6 beauty essentials for a summer getaway!

6 Beauty Essentials for a Summer Getaway!In my book summer isn’t over until after Labor Day Weekend, so there is still plenty of time to go on summer weekend getaway! Whether it’s to the city, a cabin, or the beach, there are six beauty products that I always have in my bag.

Red Oxx Gator Carry On BagSpeaking of bags, I truly believe I have found the perfect one:  the Red Oxx Gator Carry On Bag ($125). I bought this in red for a recent trip to Spain and it was PERFECT. I could not believe how many things I could stuff into this rugged little baby and still have room. It’s exactly what you need for a weekend getaway – room for all your clothes and your products, and it is the size of a large purse.

Six summer getaway beauty essentialsAlong with the perfect bag, here are six products I was sent to test that you will want to always have packed so you can just grab and go on any last-minute adventure:Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Cloud Mist

  1.  Design.Me Puff.Me ($20): This is a tiny but mighty bottle of hair rescue. The spray powder not only soaks up oil and dirt, it also volumizes and gives hair wonderful texture. Bring this instead of bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Puff.Me is available in Cosmoprof stores nationally. I hear that Design.Me is launching other new professional products soon and I can’t wait.Me Clear Spot Treatment DeviceMe Clear Spot Treatment DeviceMe Clear Spot Treatment Device
  2. Me Clear Spot Treatment Device ($60):  An absolute must for any trip! This small device is exactly what you need when you get that one big zit brewing under your skin. You know how that goes…everything is great until you feel a little pressure, a little soreness, and you realize there is a mega-blemish brewing that is going to totally ruin your weekend. The Me Clear Spot Treatment Device is your savior.  Me Clear Spot Treatment DeviceJust press it against the area and the blue light goes to work, painlessly and quickly – the blue LED light makes eruptions vanish overnight through a combination of blue light, sonic vibration, and gentle warming. Standing there for the full two minutes can seem a little tedious, but I am astounded by the results and will never be without this gem.Saje Pocket PharmacySaje Pocket Pharmacy
  3. Saje Pocket Pharmacy ($59.95):  Despite every effort, getting sick on a vacation happens. This awesome little pharmacy has therapeutic remedy roll-ons:
    Peppermint Halo – headache relief
    Stress Release – promotes relaxation 
    Pain Release – reduce inflammation and muscle pain 
    Immune – helps alleviate cold symptoms 
    Eater’s Digest – helps soothe upset stomachs 

    So go ahead and eat too much, drink too much, stay up too long…there’s a remedy for every symptom of partying too much and having more fun that a person probably should.Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Perfume Oil

  4. Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Perfume Oil ($16):  It is impossible to describe how amazing this jasmine scent is. It really is a little bottle of summer and tucks so nicely away in a bag or pocket. One discreet roll onto wrists and behind the ears is all you need to smell beyond amazing.Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit in Coral GlowRimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit
  5. Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit in Coral Glow ($7):  This beautiful Kate Moss palette has three shades for highlighting, contouring, and defining cheeks. You won’t need a separate eyeshadow palette – just use your fingers and pat onto eyelids for a beautiful glowy look.Rimmel Super Curler Mascara
  6. Rimmel Super Curler Mascara ($6): Even on the most low maintenance vacations I always make sure to put on some mascara. This mascara lifts so I don’t even bring an eyelash curler, and it really lasts in the heat.

Now keep that bag packed with these essentials and you’ll just need to throw in some shorts, a bathing suit, and a cover up (my picks below!!) for an awesome summer getaway.  – Lisa

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True Religion Joey ShortsMisa Dali Cover Up DressStella McCartney Wrap Swimsuit

Zuca Pro: the ultimate cosmetics storage solution

Many Beauty Info Zone readers are professional makeup artists. And many readers have a personal stash that just rivals a makeup artist! Regardless, we all love cosmetics, and with that love comes storage issues. It’s not easy to find a practical, portable, easy to use system that works for both your professional and personal life. So I was absolutely thrilled when Zuca sent us a Zuca Pro ($295) to try – and it turned out to be even more fabulous than I could have imagined. 

Zuca Pro with cover

Storage is an investment. At almost $300, the Zuca Pro is not a casual purchase. As such, I have included tons of pictures in this review to show exactly what your hard-earned money will buy you. 

In the past I have wasted so much money on big makeup cases that ended up being huge, unmanageable buckets. Now, I am picky, picky, picky about storage options.

Top view, Zuca Pro with cover

The Zuca Pro is many things:  a train case, carry-on bag, storage organizer, and backless seat all in one. It’s a favorite of many celebrity makeup artists, including one of my most favorite artists, Victoria Stiles.  

The Zuca Pro comes in many different colors including red, dark blue, gray, Merlot, light blue, black, and pink. The two pictures above show the Zuca Pro along with its removable, washable cover.

Zuca Pro side view without cover

Here is the Zuca Pro without the cover. I love the stylish, uber-cool look. The nylon bag is surrounded by an aluminum alloy frame that is light-weight, yet strong – the bag can be used as seat holding up to 300 lbs. The Zuca Pro measures 19″ tall, 13″ long, and 10″ wide – and fits absolutely perfectly in an airplane’s overhead bin. Without any product inside except the empty accessories, it weighs a light 12 lbs.

Zuca Pro top view, seating area

Here is a view of the top. I actually use this as my seat for my vanity at home. When I go to freelance makeup artist jobs, I can bring all my products and my very own seat at the same time.

Zuca Pro with telescoping handle

It has a telescoping handle that extends up to 41 1/2″.  It’s easy to stack other carry on bags on top of this one, which is a very convenient traveling option. The 4″ light-weight polyurethane wheels roll silently and are great shock absorbers. Because the wheels are recessed, it meets FAA specs for carry-on baggage.

Zuca Pro large side zip pocket

The storage in this bag is just terrific. It has a huge zippered side pocket on two sides. Inside is a removable, washable insert bag made of water-resistant ballistic nylon.

Zuca Pro side small zip pocket

Above the large zippered pocket is a smaller zippered pocket.

Zuca Pro info/business card pocket

The back has two more storage pouches, as well as a clear pocket for your business cards. The cover is secured with velcro.

Zuca Pro inside mesh storage pockets

Here are the mesh pockets inside the front opening. These are simply perfect for brushes. I used to keep some of my brushes in old Stila cans (which left them vulnerable to  dust), as well as in various rolls and cases. Now, I keep them all in my Zuca Pro. I just unzip the door, pick out the ones I want to use that day, and then return them to their safe, sanitary storage.  Behind the mesh pockets is a removable, 1 quart toiletry bag that meets all FAA specs. 

Zuca Pro inside

Here is the inside storage space without the packing pouches.  It’s really an incredible amount of room.

Zuca Pro packing pouches empty

These are the five packing pouches that come with the Zuca Pro. They have two carrying handles, one on the longer side and one on the shorter side, as well as a side area for labeling.  The pouches stack like drawers inside the Zuca Pro. Two of the pouches measure 9.5″x10.5″x5, one pouch is 9.5″x10.5″x3, one is 9.5″x10.5″x2, and one is 9.5″x8″x3.

Zuca Pro packing pouches full of products

Here are my packing pouches after I filled them with my favorite cosmetics. I still have other storage drawers with products, but I put my most used items in my Zuca Pro. Every morning I just pull out what I want to use, and if I have a freelance job or need to travel, I am always packed and ready!

My Zuca Pro packing pouch for primers and concealers

I put my favorite primers and concealers in this pouch.

My Zuca Pro packing pouch for foundations

I filled this pouch with my favorite foundations, ones that are currently in heavy rotation for me.

My Zuca Pro packing pouch for blushes

This pouch has all my favorite blushes, both cream and powder, plus bronzers as well.

My Zuca Pro packing pouch for eyeshadows

I put some of my current favorite eyeshadow singles and small palettes in this pouch, as well as mascaras. 

My Zuca Pro packing pouch for eyeliners

And in my last pouch, I put my favorite eyeliners. There’s plenty of room for gel liners, pencils, and liquid liners of all shapes and sizes.

Zuca Pro with full packing pouches stacked inside

Here is what my Zuca Pro looks like with my full packing pouches stacked like drawers. The labeling area on the fronts of the pouches is easily visible. As you can see, even with all those cosmetics there is still plenty of room for other things like body products and hair care.

Zuca Pro information card

The Zuca Pro comes with great information cards. You can push or pull the Zuca, carry it by its top handle, and remove the cover for cleaning or to change its look. 

Zuca use and care card

Here you can see how the Zuca Pro is used as a portable seat.  Plus, it goes up and down stairs so easy, and it’s terrific for stacking other bags on top when traveling.

The Zuca Pro can obviously be used for other things besides cosmetics storage. It’s a great alternative to a backpack.  Hauling sports equipment is no longer a hassle. You can pack tons of clothes in this baby and not have to check a bag at the airport. No seats while you wait for your plane? No problem with a Zuca Pro. And best of all, it protects your back. Oh, and it has a lifetime warranty. 

Overall, the Zuca Pro is a real winner. Whether you need something for your professional jobs, or you just want a great organizer for home, the Zuca Pro is one terrific buy that I can’t recommend highly enough. – Lisa 

(Stay tuned, because it also looks like we may have a Zuca Pro to give away next month!!)