Eliminating ingrown hair with My Skin & Co

My Skin and CoThere isn’t much I hate more than ingrown hairs.  Well, there’s also razor bumps, irritation, red bumps…it’s all awful.  There is a really cool line called My Skin & Co. which has nothing but products to help create skin that doesn’t get irritated by waxing, shaving, or threading.  The line was actually created for actors and models to help create perfect skin for photo shoots.  They recently sent me a few products to try, and I am very impressed.

My Skin and Co Exfoliation ScrubMy Skin and Co Exfoliating Scrub 2My Skin and Co Exfoliating Scrub 3First, there is the Exfoliating Scrub.  This is a creamy lotion with little scrubbies that remove dead skin and anything that blocks hair growth, which could cause congestion, irritation, and infection. It is great for sensitive skin and I have no problem using it over areas that are already inflamed and irritated – oh that dreaded razor burn! – and it works on all areas from the face to the underarms to the bikini line.  Oh, and did I mention that this is just as awesome for men as it is for women?  You are going to end up arm wrestling your guy for this, believe me.

My Skin and Co Roll On 2My Skin and Co Roll OnFollow the Exfoliating Scrub with the super convenient Roll-on Clinical Strength Liquid Treatment.  This liquid continues to fight and get rid of dead skin cells, as well as reducing redness and soothing irritation.  You roll this on twice a day until skin is all back to normal.

My Skin and Co AFter the Wax After the Razor CreamMy Skin and Co After the Wax After the Razor Cream 2I am also impressed with the After the Wax/After the Razor Women’s Cream.  This is a deliciously soothing cream that you put on immediately following shaving or waxing, and it makes skin incredibly happy.  It has wonderful ingredients like certified organic tea tree oil and Moroccan Oil, and it’s truly a skin savior.

If you have any issues at all with ingrown hair, razor bumps, or skin irritation, here’s your answer!!  You can find all My Skin & Co. products online at gomyskin.com and at Amazon.com.  – Lisa

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Avene Dermo-K – buy it for him, then steal it for yourself!

The perfect product to buy for your husband/SO/brother/dad because you are such a thoughtful, amazing wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter? Avene Dermo-K.

The perfect product to then steal for yourself?? Yup. Avene Dermo-K.


Avene Dermo-K…made for a man, perfect for a woman!

Avene Dermo-K ($27, but you can often find it cheaper at online sites like Dermstore) is a perfect solution for ingrown hairs. If the man in your life suffers from skin irritation due to shaving, he will love this. It softens the skin and hair so ingrowns heal much faster. It’s also cleansing so it reduces any chance of infection. Plus, it has no fragrance, no parabans, it’s hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic so it’s great for even extremely sensitive skin.

Avene swatch

Avene swatch

It’s billed as shaving care for men and it’s in the Avene Men’s Skincare section…but you will want this for yourself. Just smooth this on to any ingrown hairs at night and in the morning your problem will be a thing of the past. Apply it regularly and you will prevent any ingrowns from happening in the first place.

You can find Avene at various online skin care sites, as well as at dermatologist offices and local spas.  – Lisa


  • Avene Thermal Spring Wate (55%) + alpha-bisabolol (0.3%) – Soothes while reducing the risk of irritation
  • Urea (5%) + Glycolic Acid (3%) + Zinc (0.1%) – Soften the skin to free the hair and prevent bacterial risks

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