Color me GUILTY – of tanning, glowing, and sparkling!

My self tanner addiction...

My self tanner addiction…


Well. Now I feel a little ashamed…I mean, this amount of completely unneccessary products is basically obscene. Guess my self tanner/bronzer/shimmer addiction is now officially out of the closet!

*PR samples/purchase by me/affiliate links

I honestly had no idea how many of these types of products I had going until I gathered them all for their family pictures. These are the ones I have open…I decided to leave the second cousins (those awaiting to be christened) for another time. I think I am addicted to self tanners because they hide uneven skin tone and give the illusion of looking slightly thinner. Here are all (well, most…I found some more after the pics were done!) the self tanners I have open right now:

Self tanning lotions

Self tanning lotions

Self tanning mousse

Self tanning mousse

Self tanning sprays

Self tanning sprays

I have three different types:  lotions, sprays, and foam/mousse. I use the lotions in the winter when my skin is at its driest. The foam/mousse are great when I am in a hurry because they need a little less work to get them applied correctly. I use the sprays mainly in the summer. I have a thing about not putting on any heavy body products when it’s hot out – it makes me feel funny. Anyone else weird like that??  I especially love Xen-Tan and Vita Liberata (the latter isn’t pictured because it was shy and said no photos today, please).

My addiction doesn’t stop at self tanners…I am also addicted to body bronzers. I have sprays, lotions, mousse…I love them all.

Body bronzers

Body bronzers

No one does shimmery bronzed skin like Scott Barnes and I adore Guerlain and Red Carpet Kolour (RCK).

Also addicted to spray on shimmering bronzers…if it has a coconut scent, I can’t do without it!!

Spray on shimmer and sparkle

Spray on shimmer and sparkle

I am sad that tarte doesn’t have the Celebutant Dry Oil Spray anymore. I highly recommend the Lucy B Frangipani Bronzing Oil Spray and the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Spray. Hampton Sun makes amazing shimmer sprays too.

Oh, and how could I forget — every day I put two drops of this Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate in my moisturizer to keep a consistent color. It’s subtle but awesome.

Paula's Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate

Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate

So there you have it. I have no more secrets. And if you really want to know why I need so much self tanner, just take a look at the classic blogger tan lines (courtesy of Tan Towels)!  – Lisa


*some products PR samples, some purchased by me.  Affiliate links.

Thanks to Lucy B I smell GOOD

My husband and kids gave me three things I requested  for Christmas – a new camera, which I wanted for the blog, and two Lucy B items.  I was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!!!

First of all, my pictures should be WAY better now, the camera has an amazingly high pixel rate so details should be much more clear and vivid.  And the Lucy B items just sent me right to the moon – I have only tried samples of this brand, and was so wanting full size items of my own.

Lucy B is an Australian line best known for its gorgeous perfumes.  They also carry bath and body products, and some color products too like lip gloss and blush.  While everything looked amazing, I wanted two items more than anything – the Organic Bronzing Shimmer Oil ($45) and the Tiare Coconut eau de parfum ($48).

I adore the shimmer oil.  It smells just like a summer’s day at the beach when you are slathered with tanning oil.

It’s a very large bottle which should last a long time.  The shimmer oil is a thin liquid, and when you first pour it out it looks  dark brown with visible golden shimmer.

Here is what it looks like spread out on my hand:

And then completely applied:

It darkens my skin about two or three shades, and the shimmer becomes less noticeable.  There is enough to give a great glow, not so much as to be sparkly.  Love, love, love the scent, and I find I am reaching for this daily.

The perfume bottle is the same size as the shimmer oil:

I usually don’t buy full strength perfumes.  I sometimes get migraines, and very strong scents are a trigger for me.  So I typically use body sprays, or something light and layerable.  I adore this perfume because it smells heavenly – coconut and Tiare Flower and vanilla – and it’s not super strong.  I put on my shimmer oil, then spritz some of the Tiare Flower on my wrists, decolletage, and back of my neck, and I smell GOOD.

I guess I am a summer girl at heart – I dream about it all winter, and my new Lucy B products help me stay right smack in my fantasy world.  – Lisa

Disclosure:  Items were purchased by my husband, his good taste shows why I married him!