Every day is a good hair day with Monat

Do you have hair goals? What do you want your hair to look like? What does it look like now and how can it be improved? I definitely have hair goals. I like soft, shiny, straight hair on me. I want swing. I want my hair to look healthy. And I want it to behave. If I’m not asking enough already I’ll also say that I want it to look good for several days so that I don’t have to wash it more than 2 – 3 times a week.

When I was sent some Monat haircare I thought it might be like other lines I’ve used but I’ve found it to be head and shoulders above anything I’ve tried. My hair is important to me. I’ve had past traumas which have caused me to lose the thickness that I had when I was young (and didn’t appreciate enough). Now my hair has enough thickness to it that I will not complain any more but I still only want to use the best products around.

Monat Blow Out Cream, Revive Shampoo and Smoothing Deep Conditioner

The way to buy Monat is through a representative. Lisa and I worked with Lisa Eisensmith who is an independent consultant. She was more than helpful and accommodating. The first thing I did was fill out her questionnaire so that she could assess what she felt was best for my hair type and hair goals. Then she made her suggestions. Being the expert I went with those and I can’t be happier. I told her I wanted no frizz, that I wanted shine, and that I wore my hair straight. She recommended Monat Blow Out Cream, Revive Shampoo and Smoothing Deep Conditioner.

Monat Revive Shampoo and Smoothing Deep Conditioner

Revive Shampoo is in the Volume line of products. The last time I used a volume shampoo all I wanted to do was come home from work and wash my hair again. It made my hair out of control. But Revive is the opposite of that. It gives me just enough body to volumize for that swingy hair I crave. It made me rethink every shampoo I’ve ever used. Not only does it gently cleanse my hair but it keeps it looking nicer for up to 4 days.

Monat Revive Shampoo

Monat gives a few hints about shampooing which are good to know. First make sure your hair is thoroughly wet first, this is something I do anyway but it’s a great reminder to us all. The shampoo is highly concentrated and you don’t need as much as you think. Second they recommend washing your hair twice. The first wash removes any product in your hair and any environmental damage. Since I don’t use much in the way of after products I haven’t always done this but it does give me longer lasting hair when I take the time to wash twice.

Smoothing Deep Conditioner isn’t the matching conditioner. Instead this is for “the ultimate hair control freak” which actually means all of us. This conditioner works on all hair types. It is meant to nourish hair, control frizz and add shine. Lisa E picked well since this meets my hair goals without weighing down my hair at all.

Monat Smoothing Deep Conditioner

It is recommended to leave the conditioner on your hair for five minutes after shampooing. I follow that rule and do all my other showering chores. By the time I’m done with my razor and shower gel it’s at least 5 minutes and I rinse until all is removed. My hair is instantly smooth in the shower.

Monat Blow Dry Cream and sample of Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive

I use an Aquis hair towel once out of the shower and brush my teeth/take my vitamins. Then it’s on to Monat Blow Out Cream. I smooth about a quarter’s worth of the cream through my hair and I’m able to wet brush it to a smoothness so that I can blow dry. It truly gives me slip so that I can dry however I want. Usually I just go a bit wild and allow my hair to dry every which way and then use my John Frieda Hot Air Brush to give myself the look I want. It makes blow drying a dream. I don’t dread it anymore since I never have a single tangle and it takes so little time.

Monat Rejuveniqe Oil

I usually stop there but I’ve been using a sample of Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive on the ends of my hair and it is freaking me out. I plan on buying this since it’s a miracle product that is good not just for hair but also for your face, neck, hands and feet. Two drops of Rejuveniqe on the ends of my hair smooth my ends so that they never look bad. I have not gone near my flat iron since I started using it.

Lisa has written a review about her experience with Monat (and posted a picture with her gorgeous hair). We have totally different hair and different hair goals but we are both excited about Monat and are thrilled to have these products in our lives.  What are your hair goals? Monat can most likely make those dreams come true.  —  Marcia



Pro hair care with Design Essentials – and a giveaway, too!

Who doesn’t love a trip to Sally Beauty Supply? It feels like such an ‘insider’ place – where the pros go to get the best products at fantastic prices. One of our favorite brands found at Sally Beauty Supply is Design Essentials, a professional hair care line with a focus on natural hair care that fits each person’s unique needs. Today we have Lisa and Marcia’s impressions, along with a giveaway your hair is telling you to enter!!                                            samples

Design Essential Almond and Avocado Hair Care



My color treated, fine hair can’t take sulfates anymore. They are just too drying and leave my ends straggly and crying for moisture. This is a great shampoo and conditioner duo that does everything my hair could want:

  • Removes oil and dirt buildup without stripping the hair
  • Saves up to 30 minutes of detangling time
  • Cleanses hair while restoring moisture
  • Improves hair manageability
  • Great for all hair types

Design Essentials Almond and Avocado ShampooDesign Essentials Almond and Avocado Conditioner
The Design Essentials Natural Almond and Avocado Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are super hydrating thanks to the almond, avocado and botanicals. They work wonders on my fine, easily tangled hair, and will work on coarse, thick, curly hair as well. These products are very gentle and are safe for every day use, even if hair is color-treated. I love the soft, sweet scent and actually wish it stuck around longer…but my hair smells fresh and clean after I use them and it has lots of bounce and volume even without styling products.

Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Leave in Conditioner


I love this leave in conditioner even more than the shampoo and regular conditioner. It does what any self-respecting leave in conditioner should do:

  • Eases detangling process for improved manageability
  • Avocado delivers intense moisture and hydration
  • Provides a luminous shine
Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Leave In Conditioner

Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Leave In Conditioner

It’s rather thick, almost like a regular conditioner that you rinse out. But don’t wash out this lovely hydrating dish – leave it in and comb it through for the softest, silkiest hair possible. Those of you with unruly curls will be thrilled at how it beats frizz and gives curls great definition. The Leave In Conditioner doesn’t weigh down my fine hair, but it gives amazing moisture and leaves my hair looking and feeling so healthy and shiny.  This is a real winner!




I’m using the same products as Lisa but there’s a big difference. I have straight hair with a little bit of natural wave to it – just enough to make my hair look like I don’t know what to do with it. I like it straight and normally use products that serve that purpose. But I’m loving this Design Essentials line. I knew I’d like the fragrance of it, but I was sure that the products were all wrong for my hair.

Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Shampoo and Condtioner

Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner

So why do I like this so much? Well it smells amazing. I can’t say I smell either almond or avocado but whatever makes up the fragrance makes me happy. Number two reason is that I love how clean and soft my hair is using these products. Number three reason and the most important is that my hair looks fabulous when I use it. It has more body than I’ve seen before on my head. This is a revelation to me.

Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

The Detangling Leave-In Conditioner is thinner than most I use so I have to use a lot more than I’d normally choose to. As long as I comb through my towel dried hair with a wide tooth comb though it works perfectly. My Wet Brush isn’t the right tool for my hair and this leave-in. If I could change anything about this trio of products it would be that the leave-in were just a little thicker and that the words SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER stood out a little more so I could be assured of picking up the right one first. That’s just quibbling though since the way my hair looks and feels is so great that I’ll never complain.

Design Essentials contain no Parabens, no Paraffin, no Petrolatum, and no Mineral Oil. What it does contain is the reason we like this so much: Almond, Avocado, Shea Butter and Coconut Milk to nourish and replenish hair moisture. Be sure you take a trip to Sally Beauty in person or online to satisfy your hair needs.

Do your hair a big favor and enter our giveaway for a set of the Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Conditioner and Shampoo and Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Leave-In Conditioner!  This is a US only giveaway that ends 10/18/16 at 11:59 pm EST.  As always, if the Rafflecopter goes wonky and won’t let you leave a comment just email us at [email protected] Put Design Essentials as the title and write your comment in the email – we will count it as an entry for you no problem.  Enter today for a great hair day!

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*samples and giveaway courtesy of Design Essentials, affiliate links

Soft, swingy, sweet smelling hair with Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Shampoo and Conditioners

I am not usually a big fan of products with noticeable fragrance…I like my purposefully chosen perfume to be itself without having to compete with other scents that probably aren’t compatible. But I am in love with the Mirabelle Plum hair products from Carol’s Daughter and the plum scent is one of the main reasons.

Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Shampoo and Conditioner

Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Shampoo and Conditioner

*pr sample

Not that these products aren’t fabulous for my hair in general. The Mirabelle Plum Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner ($22) come together in a ‘Health Duo’. The shampoo is for fine, dry hair, and even though it doesn’t have those drying sulfates it still gives a nice foam. It leaves my hair full, soft, and moisturized. The conditioner really hydrates but it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. And the plum scent is FANTASTIC. Plus it really sticks around…it’s one of those where all day long people comment on how nice my hair smells. It makes for a great moment when I get a quick whiff, too. The ingredients include Mirabelle Plums, biotin, grapeseed oil, aloe leaf juice, and sweet almond oil. The result is awesome, especially for dry ends and fine hair.

Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Biotin Hair Mask

Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Biotin Hair Mask

Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Biotin Hair Mask

Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Biotin Hair Mask

When my hair is feeling especially dry, I use the shampoo and the Mirabelle Plum Biotin Hair Mask ($14). This is an even thicker version of the conditioner and it does some serious repair to dry ends. I end up using this once a week for some extra hydration.

Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Leave-in Biotin Conditioner

Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Leave-in Biotin Conditioner

The Mirabelle Plum Leave-in Biotin Conditioner ($11) is probably my favorite of all the Mirabelle Plum hair products. It’s a spray in that’s applied to damp hair before blow drying and styling, and it is fabulous. No silicones weigh down hair, but it strengthens, detangles, and really gives my hair tons of body. The plum scent, again, is to die for. Love it!

If you haven’t tried Carol’s Daughter hair products, I definitely recommend these, especially for fine, dry, or thin hair.  Be sure to pick some up, and believe me you are going to love the yummy plum scent.  – Lisa

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Rescue dry winter hair with Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

Does your hair get dry, frizzy, and full of static in the winter months?

I hate it when this happens!!!

I hate it when this happens!!!

Philip Kingsley to the rescue!!

I am sure you have heard and used the phrase ‘bad hair day’ – Philip Kingsley is the person who coined the phrase. He has been called the ‘Hair Doctor’ and the ‘Hair Guru’ and he is known for effectively using science to eliminate ‘bad hair days’. Philip’s retail line was created in 1997 and his products represent some of the best hair care available today.

He sent the BIZ his Daily Damage Defence ($35) to review and just in time…my hair does NOT like this dry indoor heat!


Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence


Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

This leave in conditioner gets amazing reviews online and for good reason – it absolutely ROCKS. I will use it year-round, but it is truly perfect for curing the static and dry frizz that happens this time of year.

Daily Damage Defence is a spray-on, leave-in conditioner that adds elasticity to hair. This means less tangles, less frizz, and less split ends. It leaves hair wonderfully shiny and soft. My hair is very fine and this never weighs it down. It just smooths it out, giving me great hair for three days.


spray top

I use this on wet hair, just spraying it throughout then combing before drying and styling. There isn’t any need to use it sparingly, it’s quite forgiving and even when I get over zealous my hair looks fantastic. If I forget to use it, I will spray some in my hands and smooth it through dry hair to get rid of frizz and static.

This is a really great leave in conditioner, one of the best I have ever tried. I can’t wait to try other products from this line…Philip Kingsley is always welcome to rescue me from bad hair days!  – Lisa

Baby it's cold outside...but my  hair isn't frizzy or full of static!

Baby it’s cold outside…but my hair isn’t frizzy or full of static!

*pr sample