It’s eye inspiring! Beth Bender Beauty

As Marcia wrote about a few days ago, Beth Bender Beauty is all about accenting the eyes. I have a few more great products for you today – a brush set, a gel liner, and a fabulous highlighting palette. Use these with the stencils Marcia reviewed HERE and your look will truly be eye inspiring!

Beth Bender Sweet Dreams Highlighter Palette


The Beth Bender Beauty Sweet Cheeks Highlighter Palettes ($30) highlight skin, cheeks and eyes – my how I love multi-taskers! These beautiful powders reflect light and can be used alone or layered over eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer. The different powders come in matte, iridescent and metallic finishes and also look truly gorgeous on the eyes…in fact I honestly thought this was an eyeshadow palette at first. Used with a big fluffy brush they give skin a gorgeous glow, but used with eyeshadow brushes they give lots of drama and glimmer (especially when applied wet) and last forever. My palette is called Sweet Dreams.

Get Technical is the lightest shade, a creamy iridescent champagne –

Get Technical

The second lightest is the peachy Sweeten Up that has lots of glow and glimmer –

Sweeten Up

The finally, there is the purple Siren which is matte but makes for a very interesting glow on darker skin tones –


Beth Bender Sweet Dreams Highlighter Palette swatches left to right:  Sweeten Up, Get Technical, Siren

All three shades are excellent eyeshadows as well as highlighters.

Beth Bender Brushes

Beth Bender Brushes

Beth Bender Brushes

This six piece brush set is part of the Pro Makeup collection but you can also purchase these brushes separately.  Overall, they are very nice brushes that give a lot of bang for the buck.

Beth Bender Deluxe Pointed Eyeliner Brush

The Deluxe Pointed Eyeliner Brush (originally $17, right now on sale for $12.99)…so this isn’t my favorite brush. I think it’s too long and doesn’t have enough firmness. It bends too much too use with liquid liners or gel liners. I can’t really recommend it.

Beth Bender Angled Eyeliner Brush

The Angled Eyeliner Brush ($12) is truly perfection!! And look at that price! This is a fantastic gel liner brush. If you only get one Beth Bender brush, get this one. You’ll never use another gel liner brush again – it’s that versatile.

Beth Bender Dome Shape Mini Liner Brush

The Dome Shape Mini Liner Brush ($10) will be your best friend for working with gel liners. Great for upper and lower lid lining and creating cats eye looks, especially with Beth Bender stencils.

Beth Bender Pro Medium Shadow Brush

The Pro Medium Shadow Brush ($13) is a great brush, one of my favorites. It’s very soft but dense, and really packs eyeshadow on beautifully.

Beth Bender Pro Crease Blender Brush

The Pro Crease Blender Brush ($13) is a little too long and a little too soft for my old eyes. I need my crease brushes to be a bit more dense, but if you like softer crease brushes you will love this one.

Beth Bender Concealer Brush

The Concealer Brush ($14) is darn near perfect. I love the shape and it’s the perfect size for getting into those awkward dark areas around the eye/nose areas.

Beth Bender Valeria Gel Eyeliner

Now let’s talk eyeliner! The Valeria Gel Eyeliner ($14) is astoundingly good. Look at how gorgeous this is!! The texture is wet, so there is lots of play time before it dries down. You can build this up to be as dramatic as you’d like. The metallic amethyst really shows, especially if you use one of the Beth Bender stencils as your guide in creating a winged eyeliner look.

Beth Bender Valeria Gel Eyeliner

This eyeliner doesn’t crack, wear off, flake, or smudge. It just looks amazing all day long. I love it! Now, I’m pretty partial to this beautiful amethyst shade, but there are lots of other gorgeous colors available at Beth Bender Beauty so you should head on over to the website and poke around a bit.

Don’t forget to enter our Beth Bender giveaway!!  We are giving away three different Beth Bender sets and the giveaway ends on April 9th at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Click HERE to enter and good luck!! – Lisa

Magical unicorn makeup! Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls

Ok, how about a little fun color under that tree or in that stocking? I have just the line for you – Glamour Dolls. Fun and flirty, adorable packaging with cosmetics that really pack a punch. Everything is cruelty free and extremely affordable. What more could you ask for??


The amazing artist Lisa Frank collection is beyond fabulous. Love, love, love! These make for incredible stocking stuffers. Check it out –

Go for eyes with a beautiful Lisa Frank Eyeshadow Brush ($4.99) that has the cutest unicorns ever as well as the Eyeshadow Single in Picnic ($7.99). The Eyeshadow Brush has Lisa’s signature magical creatures and Glamour Dolls added the synthetic cruelty-free hairs with the soft pink ombre ends. Total magic.  The Picnic Eyeshadow is really pretty – a shimmery peachy-pink that really brightens the eye. It’s a great all over lid shade or terrific for just the corners. Heck, I’d almost buy it just for the packaging!

The Angled Blush Brush ($4.99) is just as adorable as the Eyeshadow Brush – more unicorns!! Unicorns that help you highlight and contour and blush all day long. The synthetic cruelty-free hairs have a slanted shape making it easy to use on those cheekbones. The brush is soft but firm enough to grab product. I am really impressed, especially at this price point!

Pair this brush with the Lisa Frank Bitten and Bronzed Matte Bronzer ($4.99) for some beautifully glowing skin. It’s subtle, natural but healthy and glowing. Very, very nice!! And the baby tiger is adorable.

You could purchase every single item and spend under $25. These make terrific Secret Santa gifts and wonderful gifts for teens – or for yourself! The quality is really excellent. Take a look at Glamour Dolls online at  – Lisa

More IT Cosmetics Holiday Brush Sets to make holiday shopping so easy!

IT Cosmetics Holiday Brush Sets

Earlier this week, Marcia told you about two fabulous IT Cosmetics LE holiday brush sets,  ALL THAT SHIMMERS and HEAVENLY LUXE BRUSH SET . Today I have three more options for you – two more travel sets, plus one that isn’t specifically a travel set but it does come in a lovely sparkly bag.

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IT Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set

The first is a terrific basic travel set, the Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set ($38). This set is exclusive to Ulta.  It’s a great basic set with three essential brushes. The zippered pouch is a shiny black patent leather with a cute bow and inside has a pouch on one side and separate storage for each brush on the other side with a cover for the brush heads.

IT Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Travel LE Brush Set

  • Airbrush Powder Brush: Medium, fluffy, dome-shaped brush picks up and applies the perfect amount of your loose and pressed powders, blushes and bronzers.
  • Airbrush Shadow Brush: Small, rounded brush for even application of your cream and powder eyeshadows.
  • Airbrush Blush Brush: Dense, angled brush hugs the curves of your cheeks for precision application of your cream and powder blushes.
  • Luxe Brush Case: Sleek, patent-leather design stores your brushes in style at home – and on the go!

The brushes are called ‘travel size’, but they look full size to me. They are wonderfully soft, yet firm enough to pick up product and get the job done. I like the Airbrush Powder Brush best – it’s amazing for loose powder. Considering this set is an $86 value, I think it’s a wonderful gift for anyone. These are great foundational brushes that will be welcome in any collection!

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6 Piece Travel Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6 Piece Travel Brush Set

The second is another travel set – this one comes in a gorgeous silver gift wrapping with a gift tag that says, “Because of you, the world is more beautiful!” Inside is the fabulous Heavenly Luxe 6 Pc Travel Brush Set ($50) available at IT Cosmetics. This set has six brushes – two face brushes and four eye brushes – in a convenient black quilted case. The case is awesome – it protects the brushes and actually flips into a vanity stand. Again, the brushes are called ‘travel sized’ but these aren’t those small, poor quality brushes like MAC puts out – these are full size, full quality brushes with crystal tipped handles.

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6 Piece Travel Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6 Piece Travel Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6 Piece Travel Brush Set

  • Must-Have Foundation Brush (5.85 in.): Flat, tapered paddle brush buffs and blends your favorite liquid and cream foundations.
  • Must-Have Concealer Brush (5.75 in.): Small brush with firm, tapered hairs precisely applies your favorite liquid and cream concealers onto targeted areas.
  • No-Tug™ Crease Brush (5.75 in.): Narrow, tapered brush fits perfectly in the crease of your eye for effortless application of your favorite cream and powder shadows.

  • Must-Have Multi-Powder Brush (6 in.): Luxuriously soft, dome-shaped brush picks up and applies the perfect amount of your favorite powders, blushes and bronzers onto larger areas of your face.
  • No-Tug™ All-Over Eyeshadow Brush (5.75 in.): Densely packed brush provides a smooth application of your favorite cream and powder eyeshadows without tugging on your delicate eyelid area.
  • No-Tug™ Eyeliner & Brow Brush (4.75 in.): Dual-ended brush applies your favorite cream and gel eyeliners and brow products for gorgeous, eye-defining results.
  • Travel Case: Sleek quilted faux-leather design carries your brushes in style—plus, it flips into a brush stand so you can easily access your favorite tools!

The only brush I wasn’t sure about was the All-Over Eyeshadow Brush – I just didn’t think I would get that much use from it. However, I am always running late in the morning so I often end up doing a wash of a neutral color and this brush is perfect for it. It’s firm enough to grab just enough eyeshadow and, true to its name, it deposits the eyeshadow beautifully without tugging or uneven spots. It makes hurried application super easy. I think this just might be my favorite set of the three and it’s certainly an excellent travel brush set to have.

IT Cosmetics Chic in the City Brush Set

IT Cosmetics Chic in the City Brush Set

The third brush set, Chic in the City ($68), available at Ulta, is a beautifully feminine set that is a whopper of a value – sold separately this would set you back $150. Check out that gorgeous sparkling pink bag with the deluxe soft and fluffy removable pom-pom keychain!  This LE 5 piece brush set has powder, foundation, blush, eyeshadow and liner/brow brushes with shimmering ombré rose-gold handles. This is the gift for the girly girl on your list.

IT Cosmetics Chic in the City Brush Set

  • Chic Powder Brush: Large, soft, and rounded brush delivers your most flawless powder application.
  • Chic Blush Brush: Ultra-dense, angled brush hugs the curves of your cheeks for precision application of cream and powder blushes.
  • Chic Foundation Brush: Dome-shaped brush gives controlled application of liquid and cream foundations.
  • Chic Eyeshadow Brush: Small, rounded brush effortlessly blends eyeshadow onto your lids.
  • Chic Liner/Brow Brush: Firm, angled brush precisely applies your eyeliner and brow products.
  • Chic Rose Gold Case: Fashionably chic case comes with a removable pom-pom keychain and doubles as your night-out clutch.

This is a truly luxurious set of brushes – super high quality, gorgeous handles, fabulous brush heads, and I love the clutch! Chic in the City is a major winner. This is a one for you, one for me – you will definitely want to get one for yourself before it sells out!

Every year I look forward to the limited edition holiday brush sets from IT Cosmetics, and this year they have done “IT” again with fantastic quality and excellent prices. They are all great gift ideas for teachers, mothers-in-law, daughters, nieces, girlfriends, and of course – yourself!  Happy shopping!! – Lisa

Holiday Beauty Buys for the Eyeshadow lover

When Makeup Wars decided to write about Holiday Beauty Buys I knew that I’d be writing about eyeshadows since that’s my thing. I can’t get enough eyeshadow palettes. I’m enamored with them. What I’m sharing is what I bought and what I want to buy.



This well priced palette is a find for me. The 12 shades of neutrals make me so happy. I love the brightness of the shimmers (they aren’t glitters!!!) and the smoothness of the mattes. All apply beautifully even without an eyeshadow primer which amazes me. It’s not the same old neutrals since there’s much more variety and pizazz. And neutral lovers can never get enough of these easy to wear shades.

Persona Identity Eyeshadow Palette

Persona Identity Eyeshadow Palette

  • Humble (nudish pink matte)
  • Sassy (pearl shimmer)
  • Goal Digger (true gold shimmer)
  • Seductive (rose gold shimmer)
  • Charming (caramel brown matte)
  • Maverick (taupe matte)
  • Bombshell (metallic pewter shimmer)
  • Goddess (true bronze shimmer)
  • Audacious (burnt brick matte)
  • Chic (plum matte)
  • Bossy (burgundy shimmer)
  • Fearless (dark chocolate matte)



This set won’t be available until 11/18/17 but it’s a beauty and from a brand that most people aren’t aware of. I’ve been remiss about reviewing what I’ve bought from Bravon Beauty but it’s a brand I highly recommend. Just look at this beauty! Irresistibly Gorgeous 10-Piece Eye & Lip Color Collection – Exclusive Offer $72.00 / Retail Value $130.00

Bravon Beauty Irresistibly Gorgeous 10-Piece Eye & Lip Color Collection

-Magnetic Mirrored Artist Palette (holds up to 18 solo shadows)
-Velvet Matte Lip Paint-Blush Satin
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-White Star
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Lilac Pearl
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Platinum
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Brownstone
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Evergreen
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Champagne Frost
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Golden Olive
-Magnetic Eyes Shadow Solo/Satin-Tuscan Rose



Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this using my 20% off Sephora code but haven’t worked up the nerve to wear it yet. I just couldn’t resist the beauty of this. While I may end up wearing just the neutral side I’m excited to have the brights for those special nights when I want more of a vibe. I know I won’t be wearing every one of these but I’ve never worn every shadow in a palette. I’m sure this will bring many oohs and aahs to your holiday looks.

This set contains:
– 20 Metallic Eyeshadows in Ground (black w/iridescent shimmer), Spandex (deep blue with purple shift and blue micro-sparkle), Metalhead (deep purple), Mullet (deep green), Twisted (gold), Aluminum (warm gray-taupe with iridescent micro-sparkle), Dive (medium blue), Punk Rock (fuchsia), Amp (bright teal), Glamrock (silver), Bass (bronze), Demo (bronze-rose), Afterparty (red), Roadie (burgundy), Scream (mauve), Glory (golden bronze), Starfire (bright copper), Angelfire (pale pink), Maiden (beige), and Acoustic (nude)



Ciate London Beauty Haul, Volume 2

I had to add in a kit that would be more than just eyeshadow and this new Ciate’ London Beauty Haul set has 20 eyeshadows, a mini Wonderwand mascara, Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner, and a mini Liquid Velvet lip in Sydney.

The eyeshadows are a combination of matte and soft shimmers with plenty of pigment. They are a little powdery but that’s easily taken care of by applying them over a primer or liquid eyeshadow and doing your eyes first so you can wipe away the excess. There’s so much variety in the shades that you can find just about anything you’d want.



Urban Decay Most Wanted Eyeshadow Brush Set

I have more brushes than you can imagine but that didn’t stop me from ordering this set. I’m planning on using it for travel so I can save space. The few Urban Decay e/s brushes I have are great so I have faith in this too. This set contains:
– Smoky Smudger Brush/Tapered Crease Brush
– Detailed Tightline Brush/Shadow Brush
– Blending Brush/Large Blending Brush



It Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush set

This is for the person in your life that needs a brush collection. Since it contains 5 brushes to get them started it’s an impressive gift with some of the softest and elegant brushes around.

Airbrush Powder: Versatile use, dome-shaped head

Airbrush Foundation: Fluffy, rounded brush great for applying foundation

Airbrush Concealer: Fluffy, rounded brush head

Airbrush Shadow: Small, soft rounded head designed for the delicate eye area

Airbrush Crease: Narrow, tapered head designed to fit into the crease of the eye area


BEAUTY JUNKEES MINI KABUKI SET aka 5 piece Precision Brush Set *($16.97)

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set (Eye Makeup Brushes: 5 pc Precision Brush Set)

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set


Of all the Beauty Junkees brush sets I’ve used, this is the one that I can’t get enough of. It’s on sale now for just $16.97 and comes prepared to gift. These really aren’t precision brushes for my small eyes but they are amazing blending brushes that I also use for my face. In this set you’ll have blending brushes, concealing, contouring, and a tapered brush. This is a steal and one you want in your life!

I could go on and on and on but I have to cut it off somewhere. These are all favorites of mine (or soon to be favorites) that I think will make great gifts for you and your gift list. —  Marcia

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Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber brushes, part two

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set

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Just yesterday my blog partner shared her Beauty Junkees Powder Makeup Brush Set and today it’s my turn to share the new Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set from Beauty Junkees. But I have something that Lisa didn’t and that’s a discount code for you. Whatever your heart desires from Beauty Junkees at either Amazon or the Beauty Junkees website you can breathe a little easier with this code!

Exp: 10.31.2017
1 Redemption per customer
25% Off your order
Now let’s get to the good stuff. Beauty Junkees 6 brush Duo Fiber set is already a bargain at $29.97 so it’s even more of a find at $22.47. You’ll be amazed at the soft and efficient brushes in this set. Like other Beauty Junkees brush sets this comes in a cosmetic case for storage or travel. You do have to air out the case at first though because it has a small plastic odor but it’s gone within days once opened.

This 6 Piece Professional Quality Makeup Brush Set Includes: Pro Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Blush Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Fan Highlighter Brush, Pro mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush for Concealing, Pro Duo Fiber Large Powder Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Large Stippling Brush for Foundation, plus a large makeup brush case to protect your brushes in travel.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkee brushes are synthetic brushes with solid wood handles, copper ferules, and dual crimping to make the brushes last longer. I don’t get any shedding with these brushes.

Why do you want a duo fiber brush you ask… (you did ask, didn’t you?) The short bristles hold the product, while the long bristles blend to a featherweight finish. That’s what you call the best of both worlds. They work beautifully with powders, liquids and creams.

Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush:Best used for a sheer application and smooth blending of loose powder and cream eye shadows.” I use this brush for applying cream shadows, not for powder application. I have some new shadows from Inglot that I adore (review upcoming) that are perfect for this eye blending brush. It buffs the shadow on smoothly and evenly leaving my fingers clean.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Blush

Pro Duo Fiber Blush:  Best used to apply blush to your cheekbones, evenly and lightly distributing and blending the product for a sheer flawless finish.” I like separate brushes for cream blush and powder blush but this works so well on both types that I’d love an extra of this one. It’s just the right size for my cheeks and the softness is luxurious.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Fan Brush

Duo Fiber Fan Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Fan Brush: “Best used for quick and easy highlighting! Just a few easy sweeps on the top of the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, above the lip.” Do you like to highlight? If so you need this Fan Brush. It surpasses my much more expensive Smashbox one with ease. It’s great for all over powder too. You’ll get so much more use out of this brush than you think you will.

Beauty Junkees mini stippling brush and large stippling brush

Pro Duo Fiber Large Stippling Brush: Works great to stipple liquid foundation, blends evenly and flawlessly for an airbrushed finish. Also used with BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers. Applies cream blush like a dream.” Pro mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush: Perfectly blends concealer and color corrector into the skin for a sheer flawless finish.” Yes you need two Stippling Brushes. You don’t think you do as you are reading this but once these brushes are in your hands you’ll wonder how you got along without two sizes. It’s the mini that gets used by me the most since it’s unlike the other brushes in my vast collection. It’s a great size with a head that’s 2.5 cm wide compared to the 3.25 cm large stippling brush and it fits in where a larger brush won’t.

Beauty Junkees mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Large Powder Brush: Blends and diffuses powder for a softer, more natural and flawless finish.’ This is the largest brush in the set and reminds me of my first duo fiber brush from Prescriptives and later MAC. The fibers are looser on this and the Fan Brush than the others in the set. It’s wonderful for loose powders as well as pressed powders. When you want to highlight your shoulders or decolletage this or the fan brush are what you should reach for.

Beauty Junkees has so many brush sets that are just amazing. The quality vs the prices will thrill you. One of my favorites ever is the Mini Kabuki set that has brushes that are normally only found in expensive sets. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Beauty Junkees set. They even have a 30 day guarantee. I can guarantee though that you’ll love this set.  —  Marcia

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set

Exp: 10.31.2017
1 Redemption per customer
25% Off your order


Beauty Junkees Side by Side Part 1: Powder Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkees pro Powder Makeup Brush Set

Not much makes our hearts go pitter-patter faster than the sight of gorgeous makeup brush sets, and Beauty Junkees has the BIZ all a flutter with some great brush sets that really good quality and very reasonably priced.  The bristles are synthetic and they are soft yet firm, so they pick up color and blend beautifully.  It’s good stuff that all beauty junkies will love!

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Beauty Junkees pro Powder Makeup Brush Set

Today I have the Pro Powder Makeup Brush Set, and tomorrow Marcia will have the Duo Fiber set for you.

The 3 piece Pro Powder Makeup Brush Set ($20) comes with a pink satin lined zippered pouch.  Inside are three brushes with synthetic bristles:  the Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush, the Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush, and the Pro Setting Powder Brush.  These are brushes are for loose and pressed powders for face and body, and they work with mineral powders, blushes, contour powders, and highlighters.

Left to right: Pro Setting Powder Brush, Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush, Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush

A few general details about these brushes:

  • High Density Synthetic Taklon Bristles – Vegan Friendly
  • Solid Wood Handle
  • Double Crimped Copper Ferrule
  • Does Not Shed
  • Works Best with Powders & Minerals

Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush

The Pro Large Finishing Powder Brush is a nice big fluffy brush for loose finishing powder.  It’s flatter than some finishing powder brushes – I have a few that are like big round balls that are fun, but they certainly don’t travel well.  This one does the job and is a little more practical.  I like how it’s soft enough to make you super sensitive folks happy, but firm enough to hold onto that powder so it’s not flying around the room and up my nose, making me cough and sneeze all over.

Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush

The Pro Multitasker Powder Blush Brush is a favorite because it is a great mulitasker.  It’s wonderful for blush, highlighter, contour, mineral foundation…this baby does it all, and does it all well!  It blends and buffs like a dream.  Love it.

The Pro Setting Powder Brush gets the least amount of play from me.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice…but it’s not really a necessity.  This is meant for applying loose powder over concealer under the eye to set the concealer and prevent creasing.  Nice, but…not really necessary.  Beauty Junkees also recommends spraying the bristles with some setting spray then dabbing under the eye to really guarantee no creases.

Inside the zippered bag – the Beauty Junkees pro Powder Makeup Brush Set

Overall, this is a terrific set.  I would pay the $20 for the Large Powder Brush and the Brush Blush alone anyway, and the zippered case is wonderful.  I love my set and I can’t wait to read what Marcia thinks about her set tomorrow!  – Lisa

You need this brush! The BrushCraft Oval 6 by Artis

brushcraftIs it possible to be in love with a makeup brush? I think it is because I am head over heels for the BrushCraft Oval 6 by Artis ($24.50)! I was actually reluctant to even try it…I hadn’t jumped on the fiber brush bandwagon at all because they looked so different from what I knew, and the brushes were so expensive I was afraid to try them. Now I can’t believe what I have been missing – and the BrushCraft brushes are wonderfully affordable.                    sample

BrushCraft Oval 6
Marcia raved about the Artis Brushes and the brush I have to review today is made by Artis. BrushCraft by Artis ($18.50 – $24.50, exclusively at and AHALife. com) is a line that focuses on combining ergonomics with design, function, and performance. The brush is made with NuFibre, which is extremely soft yet firm because in my brush – the Oval 6 – there are 60,000 individual fibres.

BrushCraft Oval 6BrushCraft Oval 6I just can’t rave enough about the blending power of the Oval 6. The size is perfect for foundation, contouring, or blush application. It works like a dream with cream and liquid products and is great for powder products as well. It makes every product look completely natural and gives an amazing finish. The beauty of this brush is the versatility – ultimately, you make a smaller investment and have less ‘stuff’ to juggle. I love a multi-tasker and the Oval 6 is the best makeup brush multi-tasker I have ever tried.

Here are all the things that make the BrushCraft brushes unique:

·         Uniform Application – The NuFibre® fibre structure and tapered ends help apply product more consistently than animal hair. BrushCraft brushes on average have 3-10 times as many individual fibres as conventional brushes. For example, the Oval 6 has over 60,000 individual fibres each with a microscopically small and soft tip.

·         Superior Blending – Every single NuFibre® filament has a tapered tip that ends in a microscopically fine structure which is only a few microns in diameter. This ultra-fine tip blends on a microscopic level, creating patterns so small they are imperceptible with the naked eye and enhancing the makeup look.

·         Efficient Use Of Product – The uniform surface area of each NuFibre® helps pick up and lay down product, without holding on to it, with less product getting tapped along the fibre’s length and instead holding it between the fibre tips

·         Retains Shape Better – NuFibre® is made with a proprietary material that has shape memory, retaining its shape better than conventional animal hairs. If a NuFibre® brush ever gets bent from compression during storage, revive the shape by passing the brush tips through steam or holding the brush under hot running water for a few seconds, reshaping, and then allowing it to dry back to its original shape.

·         Versatility – NuFibre® keeps its shape more consistently, even though it has a smaller diameter than conventional hair. This helps the fibre perform well with powders, liquids or emollient-based products.

·         Helps Avoid Sensitivities – An estimated 10% of the population is allergic to animal hair. For those with sensitive skin, NuFibre® provides an excellent animal-free alternative to conventional animal hair makeup brushes.

·         Animal-Free Beauty® – All BrushCraft brushes are 100% Animal-Free. No animal hairs or by-products are ever used in making our products.

·         Nufibre® Delivers Consistently Quality With Every Brush – NuFibre® is made using high tech production techniques that produce completely consistent fibres, ensuring that the quality of every brush will be the same, no matter when you buy it.BrushCraft Oval 6

·         Chemically Resistant – Resists excess water, alcohol, acids, detergent and won’t degrade from brush cleaning formulas.

·         UV Resistant – NuFibre® is more resistant to UV than conventional animal hair makeup brushes and won’t degrade due to sun or light exposure.

·         Wears Longer – BrushCraft brushes were wear-tested along with two grades of conventional brushes [prestige and mass] by having a simulated skin surface move against the brush bundles for 48 hours continuously. BrushCraft brushes suffered no damage, but a significant percentage of brush hair in both conventional brush categories broke and split.

·         Very Gentle Feel During Application Of Makeup – BrushCraft brushes all have NuFibre that end in a micro soft tip that is so small it is measured in microns and can’t be seen with the naked eye. These tips provide a gentler feel than other brushes, so they don’t irritate the skin during application.

·         Comfortable Fit – Traditional handle shape is not only classic, but feels familiar in the hand and fingers.

·         Enhanced Performance – Each brush is sized and balanced to help provide a familiar feel to the brush, which helps enhance application and performance, while using fibre bundles that eliminate the need for a metal ferrule. The fibres are held in place by a proprietary method that allows the fibres to be positioned in new ways for makeup brushes. Most BrushCraft Brushes have the fibres aligned perpendicular to the handle and skin surface. This keeps the fibre tips continuously in contact with the skin during application and creates superior laydown and blending.

·         Assists In Ease Of Application – Design helps facilitate self-application of makeup. The fibre alignment and the tilted handle aid in simplifying application and blending to one’s own face. The BrushCraft Brushes have matte finish surface on the handle. This helps the fingers better grip the handle and allows more control over makeup application.

·         Durability – High tech resins, matte finishes, and durable monofilaments are used to help make this handmade brush more dependable and durable over its lifetime of use.

·         More Modern – The BrushCraft Collection is both modern and classic at the same time. The aesthetics of the smooth flowing surface are pleasing to the eye.

BrushCraft Oval 6There are four other brushes available in this line, including the  BrushCraft Linear 1, BrushCraft Circle 1R, and BrushCraft Oval 3. I am so in love with the BrushCraft Oval 6 that I absolutely want every single one of them!

Do yourself a favor and GET THIS BRUSH. I will accept all gushing thank you’s with a huge smile and a big “I know, right????”  – Lisa

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The BrushCraft Makeup Brush retails for $18.50 – $24.50.

It is available in the U.S. exclusively at and AHALife. com