What’s behind the scenes for a makeup blogger?

Makeup Wars small but necessary

I love the fun of Makeup Wars. The group brainstorms ideas to share together but since we are so diverse in our taste we all have different thoughts on how to execute the idea. This week we’ve chosen to share what makes our beauty world spin. The items we don’t routinely talk about but we can’t live without. No makeup allowed today but where would I be without these?

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Let me start with Tweezerman. I’m obviously a Tweezerman junkie though I admit to loving other tweezers too but where would I be without my Tweezerman I-Lashcomb and slanted tweezers? A hairy unkempt mess if you want to know the truth.

My partial Tweezerman collection

Next I’m onto eyelash curlers. Having short stubby lashes that are stick straight isn’t the most fun. I love mascara and feel unmade up without it. Therefore one of my most necessary tools is an eyelash curler. My favorites are Tweezerman’s Rose Gold Classic*, Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler, and Shiseido’s Eyelash Curler. These are the ones that fit my eye shape best. I hate when I pinch myself with an eyelash curler which is why some days I need to stay away from one of these.

eyelash curlers: Shiseido, Tweezerman, Kevyn Aucoin

Since we’re still on eyes I need to talk about eye makeup remover and everyone who reads this blog knows I’m a huge fan of the Mary Kay one. I buy two at a time even though it lasts forever. But I don’t want to be without.

Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

That leads me into other makeup removers which makes me think of Micellar Water. (I feel like I’m writing the makeup version of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.) My number one pick for years has been Bioderma Sensiblo H2O Micellar Water. To save money I started buying Simple Micellar and now I’m into Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water in the pink all skin version.

Bioderma Sensiblo H2O Micellar Water, Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

So if you give a mouse woman a micellar water she needs something to use it with and I have 3 I use. I’ve talked about the DHC Silky Cotton Pads forever so you are probably sick of that but I also like the ones from Kleenex and Shiseido for different reasons. The DHC Silky Cotton are both absorbent and sturdy. The Kleenex Soft Cotton Pads (not moistened) are big and are great for your whole face as well as eyes. But it’s not the most absorbent so sometimes I have to use more water than I prefer. Now that Amazon has them though I’ve bought them again since it made it easier than their website. Shiseido Facial Cotton is so soft that it sets the standard for makeup wipes. For really stubborn mascara I prefer the DHC but for soft effective eye makeup removal Shiseido feels the most luxurious.

Shiseido Facial Cotton, DHC Silky Cotton Pads, Kleenex Soft Cotton Pads

I can’t forget about makeup brush cleaner. We all get lazy and forget to clean our brushes often enough but it really is essential. I have a stash of MAC Brush Cleaner because I stocked up before I lost my discount. I am loving my new PUREbrush* cleaner since it’s easy to clean a brush instantly with it even if I’m not near a sink.

PUREbrush Cleaner, MAC Brush Cleaner

One more item that I don’t want to be without is Invisibobble*. I remember hearing my friends talk about Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings and wondering what the heck it was. Now that I know I have them all over – drawers, purse, cosmetic bag. I love these little things and love the variety of color and sizes they have. They come in sets of 3 which at first I thought was overload. I gave one to my sister and instantly wanted it back. These phone cord rings stretch and hold, then they bounce back into shape. My granddaughter with her silky hair looks so adorable when I put the Nano Invisibobble in for a little pony on the top.

Invisibobble regular and Nano

Invisibobble regular and Nano

There are so many more but these are the ones that this mouse blogger uses all the time. What’s behind the scenes for you?

Check out what the team has chosen as their necessities.  —  Marcia

Another charming box for Boxycharm and another charming giveaway

September 2017 Boxycharm

I think I get more excited about receiving my Boxycharm each month than just about anything. I’ve purchased this now for about 2 years and I’m even on a 6 month prepurchase. After I moved my box never got forwarded and they were terrific about getting me a box so their CS is top notch.

The variety of items in Boxycharm makes me happy plus just about every month there’s a full size eyeshadow palette and you know I’m all about eyeshadows. This month’s box is great for those of us who love eye makeup.

Pur Cosmetics Soiree Diaries eyeshadow palette

I was most excited to learn about this Pur Cosmetics Soiree Diaries eyeshadow palette? Is the Pope Catholic? Darn tootin’ I was and this shows why:

Pur Cosmetics Soiree Diaries eyeshadow palette

8 beautiful matte shadows and 4 shimmers and all in colors I love to wear.

Pur Cosmetics Soiree Dairies (from purcosmetics.com)

This $34 palette will be getting a lot of use from me and Boxycharm has more than paid for itself with just this one item.

Bodyography eyeshadow and angled liner brushes

This Brush Duo from Bodyography (value $20) is a great accompaniment to this palette. The flat shader is the style brush that I use for my lids every day.  It’s a goat hair brush that is soft yet dense. The angled liner is soft and easy to use with the matte shadows or gel liners for lining.

MAC Lingering Eyebrow Pencil

Not only has Boxycharm added brands like Pur and ColourPop but now there’s MAC. MAC Lingering Eye Brow Pencil is a self-propelling, self-sharpening brow definer. Great for travel. Subscribers received either Lingering or Spiked. ($18)

Studio Makeup HD Powder

Studio Makeup HD Powder ($35) is also in the box. I don’t know about you but a jar this size will last me for years. Since it’s a translucent powder it should work on just about everyone. Some people received a loose blush from Studio Makeup in their box.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Strut

Each month brings us a lip from Boxy and this month they again sent the popular Colourpop our way. I received Strut which is a pretty fall shade in their Ultra Satin Lip formula.

Colourpop Sturt Ultra Satin Lip (from colourpop.com)

Colourpop describes this as a cool toned taupe. Even with the name “ultra satin” it’s a matte liquid lip but it’s not as drying as their Ultra Matte.

Brigeo Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

Boxycharm seems to be putting in a non-cosmetic item each month too and this month it’s Brigeo Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask (2 oz, value $9). Brigeo is very popular and this mask is one of their top sellers. It’s to be left in your hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing out. This isn’t a good mask for me since it’s so highly fragranced (my opinion) but one of my good friends love it so she’ll receive it in the next package I send her.

The total value for my $21 Boxycharm subscription is $123 so I’d say I’m ahead of the game. And since my last Boxycharm giveaway was such a success I have another one for you today.In this particular giveaway you’ll receive two items from Studio Makeup plus the MAC Lingering Eye Brow Pencil and lots of surprises. The palette is from a previous Boxycharm and has been knocking around in my drawer so it looks a little under the weather but it’s brand new.

Studio Makeup On-The-Go palette

To enter you need to be an email Beauty Info Zone subscriber and comment. Those two are mandatory although you wouldn’t believe how many entries I get that people don’t do these (bye bye kiddo). All other Rafflecopter entries are there to help you get more chances to win. The giveaway is open through 9/30 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If comments close early email me at [email protected] with your comment. This is open for US and Canada only.

If I’ve convinced you to become a Boxycharm subscriber then I hope you’ll use my affliate link. — Marcia

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Makeup Wars – favorite brushes

Each time Makeup Wars comes together to share posts a topic is decided. While we all don’t post on every one, this week’s is definitely going to be a popular one. MAKEUP BRUSHES!!! We are all beauty enthusiasts so favorite brushes is done with ease. For me though it’s narrowing down my huge collection to just the ones I use all the time. I love luv crave brushes and even though I have over 100 the ones I’m sharing today are the ones I use every week if not daily. A few were sent for review but the majority are ones I’ve purchased and would gladly do again.

Favorite makeup brushes

Favorite makeup brushes


Artis Oval 10

Artis Oval 10

When I first reviewed Artis Oval 10 I didn’t realize that it would eventually become my all time favorite face brush. I am madly in lust over this brush. At the time I was using it for powder but I soon learned that it was ideal for foundation. It gives me the smoothest visage ever and makes my skin look airbrushed. With over 250,00 soft bristles it marries the best of two worlds with its softness and refined blending application.

Artis Oval 10 Brush

Artis Oval 10 Brush

At $77 it’s expensive but the cost is small in proportion to my use and adoration. (Available at Saks and the Artis website)


MAC eye brushes 239, 272, 219, 217

MAC eye brushes 239, 272, 219, 217

My first cosmetic job was as a freelancer for MAC Cosmetics. I lived and breathed MAC and that’s when my brush collection really grew. I had (past tense) a pro discount and knew that what I used on clients was what I wanted to use on myself. They are still the eyeshadow brushes that get the most use. It might have something to do with owning duplicates of them – ahem. MAC’s eye brushes all start with the number 2 in their numbering system.

MAC 242 is my favorite since it does just about everything – lays down color, blends shadows, the tip can be used with liner, and is great with both soft colors and more intense ones.

MAC 239

MAC 239

MAC 272 sadly has been discontinued – I don’t know why though since the curve makes it great for the browbone area as well as the lid. It works the same as the 239 but it has the great angle to it.

MAC 217 was always my favorite blending brush but unfortunately the newer ones are bigger and not up to the original. I still love it though and use mine constantly. I’m sure I’ll wear them out at some point.

MAC 217

MAC 217

MAC 219 is my favorite pencil brush. Shockingly I only own 1 of these but I’d happily buy another.

MAC 219

MAC 219

The MAC brushes aren’t enough to keep me satisfied, sort of like Lay’s Potato Chips, I can’t stop at one.

BEAUTY JUNKEES MINI KABUKI SET are brushes that you just can’t beat. Fabulous for eyeshadows and even better for concealer. I pretty much use these interchangeably. At $14.97 this is affordable luxury.

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set (Eye Makeup Brushes: 5 pc Precision Brush Set)

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set (Eye Makeup Brushes: 5 pc Precision Brush Set)

Favorite eye brushes: Shu Umera 10, Make Up For Ever 218, Anastasia A6, Cinema Secrets 12, Smashbox 4

Favorite eye brushes: Shu Uemera 10, Make Up For Ever 218, Anastasia A6, Cinema Secrets 12, Smashbox 4

5 other brushes that get a lot of use include the Shu Uemera 10, made of Kolinsky/Sable. It’s an extreme luxury at $95 but it’s worth it if you have the money.

Make Up For Ever 218 Medium Blender Brush ($25) is great with powder and cream shadows. I use it for blending as well as application.

Make Up For Ever 218

Make Up For Ever 218

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro A6 is my newest brush (reviewed here) and it’s quickly became one of my favorites. Of the three brushes I received from them I notice that I’m reaching for A6 the most. I love it as a firm blending brush.

Anastasia Beverly Hills A6

Anastasia Beverly Hills A6

Smashbox 4 was one of my first highend cosmetic brush purchases. I don’t think you can find this anymore which is a shame. It was called a concealer brush but I love it as a cream eyeshadow brush. Why do brands discontinue their best products?

Eyebrow brushes are my newest obsession and my two favorites are from IT Cosmetics and Full Brow. IT Cosmetics Build a Brow Brush 12 is unique because of the bristles. They are of different lengths so they really reach into your brows to deposit color. It works especially well with a cream brow product. Full Brow is perfect for powders. It just seems to apply the powder more easily and evenly.

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Build A Brow Brush #12 and Full Brow eyebrow brush

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Build A Brow Brush #12 and Full Brow eyebrow brush

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Build A Brow Brush #12 and Full Brow eyebrow brush

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Build A Brow Brush #12 and Full Brow eyebrow brush

MAC CHEEK BRUSHES: There are two MAC Cheek brushes that I use all the time. For blush I like the large angled MAC 168. Some blush brushes are so big that I’d end up with blush all over so a smaller size is my jam. The other is MAC 165, I’ll use it for blush and it’s wonderful for highlighting and contour. Sadly it was an LE brush but the Tapered Face Brush 138 would do the same job though it’s bigger.

MAC 168 and 165

MAC 168 and 165

Even though I could go on forever I’ll stop with 3 of my favorite face brushes.

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder No. 8, Japonesque Kabuki, Wayne Goss 00

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder No. 8, Japonesque Kabuki, Wayne Goss 00

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder brush is the softest, fluffiest brush. I think mine was part of a TSV (which is why you should always pay attention to the TSV!!). I love IT’s brushes and this one is a great example of what cruelty free brushes are all about.

Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder brush

Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder brush

The Japonesque Kabuki is long discontinued. It’s similar to Nars Yachiyo Kabuki though it was less expensive. It’s not the softest brush but it’s wonderful still for cream blush. It picks up the color well and diffuses it so my cheeks are softly blushing. japonesqueWayne Goss 00 is now only available as a duo – one black, one white. I bought it in a preorder and was able to buy just the one. Go find a friend to split this duo with! This is what I expected of all my Wayne Goss brushes. This is perfection in the way it applies any powders as it just hugs my face and feels like a baby bunny. I’d use it for foundation if I didn’t have the Artis.

While I really haven’t given you many wallet friendly brushes I personally think that brushes are an investment and that they are often worth the extra money. I’m sure if I were first beginning I’d look at ELF, EcoTools, Beauty Junkees, and Real Techniques to shore up my collection. But my shares today are my best and brightest.  What brushes make you stand up and applaud?  —  Marcia

Let’s go brush shopping with Makeup Wars!

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Top Ten Tuesday – it’s time for pink lipstick

Top 10 Pink Lipsticks (or is this 12)

Top 10 Pink Lipsticks (or is this 12)

This week the Top Ten Tuesday group decided to share our favorite pink lips. I went through my lipstick drawer and found a lot of pinks – I mean a LOT. I narrowed it down to the 12 lipsticks I wear the most. But then something interesting happened when I photographed them together. I found that they don’t all look pink in swatches yet when they are on my lips they look pink to me. Of course I have favorites within the favorites but that’s pretty typical.

Here’s my bounty:

12 favorite pink lipsticks from Tom Ford, Make Up For Ever, Rouge Bunny Rouge, MAC, and Surratt

12 favorite pink lipsticks from Tom Ford, Make Up For Ever, Rouge Bunny Rouge, MAC, and Surratt

Tom Ford lipsticks

Tom Ford pinks: Summer Fling, Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink, Pink Dune

Tom Ford pinks: Summer Fling, Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink, Pink Dune

Summer Fling is a limited edition sheer lipstick that is my new favorite from his collection. This is a true cool pink on me, it has blue undertones so if you don’t look good in cool don’t hunt this one done.

Pink Dusk was my previous Tom Ford favorite and has gotten the most use from me. It’s a warm pink with slight coral undertones. This lipstick has great coverage and lasts long. I love that I can play around with gloss or liner and change this one up. My photo makes it look more coral but on my lips it’s really pink, I promise.

Spanish Pink is a neutral pink that color wise is almost a combo of Summer Fling and Pink Dusk. It’s the darkest of collection and a good change for me since sometimes I like super light lipsticks. This is more “adult” than my typical.

Pink Dune is also a limited edition sheer lipstick. If I’d seen it instead of ordering it online I might have skipped it. I like light lipsticks but this is extremely light. Therefore the solution is to wear a lipliner. It’s on my favorite list though so you know I’m not unhappy with it.

from top: Summer Fling, Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink, Pink Dune

from top: Summer Fling, Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink, Pink Dune


Make Up For Ever N33 and N19

Make Up For Ever N33 and N19

Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N33 is just about the perfect pink. This is a color I crave, one that stops me dead in my tracks in a store. It’s a very cool pink with a “diamond” finish. It’s described as Diamond Fresh Pink. The finish glistens so no gloss is needed.

Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N19 is a darker rosier version of N33 but with that same glistening finish. MUFE calls it Iridescent Ice Pink. N19 is cool with maybe a touch of mauve.

Make Up For Ever N19 and N33

Make Up For Ever N19 and N33

Unfortunately I don’t see either of these two lipsticks on Sephora’s site but they are both listed on Make Up For Ever’s site so hopefully they aren’t gone. If by chance they are, take a chance on one of the available shades since these creamy moisturizing lipsticks are beautiful.


MAC lipsticks in Overture, Viva Glam Gaga, A Rose Romance, Feelright

MAC lipsticks in Overture, Viva Glam Gaga, A Rose Romance, Feelright

Pro Longwear formula in Overture  is the only MAC lipstick I have in Pro Longwear so I don’t know why I didn’t buy more of this collection. It’s a matte pinky coral. It’s a little drying because of the formula but it’s one I reach for often.

Viva Glam Gaga is the first of the Gaga lipsticks. It’s the Lustre formula which is one I happen to like. It’s a true Barbie Pink when it’s on me. I love Viva Glam’s program and this is one of the shades I’m always drawn to.

A Rose Romance  is a Lustre that I’m sure is discontinued. I liked it so much I bought two of them when I was in my MAC stage. It’s a more rose version of Viva Glam Gaga on me.

Feelright Amplified is more of a berry pink. Because it’s an Amplified it’s a full bodied lipstick.

from left MAC Feelright, A Rose Romance, Viva Glam Gaga and Overture

from left MAC Feelright, A Rose Romance, Viva Glam Gaga and Overture


Surratt Fie Soie and Rouge Bunny Rouge Scrumptiously Delicious

Surratt Fie Soie and Rouge Bunny Rouge Scrumptiously Delicious

Surratt Lipslique in Fie Soie is my new favorite lipstick. On my lips it’s a sheer pink with a slight touch of warmth. If I’m wearing cool toned blush though it looks like a light pink. On Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog it looks almost peach but I think the color of your lips affects this sheer lipstick. I really love it!

Rouge Bunny Rouge in Scrumptiously Delicious is one of two lipsticks I bought from RBR and my favorite. The tone is similar to the Surratt Fie Soie but the finish is very different. It’s been described as a ‘cool lavender pink satin finish’ even though it doesn’t look that way in my swatch.

If you bump into me and I’m in the PINK I’ll be wearing one of these 12 beauties. What are your favorite pink lipsticks??– Marcia

Top Ten Tuesday Pink Lipstick Favorites

Top Ten Tuesday Pink Lipstick Favorites

Please click through the blogs to find more variations of pink love.

MAC double palette eyeshadow giveaway



It’s giveaway time again. This time we’ve joined with a group of beautiful beauty bloggers to give one MAC double size palette to a lucky US or Canadian winner. There will be 30 shades from the permanent collection so you’ll end up with a variety of colors from neutrals to bolds, from staid to fun, from matte to shiny.

It’s like winning a box of 30 chocolates each with a different creamy center inside except the twist is this will last a lot longer. Every blogger involved picked the shadow they wanted included. I don’t know the list but I picked Satin Taupe since it’s my very favorite eyeshadow. We still needed a few more to fill the palette so my second choice was Malt since my favorite MAC artist feels everyone should have this basic in their collection. If you want more hints of shades in this you can check the other blogs to see if they shared what they picked.

To enter just use the Rafflecopter. The more of our options you choose, the more chance you have of winning. The giveaway runs through Feb. 28, 2014 and is for US and/or Canada only. Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Makeup Wars has a color war going on!

 photo colorwar.jpg

Makeup Wars decided to really go to war this time. We’ve each picked a color to tempt you with. I picked PINK as my color of choice and I’m all suited up for battle in my hot pink slippers, my pink pjs and my pink cheeks! I have oodles and oodles of pink cosmetic products. I love pink lips and blush and that’s what I’m sharing with you. My photobomb pictures are a selection of pinks I pulled out of my drawers but there were more. Interestingly enough (well at least to me) is that my pink eyeshadow collection has dwindled down to just a few so I didn’t include that at all.

Pink blush collection for Makeup Wars

Pink blush collection for Makeup Wars

Here are my most used Pink Powder blushes. Since I’ve already done a Top Ten Tuesday on cream blushes I stuck with powders for Makeup Wars.

Pink blushes for Makeup Wars

Pink blushes for Makeup Wars

1) Tarte Amused is for the days I like a bright pink with a teeny bit of shimmer to it. Tarte blushes are always long lasting which is a big plus for me. (tarte also has a cream blush in Amused that’s a very different shade.)

2) Rock & Republic Spark is a discontinued blush that I love. It’s pinker than it appears next to all these bright pinks but it is subtle. It’s a shame that R&R stopped making their cosmetics. I have several favorites that I’m afraid of using up.

3) MAC Well Dressed blush is the only blush that I’ve finished twice and bought a 3rd time! The satin finishblush has always been a go-to blush.

MAC Well Dressed

MAC Well Dressed

4) FACE Atelier Pink Satin Ultra Blush is just about the perfect pink for me. Sometimes it’s the only powder blush that goes on vacation with me.

5) Kevyn Aucoin Shadore is his soft pink blush, even though it looks bright here it’s really is an easy shade to wear. His blush called Myracle is the one that’s hot and bright.

6) MAC Pink Swoon Sheertone blush is very cool and very pink but the sheertone-ness of it saves it from being overbright on me.

7) NARS Desire – speaking of overbright. I don’t have a large Nars blush collection but this one is such a pretty bright pink that it’s a favorite as long as I use a very light hand!

Makeup Wars pink lip glosses

Makeup Wars pink lip glosses

This is just a fraction of my pink lipgloss collection. Obviously I was once on a MAC binge and at that time bought every pink lipglass they had. Now I’ve moved away from MAC and appreciate all these other brands like Rouge Bunny Rouge, butter LONDON, Le Metier de Beaute, Anastasia and the list goes on.

Makeup Wars pink lipgloss favorites

Makeup Wars pink lipgloss favorites

1) Anastasia Lola is from the Kisses on my List set. This whole set was filled with great glosses with different textures. Lola has turned out to be my favorite of the set.

2 to 4) Beaute glosses are probably my favorite ever glosses. In my picture they look awfully similar but once on there are the variations that we beauty lovers notice. Shown are Medusa, Paramour and Allure.

5) butter LONDON Alcopop is the prettiest pink on my lips and it actually makes my lips look fuller.

6 and 7) ARMANI Lip Glosses in 27 and 1 (which tells you nothing). Armani glosses are moisturizing, beautiful, heavenly and just plain wonderful. These two shades are older but I don’t trust myself to go near an Armani counter to see newer ones.

8) Whip Hand Lip Hit in Yearn is a nude pink that’s more of a liquid lipstick than an actual gloss.

9) SENNA Chic Pink Lip Lacquer is the epitome of pink and my favorite lip product from Senna.

I hope I won this session of Color Wars and that I didn’t wear you out reading all of these. Please visit my fellow warriors to see what colors the others chose to share with you. Any pink favorite blushes or glosses I missed? I’m willing to check them out!! — Marcia