Red lip palette perfection: The New Reds Lip Palette by Decorte

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Decorte The New Reds

I raved about the Decorte The New Nudes Lip Palette at the beginning of summer and I’ve been wearing it all season.  The colors are gorgeous and the wear is fantastic!  Today I am once again professing my profound admiration for this Japanese brand found exclusively at Saks.  They have incredible lip palettes, and I am in a mega swoon over The New Reds Lip Palette ($95).

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

The New Nudes Lip Palette transformed me into a lip palette fan, and now I am moving on to The New Reds Lip Palette, fall-friendly shades that have the same pluses as The New Nudes.  The shades in The New Reds range from medium pink to deep reddish-brown. They are all gorgeous, wearable, and mixable colors. They look great alone or in combination with one another. The formula has great pigmentation and lasting power. The finish is semi-matte and leave lips nicely hydrated. I’m not a huge fan of the brushes that are included in the palette, so I would recommend using your own. Otherwise, just like The New Nudes, I think this is a perfect palette just with deeper shades.

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Saks says, “EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. It’s a paradox: Hyper-color and condition in one. Double-pigment technology provides extreme tonal color while helping soften delicate skin with botanicals for a most comfortable, just-matte finish. Long-wearing. Non-drying. Made in Japan.”

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette swatched

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

Decorte The New Reds Lip Palette

The New Reds is a fantastic combination of brighter and deeper shades that is truly perfect for transitioning into fall.  I love mixing and matching the shades together, and sometimes mix them with The New Nudes to create ombre looks.

The New Reds Lip Palette is expensive but boy, it’s wonderful.  The formula is simply elegant, the pigmentation is excellent, and the colors are fantastic.  If this fits into your budget I highly recommend it.  In fact, all the color products I’ve tried so far from Decorte are some of the best I’ve come across – take a trip to Saks just to check them out!! – Lisa

Top Ten Tuesdays returns with palettes we love

Top Ten Beauty always brings a bit of anxiety. What if I leave something out? What if I put something in and then change my mind? What if when I read all the other posts I see something that makes me slap my face and wonder why I haven’t use that in so long?
I’ve picked 9 palettes that I use all the the time and rely on plus one major wishlist palette.
1. Marc Jacobs The Starlet – I’m sure this surprises absolutely no one who has read Beauty Info Zone. I’m crazy about The Starlet (and The Vamp) and think this line was a great addition to the makeup world. Marc Jacobs takes me from my typical staid and brings out the makeup artist I used to be.
2. Sephora+Pantone Universal Precious Metals Shadow Palette – this wasn’t a very popular palette but I love it and pull it out all the time. The shadows are a mix of quality but in general they are well pigmented. There are so many shades I can count on when I need a certain “something”. Unfortunately it’s discontinued but things do pop up occasionally.
3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – this is new to me and it’s so wonderful. I resisted the individual Ambient Light singles because I just couldn’t decide. Now I have three so I’m glad I waited before purchasing any.
4. Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope – this is the only blush palette that I use. I use blush every day but the only palette. I usually wear one or two shades at a time with it. It’s great for travel since I’ve got enough variety to keep me happy.
5. Kat Von D True Romance palette in Saint – If you notice I didn’t put any of my Urban Decay Naked palettes even though I have them all. When I want those types of shades I pull out the Kat Von D instead. Of the 8 shades, I wear 6 of them often.
6. TheBalm Shady Lady Volume Three – I could just as easily have picked Volume Two or Balm Jovi or Nude ‘tude since I like all of them. Watch out on Hautelook for TheBalm sales since they have outstanding prices on this brand. It’s the green shade in Volume Three that gets me going.
7.  Dior Bonne Etoile – This is almost too pretty to use. I hate that this was a limited edition because it sold out quickly. I bought both Constellation (purples) and Bonne Etoile (green and brown) but never got around to reviewing them, now it’s too late. But if you can get your hands on either, go for it. Beautifully pigmented, great combinations, stellar design and quality.
8. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes – Too Faced is an eyeshadow lover’s dream and nightmare. They keep coming out with beautiful palettes that I think I can’t live without. Boudoir Eyes is a great neutral palette that I reviewed on Blushing Beauty if you care to read about it.
9.  Bare Minerals The Scenic Route – This is technically not a palette since it just has two shadows but oh what shadows they are. This is my favorite green eyeshadow and I really needed to include it in this post. I don’t wear white shadow often but it just works with the green.
10. Serge Lutens Nude Lip Palette – My wishlist item. I labored over buying this during Barney’s last Beauty Event but the $140 price stopped me in my tracks. I’m still lusting over it but I just don’t imagine myself using it enough to justify that kind of money. Now if my husband gets me mad enough some day —- you never know!!
Thank you for reading my Top Ten Palettes. I’d recommend every one of these. I bought all of these (except Serge) and don’t regret these purchases at all. Any you like or own? — Marcia
Please read what my fellow bloggers have chosen.

Too Faced wants to know – are you Naughty or Nice?

Too Faced Naughty and Nice

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
He’s making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town


Excuse me but I do think of silly things at time. When I received Too Faced’s Naughty or Nice Palette I couldn’t do anything but think of this song. And now with Christmas right around the corner, it’s all the more appropriate.

Too Faced Naughty and Nice

Naughty or Nice is two palettes in one – a naughty side and a nice side. Two sides of the same person since we all have a little of each inside us.

Are you naughty?

The Naughty side is pictured by a voluptuous blonde lounging on a chaise wearing sheer clothes and eating bon bons! She has three eyeshadows to create that beautiful smokey eye plus three lip colors to enhance that look. The eyeshadows are Black Sparkle, Lavender and Silver Shimmer and their descriptions fit their names. The most intense shade is Black Sparkle which is very sparkly and very holiday like. The other two shades are a great accent for Black Sparkle. Silver has some shimmer and is a great shade for your wardrobe and Lavender is a lightly shimmered lavender that looks great on its own or with either (or both) of the other shadows.

The lipglosses are called Berry Wine, Golden Mauve and Deep Pink. Since these are in a palette and not in a tube I find that they can be worn more sheerly than they look at first or you can apply more for more depth. My favorite shades in the Naughty side are Silver eyeshadow and Golden Mauve lip color.

Here’s your naughty lips

Berry Wine, Golden Mauve, Deep Pink

The Nice side is the one I have gotten the most use out of. I don’t exactly live a night lifestyle.

Or are you Nice?

Nice is characterized by a voluptuous brunette so even though she’s nice she’s not wimpy! I love all three of the eyeshadows in this side which they’ve named Cocoa Brown, Beige and Bronze. I wouldn’t really describe them that way. These shadows are a satiny finish, no visible shimmer and not matte. I personally love this finish. The lipgloss shades in Nice are all in the brown, natural family. The names are Bronze, Tan and Peach. These aren’t typical shades at all but they look great since they are so natural. Actually if you wanted a little more color you could layer the lipgloss shades like Bronze and Deep Pink to have a unique color that fit you perfectly.

Here are your nice lips

Bronze, Tan, Peach

Each side of the palette has a small mirror plus there’s a pull out brush with a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator and a lip brush. I’m happy to have the lip brush there.

I’m NICE here

And I’m Nice here too.

This is one of Too Faced’s Vintage palettes so you won’t find it on their current website but this beautiful palette is still available at Image Beauty for $29.50.

Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

Are you ready??? — Marcia

*pr sample from Image Beauty

Le Metier de Beaute Breathless Kaleidoscope review and swatches

Le Metier de Beaute has a real winner on their hands with the newest Lip Kaleidoscope, Breathless ($95).  Breathless is all about old Hollywood glamour – sumptuous reds and gorgeous crimsons that bring a voluptuous, classic look to fall and winter lips.


What I find with Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscopes is surprising versatility.  Almost every one I see I think, there is NO way those colors would work on me!  And I am surprised every time at how colors that look so unwearable become even more gorgeous with every layer.


I looked at this collection and just knew that those bold red and crimson colors would never work for me.  Of course, once again I was wrong.  These colors are stunning alone, and even better when used together.


Mikey Castillo and Kim McFadden have taught me the innovative Le Metier “Couches de Couleur” method of layering. Every kaleidoscope is created with 4 tones (from bottom to top): cold, hot, cool, warm.


One secret to a luscious lip is to layer those colors from the bottom up.  With each layer you create a brand new shade.


Celluloid is the bottom color in Breathless, it’s the ‘cold’ shade.  Celluloid is described as  a glimmering creamy flushy red.  It applies surprisingly sheer.


Second from the bottom is Beau, the ‘hot’ color in the set.  Beau is a deep berry crimson with a matte finish.  This one is more opaque than Celluloid.


Third from the bottom is Existential, the ‘cool’ color.  Existential is a sparkling mauve with rose effervescence.  Layering this color with any of the red shades makes for fantastic depth and a fuller looking lip.


The top color in Breathless is Cinema, the ‘warm’ color.  Cinema is a velvety, ultra-rich true red.  This gives gorgeous shine and has a wonderful slip to it.

I love this kit on me, but I asked my daughter to be my  lip model for pictures because she has these gorgeous lush lips.  Here’s how they look through every stage of the “Couches de Couleur” method of layering.

With Celluloid only

Celluloid plus Beau

Celluloid plus Beau plus Existential

Celluloid plus Beau plus Existential plus Cinema

And this is only four combinations – just think of all the shades you can get with these fabulous colors.  $95 is a lot of cash for a lip palette, but this is one super high quality set that I think is worth it.  If you can get your hands on Breathless, take the plunge –  you won’t regret it.  – Lisa

*pr sample

Le Metier de Beaute’ – Nordstrom’s nail polish set and Ecumes d’Or Lip Kaleidoscope

I had made myself a promise that nothing from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale in the cosmetic department would make it home with me. I had spent so much in California that I just couldn’t justify it. But then I found out that Le Metier de Beaute’ had a special anniversary set of 4 nail polishes for $25. Considering that one polish is normally$10 to $15 it was a bargain I couldn’t resist. I’ve previously reviewed Le Metier’s nail polishes since I have the 4 from the Le Cirque collection and the polishes are wonderful. The anniversary collection is called Rock ‘N Romance and there are 4 jewel toned polishes. Midnight Rendevous is a midnight blue, Heat of the Night is a very deep black cherry, True Romance is metallic nude and Chrome Passion is a chocolate with charcoal underones. I couldn’t resist. My manicure is brand new so I only have them swatched on a nail wheel but you’ll soon be seeing my nails in many reviews and I’ll be sporting these 4 beauties. Each and every one of these is stunning and will be well loved by me. Since Le Metier de Beaute’ creates their polishes without DBP, formaldehyde and toluene you know they are as good for your nails as they make them look. These will be available starting July 15th unless you are a Nordstrom card holder and can get them now from your favorite MA.

Speaking of other Le Metier items I’ve been unable to resist, there’s the amazing Ecumes d’Or lip kaleidoscope created by Dustin Lujan from Bergdorf Goodman (212-872-8612). I called and ordered this from Dustin and he was as nice and helpful as anyone I’ve ever dealt with over the phone. He explained to me why each shade was in the kaleidoscope as well as how to use it. Wearing a Le Metier de Beaute’ lip kaleidoscope is a delight. The colors work together in the amazing Couches de Colour way creating a new shade that is just luscious looking. Depending on how you layer the colors you can create different shades too. My lips always look fuller and sexier when wearing this.

When I received my package there was a card from Dustin that showed me how to use the gorgeous Penelope Eye Shadow Kaleidoscope along with this beautiful lip Kaleidoscope. If you are a fan of LMdB or have thought of becoming one, this is the perfect time to call Dustin and see what he has left for you. I’m madly in love with my newest Le Metier treasures and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future. — Marcia