in 2010 are IT Cosmetics Brow Pencil and Bye Bye Pores powder. These get used all the time.

Burberry: I’ve got a few items from Burberry now but the only true winner in the brand for me is the foundation. It’s got a beautiful finish and I’m thrilled that the fragrance of it dissipates so quickly.

Cat Cosmetics: I’ve used Cat for a long time. For 2010 first place goes to Eye Sharpie. Oh I love the Eye Sharpie! Second place goes to the Lip Plumper in Rich. I love the way this looks and I really love the way this feels!

Josie Maran: This is a brand I first tried in 2010. They have become known for argan oil and the use of it in so many of their products. The eyeshadows from Josie Maran really stand out for me in their smoothness and pigmentation. I also really enjoy the Bronzing Argan Oil for giving a light natural glow to my winter white face.

Motives Cosmetics: speaking of eyeshadows, a big wow for these. Lovely texture that lasts and lasts. I can’t wait to try more from this brand.

Darac Beauty: another brand I’m quite impressed with. I won’t mention Sifted Blur since that was a previous discovery (I’m so sneaky). 2010 discoveries are his Brow Trio and Feature Focus. Both get a lot of use in the Marcia household.

DJV Beautenizer mascara: I probably need a category just for mascara because I’ve found some wonderful ones this year but this one stands out in my mind even after it’s gone. When they added conditioning oils to their previous formula it seemed to bring out the best in this mascara.

Le Metier de Beaute: I have many loves from this line and I’ve spent a lot of hours pouring over it at Neiman Marcus. Corinthian eyeshadow has to make my best of list as do the eye Kaleidoscopes in Devotion and Le Cirque.

Jane Iredale: 2010 brought me the wonders of Jane Iredale, a fabulous cosmetic line. I love so much of the line but the Perfectly Nude eyeshadow palette stands out as the best; a makeup artist’s dream come true. (Circle/Delete don’t be jealous, I love you too!)


Marie Louise Cosmetics: I had the Restoration Gel in my arsenal in 2009 but didn’t really start using it until 2010 so it counts! It’s become a favorite for its gentleness. The products that have really won my heart from Marie Louise though are the Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC beauty serum and Crème a-VC. They are perfect for my winter dry skin.

Bambola Beauty: There are a lot of great natural skincare items from this brand. Bambola is a great discovery. My favorites are the Mango Moisturizing Mask and Acai Anti-Oxidant Cleansing Crème. Both are winter wonderful items for rehydrating what winter has done to my complexion.

Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection: the name says it all “hand perfection”. I don’t want to be without the day cream for hands ever again.

Senna Cosmetics: this isn’t known as a skincare line but Senna’s Light and Lift eye cream gets used by me all the time! A 2010 best!

Trish McEvoy: I have to give a shout out to Beauty Booster Cream. This primer and mask is amazing!


My last post of 2010 was for BE Beverly Hills Shine and Repair Serum with Argan Oil. It’s the best serum I’ve tried for my hair in 2010 and I’m grateful for it after my unhappy haircut and color.

Touchback: this fabulous temporary hair color tool is something I’m grateful for. It’s saved many a day covering up those gray roots that plague me.


Birchbox: I’ve gotten two of these now and they are a thrill for $10 total. Even if I don’t use some of the items I have lots of ways to share them. This is a bargain for the price.

My list is a lot longer than I realized it would be, especially considering how many loves I left out. I’m looking forward to using all of these items throughout 2011 and sharing many new ones with you. Have a happy and healthy 2011 dear readers. — Marcia

News from Lush, Senna and Marie Louise

Guess who was spotted at LUSH in Beverly Hills? Long-time LUSH fan, GWEN STEFANI! No doubt she was picking up some bath bombs as stocking stuffers, have you gotten yours yet?

Have you checked out Hautelook today for Senna? The prices are absolutely fabulous and after Marcia’s review of Senna Eyes, Lisa’s review of the brow kit, and our many reviews on lip products, Mineral Mix powders and their great blushes – how can you resist? Check it out today before they are gone.

We can’t let a contest go by without telling you about it. Marie Louise has a contest going on Facebook for Moistraiser Mini Sets. Two people that enter will win a hydrating moisturizing toner sample along with travel-sized samples of ALL our favorite ML products: cleansing clear gel, restoration clear gel, vital anti-aging beauty serum, and crème facial moisturizer! Go enter now!! All the rules are on Marie Louise’s Facebook page. The contest ends Dec. 27th. What a way to end the year!

A few Marie Louise contests for you to enter

I’ve reviewed Marie Louise Cosmetics skincare several times now. It’s a line I highly recommend. So when they send me news of ways for you to win products I just have to share with you.

Here’s the latest contests which I hope you’ll enter. If you win please let us know since we’d be just as excited as you are.

1. Facebook Weekly Giveaway: Marie Louise Washing Foam which has already started and will end on 12/17.

2. December Marie Louise Blog Giveaway: Marie Louise Crème a-VC, will be posted on Sunday 12/12 at www.marielouisecosmetics.com/blog, and the contest will go through 12/19.

You can see my review of the Marie Louise Crème a-VC here and my review of the Exfoliating Gel here.  Once you try the line I know you’ll love it and what better way to try than to win!! – Marcia

Special skincare from Marie Louise

By now the BIZ has one lucky lady (JanetF) who has had the opportunity to see how great Marie Louise Cosmetics skincare line is since she was the winner of the Travel Kit contest. I’m also a winner since I’ve been lucky enough now to use two more products from the line. What I’m using every day is their Crème a-VC and Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC.

I’ve told you a lot about the company in my review for their Restoration Clear exfoliating Gel so I won’t repeat that but if you haven’t read it I think you’ll be very interested in how this company came about.

My morning routine starts with using the beauty serum, Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC, all over my face. I apply this as the very first product of the morning after cleansing and toning. This lovely non-fragranced *yea* serum is lightweight and sinks in beautifully leaving no greasy or silicone feeling to my skin. This is particularly good for mature skin like mine since it protects from free radicals and helps with tightening skin and rehydrating it. Marie Louise applies the latest technology to nano-sized ingredients and seals them in triple-layered capsules of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A in the center again. As each layer sheds in different layers of the skin incrementally, nutrients are quickly absorbed deep into the tissue where they restore and revitalize skin. Experience the feeling of refreshed, vibrant and supple skin. Excellent concentrated care for targeting problem areas.

Next I use Crème a-VC as my moisturizer. This is another non-fragranced product which makes me very happy. This is excellent for dry skin since it’s so moisturizing. I apply it patting it into my skin and let it set while I’m applying eye makeup. My skin looks so much more hydrated – I was constantly hearing from store M.A.’s that I needed hydration and now I have it. It’s a great base for my foundation which goes on so smoothly now.

A rich blend of esthetic elements including alpha-arbutin and stable Vitamin C derivatives, Crème ?-VC is a quick solution for your dry complexion. Enhanced by highly refined vitamins, this cream yields superior moisturizing results, and it envelops skin’s surface with a veil of moisture leading to plumper, firmer skin. When used with Moistraiser ?-VC, Crème ?-VC allows the skin’s natural vitality to be enriched, and when utilized as a facial masque, its intense penetration leads to younger, more radiant-looking skin.

After reading on Marie Louise’s website that this can be used as a facial mask I decided to try that. I’ve used it a few nights before bed, leaving it on for about 20 minutes, and have woken up to the softest skin.

This is the perfect time to buy these products too. Not only does Marie Louise have these on sale but they are also including the same Travel Kit that we recently had in our contest as a gwp. Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC and Creme a-VC are each on special for $75 with a free travel kit through Dec. 31st. There’s also a special to buy a set of these two for $115 and get a free full size washing foam. If these specials don’t grab you then take 25% off your order. We always want our skin looking its best but especially during holiday time. Visit Marie Louise for their wonderful skincare and these great specials. — Marcia

Disclosure: items received for PR consideration.

Our latest winner plus more contests

Our last contest was for a Marie Louise travel set loaded with deluxe samples of the entire line.  The winner is one lucky lady since this is a terrific line. I’ve been lucky enough to use 3 products from the line and I love what it’s doing for my skin and I’m sure that Janet F is going to love it too. Congratulations Janet.  We’ll be sending your address to Marie Louise to deliver your prize.

Don’t forget to enter our newest contest for Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection. Our previous contest for this line was a huge hit for Kate who emailed us with praise for the products she received. Enter now so that you are the next lucky winner.

While I’m talking about contests I have two more I’d like to share with you. A friend of mine at Makeup Merriment has a contest for Josie Maran’s Love Nest which I’ve reviewed here already. It’s a wonderful opportunity to win this great set and learn about a new blog.

Plus Prime Beauty has a contest for Smashbox Wish eyeliners. Prime Beauty is one of my very favorite blogs and this contest looks like it would be wonderful to win (I’ve entered!!).

— Marcia